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  1. I like the Marcy Lutes record (Gil Evans arranges about 1/3) - I have and enjoy the Pat Scott record but it’s more commercial - Jane Harvey, Anne Richards and Honi Gordon I have and endorse.
  2. Creative Black Music at the Walker

    I saw a few of these shows - but missed too many back when I was a student w/o funds (or enough knowledge).
  3. BFT195 Link & Discussion

    Track three is Boundaries by Elton Dean for sure. As I recall Dennis referenced as inspiration for his excellent Catechism.
  4. Miles on Columbia

    I think I have box #11 ordered as soon as I heard about it.
  5. SOLD Euro Jazz Boxes Three-Fer

    Arrived - excellent packaging - the bubble wrap saved the day as the mailman decided to leave it on one of the planters (in a downpour) instead of the covered entrance... no damage!
  6. SOLD Euro Jazz Boxes Three-Fer

    If not sold i’ll go for it. Love Brueker and have no idea what the others are...
  7. Anthony Cox

    Saw him with his band Acoustic Death Wish - Cox, Dave King, & Brandon Wozniak in June at the now defunct (closed last day of June) Artists Quarter in St. Paul. Great playing - mostly Cox originals and an Ornette tune.
  8. Sure - figure it should be out in the world. A few other interesting things i’ve lucked into while out digging for stuff. I have a full set of the second Esquire concert I need to get transcribed cause they look as clean as the Duke discs - hopefully sound good too.
  9. Free to download - Ellington in Duluth 1946 - from broadcast acetates I found last summer. Third is an interview with Duke and Strayhorn. Interesting snapshot of an average workday. probably need to request access.
  10. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    My copy has the artwork taped to a jacket (loose - no glue) with the seeds record inside. Very odd.
  11. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    I have the Savoy Be Bop 78 album but it is missing 945...
  12. Grace Kelly

    All this dance talk reminds me I have an acetate of Steve Condos with Chu Berry - trend chasers I guess....
  13. Great Finds

    Yep there is plenty of piano. if you want to hear a twitter size snip.
  14. Great Finds

    Cool, thanks! If it works we'll get copies to you and Jeff Crompton. It's odd how difficult it is to find a home for something like this. I first thought to give then to the Jazz Museum but no response at all. But probably better to be with Tristano - she has the mission to keep it alive.
  15. Great Finds

    If there is someone who could transfer them in the Minneapolis area I'd be happy to meet up. The discs are recorded right to the label and my player for 78's (Dual 1229) does not have that much arc and even if it did - I have no digital recording equipment or even a tape deck for that matter - but 9 turntables. There are a few samples on twitter where I recorded video, very dull to watch a speaker but worth it . My twitter is @russjazz if anyone cares to hear.