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  1. BFT 181 link and discussion

    Track 2. I have this album. It is from the "Indian Summer" album by Dave Brubeck. It is the opening track on the album, "You'll Never Know." I saw Dave Brubeck live four times in the last decade of his life. I was struck by how good he was, and how evocative his playing was. The cliches about him pounding clumsily on the piano did not fit. So I bought several of his later albums, including this one. Track 6. I heard Anthony Braxton play two different solo alto saxophone concerts very much in the style of this recording. One was at Milwaukee's Jazz Gallery in the summer of 1980. At times during that concert, he sounded more like Johnny Hodges than anyone else I have heard. In September, 1980, I heard him again, in a solo alto saxophone performance much like this track. It was a Saturday afternoon set at the 1980 Ann Arbor Jazz Festival. (The rest of the 1980 Ann Arbor Jazz Festival: Stephane Grappelli and Oregon on Friday night, Chico Freeman and Stanley Turrentine on Saturday night, Arthur Blythe (with John Hicks, Fred Hopkins and Steve McCall) and Sarah Vaughan on Sunday night. .
  2. BFT 180 answers

    Which albums are these songs from? Are some not on albums? i like to know the album identifications so that I can buy the albums of the songs that I like. Also if some of these are not on albums, how did you have copies of such great recordings?
  3. BFT 180 link and discussion

    The last three, piano dominated tracks, are so good. I have listened to them many times but cannot come up with any identifications. I am really looking forward to reading the Reveal of this Blindfold Test. It is enjoyable and difficult to identify.
  4. BFT 180 link and discussion

    Well, that shoots down a theory I had about the band on that track. Oops, I had the track numbers confused anyway.
  5. BFT 180 link and discussion

    Is Don Byron the baritone sax soloist on Track 4?
  6. Need a May Blindfold Test Presenter

    I have sent you a Private Message.
  7. Need a May Blindfold Test Presenter

    Great. I will send you a Private Message.
  8. We have had some excellent Blindfold Tests this year. We have no one to present a Blindfold Test in May. If you would like to present a Blindfold Test, we will help you with every step of the process. I hope someone decides to do it!
  9. BFT 180 link and discussion

    Great BFT! Very enjoyable. I am still trying to guess the musicians. I am pretty sure that I do not have any of these songs in my collection. I have been wrong about that before. i just love Track 2. If that comes from an album which can be purchased, I am going to have to get it. Track 8 is “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder but I don’t know who is playing it. Back for another listen!
  10. BFT 179 Reveal

    I love the instrumentals on Side 1. Now that I socialize with a large group of Mexican Americans, many who are fluent in Spanish, I hope to find out what is being said in Spanish at the end of "W.P.L.J." I have hesitated to ask any of my new friends in case Frank slipped some highly offensive stuff in there. Oh no, you wouldn't have done that, would you Frank?
  11. BFT 179 Reveal

    I am glad that you think so.
  12. BFT 179 Reveal

    "Aybee Sea" follows "Holiday in Berlin Full Blown" on Side 1 of the LP edition of "Burnt Weeny Sandwich." "Aybee Sea" is the last 2:46 of Side 1, and consists of a solo piano piece, rather lyrical. (It only took me about 25 years after I first owned the album to realize that "Aybee Sea" is ABC). It is not the same piano section which appears at the end of this earlier live recording of "Shortly" a/k/a "Holiday in Berlin Full Blown". Zappa appears to have discarded the end section of "Shortly" before recording "Burnt Weeny Sandwich." I did not know whether Nubya, Binker, Shabaka, Makaya and Yazz were men or women, until I Googled them and saw their photos.
  13. BFT 179 Reveal

