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  1. Houston Person Quartet

    yeah, it was a very nice show indeed. They also did a great "I'll Remember April" with White soloing with mallets to begin, he did a lot of pitch bending on toms too.... I said his solo reminded me of Elvin and Tony, and he told me he studied with Alan Dawson, pretty cool. Theres a jazz club opening up in November in Johnson City (where I live) over on Main St, by a drummer named Joe Roma. I've been talking to him about maybe getting a job in some capacity there when I graduate. To start he plans on having it open Friday and Saturday nights from 6-12, and have a primary focus on a variety of different groups and settings. It'll be interesting to see how the club does, maybe some bigger names could be brought in, in time. Wow that Zora avatar is soooo cute are you going to teach her how to play the Hammond when she gets older? the world could definitely use another Alfredson on organ.
  2. Gospel-Jazz

    don't have the CD or LP anymore (one of those mid 80's reissues), but Donald Byrd's "A New Perspective", something like "Elijah" or "Christo Redentor".
  3. Jimmy Smith compositions?

    true Jim, thanks for reminding me of those. "Off the Top", sure.
  4. Jimmy Smith compositions?

    as far as compositions go for Jimmy, FWIW, I think "J.O.S." is probably the most developed since its not just a riff
  5. serious question. As the back of the Live in Japan CD mentions the record was studied by many players. I've also read (maybe it was the write up for the Lighthouse disc?) he was innovative. Now Joe had a unique tone as well as ideas, but what were the scope of innovations if any that he made?
  6. Favorite cartoon DVD box sets?

    I'm an anime fan, so I enjoy the Sailor Moon season 1 set, the Neon Genesis Evangelion set and the Tenchi Muyo! OVA set (original video animation)
  7. Jeff "Tain" Watts

    on "Mr. JJ", Strickland should have soloed first tho, b/c there is really no way he could follow Garrett's smoldering spot, good tune tho.
  8. Jeff "Tain" Watts

    montg, not really. Tain takes short solos over vamps, most of the solo space is alloted for Garrett and Strickland.
  9. was Joe Henderson considered innovative?

    yeah Chrome, thats an interesting thought.
  10. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

    nope, not to my knowledge. At least not in the US
  11. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

    I have a copy of Virginia Woolf on vinyl (no more record player tho. honestly I prefer CD) and from what I remember it was pretty good. I certainly prefer the Nelson arrangements over Schifrin or Ogerman stuff. Harold Z, I know what you mean about Jimmy's playing on some of thealbums. On the Verve stuff I think he sounds most inspired on the albums with Wes, "Blue Bash", "The Boss" and "Angel Eyes".
  12. was Joe Henderson considered innovative?

    Jim, that avatar is so cute
  13. was Joe Henderson considered innovative?

    Wesbed, probably not regarding the G-man...... but Jim, thanks for your thoughts.
  14. I have the French reissue of this, but will get the new reissue for the extra tracks. (although I feel Tempest in the Colosseum is a much stronger album compared to this) According to Jazzmatazz there are a total of 10 new tracks. Will half of these be the "Five Stars" studio album? Thanks
  15. VSOP "Live Under the Sky" reissue Aug 17

    yeah, Tony really is pretty heavy on this set. I don't remember the tune (One of Another Kind?), but on the second disc theres a point during Freddie's solo where Tony just erupts, its pretty funny b/c it works at that moment.
  16. VSOP "Live Under the Sky" reissue Aug 17

    GregK, yes they did reform in the early '90's for the "Tribute to Miles" album on Qwest. Somewhere theres a thread I started a loooong time ago before I bought the album. I had it and sold it, the playing is fine (w/ Wallace Roney instead of Freddie Hubbard) but there's a lack of spark or freshness, which make the earlier VSOP Quintet recordings the ones to get.
  17. VSOP "Live Under the Sky" reissue Aug 17

    V.S.O.P.- Very Special One time Performance. But as we know, that supposed one time gig in 1976, turned into a long term thing.
  18. I dunno Jim, I'm listening to the track right now, sounds fine to me
  19. Don Patterson

    I dunno Jim, listening to the track now, it sounds fine to me
  20. VSOP "Live Under the Sky" reissue Aug 17

    I picked up the set the other day, I actually think Wayne's playing is pretty good, the resequenced set order of the original album makes for a more enjoyable listen I think over the French reissue.
  21. Elvin Jones - Live at the Blue Note

    I think I saw the webcast for one of the shows. It was very good, Elvin played an really long solo with mallets that was amazing on a half hour tune, "The Truth" maybe?
  22. Jeff "Tain" Watts

    Golt the album today, very nice. I dfidn't realize "107 Steps" was a Bjork song, my friend Daniel is crazy about Bjork's stuff, I've heard a lot of tracks he sent me and quite a bit of "Medulla" at B&N the other day, but I gotta say, I don't really like her even if she is very unique, however I do like Watts "107 Steps".
  23. VSOP "Live Under the Sky" reissue Aug 17

    I have no idea why their dated April 2003 maybe thats when he wrote them and they did the mastering and everything, just a guess. And no, I don't think you're being unfair about Wayne's playing at all, I see your point about his playing seeming quite mild.
  24. VSOP "Live Under the Sky" reissue Aug 17

    GregK, scroll up to my post from August 1st, I hope that could provide some info as to Wayne not sounding that great.
  25. Jimmy Smith's "The Boss"

    Looking forward to this reissue, heard a couple cuts on Scott "Organfreak" Hawthorn's site a few years ago, and it smokes, especially with George Benson and Donald Bailey on board. Anyway, I seem to recall the feww tracks I heard as being edited, will the new Verve LPR reissue restore the track lengths like on "Root Down" or should I expect just a straight reissue of the original album?