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  1. Great, glad you are getting it. I have all the music on Blue Note CD's (which combined cost me more than this).
  2. I am not the seller and do not know the seller at all, but $80 for the Parlan Mosaic on Discogs seems really good: https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/791283529?utm_campaign=sell_email_v2&utm_medium=email&format=CD&text=Horace-Parlan-The-Complete-Blue-Note-Horace-Parlan-Sessions&ev=wh_new&utm_source=relationship
  3. 2CD set of Big Brother and Holding Company

    Yep. I don't recommend/condone the lifestyle, just the music. Don't recommend/condone the lifestyle of Charlie Parker or Mozart either. Great article, thanks.
  4. 2CD set of Big Brother and Holding Company

    I don't think 50 year old demos and outtakes are going to be sonic delights regardless. But this is so in my wheelhouse, I wouldn't miss it for anything. BTW, "900 Nights" is as good a rock documentary as I have ever seen. Well worth your hour and $10 if you are even remotely interested in Big Brother, Joplin, or the late-60's San Francisco music scene.
  5. Saw this on theseconddisc.com. 2CD set ot 30 cuts of demos and outtakes from "Cheap Thrills". $13.96 for pre-order on Amazon. I'm in. https://theseconddisc.com/2018/09/another-little-piece-of-my-heart-unreleased-big-brother-demos-abound-on-sex-dope-and-cheap-thrills/ Another Little Piece Of My Heart: Unreleased Big Brother Demos Abound on ‘Sex, Dope and Cheap Thrills’ SEPTEMBER 18, 2018 BY THE SECOND DISC LEAVE A COMMENT BUY NOW FROM AMAZON.COM Adorned with a Robert Crumb cover, Big Brother and The Holding Company’s 1968 album Cheap Thrillsmarked the end of an era for the band. It was Big Brother’s second and final album with lead singer Janis Joplin, whose incendiary talents were simply too big for any one band. Cheap Thrills, produced by John Simon, remains a touchstone for pulse-pounding blues-rock. Lead guitarist Sam Andrew, guitarist James Gurley, bassist Peter Albin, and drummer David Getz unleashed one of the most distinctive vocalists of all time on such tracks as the powerful “Piece of My Heart” and the striking reinventions of George and Ira Gershwin and DuBose Heyward’s “Summertime” and Big Mama Thornton’s “Ball and Chain.” Now, Legacy Recordings has revisited the original sessions for the new collection entitled Sex, Dope, and Cheap Thrills – the album’s original name nixed by Columbia Records 50 years ago. Set for release on November 30, this 30-track 2-CD or 16-track 2-LP set features demos, outtakes and alternate takes, almost all of which are previously unreleased. Sex, Dope, and Cheap Thrills kicks off with what amounts to an alternate version of the chart-topping, double-platinum album, with versions of all seven of its original tracks presented in sequence plus the brief “Harry.” It then features a live “Ball and Chain” from the band’s April 12, 1968 Winterland gig; the outtakes “Roadblock” and “Flower in the Sun,” a jam on “How Many Times,” and additional songs like “Magic of Love,” “Catch Me Daddy,” “Turtle Blues,” and “Farewell Song.” Almost every track is presented in an unheard version. Just a handful of tracks are previously issued including Take 2 of “Summertime,” first released on the 1993 box set Janis; Take 1 of “Roadblock” from the 1999 expanded edition of Cheap Thrills; and Take 1 of “Magic of Love” from 2010’s Move Over!, a vinyl-only Record Store Day limited edition. Two more first takes (“It’s a Deal” and “Easy Once You Know How”) were originally released on Box of Pearls. Liner notes have been penned by Big Brother’s David Getz and the legendary Grace Slick. Look for this generous helping of Sex, Dope, and Cheap Thrills from Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings on CD, vinyl, and digital platforms on November 30! Pre-orders are open now atJanisJoplin.com and links will soon go active at Amazon! Big Brother and The Holding Company, Sex, Dope and Cheap Thrills (Columbia/Legacy, 2018) 2CD: Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K. / Amazon Canada Links TBD 2LP: Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K. / Amazon Canada Links TBD 2CD: CD 1 Combination Of The Two (Take 3) I Need a Man To Love (Take 4) Summertime (Take 2) * Piece Of My Heart (Take 6) Harry (Take 10) Turtle Blues (Take 4) Oh, Sweet Mary Ball and Chain (Live from Winterland, 4/12/68) Roadblock (Take 1) * Catch Me Daddy (Take 1) It’s a Deal (Take 1) * Easy Once You Know How (Take 1) * How Many Times Blues Jam Farewell Song (Take 7) CD 2 Flower in the Sun (Take 3) Oh Sweet Mary Summertime (Take 1) Piece of My Heart (Take 4) Catch Me Daddy (Take 9) Catch Me Daddy (Take 10) I Need a Man to Love (Take 3) Harry (Take 9) Farewell Song (Take 4) Misery’n (Takes 2 & 3) Misery’n (Take 4) Magic Of Love (Take 1) * Turtle Blues (Take 9) Turtle Blues (Last Verse, Takes 1-3) Piece of My Heart (Take 3) Farewell Song (Take 5)
  6. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    I was referring to the comment " Only spun it twice but Tyrone’s solos all sounded the same " rather than to any specific solos.
  7. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    I think Joe Chambers is oustanding on tht album, love the rhythm section. And it's a good solo that Tyrone plays.
  8. Dolphy: Iron Man and Conversations

    Me too. Same sessions, and available together. I have always greatly preferred the "Iron Man" selections to the selections on the other album (which has been reissued under many many names on many many shaky labels).
  9. Kenny Dorham

    In addition to the 60's Blue Notes with Henderson, I really like this one for the extended "Melanie" (McLean's "Melody for Melanie"). Also the 1956 "Jazz Prophets" album and the 1956 Cafe Bohemia recordings released on Blue Note. But the Henderson recordings and "Matador" are the ones I come back to the most, especially "Trompeta Toccata".
  10. BFT 174--access and discussion

    Thanks Bill, all the clue I need for #10. It is "War Orphans" (Ornette Coleman composition) from the Paul Motian "Tribute" album. I have that Motian ECM box set, but have only listened to it once, keep meaning to get back to it. Sam Brown has a pretty unique sound on guitar
  11. That is a fascinating blurb there, and makes so much sense!
  12. Reality check. Regardless of being "worth it" in terms of fair market price or not (not what is at question here, we all assume it is), this is $450, not spare change. That's an economic show-stopper for all but very well-to-do Cecil Taylor utter diehards who don't already own it, which will make for a VERY limited audience. Should not be that surprising and not a grounds for criticism from anyone that no one has stepped forward to buy it.
  13. Three that did register with me in the recent past are Amy Winehouse, Duffy (the first album), and the Pipettes (first album). So I stiill can dig pop under the right conditions. Checked out that cut by The Like (ca. 2010 by the way), and it's not bad, would sound pretty great on a car radio!