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  1. There is a 2 CD album of the Jack Bruce/Mick Taylor/Carla Bley band in live performance.
  2. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    I listened to “Untitled Original 11383” and that is enough to interest me in this set. The author is Ben Watson. Purely as a book, it is a very interesting book. It is worth reading.
  3. BFT 171 Discussion Thread

    Thanks for that information on Phillip Johnston. i cannot figure out who the vibes player is on Track 1. He reminds me somewhat of Warren Wolf but I am not sure. Track 2 reminds me of Chick Corea playing outside.
  4. Mosaic Sale ???

    I ordered from Mosaic this week. Scott Wenzel called me back quickly when I left a voicemail message with a question. I received a notice that my order shipped three days later. I had no indication that there is anything negative going on with Mosaic.
  5. BFT 171 Discussion Thread

    I know Track 7, because I chose a track from the same album for my Blindfold Test 168 in March. It is "Surrey With the Fringe on Top," played by Mary Lou Williams, from her 1976 album on Steeplechase, "Free Spirits". Buster Williams is on bass. Mickey Roker is on drums. This is a bonus track which was not on the original LP, but is on the CD reissue. I love Mary Lou's 1970s playing. I saw her live in 1978 in a duet performance with bassist Ronnie Boykins. It was outstanding. Also, I am pretty sure that Track 12 is Phillip Johnston. I am not sure of the album. I heard his "Normalology" album about 10 years ago and loved it. I bought as many Phillip Johnston albums as I could order, and listened to him often for a period of time. I have not revisited the albums in awhile. This song prompts me to go back and listen to him again. What happened to Phillip Johnston? I never hear about him any more. He put out some very interesting, strong stuff for several years.
  6. BFT 170 revealed in all its naked glory

    I should have known Oscar Aleman on Track 2. I listened to him often at one time, but not for awhile. Similarly, I listened to a lot of Eddie South at one time but not for awhile. I should have known it was him on Track 12. i love how you included James Booker. He is one of those musicians who has the technical ability of a jazz artist but plays a different style. I find those musicians interesting. Thanks for a most enjoyable Blindfold Test! It brightened my month.
  7. BFT 170 Discussion Thread

    It is now time for you to post the Reveal. I can hardly wait to find out more information about a few of these tracks.
  8. BFT 170 Discussion Thread

    I agree. This is an excellent collection of music.
  9. BFT 170 Discussion Thread

    I have noticed that often there is a lull in the BFT discussion in the middle of the month, and then the discussion picks up again toward the end of the month.
  10. BFT 170 Discussion Thread

    Regarding the James Booker cut, it reminds me of the enlarged photo inside the Jazz Tent at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival of James Booker and a very young Harry Connick, Jr., playing a piano duet. Harry must be under ten years old in the photo. Last year I saw Harry perform at the Festival. When he puts his mind to it, that man can really play some compelling piano. I included a James Booker cut on my first Blindfold Test, almost ten years ago.
  11. BFT 170 Discussion Thread

    I put my responses in color. usually red, or in a different font style and much larger size type. Otherwise if you reply within the post of the member, it does not show up clearly as to what was the original post and which is your reply. It is frustrating. That is where I leaned that the Blind Willie Johnson Track is on the NASA disc, from that episode of the West Wing show!
  12. BFT 170 Discussion Thread

    This has been written about quite extensively. I Track 10 is James Booker playing and singing “On the Sunny Side of the Street”, from the album “New Orleans Piano Wizard Live.” i love James Booker’s music. His touch, his conception, his massive technique harnessed to the creation of soulful works—all great to me. It was a great loss when he passed away so young.
  13. BFT 170 Discussion Thread

    Track 15 is Blind Willie Johnson, “Dark is the Night, Cold is the Ground.” I havs long enjoyed Blind Willie Johnson’s music. This track was included on a special disc sent into deep space by NASA together with other examples of Earth’s culture and sounds.
  14. BFT 169 Reveal

    This was a most enjoyable Blindfold Test. I am surprised by the artists on Tracks 8 and 10 especially. As one who is quite familiar with Bruce Fowler's work with Zappa, I would have thought that I might have been able to identify Fowler on Track 10. As you said, it does not sound much like Zappa at all. I need to do some shopping, especially for the albums from which Tracks 2 and 4 were taken.