    This Blindfold Test is taken from 2017-2018 new releases, except for tracks 1 and 10. Only Tracks 1 and 10 are not from the past two years. Tracks 3 through 7 are samples of the current London jazz scene. In addition, the saxophonist on Track 8 is a leader in the current London jazz scene (although the leader on Track 8 is from Chicago). Sun Ra—“That’s How I Feel,” from Lanquidity, (1978, Philly Jazz) Composed and Arranged by Sun Ra. Sun Ra—Keyboards Eddie Gale—Trumpet Michael Ray—Trumpet John Gilmore—Tenor Saxophone Marshall Allen—Alto Saxophone, Oboe, Flute James Jacson—Bassoon, Oboe, Flute Elo Omoe—Bass Clarinet, Flute Danny Thompson—Baritone Saxophone, Flute Julian Pressley—Baritone Saxophone Dale Williams—Guitar Disco Kid (Slo Johnson)—Guitar Richard Williams—Bass Luqman Ali—Percussion Michael Anderson--Percussion Artaukatune (Stanley Morgan)—Congas, Tympani J.D. Allen—“Stranger in Paradise”, from Love Stone (2018, Savant) Composed by Robert Wright and George Forrest. J.D. Allen---Tenor Saxophone Liberty Ellman—Guitar Gregg August—Bass Rudy Royston—Drums 3. Maisha—“Kaa”, from There Is a Place (2018, Brownswood Recordings) Produced by Jake Long Nubya Garcia—Tenor Saxophone, Flute Shirley Tetteh—Guitar Amane Suganami—Piano, Organ Twm Dylan—Bass Jake Long—Drums Tim Doyle—Percussion Yahael Camara-Onono—Percussion Axel Kaner-Lindstrom—Trumpet Maria Zofia Osuchowska—Harp Barbara Bartz—Violin Johanna Burnheart—Violin Madi Aafke Luimstra—Viola Tom Oldfield—Cello Here is a photo of Nubya Garcia. She is a tenor saxophonist on Tracks 3, 4 and 5.*O15jXKJGlDjsTLRyziLYYw.jpeg 4. Ezra Collective—“Juan Pablo”, from Juan Pablo the Philosopher, (2017, Enter the Jungle Records) Nubya Garcia—Tenor Saxophone (guest artist) James Mollison—Tenor Saxophone Dylan Jones—Trumpet Theon Cross—Tuba (guest artist) Joe Armon-Jones—Piano, Keyboards T.J. Koleoso-Bass Fermi Koleoso—Drums Here is a photo of Ezra Collective; Here is an article on Ezra Collective: 5. Nubya Garcia—“Red Sun”, from Nubya’s 5ive, (2017, Jazz Re:freshed) Composed by Nubya Garcia. Nubya Garcia—Tenor Saxophone Joe Armon-Jones—Piano Daniel Casimir—Bass Moses Boyd—Drums Another photo of Nubya Garcia: 6. Binker and Moses—“The Departure”, from Journey to the Mountain of Forever, (2017, Gearbox Records) Composed by Binker Golding and Moses Boyd. Binker Golding—Tenor Saxophone Moses Boyd—Drums Here is a photo of Binker and Moses. Moses Boyd is the drummer on Tracks 5 and 6 of this Blindfold Test. 7. Yazz Ahmed—“Jamil Jamal”, from La Saboteuse (2017, Naim Records) Composed by Yazz Ahmed. Yazz Ahmed—Trumpet Shabaka Hutchings—Bass Clarinet Naadia Sheriff—Keyboards Samuel Hallkvist—Guitar Dudley Phillips—Bass Martin France—Drums Corrina Silvester—Percussion Here is a photo of Yazz Ahmed: Here is an article about Yazz Ahmed, in which she states that Kenny Wheeler is her favorite trumpet player. 8. Makaya McCraven—“Prosperity’s Fear”, from Universal Beings (2018, International Anthem Recording Company) This track was recorded at Co-Prosperity Sphere, Bridgeport, Chicago, Illinois, on September 2, 2017 Shabaka Hutchings—Tenor Saxophone Tomeka Reid—Cello Junius Paul—Bass, Percussion Makaya McCraven—Drums Here is a photo of Shabaka Hutchings, who plays tenor saxophone on Track 8 and bass clarinet on Track 7. Here is a photo of Makaya McCraven. 9. Kamasi Washington—“Ooh Child”, from Heaven and Earth (2018, Young Turks). This track is from Disc 3 of this album, titled The Choice. Composed by Stan Vincent. Matachi Nwosu—Vocals Steven Wayne--Vocals Kamasi Washington—Tenor Saxophone Ryan Porter--Trombone Cameron Graves—Piano Brandon Coleman—Keyboards, Organ Miles Mosley—Bass Ronald Bruner, Jr.—Drums Tony Austin—Percussion 10. Frank Zappa—“Shortly: Suite Exists of Holiday in Berlin Full Blown,” from Road Tapes, Venue #1 (2012, Vaulternative Records) Recorded at Kerrisdale Arena, Vancouver, British Columbia, August 25, 1968. Composed by Frank Zappa. Frank Zappa—Guitar Don Preston—Keyboards Ian Underwood—Keyboards, Woodwinds Bunk Gardner—Woodwinds Motorhead Sherwood—Baritone sax, Tambourine Roy Estrada—Bass Jimmy Carl Black—Drums Art Tripp III—Drums, Percussion This composition later appeared in a significantly different version on Zappa’s album Burnt Weeny Sandwich, which was released on February 9, 1970. That is interesting to me because before the group performs this song on Road Tapes, Venue #1, on August 25, 1968, Frank Zappa says: “We’re going to play for you a piece of music that will be on an album in November, called ‘No Commercial Potential.’ The name of this piece of music is ‘Shortly’, a little suite for electric combo, in several movements. You may count the movements if you wish. Do not clap between movements.” In fact, no album was released three months later, in November, 1968. Zappa never released an album titled “No Commercial Potential.” When this song was released in February, 1970, over a year after the date that Zappa said it would be released, it was not titled “Shortly” any more. It was titled “Holiday in Berlin Full Blown.”
  14. BFT 179 Link and Discussion

    Yes! You have identified it! "Lanquidity" is one of the more "inside" Sun Ra albums. I have always enjoyed the groove on this track. I like how Sun Ra's playing stays in character with the song. Sometimes on his more melodic pieces, he liked to throw in some dissonant, choppy piano playing, which was a little bit jarring. But not here.
  15. BFT 179 Link and Discussion

    No, I am not. I am glad that you enjoyed it!