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  1. BFT 198 Link & Discussion

    Joe. You have put together a very interesting Blindfold Test of all music which is unfamiliar to me. I need to listen some more before commenting.
  2. Bill “Stretch” Osment Needs Help

    That is very nice of you, Allen.
  3. For many years the Music Exchange was one of the nation’s truly greet music stores, with a huge and deep jazz selection. Bill “Stretch” Osment was a big part of that. He worked for many years at the Music Exchsnge as a friendly, warm, helpful and extremely knowledgeable friend to all who entered. He was always very kind to my autistic son, which meant a lot to us over the years. I learned a lot about jazz from him. Bill is in trouble. He has a serious lung disease and the Ciry has evicted he and his wife from their home. They are now living in motels and nearly out of funds. I shudder to think what could happen to his large, unique music collection in this situation. That may be the least of their troubles but it comes to my mind. Bill is a truly good person, and a fundraiser has been set up to help him. I will post the link in case any of you feel moved to help a member of the international jazz community who needs a helping hand right now, very much. By the way, Ron Rooks, owner of the Music Exchange, passed away many years ago. His widow has made the largest donation so far.
  4. Essential John Gilmore?

    i think that his soloing on Sun Ra's Cosmos album is very strong. My favorite Gilmore soloing from that album is on "Jazz From an Unknown Planet." I also think that his soloing on tenor saxophone and clarinet on the 2 LP live album Unity is uniformly excellent. I think that his soloing is outstanding on the 1950s live tracks from Budland in Chicago on The Eternal Myth Revealed Vol. 1
  5. BFT 197 REVEAL

    Which albums are 1, 3, 8 and 9 on?
  6. I asked some university music archives and librarian friends about your situation. They made the point that when the COVID-19 shutdown ends, it should be much easier to find a place for your collection. The online and verbal discussions in their industry now center on how they are not taking in nearly as many collections right now, because of budget cuts due to COVID-19, and because of either practical or institution-mandated concerns about the COVID-19 risks involved with meeting someone and looking through their collection at their home or storage space. They told me that once the pandemic is much less a part of daily life, they anticipate acquiring many collections.
  7. Have you contacted the Marr Sound Archives at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, headed by Chuck Haddix? They would love the historical nature of your collection and take good care of it. Mel Lewis’ widow gave them everything of Mel’s, for example, among many other collections which they have absorbed and lovingly make available for researchers
  8. I am buying CDs, more than ever.
  9. BFT 197 Link & Discussion

    Track 7. That is Joe Henderson. I have a box set, The Milestone Years, and this is on it. I don’t remember the musicians. I love the electric piano sound here. Track 8. The tenor saxophone player has absorbed all of John Coltrane and come out the other side with his own style. I like this a lot. I don’t know who it is but want to know! The song is “in Your Own Sweet Way.” Track 9. That is obviously Bill Frisell, from one of his earlier albums I think. I used to buy each of his albums as they came out but somewhere along the line I stopped. I am pretty sure I have this one. This is a beautiful performance, really compelling, both as to Bill’s sound and his ideas. Track 10. I really like the bass which begins this track. I have no idea who this is but it is really good. The tenor saxophonist is excellent. I am looking forward to the Reveal. Track 11. And now for something different. I like the composition, the arrangement, the performance. I want to buy this, when I learn what it is. There is a joy to this recording which appeals to me. Track 12. I have this and know it. It is George Garzone from his Moodiology album. I saw Joe Lovano live around 2000 with Steve Slagle and George Garzone in the band. I was so impressed with Slagle and Garzone that for a few years I bought several albums by both of them, including this one. Excellent! i really enjoyed this Blindfold Test. Thanks for putting it together for us!
  10. BFT 197 Link & Discussion

    1. That is a really beautiful, compelling recording of Solitude. I hear Abdullah Ibrahim’s personal touches in several places, his unique stylist devices. I am not familiar with him recording Solitude like this though. His album “Ode to Duke Elllington” sounds different than this. 2. I recognize Doc Cheatham’s singing. There is another trumpet player here. I have an album with Doc and Nicholas Payton which I have not played in years. It could be that. 3. The style reminds me of Archie Shepp but the sound and ideas don’t really sound like him. This is really good and I don’t think I have it. I want to find out who it is in the Reveal. 4. Single Petal of a Rose, a great Ellington composition, so beautiful. That is Ben Webster. I can’t remember which album this is from. 5. A hard bop/mainstream take on a Monk tune. It sounds like it was recorded after 1990. I think I have this but can’t place it. The trumpet player is extraordinary. 6. I caught Donna Lee being played at the end. I really like the drummer on this track, as the playing is imaginative while staying in the pocket. . I know I have heard the tenor sax player before but am not sure who he is. A really nice recording. i will post my impressions of the rest soon.
  11. BFT 197 Link & Discussion

    I know that vocalist because I saw him live and he sang during that live performance. It is Doc Cheatham.
  12. I am one of the administrators of the Blindfold Test. We have a Blindfold Test ready to go for August but the presenter will be a new member. He has turned in a new member request but is getting no response. is there a current prohibition against new members joining? Is the software for adding new members not working? Thanks moderators for considering this request.
  13. Archie Shepp photo

    In this photo of Archie Shepp, can anyone identify the bass player on the left? I am just curious.
  14. Does Your Wife or Significant Other Love Jazz?

    I am divorced from a woman who initially liked jazz but came to hate the fact that I had a music collection. My new woman does not like jazz at all.