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  1. LF: Abdullah Ibrahim: Ekaya on CD

    Thank you. I will send you a private message.
  2. LF: Abdullah Ibrahim: Ekaya on CD

    While I was exchanging emails with this English seller about whether they would ship this CD to the United States, someone else bought it. Was it a member of this board? If it was, could I get a CD-R copy from you? My LPs are in storage until I am able to move into a place where I can set up my stereo, so I can only listen to CDs at the present time.
  3. Anybody Heard From Jazzmoose Lately?

    He was one of the nicest and most interesting contributors to this board.
  4. LF: Abdullah Ibrahim: Ekaya on CD

    Thank you, that is helpful information.
  5. BFT 166 Discussion Thread

    Wow Dan, your Blindfold Test is really good, and really difficult!
  6. I am looking for Abdullah Ibrahim's Ekaya album on CD. The cover looks like this: If anyone has a CD of this album which they are willing to part with, we can discuss the amount then. I think it was only released once on CD, in the late 1980s.
  7. BFT 166 Discussion Thread

    As I have lived in Kansas City since 1982, I had regular opportunities to see Jay McShamn live. I saw him perform more than 20 times. He was a much more versatile pianist than the blues and boogie which may come to mind when one thinks of him. He performed a lot of material live which was like this “Round Midnight”.
  8. BFT 166 Discussion Thread

    I have played this Blindfold Test once. I recognize many of the song titles but almost none of the artists yet. I am going to give this BFT some more careful listens. That will be a pleasure, as this BFT could be used as a very enjoyable playlist for a car trip or an evening at home. I know the first song though. It is Jay McShann performing "Round Midnight". It is the opening track on the Sackville LP, "Kansas City Hustle." That is one of my favorite Jay McShann albums. I think it was reissued on CD in a compilation package with other albums. I have that CD set too, but am away from my CD collection and have not dug it out yet.
  9. BFT 165 Reveal

    As always, you put together an enjoyable and fascinating BFT. I actually listened to Nancie Banks albums a few years ago but somehow failed to remember this track. I found her albums to show evidence of a unique perspective. She should be better known. i have often read about Pentangle but never heard them before, to my knowledge.
  10. Favorite Jazz Concerts of 2017

    I also attended the April 29: NOJHF, Abdullah Ibrahim and Ekaya with Terence Blanchard. My other favorites were: Spanish Harlem Orchestra Brian Blade Quartet at the Kansas City Jazz Festival (Memorial Day weekend) Jack DeJohnette : Hudson (John Scofield, John Medeski and Larry Grenadier) Jack DeJohnette with Ravi Coltrane and Matthew Garrison Herbie Hancock with Lionel Loeke, James Genus, Terrace Martin and Vinnie Colaiuta.
  11. New DONATE button

    I mailed a check to Jim in early 2017 in the U.S. Mail. It is not reflected in the total shown on the board, and I am not listed as a donor for 2017. So it is at least possible that the amount received is greater than what is shown on this board.
  12. BFT 165

    Oh wow. I like to think that I can identify Richard Davis, as I have heard him so often live. But I did not identify him! Is Track 5 from this album? If so, the drummer is Thelonious Monk, Jr. If it is that album, I had never heard it before, to my knowledge.
  13. LF : Sam Rivers Mosaic

    There is a copy of the Sam Rivers Mosaic for sale on the Steve Hoffman board for $65 right now.
  14. BFT164 Answers

    It is very interesting to hear Earl Grant. I have seen his albums often in used record store bins over the years but never bought any. I don't think I had ever heard his playing before this Blindfold Test. Thanks for sharing his music.
  15. BFT164 Answers

    I am embarrassed that I could not identify Wild Bill Davis and Hampton Hawes. I have seen that Northern Windows album cover in used record stores hundreds of times, but never bought it. I should have! Thanks for a great Blindfold Test, fun and enjoyable from start to finish!