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  1. very interesting article. she sounds like a woman with a lot of courage and integrity. I wish her luck, for sure.
  2. Selmer's tribute to Sonny Rollins

    GregM: and I think that was a couple of years ago! unfortunately, doubt that things have gotten better. there's no one like Sonny. I love him.
  3. Nelson Mandela in critical condition

    and he also has had an enormous amount of suffering in his life. I would hate to think that he had to endure any more of that at 94 years old.
  4. James Gandolfini has died

    apparently, not many of us were aware that Gandolfini played sax, was a jazz fan, and worked at NYC's Blue Note once upon a time. I, myself, had a conversation with him about jazz but, in his typical humble manner, did not mention the above. of course, I could tell that he liked jazz.
  5. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    are you going to try to interview Gregory Porter while he's in "your neighborhood"?!? or maybe you'll be waiting for his new release due out in September, "Liquid Spirit". hope you at least get to talk to him Sat. night.
  6. James Gandolfini has died

    I am devastated by this tremendous loss. and I didn't even know him well. he was a very special person, aside from his outrageous talent. he was warm, funny, smart, kind, humble and down-to-earth. and had a beautiful young wife, a young son and a baby daughter. it should be against the law!
  7. an exciting weekend at Playboy with my favorite Gregory Porter, Pedrito Martinez, Grace Kelly, Phil Woods, Robert Glasper, Angelique Kidjo, Hugh Masekela, Lee Ritenour, Naturally 7 with Herbie Hancock, Poncho Sanchez, James Carter, George Duke, Jeffrey Osborne, Brubeck Brothers, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Taj Mahal, Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra w/Patti Austin and Hubert Laws, India.Arie. Trombone Shorty, Sheila E. and many more excellent artists.
  8. Wayne Shorter's 80th Birthday Celebration.

    i'm going to the celebration at the Hollywood Bowl.
  9. Get well Sonny...

    please continue healing. your fans will wait for you forever!!
  10. Happy birthday, Bertrand

    Happy, Healthy Birthday, Youngster!!!! 30 years to go to reach Wayne!! LOL!
  11. Singer Sharon Jones Diagnosed With Cancer

    everything I've heard about Sharon's condition sounds like she's going to be alright. WORD!
  12. 2013 Summer Funddrive

    sent via PayPal today, Jim. many thanks for all you do and for your patience as well!!
  13. Ben Tucker - RIP

    this is sad news. what a freak accident. RIP Ben Tucker.
  14. 2013 Summer Funddrive

    will send tomorrow via PayPal with my sincere thanks and appreciation!
  15. Mulgrew Miller R.I.P.

    a very special tribute to Mulgrew from Spike Wilner of Small's: "Hello My Friends: Our music has lost a giant. Mulgrew Miller, one of the true recognized and respected masters of this music has passed away tragically young. Only 58 years old, Mulgrew died this week from a massive stroke. There are few artists who were as beloved as Mulgrew Miller by the community of musicians and fans. His gentle and soft-spoken demeanor touched everyone that knew him. He epitomized consummate modesty, graciousness and humorous self-effacement. At the piano, he was unequaled. He style was fully hewn from the tradition of Jazz, Blues and ballads but with an absolutely modern outlook and original composing voice. From a pianistic point of view he was flawless - a touch that could be as gentle as a whisper or blow you out of the water and always, always swinging. I heard Mulgrew for the first time when I was 19. He was at the Blue Note with Woody Shaw's band. This was one of the very first Jazz shows I had ever seen and it blew my mind. I was dumbfounded by it all - everyone was so serious in that band! A few months later, I saw him again playing at the Village Gate in a duet. I sat right next to the keyboard and tried to take in everything I could. When the set ended, Mulgrew came up to me and in the friendliest manner possible said; "you must be a piano player". I couldn't even believe he was speaking to me but I mustered a "how did you know?" Mulgrew's response; "I can see your ears"! I'm proud to say that years later I had the opportunity to record Mulgrew twice for SmallsLIVE - once with Neal Smith's group and most recently with Joe Magnarelli's release. I got to know him personally. The photo above, taken by Michelle Watt for the date, was taken just a few months ago right in front of Smalls. The loss of Mulgrew Miller is a serious one for this music. It leaves a huge hole in the landscape. As time passes and we lose our masters we also lose our leadership and inspiration. This is a time when all serious Jazz musicians need to take stock of themselves and understand that time is of the essence. We must all aspire to masterhood and then to share what we have with others if the tradition of this music is to continue. We must also pay attention to the ideals that someone like Mulgrew set - that is to say, modesty, a humble attitude, a spiritual outlook and complete mastery of the instrument and the language. Also, to have the spirit to give and teach. All these things were what Mulgrew Miller was about. Rest in peace, Mulgrew Miller - you were a gentleman, an artist and a scholar. Losing you is a tough one. You will be sorely missed."
  16. who is Christopher McBride?!? LOL!
  17. Mulgrew Miller R.I.P.

    thanks for this, Sidewinder. I've just posted a wonderful Bret Primack video interview with Mulgrew on Facebook.
  18. Mulgrew Miller R.I.P.

    is it at Town Hall?
  19. i'm sorry Chris, but this post of yours resonates with "deja-vu-ishness"!!!! c'mon, already. you seem to be getting more "sensitive" with each passing day.
  20. Mulgrew Miller R.I.P.

    thank you to Dr. Demsey for his beautiful tribute. I would just add that I believe Mulgrew and his wife have a son and well as a daughter.
  21. Jean Bach dies

    I am so very sad to read of Ms. Bach's passing. she was one in a million. I was lucky enough to be in her company on a few occasions. as many have probably written, she was warm, elegant, classy, highly intelligent about a lot of subjects but especially music and jazz. I was under the impression that long ago she was married to Shorty Rogers. R.I.P. Jean Bach. I was always hoping to spend some more time with you.
  22. Get well soon, Mulgrew Miller

    i'm sorry, CJ, I have no idea.
  23. Me too certainly, and if memory serves that's the place where I met you 'Sis, where we met eventually along with many others!! The *stuff* (which would spin out of control from time to time) was part of the strength of the place...would allow people to get after it with one another; more times than not would spark discussions. Your opinion may vary;-)) Other places, specifically this one and AAJ pretty much don't allow disagreeing 'loudly,' which is NOT a put_down....just the way they choose to moderate/operate. absolutely, Mike. and Pete and Ron and Mary and Clint and Peter and others that I got to meet face-to-face. I am very grateful to Lois.
  24. Get well soon, Mulgrew Miller

    I am praying daily for this incredibly special man: Mulgrew Miller!!
  25. regardless of the changes through the years, I will most definitely miss it but am grateful for all the years and the friends I've made. big thanks to Lois for putting up with a lot of "stuff"!