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  1. didn't jimmy heath perform at the festival?
  2. James Moody

    moody *always* has a good time. i've never seen him do otherwise. a sweet, very talented man who still has fabulous chops!
  3. McPherson in Chicago!

    sheldonm, thank you for posting another of my most favorite people/musician. i've been loving charles since the 60s in nyc when he was with the mingus band!
  4. Ernestine Anderson

    that's my girl!! one of my absolute favorites since the 70s!!
  5. Happy birthday, Wayne Shorter!

    i am wishing wayne the absolute best of all possible! he is my very favorite living musician and composer! he's a genius. anybody who has not read his recent book should do so. it's an amazing, enlightening read. happy, healthy, wayne and many more to come! xoxo valerie bishop
  6. how lovely, christiern, that you have such special memories! and mr. peters also put his "money where his mouth was," so to speak, by standing up and being counted in humanitarian, political and civil/human rights causes. a true gentleman, indeed.
  7. i am so very sad to hear this news. i am also extremely fortunate to have seen this special man in person many times since he lived in los angeles for at least as long as i've been here (35+ years). mr. peters was talented and kind - a wonderful combination. r.i.p., brock peters.
  8. New Herbie Hancock

    NASTASSJA, i think.
  9. Six Feet Under

    very interesting to read the obits on six feet under's website!
  10. Six Feet Under

    i, too, thought it was brilliant. a magnificent way to wrap it all up! i'm officially in mourning!
  11. Lyle "Spud" Murphy - RIP

    boy, what an influential, kind man to generations of musicians. he had, obviously, an enormous following in the los angeles area for decades. my ex-husband studied with him in the 70s. amazing that spud was able to continue being active until age 96! i saw him attending a jazz concert at cal state l.a. earlier this year. r.i.p., spud murphy.
  12. Bass Player Eddie Khan

    frankie dunlop is not dead as of last year anyway. he's in a facility in new jersey. unfortunately, eddie khan is definitely gone. can't remember exactly when though. i knew him in the 60s when he was playing in new york. he was warm, funny and, as you know, very talented. he did die from lung cancer. drummer, dick berk, was a very good friend of his and saw him while he was very ill.
  13. Paul Chambers

    would you believe that he used to live across the street from me in nyc?!?
  14. your post is ugly, vicious and malicious. and, last but not least, inaccurate! interesting that you don't even know what you're talking about!
  15. I Am Three

    I, for one, am very anxious to hear this latest Mingus Big Band release. It should be a stunner!