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  1. Wish Clark Terry a Happy Birthday

    I've been loving Clark for over 50 years and I will continue doing so.
  2. Bobby Hutcherson's health status

    could someone please change the title of this thread as every time I see it, I get scared. how about "Health Status on Bobby Hutcherson" or something like that?
  3. Wish Clark Terry a Happy Birthday

    for those of you who are on Facebook, there are quite a few pictures posted of Wynton, Cecile McLorin Salvant and the LCJO visiting an playing for Clark and Gwen Terry during a brief hospital stay yesterday.
  4. RIP Bunny Briggs

    a big contributor! thank you, Bunny Briggs. hadn't heard his name in quite awhile.
  5. Monday Michiru Corner

    Absolutely love this family portrait. Three heavy-duty talents! I love them all.
  6. Bobby Hutcherson's health status

    Amen, Amen!!!
  7. Lew Tabackin cooked at the Arts Garage

    I have had the great pleasure of hearing Lew Tabackin play in person for roughly 45+ years. he's an amazing musician and never gets the attention he deserves.
  8. Scary event at the George Coleman gig

    I hope it has nothing to do with diabetes as well, which is father has been dealing with. hoping for the best.
  9. Bobby Hutcherson's health status

    I have a friend who is on oxygen 24/7 and flies many times a year on major airlines so I don't know where Hardbopjazz gets that information. if a person is frail, travel itself is exhausting. Bobby has always been a favorite and I'm sure he's doing what's best for him. and I'm certain he's more than disappointed not to be able to make it.
  10. Durium R.I.P.

    has anyone seen an obituary for Hans? that might be a way of sharing our condolences with his family.
  11. Happy Birthday Clark Terry

    Q still thinks he's God! what an ego!
  12. Happy Birthday Clark Terry

    I can't wait to see this film. Clark has been a favorite of mine, as a musician and a person, since the '60s. bless him always and forever. he has the most amazing courage, as does his wife, Gwen.
  13. 2015 NEA Jazz Masters announced

    I wholeheartedly agree. We can also copy this post into the 'Nice Guy Musicians' thread. Just for the record, I "nominated" George in both threads!!! He's most deserving!
  14. Nice guy musicians

    Howard Johnson!! Buster Williams!!
  15. 2015 NEA Jazz Masters announced

    I would like to suggest Terry Gibbs as very deserving!
  16. Nice guy musicians

    most of the "nice guys" I've met have already been mentioned so i'll try not to repeat. Toots Thielemans George Duke Harold Mabern Benny Green Brian Blade Esperanza Spalding Toshiko Akiyoshi Monday Mitsuru Johnathan Blake Jaleel Shaw John Clayton Boris Koslov Horace Silver Walter Bishop, Jr. Mickey Roker Frank Foster Claire Daly Bill Henderson Joe Williams Gregory Porter there are so many more but i'll add when I think of them. of course, I have to give a very big "AMEN" to Dave Brubeck, Clark Terry and James Moody!
  17. Happy Birthday, bertrand!

    belated Happy Birthday wishes, Bertrand. here's to many Wayne Shorter concerts in your future!
  18. New ownership for Yoshi's SF

    supposedly, Peter has already booked my favorite female vocalist, Cecile McLorin Salvant!! YEAH!!!
  19. Happy Birthday, Scott Dolan!

    glad you had a better birthday than last year. may it continue throughout the year.
  20. New ownership for Yoshi's SF

    the news that Peter Williams will be the one booking the room is music to my ears!!! YEAH!!
  21. I think one of the big problems in this case is that he's been "getting away with it" for a very long time! and even if he's "high as a kite," he plays his ass off! and he's had help in "scoring" through the years. I believe all these things have not been helpful for him to "get clean". and, maybe, I don't know what the hell I'm talking about! just observing from a distance.
  22. The story of Jazz hosted by Billy Crystal

    sounds like an evening I wouldn't mind attending. as some others feel, I, too, like it whenever jazz is revered.
  23. Zan Stewart - The Street is Making Music

    I am happy to say that I have had the pleasure of knowing Zan for quite a few decades. he's a very special guy, aside from his obvious literary and musical talents. he's also a very sensitive, kind person and I look forward to listening to this new cd. I'm very excited for him.
  24. Al Harewood RIP

    Pianist, Walter Bishop, Jr. loved playing with Al. maybe it was, in part, because they both shared those West Indian roots.
  25. Dick Berk, R.I.P.

    my beloved, long-time friend, Dick Berk, was one of the nicest, sweetest, kindest people I've ever known. and we know he was one helluva drummer. because I haven't seen it mentioned above, although Dick loved everyone he played with, one of his favorites was Walter Bishop, Jr. they played together frequently during the '60s in NY and were close friends until Walter's passing. I will miss Dick forever.