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  1. I have this on CD!! Recorded 1983.
  2. Brotzmann Octet / Tentet box back out

    Thanks. Now I found them.
  3. Brotzmann Octet / Tentet box back out

    O.K. The Orbit site is a little bit of a "hodge podge" to me. I could only find 4 Okka releases. Maybe that's all there is.
  4. Red Garland on Prestige

    He's also "Groovy" which is a great album!!
  5. Up for all Leonard Cohen all of the time!!
  6. Coleman Family Legacy; Another Kind of Soul

    Ooops - thought it was about Ornette.
  7. What music did you buy today?

    Blue Note Re:Imagined
  8. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Our state (NM) is "spiking". Our governor said, "don't go to El Paso".
  9. Great story. Glad I wasn't at any of it.
  10. Brotzmann Octet / Tentet box back out

    That's a little confusing to me - "FULL", "correctly", Orbitlink, 2 other sites, etc.. Who's in charge?
  11. what are you drinking right now?

    2019 Baer rose
  12. Now reading...

    Ayad Akhtar: Homeland Elegies