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  1. Interesting Mainstream Records reissues

    The Barbieri Flying Dutchman sets are, to me, the best of both his career and some of the best of the label. Especially the Montreux "El Pampero", which is magical, with the totally unexpected Lonnie Liston Smith/Chuck Rainey/Bernard Purdie/Nana rhythm section. I've had the Tapscott, the Gil, and the Ornette on other CD issues for some time. "Pieces of a Man" is THE great Gil Scott-Heron album. The Leon Thomas titles are excellent as well, but they're missing my favorite of all, the Live one with Oliver Nelson. The Tapscott is awesome, of course, but has been discussed many times on this board. Fairyland is one of my favorite Coryell albums ever.
  2. Billy Harper's Capra Black CD

    Agreed on all counts. Thankful those Strata-East's were recorded/released at all.
  3. Billy Harper's Capra Black CD

    The 92 Bellaphon doesn't' sound great, and I don't remember the vinyl sounding great back in the day (for any of the Strata-East releases, truth be told, and I had/have a lot of them). Sounds like the Japanese release is the way to go, price permitting. Re: Tolliver - the All-Stars date (Tolliver/Bartz/Hancock/Carter/J. Chambers) never did make it to CD to my knowledge. Everyone needs to grab "The Ringer" while they can, and the Mosaic Selects of the Strata-East stuff.
  4. Spectacular deal - someone needs to jump on this RIGHT NOW. Great set.
  5. Billy Harper's Capra Black CD

    I have the same version, just glad to have it at all.
  6. Hadley Caliman

    I also think it sounds good for a Mainstream.
  7. Interesting Mainstream Records reissues

    I got the new one and am much happier with it. It is from vinyl and even basically admits so, stating that the original master tapes were not available. Lon, glad your Japanese copy is good, and I know your playback equipment is magnitudes better than mine, so that may have something to do with it. Here is my latest order from CDJapan. Would have liked to have included the upcoming Mainstream Charles Kynard release (as well as the Reuben Wilson SHM, the Johnny Hammond Smith Wild Horses CTI, and the Steve Kuhn Three Waves release), but that would have bumped me out of small packet shipping and added about another 14 yen to the shipping costs. Hoping they will all be available next time I order. I have the Buddy Terry on CD already, else I would be all over that one. CDJapan Order Number : 10109220143 ******************************************* CDSOL-45270 Curtis Fuller / Smokin' [Low-priced Reissue] CDA 1000yen Released: December 06, 2017 CDSOL-45272 Hadley Caliman / iapetus [Low-priced Reissue] CDA 1000yen Released: December 06, 2017 CDSOL-45273 Mike Longo / The Awakening [Low-priced Reissue] CDA 1000yen Released: December 06, 2017 CDSOL-45275 Hal Galper / Inner Journey [Low-priced Reissue] CDA 1000yen Released: December 06, 2017 CDSOL-45276 Pete Yellin / Dance of Allegra [Low-priced Reissue] CDA 1000yen Released: December 06, 2017 CDSOL-45277 Paul Jeffrey / A Family [Low-priced Reissue] CDA 1000yen Released: December 06, 2017 CDSOL-45284 Roy Haynes / Senyah [Low-priced Reissue] CDA 1000yen Released: December 06, 2017 CDSOL-45716 Larry Coryell / Fairyland [Low-priced Reissue] CDA 1000yen Released: October 25, 2017 CDSOL-45720 Tom Scott Quartet / Hair To Jazz [Limited Release] CDA 1000yen Released: October 25, 2017 CDSOL-45726 Harold Alexander / Sunshine Man [Low-priced Reissue] CDA 1000yen Released: October 25, 2017 KICJ-2563 The CTI Jazz All-Star Band / CTI All-Stars Live At The Hollywood Bowl CDA 1500yen Released: December 06, 2017 UCCQ-9326 Bobbi Humphrey / Flute In [SHM-CD] [Limited Release] CDA 1500yen Released: December 06, 2017 VICJ-70042 Kosuke Mine / Daguri [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [SHM-CD] CDA 2700yen Released: October 25, 2017
  8. Bob Dylan corner

    Just received my 2CD set from Amazon, looking forward to listening tomorrow!
  9. Corbett v Dempsey

    I own this on the same label, and am very happy with/thankful for it:
  10. Al Shorter

    I really like mid 60's-mid 70's Shepp, but "Doodlin'" is a waste. Always has sounded to me like it was just some sort of rehearsal tape rather than anything that was ever intended to be released. But if Shepp playing "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "Invitation" unrehearsded on piano sounds invigorating to you, have at it.
  11. Blue Note Review - By Subscription Only

    For a lot of years, Norah Jones was their rent party. One of my favorite albums of all-time, not because I like the music (I don't particularly, though it's non-offensive), but because it funded many a miraculous Blue Note reissue.
  12. Interesting Mainstream Records reissues

    I'm definitely in for the Yellin and Caliman, already have an older CD of the Buddy Terry. Likely on some of the other titles like the Galper and the Jeffrey.