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  1. BFT 177 link and discussion thread

    Track 11 is “It’s Love” by the Rascals from the “Groovin’” album. They were known as the Young Rascals then. With Hubert Laws on flute. Oh now I see that this was identified before.
  2. BFT 176 The Reveal

    This is a fascinating BFT. I love learning about the African, French and Ohio Penitentiary tracks. I saw Candoli live and loved his playing, but did not recognize him. I need that album! I really like the Art Hodes and want to get that album. I have never heard of that Billy Byers album and I like the track here a lot—another one to get. The only album I own on this BFT is the Ralph Moore and I did not recognize it. Oh well. Thanks for a most enjoyable and intriguing BFT.
  3. BFT 176 Discussion and Access

    This is one of the Blindfold Tests which provides the most sheer listening enjoyment. I am striking out badly at identifying any of the artists, but I have liked the music very much. I think that 9, 10 and 11 are all African artists. Track 11 reminds me of the Meters, but I don't think it is them. Track 13 features a pianist who has lived a full life and has something to say. I am going to look forward to finding out who is playing on 13. In fact, I can't wait for the Reveal. I will have to open my wallet afterwards. I will be learning a lot, I predict.
  4. Sign Up for a Blindfold Test in 2019

    Great, thanks for letting me know.
  5. Sign Up for a Blindfold Test in 2019

    Yes, You have March.
  6. Sign Up for a Blindfold Test in 2019

    Would April work? Here is a preliminary schedule, if everyone is all right with the month that I have given you: January Dan Gould February March Hardbopjazz April Jeffcrom May June Ken Dryden July Thom Keith August September October November December Felser
  7. Blindfold Test 175 Reveal

    Catherine Russell and Yoko Miwa are new to me. Based on what I hear here, I need to check out their recordings. Thanks for a really enjoyable Blindfold Test!
  8. Sign Up for a Blindfold Test in 2019

    Jeff, which month would you like?
  9. I would like to extend an invitation to all, to sign up to present a Blindfold Test in 2019. I hope that some members who have not presented before will want to do it. Thom Keith and I will help you with everything.
  10. Hi Scott, this is Bill DeBauche. I bought many CDs from you on eBay about ten years ago. I will buy this set. i will send you a private message.
  11. Blindfold Test 175 Discussion Thread Again

    I find Track 1 very interesting. The vocalist has the genuine old jazz sound and phrasing. I like her singing very much. The band is playing in the style of her era, but it sounds like a very contemporary recreation to me. The guitarist does not quite get the sound of the earlier era. This almost sounds to me like the soundtrack for the "Bird" film, in which Charlie Parker's solos were overdubbed over contemporary rhythm section playing. Track 2 is the only non-vocal selection from McCoy Tyner's Milestone album, "Inner Voices". I have always liked this track a lot. McCoy was on a roll with many excellent albums for Milestone at the time. He added a choir of wordless vocals to the rest of the songs on this album, which were not doo wop or pop oriented. Some people did not like the backing vocals, so this album is not remembered so much today. Oddly, I think that the only other recordings which use vocals in this way are the recent Kamasi Washington albums, although Kamasi's choirs sing words sometimes. Track 3 is unusual to me. It ends with what sounds like authentic Latin percussion, not jazz musicians trying to play Latin percussion, but real Latin percussionists. But the rest of the track does not sound much like a Latin jazz combination. So who could this be? Track 4 is the real thing, some very hot Latin jazz. I don't know who it is, but I love it. I know the artists and albums on Tracks 5, 6, 7. 8, 9, and 13. We appear to have some very similar tastes. I will hold off on identifying them until others have had a chance to comment. Track 10 is so tasteful and deep. The musicians are not young. They have lived, and are telling a story as they play. I have no idea who this is, but I like it a lot. Track 11 is a fairly standard mainstream piano trio track, so I wonder if there is some curve you are throwing us that I am not picking up on. Track 12 is a great trombone track. I like the bassist and drummer a lot. I will want to buy this after the Reveal. This is a most enjoyable Blindfold Test, with many excellent tracks.
  12. Elvin & Ellington -- there's a tape

    That is an excellent album!
  13. Unusual Situation with BFT 175

    No need to be sorry. You did a very nice thing there.
  14. Unusual Situation with BFT 175

    John, that was a thoughtful gesture. I think that we have had enough confusion for one Blindfold Test! Would you please delete the link to the music in your post here, so that we do not get two separate discussion threads going, one on CardinalJazzFan's new thread, and one uhder your post here? Thanks, Bill