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  1. Pat Metheny, leader and sideman

    buh buh buh buh buh ba buh buh ba buh ((chik-chik-chik-chik)) comeon Joe, whip out your virtual guitar synthesizer!
  2. 10 Organ Records You Must Own To Post Here

    Jim, I only have "The Sermon" in addition to about 30 other Smith albums, Unity, McDuff's Live, Screamin' and the Patton Mosaic set. am I banned?
  3. Jimmy Smith to receive the 2005 Jazz Masters Award

    wow.... great news
  4. Pat Metheny, leader and sideman

    how can anyone not love "Are You Going With Me?"
  5. Christmas; What did you ask for?

    My mom got me a CD/DVD combo burner, my best friend got me some anime, I also got "Cherokee" by Jimmy Smith, and I joined a d/l albums on emusic by Basie, McDuff, Hubbard, Benson and Tyner
  6. Jazz History Course

    Jim, great comments about Jimmy Smith. I talked a bit about Jimmy when I was TA'ing the jazz course and played some of his music. The first time around, for whatever reason his sound got some laughs and ppl whispering to each other like, "what is this"? We also used the Burns doc, mainly for historical insight, we never considered it a comprehensive history by any means. Oh yeah, regarding the text we used for the class the Concise Guide to Jazz, by Mark Gridley, he only mentions Jimmy as selling a high number of records, stupid isn't it?
  7. Pat Metheny, leader and sideman

    actually the "trumpet" sound of the guitar synth is the Roland guitar synth, the GR300 not the Synclavier. Despite the Synclavier being put into a Roland guitar, Pat uses a saxophone sample on it. still does occassionally, but with a different device. I agree with Joe, Pat is a highly accessible guitarist, I do not like shredders like Dimeola, Holdsworth, Frank Zappa, etc.......
  8. Pat Metheny, leader and sideman

    Bev, I respect your opinions, but if you limit yourself to the guitar choices of Pat's, you are missing a whole bunch of great music, the guitars are merely additional colors.
  9. Jazz "cover versions" of modern rock/pop tunes...

    Jeff "Tain" Watts latest "Detained at the Blue Note" has a Bjork tune "107 Steps" as the album opener.
  10. Your 5 favorite JAZZ purchaces on CD in 2004.

    can't name five, but I'll second the Potter releas e
  11. The most consistent Blue Note 50's and 60's leader

    exactly about Joe, count 6 for the 1985 set........... but I'd argue Jimmy Smith's mid 50's early 60's output was pretty damn consistent.
  12. Pat Metheny, leader and sideman

    thanks, I'll keep that in mind next time I pull it out. Q&A is almost like a session where we are just listening to musicians playing for themselves, like we're flies on the wall of a very intimate session. "Trio 99-00" was made in a similar manner (not intended for release, three guys just sorta jamming on things) but its more warm, like they want to invite you in more. But with all that said, musically, "Q&A" is great, just really challenging.
  13. Pat Metheny, leader and sideman

    oh, and Joe, I almost find "Question and Answer" too difficulta listen at times. The playing by Metheny/Holland/Haynes on that album is absolutely brilliant, but I feel theres almost too much information packed into each tune, the playing is at such a high level that there are so many inner dialogues going on at once. I prefer "Trio 99-00" and "Trio Live". Just a matter of personal taste I guess. If you have any tips on how to approach listening to Q&A, that would be cool.
  14. Pat Metheny, leader and sideman

    really? how so?
  15. Pat Metheny, leader and sideman

    I advise everyone to check the new Group disc next month, and the DeJohnette/Hancock/Holland/Metheny in Concert DVD or tape. Very good stuff. How come no talk of "80/81" or "As Falls Wichita"? great albums.
  16. Pat Metheny, leader and sideman

    yep, Pat takes a quarter to half of a space on my shelf followed by Miles.
  17. Pat Metheny, leader and sideman

    so Joe, whaddaya think of that full excerpt of a section of part 1?
  18. Pat Metheny, leader and sideman

    I'm a biased Metheny fan. Noewadays as I've become more critical of his output, I prefer the PMG albums, then the recent trio projects and not as much of the really out stuff, although it can be fine in moderation (e.g. albums with one or two out cuts)
  19. Pat Metheny Group The Way Up

    I'd like to make SUNY Purchase on the 24th
  20. Pat Metheny Group The Way Up

    I'm not sure, but its the only version on a boot from 1977-80
  21. Pat Metheny Group The Way Up

    everyone, I discovered thru my various PMG boots on the comp that the melody featured on Part 1, existed back in the late 70's on an untitled, never recorded piece. Amazing.
  22. Pat Metheny Group The Way Up

    Jim, what does Joe think of the clip?
  23. Pat Metheny Group The Way Up

    yeah I hope the Geffen stuff has bonus live tracks added
  24. Pat Metheny Group The Way Up

    you're welcome all....... Interesting, Etherbored. What elements of "Secret Story" did you hear?
  25. B. Marsalis "A Love Supreme"

    I got it a few weeks ago, its pretty hot.