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  1. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2020

    Thanks, Jim. I will put down your name in pencil, not ink.
  2. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2020

    Thanks, John. You have December. You have July! You have January, Dan! Thanks! June is all yours!
  3. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    I am not sure why, but in the past year or so there has often been a period of time in the middle of the month in which no one comments on a Blindfold Test. Then the comments pick up again at the end of the month. Don't lose heart!
  4. We have had a year of Blindfold Tests which were excellent musically, and which expanded our knowledge of music. I have thoroughly enjoyed the music which was presented. I would like to extend an invitation to all, to sign up to present a Blindfold Test in 2020 I hope that some members who have not presented before will want to do it. Thom Keith and I will help you with everything. Information on how to set up in the Blindfold Test is contained in the topic in this Blindfold Test section entitled: How To: Setting up a Blindfold Test I will fill in this chart as members step forward to volunteer: January Dan Gould February March April May June Ken Dryden July tkeith August September October November JSngry December felser
  5. More FreeJazz's Box sets

    I bought one of the box sets listed here just to have this cover art by R. Crumb, which I love.
  6. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    From that 5 CD set, I always liked Aurora, the second album from the left, the best. All of these albums are strong if you like Ponty's work.
  7. I was there and I totally disagree with you. There are more uncompromised acoustic jazz albums of high quality from the 1970s than one could listen to If one devoted years to it. To say that the 1970s recordings were uninspired or electric jazz means that you have missed hundreds of great, very interesting jazz albums.
  8. I have been following the voting in the Down Beat readers poll since the 1970s. There has never been any logic, any rhyme or reason, to the results. I agree with Jim Sangrey about the marketing ploy aspect of this. The Down Beat Hall of Fame does not physically exist in a building with plaques and physical items on display regarding the winners. (The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum has plaques patterned after those in the Baseball Hall of Fame, with summary information about the musician, and display cases with biographical information and physical items regarding many of the Hall of Fame members. It is a genuinely informative and illuminating facility, no matter what you think of the music). The Down Beat Hall of Fame is a fictitious creation which exits only in the paper files, and now data base, of the changing publishers and editors of Down Beat magazine over the years. The vote totals for the Down Beat Readers Poll Hall of Fame are so low that a single music appreciation class at a major university could place a musician into the top ten simply by passing out ballots to everyone in the class with the strong suggestion that they write down a specific name and drop off the ballot in a box on the way out of the lecture hall. When I was about twenty years old, in the 1970s, I was all excited about whether my favorites would win the Down Beat Readers Poll. Soon I realized that it was all an artificial farce, basically.
  9. Blindfold Test 187 - link and discussion

    It sounds very similar to “Blues Walk.”
  10. Blindfold Test 187 - link and discussion

    Track #2 is a song I have always loved, the opposite of felser's view of it. I often used to attend her club performances in Kansas City before she made it big. It is Karrin Allyson on vocals. In fact I once attended a banquet with a guest speaker and the venue (Plaza III in Kansas City) neglected to tell us that Karrin Allyson and her trio would be performing in the bar on the other side of a thin room divider from us. We were treated to her full set while the guest speaker tried to make himself heard over her singing. Track #13 is an unusual choice, the title track from Frank Zappa's "Dance Me This", released in 2015. This is one of his last recordings before his death, and features Frank on synclavier. Track #16 is unmistakably John Fahey on guitar. I am not familiar with the album on which this version of "Summertime" appeared.
  11. Blindfold Test 186 - The reveal!

    I greatly enjoyed listening to your Blindfold Test. Now that I have read the Reveal, most of the artists were unfamiliar to me. I love learning about new artists and albums. Thank you for a great Blindfold Test!
  12. Or you could ignore what Jim Sangrey says and enjoy this site for what you want to get out of it.
  13. Or we could just buy this collection, enjoy the music, and not care so much about the title. I mean, who cared about the titles of a lot of albums and collections. We just bought the albums and listened to them and never pondered what the titles meant. I didn't, anyway. Just a few examples. "In the Court of the Crimson King". Who is this king? why is he crimson? what is his court like? is he an imperialist colonizer of native peoples, an oppressor of indigenous societies? Crimson has often meant bloodshed in the Bible and literature. Is this king a mass murderer, a Pol Pot kind of brutal monarch? We had better not listen to the album at all. "After Bathing at Baxter's" What is Baxter's? do you bathe there? Does that mean a private bath in a bathroom with a door with a lock on it, or is it some kind of public nudity pool or spa of some sort? Why are we "after" this bathing? It all sounds like it could be too kinky, or maybe the public nude bathing is exploitative of children or women who had been kidnapped into sex trafficking. Better not ever listen to it. "Blood on the Tracks" This title minimizes the brutal treatment of minority workers who built the Transcontinental Railroad. It seeks to profit from their suffering without providing necessary acknowledgment and monetary compensation to their heirs. To even look at the album jacket is to join the oppressors who degrade the workers' legacy. Don't even look at this album.