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  1. 2022 Blindfold Test Signup

    I have received some spontaneous requests for Blindfold Test presentations in 2022. So I want to open it up to everyone. We have January, February and June covered already. January Dan Gould February mikeweil March Pim April May June Dub Modal July August September JSngry October mjzee November December. felser
  2. 2022 Blindfold Test Signup

    You have March. Great!
  3. We have not scheduled any Blindfold Tests in 2021 yet, so I will open it up for volunteers. Please tell us the month in which you would like to present a Blindfold Test. If you have thought about presenting a Blindfold Test but have never done it, and would like to try, I will help you with the programming aspects and Thom Keith will help by taking your collection of music and converting it to a form which all can use. We will help to make it easier for you. Here is the schedule: January Dan Gould February Ken Dryden March JSngry April randyhersom May Dmitry June Dub Modal July Thom Keith August Milestones September Pim October mjzee November miles65 December Felser
  4. 2022 Blindfold Test Signup

    You have September.
  5. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2021!

    You can both have those months. Dan has January and Dub Modal has June.
  6. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2021!

    Yes, you have February, 2022.
  7. Best concert line-up ever?

    I went to the Ann Arbor Jazz Festival in September, 1978. The lineup was: Thursday night: Mary Lou Williams and Ronnie Boykins, duets; Max Roach Quartet; Stan Getz: Archie Shepp and Max Roach, duets. Friday night: Johnny Griffin, Dexter Gordon; Johnny Griffin and Dexter Gordon together; Freddie Hubbard Saturday night: Kenny Burrell; Stanley Turrentine; Sun Ra and his Arkestra Sunday afternoon: Marcus Belgrade and the II-V-I Orchestra (with a teenage Kenny Garrett as a featured soloist); Chico Freeman; Hubert Laws Sunday night: Ellington Orchestra conducted by Mercer Ellington; Mose Allison; Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers.
  8. New Orleans Jazz Festival canceled again

    Before it was cancelled I was planning to travel to New Orleans to Jazz Fest, mostly to see this group on October 9: Cookers feat. Billy Harper, Eddie Henderson, Donald Harrison, David Weiss, George Cables, Cecil McBee and Billy Hart There were many other worthy artists scheduled that weekend. I love the variety of New Orleans food served on the festival grounds too.
  9. Sonny Stitt. Why didn´t he become as famous as Dexter?

    Why was Oscar Peterson a star and not Jaki Byard or Phimeas Newborn, Jr.? Popularity beyond the core of jazz fanatics seems to be very unpredictable. I saw Dexter and Sonny Stitt live in the late 1970s. Sonny sat on a stool and never spoke. If the club owner had not shouted often between songs about how lucky we were to have the great Sonny Stitt with us, he could have gone almost unnoticed. Dexter commanded the room, and the 2,000 seat auditorium in which I saw him live twice. He had a way of talking between songs which seemed tongue in cheek but was appealing and sometimes funny. He stood tall and you had to look at him. I saw 2,000 college students become captivated by his performances and they gave him loud ovations.
  10. Vinyl on your walls

    It is hard to say what it would be just for LPs. I also have furniture, thousands of books, thousands of CDs, office papers, my audiophile stereo system, Christmas decorations, sports memorabilia and clothes in the unit. So it is a really big unit. I could have a much smaller, less expensive unit if I was storing just music. It would be $100 a month or less most likely if I had just my LPs and CDs in there.
  11. Vinyl on your walls

    I like that. She is far too fierce to actually approach that way! Now that is more like my collection, only it is currently in a climate controlled underground limestone cave storage unit.
  12. Vinyl on your walls

    Oh, my significant other is a wonderful woman but she never wants to see a single album. She often says, "why don't you just listen to music on a smartphone like a normal person?"
  13. Vinyl on your walls

    Since I have many boxes full of vinyl, almost all purchased between 1970- 2010, I could never put all my vinyl on a wall. There are thousands of vinyl records. Also, my significant other does not like literally any of my music. She does not want to ever hear it, and definitely does not ever want to see it!
  14. BFT 207 - Link & Discussion

    I listened to #3 and I have no idea who it is.
  15. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2021!

    It is coming.
  16. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2021!

    That is the only month left in 2021 so you have September.
  17. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2021!

    Ok you have November.
  18. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2021!

    Up to this point in BFT history, we have always had one BFT per person per year only. I will keep your idea in mind but it is more likely that your spillover should be used for a 2022 BFT. i appreciate your interest and enthusiasm.
  19. Jones/Lewis Mosaic

    Yes, Richard Davis’ work here is incredible.
  20. RIP Chick Corea

    I saw the Al DiMeola/Stanley Clarke/Lenny White group live in 1975 and 1976. I also saw Chick live as a solo pianist, in duet with Gary Burton (several times, once when they were joined by Gayle Moran), and with the excellent Origin group.
  21. BFT 202 Reveal

    Great BFT. I enjoyed it immensely and then got a huge work project in and could not comment on each track as I surely would have done.
  22. BFT 201 Reveal

    After reading this Reveal I tried to order Mirage by the Awakening on CD. It is expensive!