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  1. I found a nice stash of acetates - some air shots others seem like home recordings - in the strangest way. They were listed on Wolfgangs as home recordings. I had been talking to a guy who collects home recordings - so I looked at them to see what the labels said. Lloyd Lifton with Lee Konitz, Lee Konitz, and Lennie Tristano. So I bought everything that had similar handwriting. Probably came from the Jazz Record Mart when the entire inventory went to Wolfgangs. Lee sings on a couple - something you don’t hear elsewhere. I think most likely from the mid 40’s in Chicago.
  2. Have posted before - but seems worth it to post here: Tristano with accordion - request access when you link - there are several good sides (trio and solo too) happy to share. from acetate - not pristine.
  3. I have and love this record
  4. Will happily pay the tariff for Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys
  5. Arrived from Amazon today - not yet played.
  6. Blow, Brother Konitz, BLOW!

    A link to what I think is a home recording before joining of several acetates at home. Probably need to request access. Lloyd Lifton sextet with Lee.
  7. I too bought the Monk set on release and kept up through 34 or 36 sets then stopped buying everything...only some regrettably.
  8. Stereo: 2 or 4 speakers?

    There are those who swear by two sets of Advents - one on top of the other. I have never heard this so can’t say.
  9. I like the Marcy Lutes record (Gil Evans arranges about 1/3) - I have and enjoy the Pat Scott record but it’s more commercial - Jane Harvey, Anne Richards and Honi Gordon I have and endorse.
  10. Creative Black Music at the Walker

    I saw a few of these shows - but missed too many back when I was a student w/o funds (or enough knowledge).
  11. BFT195 Link & Discussion

    Track three is Boundaries by Elton Dean for sure. As I recall Dennis referenced as inspiration for his excellent Catechism.
  12. Miles on Columbia

    I think I have box #11 ordered as soon as I heard about it.
  13. SOLD Euro Jazz Boxes Three-Fer

    Arrived - excellent packaging - the bubble wrap saved the day as the mailman decided to leave it on one of the planters (in a downpour) instead of the covered entrance... no damage!
  14. SOLD Euro Jazz Boxes Three-Fer

    If not sold i’ll go for it. Love Brueker and have no idea what the others are...
  15. Anthony Cox

    Saw him with his band Acoustic Death Wish - Cox, Dave King, & Brandon Wozniak in June at the now defunct (closed last day of June) Artists Quarter in St. Paul. Great playing - mostly Cox originals and an Ornette tune.