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  1. Archie Shepp

    I haven't seen any discussion on Shepp here, with the exception of an old thread about Coral Rock, which I haven't heard. I've been revisiting most of my Shepp albums in the past two weeks. Live In San Francisco Mama Too Tight The Way Ahead Kwanza Attica Blues San Francisco, and The Way Ahead sounding the best to these ears. I'm still trying to locate my copies of Magic Of Juju, and The Cry Of My People. And I haven't revisited Four For Trane, because I know that one the best. I just picked up a reissue of some '75 material on a CD called Lybia [sic]. Not the original title, but some cooking straight ahead stuff. I didn't think of it at the time of purchase, but it could be a bootleg? I can't recall the label at the moment.
  2. Any good ones out there that you can sit through? I just got Steve Lacy's Only Monk album, and I like it. I don't think I have anything else in my collection that isn't guitar or piano.
  3. Fusion and progressive guitar junkies probably already have these albums, but they're now in a 12 disc box. Best price - importcds
  4. Frank Zappa only vault releases to be re-issued for general retailers on March 24, 2017. These titles listed at Amazon: Philly '76 Hammersmith '78 Greasy Love Songs aka Reuben & The Jets Carnegie Hall 1971 FZ:OZ One Shot Deal Everything Is Healing Nicely Roxy By Proxy Dance Me This Buffalo
  5. What music did you buy today?

    Complete Verve Albums 1957-61 [Import] Blossom Dearie 5060342021335 CD Crystal Silence Chick Corea/Gary Burton 602517680579 CD Dreams / Imagine My Surprise [Import] Dreams 5017261209405 CD Five Stars Herbie Hancock 664140013629 CD Phil Woods & His European Rhythm Machine Phil Woods 077712710022 CD Tempest in the Colosseum Herbie Hancock 664140771222 CD Timeless [Import] John Abercrombie 042282911421 CD
  6. Allan Holdsworth (1946 - 2017)

    Interesting thesis on Holdsworth's life and music.
  7. Allan Holdsworth (1946 - 2017)

    Very sad news. I've been a huge fan for 30 + years.