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  1. BFT168 Diacussion Thread

    No, sorry.
  2. Help!

    My daughter was cast as Henry VII in a high school production of Richard III.
  3. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2018

    I have you listed to present the August BFT, in the first post on this thread.
  4. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2018

    How about August? Will that work for you?
  5. BFT168 Diacussion Thread

    That is the correct album and artists. The song included here is “Ganesha’s Jubilee Dance.”
  6. BFT168 Diacussion Thread

    Jim, I understand what you are saying about Kamasi Washington. I heard the spiritual jazz era of the 1970s as it was happening. it is important to put Kamasi into historical context and find him wanting. On another level, a more superficial level, is he enjoyable to listen to, knowing that he is deribative? For me, the answer is yes, and to a greater extent than many other musicians who are plowing old ground.
  7. BFT168 Diacussion Thread

    I agree that what he does is rather derivative of a style of early 1970s jazz. For me, the jury is still out on whether he will be able to bring anything extra to it. I like the energy with which he brings it now, although I can recognize that he is not plowing new ground.
  8. BFT168 Diacussion Thread

    There are indeed many Sun Ra albums, and many with live performances of swing era material. This "Paris 1983" album, first released in December, 2015, is one of my favorite Sun Ra live albums. It did not seem to get a lot of attention when it was released. I think that the swing era material is performed more precisely and tightly on "Paris 1983" than on several other Sun Ra albums. Sun Ra's "Unity" album on Horo Records also has precisely performed swing era material. I was a big Jack DeJohnette fan in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and eagerly purchased his albums as they were released. "Tin Can Alley" did not disappoint! Ah, you are the only one to identify Kamasi Washington as the artist on Track 9. I am struck by Thom Keith's positive reaction to the track, in his comments. Now that the hype about Kamasi Washington's three CD set "The Epic" has died down, we can listen to Kamasi Washington and make up our minds about his current playing. "Humility" is from his 2017 EP release, "Harmony of Difference," on the Young Turks label.
  9. BFT168 Diacussion Thread

  10. BFT168 Diacussion Thread

    Spoontaneous said that it comes from Abdullah Ibrahim's "Ekaya". That is the name of the album that it comes from.
  11. BFT168 Diacussion Thread

    That’s it! Yes!
  12. BFT168 Diacussion Thread

  13. Grace Kelly

    Larry, in the past few years you have presented many positive comments about young Chicago musicians, and motivated me to check them out. What you have done is the positive sort of thing I am talking about.
  14. Grace Kelly

    That is really true about Bobby Watson in Kansas City, sadly enough. One thing I take from this thread. How often do we discuss how much we like and positively appreciate new jazz--a new musician or group just becoming known, or a new album or song which we really like? I wish we would do more of that. It is important to place the lack of contribution of an artistically challenged musician into proper historical context. Do we often comment on something new which warrants our genuine praise?
  15. Grace Kelly

    Have you heard her play live recently? If in the 2016-2018 time period, she has not developed from when she was 15, that would be significant. I just wonder how many of us on this board have heard her play in the past two years. I have not. Are her live appearances in 2017 and 2018 just "fine" and nothing more? I have not heard her live in 2017 or 2018.