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  1. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Here is an in-depth class on Dark Star for your perusal:
  2. This Wednesday with Dave, free lesson hangout 12 - 1 30 pm nyc time For the last 2 months I have been hosting a weekly free lesson hangout on the Zoom video platform. Usually between 10 -15 students from around the globe have been joining me every week, and we are having a ball! If you would like to join us, come by to say hello, play, ask questions or throw tomatoes at the screen, click on this link: https://zoom.us/j/5674638589 and you will be taken immediately to the proceedings. Blessings and keep swingin from NYC!
  3. Dick Hyman

    You may enjoy this master class with the great man)
  4. Happy Birthday Chick Corea!

    In-depth Chick Corea master class. https://youtu.be/OmNI8HuPhDM HAPPY Birthday to the GREAT CHICK!! Free.
  5. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    This in-depth Dark Star master class is for all of youse)
  6. Keith Jarrett master class!

  7. Keith Jarrett master class!

    Hi fellow felt freaks, you may enjoy this recent master class on the GREAT Keith Jarrett, it focuses on the concepts of his playing on the duo record Jasmine with Charlie Haden, and was recorded at Mezzrow in NYC last month. Free for thee. https://youtu.be/U3FEBz5fby8 Happy Harmonica, Dave Frank
  8. *NEW* and free for thee) https://youtu.be/0N22x8tzaHw
  9. Hi friends, I'd like to invite you to a taping of a solo concert by yours truly and master class on the great playing of Lyle Mays with the Pat Metheny Group. We'll be analyzing Lyle's fantastic solo on the tune First Circle. At Mezzrow in the Village at a lovely time, Sat 5/30 from 4-6 PM. There is a 17 drink minimum. Blessings and keep swingin! Dave Frank
  10. Sinatra - All or Nothing at All - HBO Documentary

    I'm about half way through the first part. This is really terrific, great story-telling and wonderful clips/interviews)
  11. Dave Frank - Festival Flow, Solo Piano

    Monday is a fine day for a FESTIVAL! https://youtu.be/R17Og34jd3E
  12. billie holiday with helen merrill at a 1956 party

    WOW! What year did Billie die? Leonard plays ok! Deep insight into Billie's incredible musicality and whacko state..
  13. Gilad Atzmon/Dave Frank duo - NEW

  14. Gilad Atzmon/Dave Frank duo - NEW

    wild communication, thanks
  15. James Moody passes

    Yeah he was great, I saw him also about 20 years ago, it was beautiful.