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  1. Jimmy Cleveland

    brownie, I am really glad you started this thread. I have recently read about Jimmy Cleveland and have wondered about his style and output. I will continue to read the future posts with great interest. What has already been said makes me want to seek him out. Was a lot of his work with larger groups? How would you describe his playing? I look forward to the opinions of the OBB members. Thanks
  2. Most interesting/favorite 'Herbie Hancock' BN

    I know this cuts against the grain but Speak Like a Child is the one that does it for me as well. I really like Inventions and Dimensions as well, but I think Speak is the CD which showcases all of Herbie's ideas the best... It is a remarkable piece of work IMHO.
  3. Most interesting/favorite 'Wayne Shorter' BN

    Adams Apple gets my vote and I can't wait till it comes out in the RVG edition. All of Wayne's output is excellent. He is even better live. I enjoy all of his work but I go back to this one most often....
  4. Fav Lee Morgan Leader BN Stuff

    Lee was incredible. What a loss. My favorites are The Cooker, for his early work, but I really enjoy his latter work, Sixth Sense, Last Session. In fact, it is so hard to pick out just a few. I find Lee's directions toward the end of his career to be utterly fascinating. His music incorporated the "New Thing" but still swung like h**l. If he had lived I think his direction may have been where many of the players would have ended up. When I first started purchasing jazz records I was told that I couldn't get a bad Lee Morgan. I think that has proved to be the case. Some are clearly better than others but I have not found one that I did not enjoy, usually on many different levels. And oh yea....The Gigolo is not too bad either!
  5. Grachan Moncur Mosaic Select

    Thanks. I really appreciate the input. I think I see this one in my future!
  6. Grachan Moncur Mosaic Select

    I have been looking for the BN Conn.'s of Evolution and Some Other Stuff for awhile. Not really interested in paying the prices that these discs garner in most instances. With the release of the Mosiac Select which includes the tracks from these CD's, why are they still in demand? Is there a problem with the sound quality on the Mosaic? I believe I have read that some folks believe that the new Mosaic makes too liberal use of the sound reduction equipment in the mastering. Any opinions?
  7. Will I regret it?

    Daniel A I agree with many of he responses already made. In fact, the album of the week, The All Seeing Eye, Wayne Shorter, was one that took me a long time to get into. When I first gave it a listen I did not think it would be anything that I would ever go back to. Now it is probably about third on my list of Shorter CD's, and I am a big Shorter fan. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, my feelings and taste change as life happens, if you know what I mean. Good luck!
  8. BNBB refugees

    Like my namesake, Lee Morgan, I guess I am IN SEARCH OF NEW LAND! Hello to all the fromer BNBBer's.
  9. Marchel Ivery

    Marchel is definitely the real deal. I had the pleasure to be present recently when he invited Shelly Carroll ( another fine Texas tenor ) to the bandstand. What a treat watching them exchange licks. It may not have equaled Jim's experience watching Marchel play with James Clay( who I only wish I could have seen perform live) but it was great nonetheless.