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  1. Jeff "Tain" Watts

    wow, sounds like an exciting listen.
  2. Branford Marsalis, Eternal

    Picked it up this afternoon and just finished listening. Very nice album, "Gloomy Sunday" is very nice as is "The Lonely Swan". Last all ballad album I listened to was Michael Brecker's "The Nearness of You" and to be honest, after holding on to it for a year and a half maybe I sold it, b/c from all concerned, it was just too sleepy for me. Even though I love guys like Metheny, Herbie and DeJohnette.
  3. Jimmy Smith's "The Boss"

    TTT. Anyone grab this?
  4. Did I just hear what I just heard?

    I've wanted to hear this new album. I have "The Dark Keys" and "Requiem" and enjoy them both. Those two albums were recorded analog at the Tarrytown Music Hall, which I understand is the venue for this new recording, the sound on the above mentioned albums is excellent.
  5. Jimmy Smith's "The Boss"

    Got my copy in the mail today. No booklet either, and I'm bummed about the edits, but the playing is great (Jimmy really gets off on the title track and "Fingers") its much better than some of the big band stuff he was putting out like "Livin it Up", and the sound is very good too. Just glad its on CD.
  6. Jimmy Smith's Retrospective box

    I have most of the material in this box as well, the set would definitely be worth buying if you don't have any material from his first few sessions (especially what's included in the Mosaic set) and to hear remastered versions of the Back At the Chicken Shack/Midnight Special stuff. the tracklist DISC 1: 1. You Get'Cha 2. Preacher, The 3. Champ, The 4. Bayou 5. Judo Mambo 6. Willow Weep For Me 7. Fiddlin' the Minors 8. Well, You Needn't 9. Get Happy 10. Groovy Date DISC 2: 1. Yardbird Suite 2. Summertime 3. All Day Long 4. Duel, The 5. I Can't Get Started 6. Body and Soul 7. Slightly Monkish 8. Blues After All 9. 'Round Midnight DISC 3: 1. Sermon, The 2. Flamingo 3. Hackensack 4. I Got a Woman 5. See See Rider 6. When Johnny Comes Marching Home 7. Sista Rebecca 8. Old Folks DISC 4: 1. Back at the Chicken Shack 2. Minor Chant 3. Midnight Special 4. Jumpin' Blues, The 5. Squeeze Me 6. Ain't No Use 7. Pork Chop 8. Can Heat 9. Come Rain or Shine 10. Prayer Meetin' 11. Fungii Mama
  7. Jimmy Smith's "The Boss"

    bummer......... I'm sure whats there is good anyway. Thanks for the info
  8. Jimmy Smith's "The Boss"

    Free For All, Are the tracks on "The Boss" restored to full length or are there still edits? my copy should be here from CDUniverse tommorrow.
  9. organissimo wants to play in YOUR TOWN

    Jim, any luck contacting Cyber Cafe West?
  10. Blue Note in the 80s & early 90s

    I'd second a reissue of Tony's Live in Tokyo double, have a CDR of it. I'd also want to hear the two Don Grolnick's, I enjoy his playing and writing on the first few Steps Ahead albums (back when they were Steps) however I am a little underwhelmed by his '86 album "Hearts and Numbers", only really like 2 tracks on that one.
  11. Jimmy Smith's "The Boss"

    I wonder how Donald Bailey got the call for this gig, didn't Jimmy have another regular drummer around this time?
  12. The Out-Of-Towners

    I haven't finished listening to the At the Blue Note box yet . There is a lot of variety within the standards, I agree with Lon, especially when they hit on those vamps (the incredible 26 min "Autumn Leaves" on disc 3 of the Blue Note set) I also find out of the recent "free" albums I prefer "Inside Out" to "Always Let Me Go", sure the latter might go farther out, but "Inside Out" is more cohesive. Both emphasize a melodic approach to free improvisation that I prefer over more dissonant stuff.
  13. VSOP "Live Under the Sky" reissue Aug 17

    Bertrand, thanks for correcting me........... Para Oriente is *not* the two tunes I listed, I just remembered that "Angel Street" has the same melody but expanded on I think.
  14. VSOP "Live Under the Sky" reissue Aug 17

