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  1. Didier Lockwood 1956-2018

    RIP. From Magma to jazz to composition, he sounded like an orchestra with the loop pedals.
  2. White Leaders on Blue Note

    Gil Melle
  3. Gary Burton

    I was just listening to that album, and i agree with everything you said about it. GB didn't keep his foot on the sustain pedal most of the time, like he did on most of his later recordings (my only complaint with GB). Maybe it was due to the fact that a fellow vibes player, GM, did the arr. on half the tunes, and may have had some input on GB's playing. Even though GB was a genius vibes player, I prefer listening to players who didn't lean on the sustain pedal, Bags, GM, Cal Tjader, Eddie Costa, etc... as much as GB did. GB talked about that session in his autobiography, coming down hard on Jim Hall for not letting him know beforehand that he couldn't make the session, and sending Joe Puma (who does a wonderful job) without letting him know. Burton also lets everyone else he played with have it; Getz (I don't know where to start!) Metheny (made little fixes in the studio on all his solos), MJQ( couldn't sightread), Coryell (stoned), Sam Brown (same as Coryell), and so on. Brookmeyer has a great solo on 'My Favorite Things', but he limits Woods to the clarinet(!) throughout. GB's solo interpretations are fantastic. He manages to sound like Bill Evans (his stated biggest influence) with four mallets! The best thing about the LP is that they took tunes from TSOM like 'Do Re MI, Climb Every Mountain, The title song, and made them into blowing vehicles in a very organic fashion; something only harmonic geniuses like GB and GM were capable of doing.
  4. John Williams-Marty Paich

    Eddie Costa seemed to have listened to him. I have the Sal Salvador Quintet/Quartets CD on Blue Note, and both Costa and 'Johnny' Williams play piano on it. On 'Get Happy' Williams comes up with a low, rumbling drone in the lower register that I could've sworn was Costa's. Costa's got a great thing on Get Happy where he plays it fast with those low octaves and best of all, in the parallel minor key!
  5. John Williams-Marty Paich

  6. John Williams-Marty Paich

    Between hundreds of records by Star Wars Boy, and the classical guitarist, not to mention Johnny Williams the bass player, it's very difficult to do a search on the jazz pianist without having to wade through those other guys.
  7. Solo guitar

    Yeah, I actually agree with JSngry on something, although I don't see Pass in a negative light. Pass was an incredible guitarist, who had different influences than a hard-core bopper like Raney was. Raney talks about how Bird used accents on the off-beats in his straight 8th notes, while the Swing conception was uneven 8th notes with accents on the beat..Barry Harris was quoted on Raney's 'Live in Tokyo LP as saying Raney was "the only guitarist who could do things like Yard did". Also, there's a big difference between the types of lines guys like Raney and Farlow played compared to Pass'. Raney's were more involved melodically than Pass'. Pass' lines tended to be much more straightforward, ordinary lines with less chromaticism than Raney's or Farlow's. Tal came out to see me when I was playing at a club, during the time that Pass was at the height of his popularity, and I mentioned to him when we went out for breakfast that as great as Pass was as a guitarist, I still preferred the Raney/Farlow school to the Pass and Herb Ellis style. Pass was more influenced by Django than Raney and Farlow were, which is why he was a better choice to team up with Oscar Peterson than they were.
  8. Solo guitar

    I thought that earlier JP would be hipper with the time thing, but he was always like that. Although he played bop-type lines, he always used a Swing-era rhythmic conception. Jimmy Raney described JP like this: "He sounds like Charlie Parker, all straightened out". In Grad school, I wanted to loan my classical guitar teacher some solo jazz guitar records, to hear what he thought of them. He said, "Okay, but I refuse to listen to Joe Pass". Then he let loose a string of epithets to describe JP's Virtuoso albums that scared the hell out of me. I didn't loan him any records, but he fell in love with a Geo. Van Eps piece for solo guitar that I played at my recital. He ordered me to xerox a copy of it for him. I wrote an arr. of Stolen Moments for the school's Guitar Ensemble that he loved also, but when he ordered me to xerox all of that stuff for him, I pretended to forget to do it... I'm the only guitarist I know of who can play SM as a solo guitar piece with the exact ON original voicings. I've listened to all of them, and only one guy came close.
  9. A.K. Salim's BLUES SUITE

    Heard this last night on the Fresh Sound two-fer, which also features Flute Suite. Each player is featured on a blues by A.K. Highlights- Nat Adderly, Seldon Powel, Eddie Costa doing a Monkish thing on his feature, an early Phil Woods, and Sahib Shihab. After the high note trumpet feature, there's a few seconds of the band's reaction to it!
  10. Vinnie Riccitelli

    I think Glasel used Garcia on a quartet LP' obviously not this one.
  11. Solo guitar

    I love Raney, but that LP is all double tracks.
  12. George Handy's "Pensive" (originally "By George&quo

    I just heard this last night, and was astounded by Schildkraut's playing on the whole LP. I had heard him on other records, and even ran into him once when we were playing wedding gigs in different rooms in Brooklyn, but I had no idea he could play like that. I like Handy, but the use of violin, flute and oboe with the trumpet and two saxes didn't knock me out. Schildkraut brought that record to a much higher level.
  13. Hey Fer, I stumbled on to your Eddie Costa you tube collection. Some great stuff, but some of it wasn't EC. I think it was Don Abney(?) on the Lucky Thompson cuts, and Johnny Williams doing that great bass drone thing on the Sal Salvador version of 'Get Happy. Sounded like EC, anyway. Have you ever heard the version of 'Taking A Chance on Love' EC did with Oscar Pettiford on 'Discoveries? Is it worth getting? He did that tune with Tal and on the Live at Newport LP. One musician said that he was booked to play on a soundtrack that Q was scoring, and Q walked into the studio with no music! He just gave them some riffs and grooves to play, and that's how they did the entire score.
  14. Solo guitar

    Make that Jack Kreisberg, and the album is 'One', which is excellent. The Cal Collins album is 'By Myself'.
  15. Vinnie Riccitelli

    Yeah, some great writing on that one! Those two guys, Aaron and Vinnie kept gigging into their 90s. I miss Aaron a lot. His solos were great works of art. I'll have to check out the Glasel album. Was Dick Garcia on that one?