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  1. WTH? Every time I post something in each category section, one of my old posts comes up! Ignore Harlan Ellison, and check out this link:
  2. Sweatin' In The Summer

    I've been playing the entire summer with a big band that plays outdoors, and a touring theater company, whose shows are either outdoors, or in theaters. Last night with the big band, the wind was the biggest problem, blowing our music from our stands, because some genius forgot to bring the see-through, plastic, rectangle-shaped music holders that prevent the music from being blown away. It was all worth it, because the lousy lead trumpet player, and the equally lousy lead alto player couldn't make it, and the subs they sent made the band swing like mad. With the numerous shows I've played this summer, there are so many problems that it would take a book to list them all. Here are a few: 1) One bass player decided to drive through Manhattan to get to Jersey, and the traffic was so bad, he called from the entrance of the Holland Tunnel telling the MD that he was turning back to drive back home, and he was cancelling next week too, just out of frustration. 2) At a park show, there were thousand of people in attendance, and two families decided to camp out on the grass and let their little children run around the band area, where one kid knocked over some of the percussionists equipment. Then they started screaming at each other during the most quiet, dramatic moments of the show, creating a feeling that there were two shows going on at once. 3) Thursday night it started to drizzle at the show, and the MD had to play and conduct with a huge blue tarp covering his electronic keyboard, and protecting himself and the score from the rain. He looked like some creature from a horror movie. At the same show, one of the leads slipped and fell on the wet show-mobile metal floor, went straight down, but popped up like a true trooper in a second. The audience let out a collective gasp. They had to add an extra intermission before the end of the first act, so the park's crew could dry off the stage floor. 4) The humidity causes the wood instruments to go out of tune on the outdoor gigs, and i had to re-tune after every number one night.
  3. Kenny Burrell

    "And also how nutritious'.
  4. Kenny Burrell

    Kenny's latest reply:
  5. Bird’s last gig

    He didn't look too good. Peter Ind said that his last gig would've been a two alto gig with Lee Konitz at George Wein's Storyville club. Wein wanted to present the two leading altoists together in a quintet. When Bird didn't show up, Ind thought that Bird didn't want to play with them, but then they found out that Bird had died. Ind said he found out years later that Bird's virtually last words were, "I've got to get to that gig, man".
  6. I was finally able to access the dissertation on Mulligan's early career. Thanks again Niko for unearthing it. I think it pretty much covered Madden's involvement with the jazz scene in both NY and California. It pretty much ended when she told Mulligan that she should leave him so he could develop on his own, without her encroaching on his freedom. Unfortunately, without her help, Mulligan went back on heroin, and wound up in jail. This leaves us with only two questions: 1) What became of her after splitting with Mulligan? We only have Quasimodo's recollection that she was running a small motel somewhere in LA in either the 50s, 60s or 70s. 2) What did she look like? We know she was a model, so she must have been good looking. We know she had big boobs, because Jerry Lloyd got kicked out of a rehearsal when he started making jokes about her tits bouncing up and down when she played the maracas. And finally, we know, "according to Bob Whitlock, she was even freakier looking than Bob Graettinger"!!!!!!!!!!! If you've ever seen pictures of Graettinger, that alone should justify interest in seeing a picture of her. I was told by someone on another forum, after he had done an unsuccessful search on her, to use my imagination, but that will not suffice. Hence, I challenge the brilliant jazz minds of Organissimo: "Bring me the head of Gail Madden!"
  7. Great in-the-stands fight

    Damn, i could use that big blonde to protect my guitar when I take breaks on some outdoor gigs I got coming up. I'm gone down to post bail for that big mama!
  8. João Gilberto RIP

    RIP, Joao. Gary Burton's autobiography has some funny stories about working with Getz and Joao in the 60's. They were performing at Carnegie Hall, and Joao was afraid of walking in the streets of NYC for some reason, and they had to rent him a room that was right next to Carnegie Hall. Then they had to rent a limousine or something to drive him ONE BLOCK to the stage door, and rush him in!
  9. I've just started on "Bassically Speaking: An Oral History of George Duvivier" by Edward Berger. A great book about a GREAT man. There are many interviews done with some of his contemporaries, including a lot of input from another great bass player and man, The Judge, who tells the real story behind the arrangement of Bobby Darin's massive hit, "Mack the Knife". It turns out Judge, Hank Jones, Osie Johnson and Barry Galbraith came up with it in the studio, and didn't get arranger's credit for it. Instead, credit was given to some POS who had nothing to do with it, and he had the nerve to complain about not winning a Grammy for it. Hinton, Jones, Johnson, and Galbraith got their standard pay for the session, $41.25!!!!!! This wasn't an isolated incident....
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Nelson received instant world-wide fame when Wes Montgomery named Nelson as his favorite guitar player in an interview that's available on you tube. I'll be looking for that Dave turner album with NS, also.
  11. Just got the Klinkowitz. Like you said, just a few references to GM, but some very good analytical stuff on Mulligan's music, which is the main thing, anyway. Unrelated to this, I just picked up Geo. Duvivier's Oral History book, along with Teddy Reig's ""Reminiscing in Tempo- Confessions of a Jazz Hustler". Good reading, assuming I survive four gigs this weekend with a car that's overheating, and a borrowed car from my ADHD/PHD brother who doesn't believe in oil changes...
  12. Oh yeah, I have that one. Some great playing by Garcia on it.
  13. Is the Joe Roland CD the one with Dick Garcia and Freddie Redd on it, playing "Goodbye Bird? If not, can you list the personnel? Thanks
  14. Yes, he had a studio at his place in Santa Monica, and did a lot of taping of sessions. The Carmel Jones CD sounds very interesting; the sound on Westbrook's CD was pretty good for a home recording.Thanks! Looks interesting, thanks!
  15. He was a very interesting player. He worked with June Christy for a while. Hopefully his daughter will put out more of his stuff. There was a kind of underground jazz scene going on back then with cats like Bill Plummer (who eventually went on to bigger things), Bob Harris (pianist), these guys, and others I've heard on private tapes. The you tube video was put up by Dave Madden's son. I've ordered Mulligan's bio by Klinkowitz (?) to see if he has anything further about the mad Maddens...