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  1. The Goodman just arrived, a handwritten number 2536.
  2. I purchased Goodman, Savory, and MJQ on 6/25. Tracking says I should receive it today. Hmmm, maybe one of the last Goodmans?
  3. That was the second Mosaic I purchased.
  4. I listened to some of the Blakey set this morning. It was the first Mosaic I purchased.
  5. I bought the Beehive set maybe two months ago. I have about 28 (ish) Mosaic boxes and and a handful of selects, but I haven't made a purchase from them in about 10 years. My interest was renewed from seeing some Mosaic boxes come up on Ebay searches. I hope my purchase didn't cause them to be out of stock!
  6. Why not more LIVE/location BN-Lps????

    .... when the union found out (just before the band went on)..... What union are you referring to? Musicians'? 'Cause I could tell you tales about IATSE when trying to record in a union hall... (IATSE is the stage hands union...) I guess i misunderstood, i thought the union being referred to was the electricical or stagehands, which may be the same union. Upon rereading jsngry's post, i realised he was referring to the musician's local. My post refers to a story in "the Real Zappa Book", an 'as told to' Bio. I have worked with electrical, projection, and stagehand unions in Chicago. (I am not bashing unions, i am in IBEW)
  7. Why not more LIVE/location BN-Lps????

    I recall reading in a Zappa bio that when the union found out (just before the band went on) that a show was being recorded for radio and TV, the union rep demanded their scale for broadcast work, instead of performance/sound reinforcement. It was $9000 EACH extra from Zappa, the radio, and the TV people ($27,000), or they would pull the plug. They got the money, but that is why Zappa refused to play in NY for many years. As for live Blue Notes, I recently purchased Donald Byrd at the Half Note.
  8. http://www.themusicresource.com has it for 180.00, not a bad price for a new copy. I think I bought mine from there maybe 6 years ago for the same price.
  9. When musicians get pissy...

    Paul, I've heard some of your recent recording on WDCB, your take on Caravan is damn cool...
  10. Johnny Griffin has left us...

    The odd thing is I borrowed the Monk at the 5 Spot CD from the library yesterday, and was enjoying listening to it in my car yesterday and today. I've heard Monk with Rouse and I've heard Monk with Coltrane, but I never heard Monk with Griffin on tenor. He had his own style, it kicked ass. I loved his playing. I saw him with Lockjaw twice in the same week at the Jazz Showcase in Chicago when it was at the Blackstone Hotel. I was seventeen and just getting into jazz. A few years later, after Lockjaw had passed , I saw Griffin in a quartet setting. I got his autograph on the liner notes of a reissue of the Introducing Johnny Griffin CD. He looked at the CD (this was maybe 1989) and said with a smile: "Thats an ooooooooold one!"
  11. Billy Cobham

    I always thought "Spectrum" kicked ass.
  12. Mosaics that will NEVER be issued

    The complete Chet Baker / Buddy Rich Sessions, including "bus tapes."
  13. Jimmy Giuffre, R.I.P.

    To bad, Here is one of my favorites: 3 JPG
  14. Its my fault. I bought one last week....
  15. Thanks for the heads up, my Hodges set is on the way.