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  1. BFT #174--Reveal

  2. BFT 174--access and discussion

    Track 5 is truly beautiful. If the flute player is primarily a saxophonist and is doubling on flute, he or she really plays flute beautifully. I have heard this before and think I have it in my collection but cannot place it. I am looking forward to the Reveal on this one.
  3. BFT 97 reveal

    Why not listen to BFT 174 and find more music so great that you will want to buy it?
  4. BFT 174--access and discussion

    I think that I may have identified some individual musicians on some tracks. Track 1. Whoever the saxophone player and guitarist are, they are really good. They have their own distinct style, and they are saying something in their solos, not just playing a lot of notes. Track 3. I think that the guitarist is John Abercrombie, from his sound and the way he plays. I lost track of John Abercrombie's complete output long ago, so I have no idea which album this is. I like the playing of the trumpet soloist, the drummer and the organist very much. Track 4. I think this is early Randy Weston. There are some short passages where the piano playing reminds me of what he later played, only in much more restrained form on this early recording. compared to what came later. Track 7. The bassist who solos briefly near the beginning sounds like Ron Carter to me. That narrows it down to any one of about 5,000 albums.
  5. BFT 174--access and discussion

    I like this Blindfold Test a lot. The music is both very interesting, with a lot of substance, and enjoyable to listen to. That is more difficult to achieve in a Blindfold Test than one might think. I am still listening to this BFT and checking some of the songs against my collection . But here are a few of my impressions so far. Track 2; The composition sounds a lot like a Bob Dylan song, "Cold Irons Bound." I am not sure if it is a cover of that song, or a composition which is similar. I do not know who the musicians are. Track 4: I love this. The pianist is really good. I wish I knew who it was. At times he or she sounds tantalizingly familiar but I cannot place him or her yet. Track 5: I have this album! Now I just have to find it in my collection! Track 6: That is a really gutbucket trombone sound at the beginning. I do not know who that is though. Track 8: This is not a Monk composition, but it must be a Monk tribute of sorts. The composition and playing have some of Monk's signature sound. I am drawing a blank on who it is. Track 10: This is an early ECM album. I bought most of the ECM albums in the 1970s as they came out and know that I listened to this one back then. Now to find it! Track 13, that sounds like Bill Frisell to me. It also sounds like there could be a second guitarist on this track. I am not familiar with this album.
  6. BFT 173 the answers

    I have to check out Buddy Johnson more extensively. I should have guessed Harold "Geezil" Minerve. I can't remember if I told you this, but in 1978 I took a jazz history class from bassist Richard Davis, and Minerve's long time girlfriend Jeri was in the class. She sat near me in the lecture hall and a group of us often talked. She said that Minerve told her that he had been equally influenced by Johnny Hodges and Benny Carter. We went to see Dizzy Gillespie at the Jazz Showcase in Chicago and Dizzy came up to our table and told Jeri that he had Minerve's pipe, that Minerve had left it behind when they were playing chess. Red Garland on organ! The Coasters as a jazz standards group! This BFT is full of tricky things. This is one of the most enjoyable BFTs for pleasure listening.
  7. BFT 174--access and discussion

    Jason Adasiewicz is one of the younger generation of Chicago musicians who Larry Kart has written about on this board Larry has written about going often to see live performances in Chicago of Jason and others in his generation of Chicago jazz musicians.
  8. BFT 173 access and discussion

    Track #10 is interesting as the alto saxophonist plays a phrase that Johnny Hodges often played in his solos. This is not Johnny Hodges though. There is not the extra level of bluesiness and not the broad tone. Track #12 is great. The tenor saxophonist plays with pure soulful power. I would buy this in a second, once I know what it is. Track #14 is also great. It has such energy, and all of the soloists play with such feeling and power. I would also like to buy this one!
  9. BFT 173 access and discussion

    I continue to love this BFT and I continue to have no clue who I am listening to. It will be a welcome learning experience when I read the Reveal. I have the impression after many listens that more than one track is by the same artist. (I have no idea who it is). Am I correct?
  10. BFT 173 access and discussion

    The tenor sax player on Track 2 is either Houston Person or someone who really likes his playing and is emulating him. This Blindfold Test is like a fun party in my car. I am not identifying much of it at all, but loving it. It lifts my spirits.
  11. BFT172 Reveal

    I am more familiar with Butler in his New Orleans style music. So that is an oboe! I thought it was not a soprano saxophone. I struck out identifying any of these well known musicians. I need to get this album too! I really like this track a lot. Oh, this is great stuff! I must buy this album! I love this. Now I see that I am quite familiar with all of the musicians and did not identify any of them. I saw Ron Bridgewater live with McCoy Tyner (OK, it was in 1976), Cecil Bridgewater live with Max Roach, Stanley Cowell live with the Heath Brothers, Reggie Workman live with Chico Freeman, and Michael Carvin live when he has played in a club in my city in the last ten years. This is a thoroughly enjoyable, and heavy, track! Somehow I missed it in 1978 when I was in a huge jazz record buying spurt. I love this one, too, as I said in the Discussion. I said in the Discussion that I loved the drumming, and here it is Andrew Cyrille! I have to get this album. This is the Blindfold Test most in my listening area of preference, in some time. I must buy at least seven albums here! Thanks for an incredible Blindfold Test!
  12. Need September, 2018, Blindfold Test Presenter

    We have a September presenter. Milestones will be providing the Blindfold Test.
  13. Need September, 2018, Blindfold Test Presenter

    My Private Message has now been sent to you.
  14. Need September, 2018, Blindfold Test Presenter

    I will send you a Private Message about this. Thanks for responding!
  15. We have a 2018 Blindfold Test presenter in every month except September. Would anyone who did not already present a Blindfold Test in 2018, or is not scheduled to present yet in 2018, like to step forward and be our September presenter? Thom Keith will take your playlist and convert it so it can be downloaded and streamed by the other members. It is very easy with Thom helping out. If you prefer, you can burn your BFT to a CD-R and mail it to Thom. He takes it from there. I will help you if you have never presented a Blindfold Test, with the few, easy procedures and some tips for a successful Blindfold Test, if you want them. This is your chance to share some music that you enjoy and would like others to hear.