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  1. BFT #158 discussion

    I have listened to this Blindfold Test some more. It is very enjoyable and intriguing. I love it. Some of the tracks just totally stump me, even though I enjoy them. I wonder if some of the tracks feature European jazz musicians, who I do not know very much about. Whoever these musicians are, the performances are very compelling and I am looking forward to the Reveal.
  2. Drummer Mickey Roker 9/3/32-5/22/2017 - RIP

    I saw him perform with Dizzy Gillespie in 1978, and he was outstanding.
  3. George Adams, anyone?

    I saw George Adams live with McCoy Tyner several times and he was always great. One of the most amazing solos I have ever heard in my life was his solo on "Fly With The Wind" at the Earle in Ann Arbor in December, 1978. He blew the roof off of the place. It was incredible. I bought every album he released as a leader or sideman as soon as I could get it, in the 1970s and early 1980s.
  4. This discussion reminds me of the time that there was an extended discussion on another jazz board about Jazz Record Mart (when the store was open in downtown Chicago) and how the problems with how it was run, and how its online site was run, were frustrating to many members. Possible solutions were discussed. I wrote a letter to Bob Koester of Jazz Record Mart, telling him about the board and its discussion, and summarizing the problems and their solutions from the members. I wrote that I was sending the letter out of my love for Jazz Record Mart and my thought that the suggestions might be helpful. I received a letter back from Bob Koester which was typed and signed by him. It was a blistering reply that I should mind my own business. He wrote that he was surprised that so many people wanted to poke around in his private affairs.
  5. I am going to do the same thing, buy from Mosaic regularly instead of from other sellers, until I have all of the sets that I want. In terms of tracking numbers and shipping details, this is a company which almost went out of business. I think we need to cut them some slack. They may have had to lay off their clerical staff. If we like Mosaic and want them to survive, I think we cannot complain too much about their process right now.
  6. Sets you wish Mosaic would do

    I think that unless Mosaic sees a steady increase in sales over several months, and not just this one time uptick due to the notice that they are in trouble, it is very unlikely that they will ever put out any new sets again.
  7. BFT #158 discussion

    I can identify a few musicians, although not the albums that these tracks came from. 7. This is Little Milton. I knew that the voice was familiar and played bits of several blues albums from my collection until I found the match. I do not have this album though. It may be from a later period than the Little Milton albums which I have. 10. This is Mary Halvorson on guitar. I went through a period of listening to her quite a lot, some years ago now. I have not kept up with her more recent releases. I included a track from her Saturn Sings album on one of my Blindfold Tests, maybe five years ago. I am not familiar with this track or the album on which it appears.
  8. I think that the kind of people who still buy physical boxsets are the same kind of people who still respond to receiving a physical catalog in the mail. I think that Mosaic may have made a mistake there. What I think would save Mosaic is having jazz lovers order a set every month, or every few months, as a regular thing. The reminder of receiving a catalog can be helpful. i think that the Mosaic catalog could be much less elaborate than it was. It was a catalog among catalogs, on a level of quality with the box sets. It could be more of a pamphlet and still work to remind people to order.
  9. There could in fact be quite a few orders. Hans (J.A.W.) posted the initial warning on four online boards, including the large and very active Hoffman board, which has a thread going on right now about Mosaic's problems. Their thread has several posts by members who say that they have just placed orders. If it is a crafty marketing idea, then the Mosaic staff person who I talked to on the telephone yesterday is a great actor. He sounded very sincere as he described their financial problem.
  10. This discussion made me call Mosaic back just now and add the Benedetti box to my order.
  11. No that is not correct, according to the Mosaic staff person I talked to today. He said that one of the boxes which I ordered was on backorder, and that they would have it in two weeks. He said that he would ship my entire order when the backorder item comes in within two weeks.
  12. I just called Mosaic and ordered two boxes and two singles. I told them about threads on jazz boards about how they are in trouble. He said that they are not going to close in the immediate future, but that they have hit a financial wall. He said that every order helps, and thanked me.
  13. BFT #158 discussion

    Track 1 is the theme from The Odd Couple TV show, with Jack Klugman and Tony Randall. I do not know who is playing it though.
  14. Abdullah Ibrahim

    I am sitting in the Jazz Tent in New Orleans right now, second row, far left side of the center left section of seats, waiting for Abdullah Ibrahim. Come by and say hello if you can. I have a Kansas City Royals baseball cap.