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  1. BFT183

    Track 7 is the great "Sunset and the Mockingbird", the opening section of "The Queen's Suite" by Duke Ellington. The pianist here captures the style of Duke's piano playing on that track. I have no idea who these musicians are, but this is also a great recording of the piece. The original had a memorable entrance by Johnny Hodges. No one is going to be able to top that. But these musicians really do this song justice. Oh I see now that Thom Keith already discussed this track and identified it.
  2. Santana - Africa Speaks

    A good friend with great taste in music (and an ever increasing album collection of 25,000+) saw Santana at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival this spring. My friend is difficult to impress. He said that Santana's performance was excellent, even inspiring. He said that it was one of the highlights of the entire festival.
  3. BFT 182 Answers

    Thanks for a very enjoyable Blindfold Test. I am surprised that it is Phineas Newborn on Track 8. It does not sound like his characteristic sound, very interesting!
  4. BFT 182 link and discussion

    Dmitry, could you please post your answers on a new thread titled BFT 182 Answers? It is time to do so now.
  5. BFT 182 link and discussion

    You do better than almost all of us! Some months better than all of us. Blindfold Tests are hard to guess! But to me the fun is hearing new music.
  6. How To: Setting up a Blindfold Test

    Here are some instructions from my side of the Blindfold Test administration. Two weeks before your Blindfold Test is set to start, please send a private message to Thom Keith (tkeith) about how you are going to get your music to him. On the first day of the month in which you are presenting your Blindfold Test, post a thread called Blindfold Test __(with your BFT number there) Access and Discussion. Then post the link that Thom gives you in the first post on the thread. On the last day of the month post a new thread titled Blindfold Test __(your number) Reveal. Then provide the answers. Please do not do this until the last day of the month. Many members post their comments in the last few days of the month, so do not get impatient. it is better to have a Blindfold Test of 80 minutes or less, the length of one CD-R. The members seem to get somewhat overwhelmed by more music. Save the rest of your ideas past 80 minutes for next year’s Blindfold Test. Your musical content is up to you. I have noticed that some variety in styles of music seems to be appreciated. if you ever have other questions about your Blindfold Test presentation, Thom Keith and I are happy to answer them in private messages.
  7. Kenny Burrell

    I see that the fund is now at $168,000. Dickey Betts, long time guitarist with the Allman Brothers Band (who has had very serious health issues recently) just donated $500.00.
  8. I bought this CD set myself within the last year and it was easy to find copies for sale online.
  9. Steeplechase Offer

    It is a matter of personal taste. Dexter Gordon’s “Stable Mable” on the list is one of my all time favorite albums by him.
  10. Chris reviewed rock albums for Stereo Review for several years. In high school I would read his reviews to help decide which rock albums to buy with money from my after school jobs. It was before I could “hear” jazz. I always really liked the way that he wrote and his ideas about rock. I told him about that in private messages on one of the three online jazz boards we shared.
  11. Chris was very nice to me in private discussions here. I wonder if he would chuckle if he knew that so many messages about him on Facebook and other places are of the “he was crusty but I still liked his comments” variety.
  12. In my experience, most people don't notice the background music, whether it is live or recorded. I went to a large diversity awards event last year. An excellent jazz guitarist was playing live during the cocktail hour before the awards were given out. I was the only person in the room who took any note of his playing. I went over and talked to him, and he was very appreciative. He said that it is difficult to play events these days, when you know that literally no one is noticing or paying any attention to the music. At other events and venues in which recorded music was piped in, I have occasionally commented on the background music to others in my group. The reaction is always the same. The other people are not aware that there was music playing, and they are a little annoyed to have to talk about it.
  13. BFT 182 link and discussion

    This is a really fun BFT to listen to. I don’t know the song or album on Track 3, but it sounds like Gene Ammons and Wynton Kelly to me.
  14. BFT 181 Answers

    This is a thoroughly enjoyable BFT. Thanks for putting it together for us, Jeff.
  15. BFT 181 link and discussion

    The BFT presenter for May, who is presenting his first BFT, is not quite ready to post the link to his musical selections. To avoid having too long of a gap with no BFT, and to give members more time to comment on Jeff's test, I asked him to delay the Reveal.