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  1. Does "Hardbop" post here

    I'm a 23 year old moron!
  2. Does "Hardbop" post here

    yeah, I just didn't add a new one for months. I could still see everyone elses
  3. Does "Hardbop" post here

    and what about that loser CJ Shearn?
  4. More Water/Blue Note reissues?

    do you think Water would release Blue Note Live at the Roxy?
  5. More Water/Blue Note reissues?

    I meant the CD. thanks Reinier
  6. More Water/Blue Note reissues?

    noone answered my question what are the label side designs like on these BN/Water CD's? the classic blue/white or a reproduction of one of the 70's designs like in my avatar?
  7. More Water/Blue Note reissues?

    what are the label designs like on these Blue Note/Water CD's?
  8. Unknown Female Musicians

    Ingrid Jensen and Anat Cohen are indeed great players. Ingrid has a great warm, brassy tone that sometimes reminds me of Freddie Hubbard. She definitely deserves more recognition. If I ran the world, all female jazzers would get equal recognition with the men.
  9. Song X

    fellow Metheniac here, but I probably won't upgrade any of the Geffen stuff unless theres bonus tracks, and honestly only 2 need a remastering. I won't upgrade "Song X" tho, I rarely play it, I "got" it after a few listens, but its not something I really care for. I'd rather hear the out stuff on "Trio-Live" or the inside-outside of "80/81". I'm not a big free fan, altho ppl like Metheny or Jarrett or Herbie are exceptions. Rachel the "Longest Summer" video is hilarious, Pat acts in it and plays an unplugged guitar synth in an abandoned house, lol.
  10. CTI's in February 2005!!!

    DMP, according to Doug Payne's CTI discography, Johnny Hammond is the organist on that extra material, although it lists his as originally being uncredited.
  11. Song X

    I won't be upgrading this one.

    how about Jimmy Smith at the Club Baby Grand vols 1 &2. ?
  13. Sad news - Mark Ledford, only 44

    I was shocked by the news too. Blamires and Led were the most fun to watch. I had a feeling Pat was gonna use Mark again for something in the future.
  14. Which Lee Morgan CD/LP Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    listening to Walkin from Night of the Cookers vol. 1
  15. Night of the Cookers

    Up for some fresh air. I bought this last night, and finished disc 1. I like it, maybe thats cuz I like blowing sessions.
  16. I take care of the pre class music (one of my TA duties) so "Contemplation" was playing, and Mike, my professor walks in. I asked him to ID the band, he says "sounds like McCoy" all well and good....... but he thought the bassist and drummer were Charlie Haden and Jack DeJohnette, instead of Ron and Elvin... that was so funny.
  17. I stumped my professor with "The Real McCoy"!

    nah, his name is Mike Carbone.
  18. I placed an order going on a month ago for a non jazz related item, a "King of the Cage" mixed martial arts DVD set taking advantage of their first time purchase free shipping offer. The order ships within a day, however I have not received ANYTHING. emailed customer service (or lack thereof) and they told me that the ordered be arriving, I wait a few more days, no dice. So I filed a lost shipment claim, which can take up to 2 weeks for them to approve, you have the choice of either requesting a replacement or refund. I hope I get a replacement soon, I have no problems with the retail store, but man the online store sucks. Avoid at all costs.
  19. hard-bop/modal piano-trio albums that kick ass!!!!

    Herbie Hancock Trio '81 (Sony Mastersound)
  20. Packaging Oddities

    on my copy of Keith Jarrett's Live at the Blue Note box, for disc 3 I believe, in the booklet, two pages are stuck together, like they forgot to be separated.
  21. Does anyone else miss b3-er's signature?

    ha, good one Jim, I just haven't put up a new one.
  22. and I'm still not up for getting into heavily free stuff like Brotzmann, Cecil Taylor or even Ornette.. yes, I like some free jazz but not to the point it goes so out that it bothers me (like Brotzmann, sampled some clips--no thanks) and I've listened to inside-out stuff and borderline free for 6 and a half years, I even like some of Pat Metheny's free stuff (I used to like anything he did but now I've picked favorites-become more critical with him, even tho I recognize a consistent quality to all his work) I really didn't like "Free Jazz" either even tho I listened to it very hard, we even analyzed a section of it when I was a student in the jazz class, even tho I can focus on all the different levels of activity there, its just not to my taste. Anyway, I think people bget turned off to jazz b/c they might end up hearing something really heavy, like a free tune, something like Kenny G, or maybe turned off by the discussions that we as jazz fans have like artists, pros and cons, etc....... or they could get turned off by elitism such as that which ppl like Stanley Crouch favor.
  23. Favorite ALTO player on the scene today

    KG all the way
  24. Houston Person Quartet

    Just got back from seeing Houston's quartet which included Stan Hope on piano, Per-ola Gadd on bass and Chip White on drums. Very good show, the concert featured a very nice "Trieste" by Jobim with hard driving rhythms by White, a burning "Lester Leaps In", "So What" with a nice bass feature for Gadd, also a nice "My Funny Valentine" too, very pretty. After the gig went backstage and chatted with Chip and Houston, saw him last semester so he remembered me gave me a copy of his new one, he gave all of us in the Harpur Jazz Project some free discs, very cool.
  25. How old are you?

    23, I'm just a baby