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  1. For many years, there was a link on the Mosaic site which invited the reader to suggest future Mosaic sets. I suggested several over the years, and often received a prompt response back from Mosaic.
  2. Geri Allen Has Died

    Gravely ill usually means close to death, so I do not know that she is going to get well soon. This is very sad. Every time I heard her live, she was inspired.
  3. My mother ordered the Complete Woody Shaw Muse bos by phone around June 1 and it arrived before June 15. i placed an order around May 5 and have all of it. It came in two shipments as one box was temporarily out of stock. i have never understood the obsession on this board for the date on which Mosaic orders have arrived. I have also never understood the anxiety expressed often, about where the Mosaic order could be, before it arrives. i have over 100 Mosaic sets, purchased from their first year of operation until now. Literally every single set arrived fairly soon after it was ordered, with not a single problem with delivery. It usually takes me weeks to listen to and fully digest all of a Mosaic set. So if it arrives on April 5 or April 9, who cares? I have always found that to be an odd topic of discussion on this board.
  4. BFT 159 Announcement and Discussion

    I have some of these albums so with about two weeks of playing a lot of albums, I have come up a few more of them. I just knew that I had #16 in my collection. It is "Woogie Boogie" from Bob Dylan's "Self Portrait" album. That is quite a twist for a Blindfold Test. I love the idea of choosing this and fooling almost everyone. #15, In A Little Spanish Town, with vocalists. This is Yusef Lateef from his album "The Doctor Is in....And Out." I have quite a stack of Lateef CDs and had not played them in a while. Time to remedy that now! 14. I knew that I knew the song title, and finally it came to me--"Tammy". I must admit that I cheated on Google, looking for guitar versions, and came up with Hank Garland. Again, an inspired choice for a BFT! 10. Your comment about jazz not being his usual gig makes me wonder if this is more of a blues or soul player--either Maceo Parker or King Curtis? 5. This is Phyllis Hyman. I finally recognized her voice. I have her on a few albums, and a friend of mine in the 1980s really loved her singing and played her albums often for me. So in reverse order, those are a few guesses. The rest are still stumping me completely, but it is all very enjoyable, intriguing music to me. I share Thom Keith's thoughts that I want to know who is on #4 as I will have to get the album if #4 is representative of the entire album.
  5. Sign Up to Present a Blindfold Test in 2017

    Sure, you have January, 2018.
  6. BFT Presenter Needed for September, 2017

    Great. Thanks for stepping forward.
  7. Here is the list of Blindfold Test presenters for 2017. We do not have anyone for the September, 2017, Blindfold Test, and need a volunteer. If you have not presented a Blindfold Test before, and think that you may be interested, I will help you with the logistics of how it is done. Thom Keith will prepare your music for download and streaming by the group. Thom is easy to work with and is very helpful. I hope that someone steps forward so that we can continue our unbroken streak of presenting Blindfold Tests for over thirteen years! 2017 January Jo Keith February Dan Gould March Hot Ptah April Mary6170 May Hardbopjazz June mjzee July Thom Keith August randyhersom September October JSngry November The Magnificent Goldberg December Felser
  8. Sign Up to Present a Blindfold Test in 2017

    Dan, I will send you a PM.
  9. Sign Up to Present a Blindfold Test in 2017

    mjzee, I have noticed that in nearly every month there is a lot of discussion in the first week and the last few days of the month, with a more idle period in between. I do not know why that is. You have received a robust response for 2017.
  10. Must-have box sets (non-Mosaic)

    The Complete Recordings of Sun Ra, that four foot high box in the shape of the planet Saturn. Hey, I can dream!
  11. BFT 159 Announcement and Discussion

    Now I know why I know this track so well. I included it on my BFT #94. However, I did not remember that for quite a while after listening to your BFT. It is a great track. i miss George Adams. i saw him live several times and he was always so great. He played with a passion, an immediacy that seems to be not as common in jazz today.
  12. BFT 159 Announcement and Discussion

    Is Track 6 from the Amacord Nino Rota album, Track 9 on that album, the medley of several songs starting with The White Sheik?
  13. BFT 159 Announcement and Discussion

    #6 has a George Adams solo which I think is great. I have this album and have played it often. It is on the tip of my brain. I hope I positively identify it before I go mad trying.
  14. BFT #158--The Reveal

    I see! Thanks for including those radio broadcasts. I really enjoy them.
  15. BFT #158--The Reveal

    I have never heard of this group, but I like this rendition of the TV show theme. Wow, Thanks for including some of your own work! How could I not know that this was Fathead? I need to get this album. I have some Little Milton recordings, but not this one. Very interesting Thanks for one of the great Blindfold Tests!