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  1. Interesting Bill Evans interview

    As far as a bio goes, I'd say the Pettinger book was best. As far as his music is concerned, there are many PhD dissertations on that subject. In France, there's even a Bill Evans Piano Academy, that a friend of mine wants to visit.
  2. Interesting Bill Evans interview

    Thanks for posting that. From that interview we can assume that Miles left Bill's name off as composer (or in the second case, co-composer) of two songs on Kind of Blue: As composer of "Blue in Green", and as co-composer of "Flamenco Sketches". It's also interesting to hear Bill's opinion for the first time of Miles' music 'meant to reach a larger audience'. I think it's not a stretch to say that he didn't think too highly of it...
  3. Abusive and violent jazz musicians

    When you have a Hellview in Bellvue, it doesn't matter what you play.
  4. Abusive and violent jazz musicians

    I read about it in the book that was written about Ornette's first gig in NY I think it was called "1959: Ornette Coleman In New York" or something like that. One thing I noticed after I wrote about some of these violent episodes with jazz musicians; they all involved drummers or trumpet players doing the aggressive acts. Clifford T. even mentioned an incident with Richard Williams. I think that ties in with Larry's impression of some musicians as being similar to pro athletes. The trumpet and the drum set are the most physical instruments to play, and according to the multi-instrumentalist, Bob Bruno, there is no more volatile personality than the lead trumpet player in a Latin big band.
  5. Kenny Burrell

    Tal was one of the nicest, humblest, ego-less guys I ever met. I could've been eating with my plumber.
  6. Abusive and violent jazz musicians

    Buddy went way beyond verbal abuse. A close friend of mine, Joe Dixon, was BR's roommate when they were both on the road with Tommy Dorsey. They had some type of argument about something, and Buddy knocked Joe out with one punch. Max Roach came down to Ornette's debut club appearance in NY in 1959, and after hearing him play, went back stage, and knocked him out with one punch. Then he was waiting at the place where Ornette was staying, and beat the crap out of him again! One member of Jaki Byard's Apollo Stompers was notorious for going psycho when he drank too much.I did a gig with him where he was bugged because this very annoying trumpet player kept laying out on the ensemble parts on this one chart, because he wanted to save his chops for his solo. He kept telling the trumpet player, "Quit laying out!", but the guy kept doing it. Finally he had enough, and picked the guy up, and flung him across the room, right into the wall. I watched the audiences heads follow the trumpet player's trajectory! The same guy who threw the trumpet player was on the road with the Lee Castle Band, and because he didn't own a car, he had to get a ride with a friend of mine, who also has a very short temper. Somewhere on the NE Turnpike, they got into an argument about trumpet playing, and they started socking each other back and forth, as they were stuck in a traffic jam.. Finally, my friend managed to open the door of the car, and literally kicked the guy out of the car, and left him on the Turnpike. Finally, my friend with a short temper got into a fight with Jerry Weiss, the trumpet player from BS&T's original band, right on the stand. My friend kicked the shit out of him, and they had to carry Weiss off the stand. Weiss, a diagnosed schizophrenic, came back to the same gig the next week, and had no recollection of the event! Larry has mentioned that jazz musicians remind him of pro athletes, and I tend to agree with him.
  7. Kenny Burrell

    Yeah, I once took Tal Farlow out for breakfast after he came down to hear me play at a club. I still have the bill from the diner somewhere! A lot of those cats from the Dead, the Airplane and the Doors, 60s bands were heavy into Kenny and Wes. I remember reading an interview with Jorma once, and he said he saw Kenny in a club rolling around on the floor when he was playing!
  8. New Gil Mellé - The Sentinel

    I guess we did do threesomes, if you count the guitar...
  9. New Gil Mellé - The Sentinel

    We didn't do threesomes...
  10. New Gil Mellé - The Sentinel

    It didn't go that far, but the guy told us we were morally bankrupt (well, he was half right), and we just laughed in his face!
  11. Kenny Burrell

    I thought Kenny only sent that message to me! WTF? I want those outtakes!!
  12. New Gil Mellé - The Sentinel

    Any film that states that the portal to hell is located in Brooklyn Heights is perfectly fine with me. My GF and I got thrown out of a bar in BH for lewd behavior.
  13. Kenny Burrell

    I thought Kenny only sent that message to me!
  14. Ten points for alto boy, and ten points for the demon.