    I'm confused too Mike, thanks for the info. "Para Oriente" (aka La Maison Goree, and Ancient Eyes, Soweto Nights) and "Domo" are issued on the French version of "Live Under the Sky" which is the edition I own, still I plan to upgrade. According to the liners notes "Eye of the Hurricane" was recorded, but not released b/c a version already appeared on "Tempest in the Colosseum", also "Eye of the Hurricane" was performed before the horrible rainstorm which you hear affecting the instruments (especially Wayne) resumed.
  15. I had the Hancock for a while upon release and I sold it. The playing by all (Hargrove, Brecker, Herbie, Pattitucci, Blade) isn't at fault, its just that the Massey Hall gig wasn't the best show. I have a CDR of a concert on that tour from 9/20/01 and the tunes are longer, and the playing much more intense. Herbie really locks on in his solos and he has that real big rhythmic kick that Mike Weil likes so much. On that show, the intensity of Herbie's playing reminds me of the VSOP stuff.
  16. Monk

    This whole Monk, mental illness discussion is interesting. I had heard somewhere (can't remember the source) that Monk may have had tourette's syndrome. I never noticed anything with him in the Straight, No Chaser footage that had anything like a facial tick or involuntary awearing, noises, etc (I knew someone with tourettes who had facial ticks) Could maybe having tourettes possibly explain his weird behavior of spinning around? Tony, your points about hearing marks of mental illness in Monk's playing are interesting as well, I don't really think of a musicians' music in those terms, but in the case of Jaco Pastorius, I hear less invention and more relying on licks in his bass passing, post his manic depression diagnosis, but his arrangements and writing still very creative.
  17. the fusion-era tony williams...

    I think Tony certainly got louder, and heavier, and his cymbals got brighter and splashier from the 70's on for sure. I was listening to a few tunes off of Herbie's "Quartet" last night, and one thing Tony definitely does often on that, perhaps maybe too overdone by that time, was the high hat on every beat, maybe the way the high hat was mic'ed but real pronounced on everything from that era on, I've heard.
  18. a Hank question

    since John Litweiler joined the board maybe he could answer this, or anyone else is welcome to take a shot. In Hank's '73 DB interview, he mentions how on the date that became Johnny Griffin's "A Blowin Session", he was uncomfortable with the up tune ("The Way You Look Tonight") but for the other tunes on the session he was able to put on his "heavy form" and pretty much do what he wanted there. Does anyone have an idea of what he meant by "heavy form"? Thanks.
  19. a Hank question

    thanks Jim, that makes sense.
  20. *** John Scofield ***

    I picked up "Enroute" at Walmart of all places (what a find!) for $11.88. I'm not a huge Sco fan, only other album I have is "I Can See Your House From Here" but "Enroute" is nice. I especially like Sco on "Wee" and "Hammock Soliloquy" and definitely Sco and Bill make for a great hook up, much smoother than Bill in Pat Metheny's trio, tho he smoked there too.
  21. CTI, new reissues

    Underground Agent, I agree with you that CTI with Freddie and Stanley released some great stuff with their small group recordings, also Johnny Hammond's "Breakout" is a good one too, ditto Hubert Laws' "Afro Classic". I also have Benson's "Beyond the Blue Horizon" out from the library, always intended to buy a copy, but it was right there in the library so I checked it out immediately. However some of CTI's larger projects, I think of ones I'm familiar with, like "Sky Dive", "Morningstar", "Sunflower", and "First Light" (not the tune, but album) sag under the weight of the orchestrations. I think we should remember too that CTI was a label built of its time where audiences were being turned on to jazz, and compared to today and the smooth jazz "product" that gets funneled to a large audience, CTI was a class act by comparison. Also CTI was a label I grew up on addition to Blue Note, so some albums, like "CTI Summer Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl" have a relevance to me.
  22. I enjoy both albums. "Black Comedy" on "Sky" is an absolute amazing showcase for Tony's shifting meters, and there are the beginnings to my ear, of the heavy bashing style that would be his calling. I haven't listened to either in a long time, but "Filles" doesn't get as much play, no particular reason, just doesn't. Again, on that one, Tony reaches an incredible level of power on that album, I remember reading that is one of Wallace Roney's favorites citing Miles didn't enter territory quite like on that record again.
  23. I committed a jazz sin

    Well, alright, it's not really a sin, but Wynton is coming here in August, and I thought I'd buy the Village Vanguard box, to drop some of my (unfair) biases against his playing, theres a lot of good stuff on the set, especially "Black Codes", "Knozz moe King" and "Harriet Tubman". Anyway, I'll probably get "Black Codes" and "Live at Blues Alley". Aside from Crouch's horrible liners in the Vanguard package, the set was surprisingly good I think.
  24. I committed a jazz sin

    I haven't heard a lot of Harrell, what I have heard, I remember him having a huge warm tone, kind of like Freddie Hubbard, and that he has a lot available on OJC.
  25. I committed a jazz sin

    would the next step to be to get "Black Codes" and "Live at Blues Alley"? I used to have BC on vinyl a long time ago