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  1. Lars Gullin

    Hi Are there any swedes on this board, who could give me the link to swedish online record store, where I could purchase the reissue of Lars Gullin's "The Artistry Of Lars Gullin, Fine Together". I have tried here in Denmark, but it seems that it's only available in Sweden. It's on Universal. I would love to get my hands on it. Vic
  2. Doug Raney

    Sad News Doug Raney Passed away Yesterday 59 years old RIP Victor
  3. Are there any box bargains currently available?

    Hi Guys I cannot find the Soul Note box set Mingus Big Band anywhere, any ideas. Vic
  4. Lars Gullin

    It's not all, I have 18 CD's under his name and about 5 or 6 others that is not under his name, the Dragon series alone is 11 CD's. BTW are any of you using the Cattrax filing system ?, unfortunetaly can't you buy it anymore. I have my whole collection recorded in it by it's other name Platearkivet, i have spend several hundred of hours doing it. Vic
  5. East Wind Reissue

    I have a list from CDJapan that says that on February the fourth will East Wind reissue in DSD Remastering more or less their whole catalog, many good ones in there, especially for me quite a few with Hank Jones (The Great Jazz Trio), they are pretty cheap 1000 Yen a piece. Vic.
  6. I dare hardly say what this thread is about

    I have The New York Contemporary Five in a remastered 64 bit from the original mastertape on the Storyville Label, you can find it on Amazon under Archie Shepp, it's still available. Vic
  7. I need some good Dexter Gordon Recommendations

    Like JimR says get them all, I have 90 of his CD's (not complete), many of the Steeplechase were broadcasts (there were a weekly one hour broadcast from Jazzhus Montmartre (in Copenhagen, Denmark) where Dex sometimes in the summer months had three month gigs. I would recommend you to try to find his tenorbattle (titled "The Chase") with Wardell Gray, the long version, almost 12 minutes, I think you can search under Wardell Gray, who was Dex's great friend and also a great tenorplayer to collect.. Nothing Dex have recorded compares to have heard him live during the sixties, he was something else. Vic
  8. Unknow Wardell Gray ?

    Thanks I have just checked, I have it all, but I was fooled by the recording date February 27, 1947. lol Vic
  9. Unknow Wardell Gray ?

    Have Just Received an E-mail From Jazzmessengers in Barcelona, where they list a number of Reissues on Boplicity, among them A Wardell Gray "Way Out Wardell" that is not listed In The Gray Discograpfies I know of, details are: Howard McGhee (tp) - Wardell Gray & Vido Musso (ts) - Arnold Ross (p) - Barney Kessel (g) - Harry Babasin (b) - Don Lamond (dr), recording date LA, CA February 27, 1947. Tunes: Blue Lou - Sweet Georgia Brown - Tenderly - Just You, Just Me - One o'Clock Jump. More info would be appreciated. Vic
  10. Dick Berk, R.I.P.

    Sad News RIP Dick I have pleasent memories about him. I spend a lot of time with him and Herb Buschler when they were here in Copenhagen in the sixties, as part of Bill Barron's Quartet with Ted Curson, when they played in Jazzhus Montmartre. Dick was a very nice person (but a lousy poolplayer) and we had so much fun together. Vic
  11. Sonny Clark

    I have just received a new Sonny Clark reissiue from Amazon.Japan titled "LA Session 1956/57" on the Interplay Records, it is the SC part from an old old LP (Vantage) "The Pianoman" Hampton Hawes/Sonny Clark with Lighthouse All Stars, with an added track with Cannoball where SC is on piano, stay away from it unless you really want to get everything with SC (Like I do), it only contain 22 minutes of music, and the track with Cannonball takes 8 minutes of that, and that is in such a horriblle sound, can hardly hear what they are playing (The Way You Look Tonight). It is a real bummer and cost me a bundle. Vic
  12. LF: Jackie McLean Quartet, Quintet, Sextet Box Set

    I was lucky, have been hunting it for the last two years, and 2 weeks ago did I stumble over 1 copy of it on, it was an Italian dealer who had one for 50£, I ordered it right away, should ariive any day now. Vic
  13. I have been searching all over the net for this one, it's very, very rare, but only found a few copies that are so expensive, that I can't afford it. I have a cd-r of it, but can't play it anymore, it have become damaged, and it is one of my absolute favorites and on my desert island list. Hope someone on the board can help me in some way, selling (at a reasonable price) or swapping or whatever. Vic
  14. Overlooked Altos

    Joe Harriott and Rolf Billberg Vic
  15. Clarke-Boland Big Band

    Two reissues from that great band has just come out: Faces & Latin Kaleidoscope on MPS (Universal), I have them already, they are available from Highly recommended. Vic
  16. Piano Jazz CD Re-Issues

    Hi and Welcome Anything with Bill Evans Trio, you can't go wrong there. Vic
  17. Tubby Hayes

    Hi all I am looking for a very hard to find Tubby Hayes CD "200% Proof" on Master Mix, I have searched all over the net with no luck, are there somebody on the board that could help me ?. Vic
  18. Mosaic boxset in Europe ?

    Yes, Jazz Messengers carry Mosaic sets, I just bought the Turrentine from them, can't afford to buy them from Stanford, have to pay customs if I wanted to get them from the US. Can recommend Jazz Messengers, I have bought a lot from them, and they give great service. Vic
  19. Rolf Billberg Altosupremo

    Hi Daniel From what I read above about a two week engament at Gyllene Cirklen in February 1964, and that some of the tunes were issued on Anagram, I get the feeling that it must be "Nigerian Walk", "Sweet And Lovely" and "My Old Flame", all three are the same persons:and live recordings. Billberg, Gullin, Gunnar Svensson, Sture Nordin, Jan Carlsson. Vic
  20. Rolf Billberg Altosupremo

    I have just got a CD with the swedish Altoplayer Rolf Billberg titled "Altosupremo" from the swedish record company Anagram, It is very good but somewhat lacking in recording details. I have searched the net but could not find anything. Most of the tunes are live recordings and what I would like to get is locations and recording dates, the personel is listed in the CD cover, the tracklisting is: 1. Chircorennes 2. Blueszette 3. Billbäck 4. Nature Boy 5. Absolution 6. Detour Ahead 7. Nigerian Walk 8. Sweet And Lovely 9. My Old Flame All help will be appriciated Vic
  21. Rolf Billberg Altosupremo

    Hi Guys I have compared it with Dragon 369, they are not the same issues, personel differs. Daniel, I hope you hear from Davied Reid, maybe he can cast some light on the issue. I have a feeling that the recordings are bootlegs, not autorized. Vic
  22. My pants are falling down

    Larry I know what you mean, but that is life, my ass is not anymore the shape it had before, like my wife told me "one of the reasons I fell for you, was that you had such a cute ass", she don't say that anymore. The only way to get around it is to have personally measured pants made, they cost a bundle, so live it it man. Vic
  23. Do you smoke?

    I have smoked from I was 15 to I were 76, quit 6 months ago without problems, I still feel tempted but have resisted. Vic
  24. I am searching for the exact dates and locations of the live recordings Quincy Jones Big Band made during their European Tour in 1960 from February to end of June, the only one I have found out so far is the one in Gothenburg, Sweden on February 16th 1960, but there is also 4 or 5 more from France, Belgium and Switzerland. Any help will be appreciated. Vic
  25. Quincy Jones Live Recordings February-July 1960

    Thanks a lot Flurin and Happy Birthday, have you ever got to sort out all the radiotransmissions you have with The Clarke-Boland Band ? Vic