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  1. BFT195 Link & Discussion

    8. I really like this. The electric backgrounds are really interesting and add a welcome touch for me. I can't tell if they are guitar and keyboard produced sounds, or if some type of synthesizer was involved. I really like the saxophone player. I have never heard this before. It sounds like an ECM album. 9. The trumpet player sounds classically trained. I like his lovely playing. The pianist is very lyrical. This is a beautiful track. Once again I believe it is on ECM. 10. That has to be Jan Garbarek. I lost track of his recording career at some point. I really like this. Garbarek always has such a compelling tone. 11. This is one of my favorite tracks on the Blindfold Test. I love how the instruments fit together and are layered to create a beautiful and interesting sound. While sounding very different in approach and results, it reminds me of Frank Zappa's arranging idea on instrumentals such as "Twenty Small Cigars" and "Toads of the Short Forest." I have no idea who this is but will buy it as soon as I find out. 12. This is an outstanding track. The tenor saxophone player is a master. I love the drummer and the bass player. The bass player has a gorgeous tone, most evident in the solo. This is exciting and excellent. Another album I must buy. I listened to this Blindfold Test several times before commenting. Some of the songs developed more of an impact on me as I listened to them closely, and several times. I think that as many as seven tracks on this Blindfold Test may be taken from the ECM label. It reminds me of how I followed the label closely for the first few years of its existence, but then lost touch with many of its releases. I can tell that there are some very worthy ECM albums which I don't know about.
  2. BFT195 Link & Discussion

    5. This must be from an ECM album. That is Charlie Haden on bass. I don’t recognize the saxophone player but like his playing. 6. The rousing big band sound is jarring after the last track, but in a good way. I do not recognize this. I wonder if this is the most inside track on an otherwise more avant garde album. It sounds like avant garde musicians playing inside. 7. That is really an unusual vocal at the beginning. The female gospel singing and the piano playing are beautiful and moving, and could reach a wide audience without the opening vocal. But I suspect that the leader of this session has no interest in reaching an audience of any significant size I will comment on the rest of the tracks later.
  3. BFT195 Link & Discussion

    1. From the first moments of this track I thought maybe it was a Baby Dodds solo drum track. But when the electric bass came in I knew it wasn’t Baby Dodds. This is lovely. I don’t know who it is. Nice way to start a BFT, with this uplifting music. 2. I absolutely love this. I love the sound of the saxophone, the drumming, the groove. The piano solo explodes out of the speakers with brilliant playing. Is that an electric sax near the end? I am going to buy this. 3. I don’t know who this is. It reminds me of the feel of Old and New Dreams but it is not them. Very interesting and appealing track 4. That has to be John Abercrombie. It could be Richard Beirach on piano. This is really good. I am only super familiar with Abercrombie’s earlier recordings. I don’t know which album this is I will comment on the other tracks later.
  4. Tito Puente in the 1940' and 1950's

    Has there ever been such a major artist with such limited information published about years of his greatest recording sessions?
  5. BFT195 Link & Discussion

    Sometimes it takes a little while for people to absorb the music and comment. i have found that comments tend to come in bunches suddenly.
  6. Sit Down and Relax With Art Tripp

    The John French book is an easy, entertaining read.
  7. BFT 194 Reveal

    Hey, I have the Stanley Cowell album and did not recognize him! I have never heard of the artists on Tracks 1 and 11--thanks for introducing me to them. I have often seen the albums by Sonny Simmons and Henry Grimes but never bought them. i will have to remedy that now. But the real "must get" album for me from this BFT is the Tomeka Reid! I have already ordered it. Thanks for a most enjoyable Blindfold Test.
  8. BFT195 Link & Discussion

    Dennis Gonzalez is our presenter this month.
  9. BFT 194 Link and Discussion

    Moving on to the rest of the tracks: Track 7. This is lovely. I have no idea who it is. I am sure that I have never heard it before. Track 8. That is Carmen McRae singing. I am not familiar with the album. Track 9. This is a mature artist, with a lot of technique, but also compelling ideas, a personal sound, and depth to his or her playing. It sounds like the Maybeck piano series era, and since it is live, is it a Maybeck? I can't place who it is. It does not sound like John Hicks, George Cables, or Mulgrew Miller. This pianist is on their level though. Track 10. I do not know this album but I love it. I will have to buy it. I previously discussed the rest of the tracks. This is a very interesting Blindfold Test. Everything is excellent.
  10. BFT 194 Link and Discussion

    I love Track 14. I have this album, but could not remember who it was until the spoken introductions at the end. Back to the top: Track 1. I like this a lot. Appealing head, energetic solos. I think it is from after 1990. It could be a very recent release. Track 2. I have previously identified this as Richard Davis, from the Total Package album, with Ricky Ford. Track 3. The unmistakable sound of Tyrone Washington! Track 4. This is odd. This is an old song. I distinctly hear in my mind, a white blues band singing it, someone like Roomful of Blues or Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials. There is a long time blues/older R&B show on public radio in my city and it has been played on that show. I find this arrangement and performance to be a bit of a mess. The song is too slight for such an intense production, in my opinion. The white blues band performed it more as a novelty number. Track 5. That is Mary Halvorson on guitar. It has to be. She has a very distinct style and sound. I have not kept up with her entire recorded output. I like this track a lot. Very interesting composition and very well, and intensely played, by all. Track 6. A heavyweight alto sax player, influenced by Ornette. I can't place this. I have never heard it before, somehow. I like the drummer a lot too.
  11. BFT 194 Link and Discussion

    Track 11 sounds like James Carter to me. I am trying to remember an album featuring him which has a second saxophonist though. I love Track 12. I should know this but I do not. I probably have it in my collection, or albums featuring each musician here. Track 13 is a very unusual arrangement in which Duke Ellington's "Come Sunday" pokes through. I want to know what this is!!! I am skipping around this BFT and listening to different tracks repeatedly. I will have more comments in the days to come.
  12. RIP Lucky Peterson

    That is really sad. He is one of the blues musicians who could play jazz convincingly. He had the technique and understanding of jazz to be able to play it well. I once put together a 2 CD playlist of only his recorded selections with an amazing guitar solo on it. When I saw him live, his organ features were great, and then he would switch to guitar and it would be even greater. He was at the top of the blues community artistically.
  13. Need June Blindfold Test Presenter

    Thank you!
  14. Need June Blindfold Test Presenter

    Would you like to present a BFT in October? It is open.
  15. Need June Blindfold Test Presenter

    webbcity, we are in the mid-month doldrums, which seems to have become a pattern. Usually there is another resurgence toward the end of the month!