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  1. 1 - Apparently true story: Kenny G goes up to Mike Brecker at a jazz festival and says "I think you're the greatest, I don't understand why I'm the one making so much money." To which Brecker replies "Neither do I". 2 -Old joke (questionable taste but very funny): Q: You are stuck for eternity on an elevator with Hitler, Mussolini, and Kenny G. You have a gun with two bullets. Who do you shoot? A: Kenny G. Twice.
  2. BFT #158 signup.

    In for online listening.
  3. Me too, very glad to have it, even at the higher price I paid.
  4. I have so much music he plays on. Dylan, Richie Havens, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Tom Rush, Richard & Mimi Farina, Joan Baez. Gordon Lightfoot... RIP.
  5. Allan Holdsworth (1946 - 2017)

    Really liked his work on the Bundles Album with Soft Machine. "Hazard Profile" is a stone classic.
  6. A hard rain's gonna fall all along the watchtower.
  7. BFT # 157 Discussion

    I am also stumped, but there are a lot of interested sounds to be heard on BFT 157.
  8. Bob Cunningham RIP

    RIP, always dependably good, liked his work on Freddie Hubbard's Backlash album. Wonder why his discography wasn't bigger.
  9. Yawn, yet another version of "Tom's Diner", this one from 20+ years before the original. BTW, it is now April 2 in the UK, so the lost tapes probably self-destructed at midnight. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Bobby Hutcherson - Columbia Albums

    Columbia was trying to sell records, signed a bunch of topflight jazz guys around that time (Woody Shaw, Dexter Gordon, Freddie Hubbard etc.). Variable results but few disasters.. These, being on BGO, will have spectacular mastering. BGO tends to do related bunches of reissues on a given month, so will be interesting to see what else may be coming our way.
  11. Interesting Mainstream Records reissues

    Seems like a lot of the Mainstream recordings always sounded kind of off. I was just listening to the Dave Hubbard the other day, and the sound was pretty ghastly.
  12. 300 Jazz CDs Must Go!

    PM sent on: Shorty Rogers/Andre Previn Collaboration Tal Farlow Guitar Genius: The L A Sessions Archie Shepp/ NHOP Lookin’ at Bird Eric Alexander Summit Meeting My Favorite Things Jim Rotondi The Move Jim’s Bop Al Haig Trio: One Day Session J J Johnson Afternoon at Birdland Miles Davis In Tokyo Brew Moore Quartet & Quintet 1955-58 Irene Kral Where Is Love? Dodo Marmarosa Dodo’s Dance Tubby Hayes Mexican Green
  13. Arthur Blythe R.I.P.

    Lenox was definitely released first, I remember the shock waves it created.