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  1. I love this album.  Even better is a bootleg of this very quartet with Nat Reeves in place of Rodney Whitaker at the Knitting Factory NYC in June of 1996.  I downloaded this from  dimeadozen years ago, when I grabbed a load of Pat Metheny related shows which I since thinned out to a handful of the best shows.  I kind of realized how ridiculous it was to have a bunch of PMG shows from 1 tour when the set list never varied much because of the reliance on sequencers.

  2. 8 hours ago, mikeweil said:

    Sounds nice - I will get me a copy. They swing hard, and I really like McBride. 

    To my taste, Jimmy Smith was dominating a bit too much on the Jimmy & Wes sessions.

    And that very thing, is what made those albums.  He had such a powerful presence, and personally, I love that-- that larger than life personality. Like Kenny Burrell, or George Benson, Wes was an equal partner.  If you look at Jimmy's regular guitarists roughly around that period, like Quentin Warren; Warren served a function... he wasn't an equal partner, and when Jimmy had a compatriot on his level, he elevated--- check his comping for example. And this new album is very nice

  3. 16 hours ago, mjzee said:

    I just compared the box version to the original CD of Dippin'.  On the original, it sounds like there's one bass note before the piano; on the box, it sounds like two of the same bass note before the piano, but it doesn't sound unnatural - it sounds like the bassist played two notes (as if the original cut off the first one).  Will be curious to hear what others think.

    Scott replied to my query regarding this...  it is a known issue

    He said :

    You’re only the second person whose brought this up to us. We did notice that if you start right on the track it doesn’t have that “blip” but when you let it continuously go from track 1 to track 2, you hear that “blip”.

    So I asked if there will be any plans to repress based on that error, but if not, such is life.


    Edit: He said there are no plans to repress and this little error affects all 2,500 sets.  However that's a small price to pay I think for having this music in the best possible sound.

  4. 10 hours ago, mjzee said:

    I just compared the box version to the original CD of Dippin'.  On the original, it sounds like there's one bass note before the piano; on the box, it sounds like two of the same bass note before the piano, but it doesn't sound unnatural - it sounds like the bassist played two notes (as if the original cut off the first one).  Will be curious to hear what others think.

    Interesting, so you are hearing the same thing. I quick went and streamed the RVG of Dippin' and as you said it started with one note rather than  two, but throughout the tune Ridley seems to be doing these two bass notes through the piece.  No it doesn't sound unnatural, but it sounds like there is a digital click at the start, which could be a mastering or duplication error, who knows.  I gave Scott a heads up but if this is what you hear too, maybe it's not just isolated to my copy.  The only other CD I had heard this on was the original CBS Associated CD of the CTI All Stars California Concert which had an actual skip leading into "Blues West" but that was probably more the poor remix job.  Sounded just like the LP on the expanded definitive 2010 issue.

  5. 1 hour ago, Dan Gould said:

    The fact of what was happening in the prior few months, as well as at the moment in Palo Alto/East Palo Alto is in the liners. I don't think that there's anything there about the band knowing about it or reacting to it.

    For that matter, I always thought people onstage  with spotlights on them can't really see the audience, so knowledge of how mixed the crowd was would be limited to the first row or two? 

    And one other thought is, what was Monk's audience at regular club gigs?  Wasn't it mixed already?  If it was, then seeing a mixed audience (if they could) from the stage wouldn't necessarily mean anything.

    That's an aspect you don't read that much about ...  It is noticed now that white fans (especially outside of major cities) are the ones supporting the music. When did that really start? Obviously Monk was "old hat" at that point ... and rock/soul/whatever Miles was doing was what was popular among young people (minorities?).  Going off on a tangent here ...


    CJ: Please write what you feel. I'm just giving you my reaction ...

    I have no idea whether or not Monk's audience was mixed race at the time but wouldn't the Time magazine article have contributed to expanding his audience?

  6. 4 hours ago, Dan Gould said:

    Thanks for sharing.

    I think you should reconsider your racial commentary, particularly the final sentence:

    "The fact the group was able to promote racial harmony in a community and country in turmoil was clearly inspiring to them as they gave the audience at Palo Alto High School a sparkling show."

    I don't think there's any basis for this - that they were promoting any racial harmony, nor that it was the source of the good feelings in the music. Is anyone from the band quoted (I cop to not reading the liners yet, only all the reporting before the CD was issued)? Did they know about East Palo Alto and the issues there?

    Personally my thought was, how often did they have a gig at a high school? Maybe they were inspired because they weren't in a formal concert hall or in a noisy bar, but in a school auditorium. Maybe that inspired them?

    I personally perceive it to be two separate stories - a young high school kid pulling off the unexpected, and by promoting in both cities, getting a crowd curious enough to turn out and wait to see if Monk would show - and Monk's group putting on a fine concert. That's the cherry on top of this musical sundae.




    It's all in the liners as Rooster said... I'll consider figuring out how to rework that, needless to say it was an inspired performance.

  7. 7 hours ago, bluesForBartok said:

    Fantastic record. Caught him playing in Central Park yesterday with bass/drums. Very impressive performance. 

    Planning on reviewing soon, it's on my review list after Monk and Terje Rypdal. 

  8. I'm gonna limit this to albums this year

    Conspiracy Terje Rypdal

    Art Of The Quartet Benjamin Koppel

    Swallow Tales Sco

    Big Vicious

    Arctic Riff  Marcin Wasilewski Trio feat Joe Lovano

    From This Place Pat Metheny

    Angular Blues Wolfgang Muthspiel

    Happening: Live At The Village Vanguard Gerald Clayton

    ONA Thana Alexa

    Lagos Pepper Soup Michael Olatuja

    Blue Soul Dave Stryker

    Iron Starlet Connie Han

    Live and Unreleased Brecker Brothers


  9. 3 hours ago, Justin V said:


    I am intrigued.  It is probably my tiny phone playing tricks on me rather than an actual resemblance, but the cover looks like someone inserted Count Basie behind the drums 

    Yeah, that's funny!  Anyway Art Of the Quartet is easily one of my favorite albums of the year

  10. I received mine today! Looking forward to digging in.

    3 hours ago, Rooster_Ties said:

    Any reports about the liners on the new Hank box would be great, especially anything even remotely revelatory (or small details not previously known).

    (I couldn’t justify buying the box myself, since I already had all the music on CD - every last track iirc.)

    I believe it was stated by others in this thread, but there are parts of a Hank interview where he basically claimed he was feeling stifled artistically at Blue Note and everything at a certain point was the same record.  I'll see for myself shortly.

  11. What I have been digging AND loving since I upgraded six months ago... really perfect for my apartment

    The biggest change:

    Focal Chorus 716 floor standing speakers

    Yamaha RS 202 stereo receiver

    Still use my old 80 GB Sony Playstation 3 as CD transport... it's a tank

    Schiit Modius DAC.


    Excellent audiophile system on a budget, the Focals bring a matter of factness and realistic image and presentation I really enjoy... horns and vocals and drums sound great... lots of dynamics.  The Schiit Modius DAC for $200 is really nice, brings out a warmth and there is no digital glare, nice separation too.  The Cirrus Logic DAC inside the PS3 is too forward and aggressive   For my first system, I love it!