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  1. George Duvivier corner

    There's a great you tube video of the Master live with his old buddy Johnny Smith, plus Ray Pizzi, Alan Dawson, Bobby Shew, and Larry Lappin. Just enter Johnny Smith Live, and look for the 27 minute version of a great jazz clinic concert they had, back when Wynton didn't have to approve you to teach jazz... Twenty minutes into it, George is featured playing a composition of his called 'E.K.E's Blues, written for Duke, and originally played by Harry Carney.
  2. Jimmy Hastings

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. It's great to see that he's still doing jazz gigs in London, and playing concerts with Caravan at the age of 79!
  3. Jimmy Hastings

    I just heard Jimmy Hastings' great flute solo on 'Binoculars' on the National Health album, 'Of Queues and Cures'. I was able to find one song by Caravan (Love Song with Flute) that featured JH on flute, but are there any other albums by Caravan or preferably more jazz-oriented people like Phil Moore, Dave Stewart, Humphrey Lyttleton or any others that featured JH on flute? TIA
  4. I found a copy of Winners Circle for $3 at Planet 9 in Richmond VA. It has some great playing by Trane, Donald Byrd, Rolf Kuhn, Kenny Burrell, Eddie Costa, Oscar Pettiford,, Philly Jo, Frank Rehak and Gene Quill. Supposedly, a trio recording of 'Taking a Chance on Love' featuring Costa, Pettiford and one of the two drummers on the session, Ed Thigpen or Philly Jo, came out of this session. It's available on Pettiford's "Discoveries", but that's a hard one to find. I also picked up Philadelphia legend's Joe Sgro LP, "A Guitar and a Girl", which features a picture of a nude woman with a classical guitar covering her privates on the cover. She is looking straight at me, promising me many pleasures of the flesh, yet they have failed to materialize yet... Sgro, a devout Jehovah's Witness, plays with only vibes, bass and drums. He plays a few standards, and then some of his semi-classical arrangements of things he calls 'Rachmaninoff and You', Tchaikovsky After Hours', Ravel After Hours, Tcaikovsky Sits In, and The Lady Likes Chopin. He plays solely in what guitarists call 'chord melody' style without any single string improvisation, with the vibes doubling the melody in octaves; a variant of the 'Shearing Style', as if to say, "We don't need no steenking piano". On Harlem Nocturne, the last number, he finally lets loose with some single string improvisation, and sound quite capable. Another $3 special.
  5. You can say that again! Paul Shaffer said in a recent interview that Letterman told him not to play any jazz, because he (DL) hated it. You can say that again! Paul Shaffer said in a recent interview that Letterman told him not to play any jazz, because he (DL) hated it.
  6. No man, it didn't happen; it's all in your mind. No man, it didn't happen; it's all in your mind.
  7. Some jerk re-used the tape that had all the great jazz musicians Steve Allen had on the first season, and wiped it out. My obsession is to find any video of Tal Farlow in the period 1954-59, his peak period IMHO (maybe some Eddie Costa, too). There are some Norvo trio tapes on you tube, but they're just accompanying singers in film shorts. The one exception is "Keep It Cool", a 1955 short film featuring several bands.The Norvo trio with Tal and Red Mitchell play one tune , How Am I To Know?.
  8. Did you ever find a copy of Eddie Costa playing "Taking a Chance on Love" with Oscar Pettiford?

    If you did, how was it?


  9. Benny Golson was there, and describes the event in detail in his autobiography.
  10. I liked the fact that a great guitarist like Dick Garcia only made one record as a leader. Then he got into a Zen Buddhism thing, and has been in seclusion for the last 50 years.
  11. Lou Mecca

    Cinderella was definitely the better player of the two, but Mecca was the 'go to guy' for a back adjustment. Cinderella appeared with Vinnie Burke and Matt Matthews on some record, maybe Chis Connors'. He got involved with the NYC studio scene, and did jingles, TV etc... I played with some organist who was doing a club gig with Joe in NJ. He switched to playing solo piano at lounges in Atlantic City. On the 2002 album, he plays an 8-string guitar that was tuned in 3rds and 4ths, and plays a lot of chord things that you could only play on piano. He passed a few years ago.
  12. Lou Mecca

    He became a chiropractor. ATTYA was good, but I don't remember, being too impressed with the rest of it.
  13. Who's is the guitarist?

    I am back with a definitive answer from a jazz guitar website. Within half an hour the guys unanimously agreed that it was.................RON ESCHETE!!!!!
  14. Who's is the guitarist?

    I'm taking this to the highest authorities, sir, and we'll have an answer for you very soon.