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  1. "Kick out the jams, mo.. uh,er..brothers and sisters!"
  2. The best parts of their first five albums (and some of the spare tracks) are my favorite music ever. Gene Clark was so underrated, and McGuinn was McGuinn.
  3. Some of the best Mike Bloomfield out there. This one was quite the sensation back in the day (ca. 1968).
  4. Phil Woods

    BTW, a plug for the Deer Head Inn. Great place to hear music, great Inn to stay at, nice people, incredibly reasonable prices ($120ish for a large, lovely room, you can eat a good sandwich for under $15). And spectacularly gorgeous Bushkill Falls is just a few minutes drive away. And music like this: Saturday, September 28, 7:30 to 10:30 pm, music charge $15 Grammy-Nominated Pianist Lewis Porter with an All-Star Tribute to Coltrane, Mingus, & Monk! Abraham Burton, tenor saxophone; Lewis Porter, piano; Kenny Davis, bass; Michaels Stephans, drums
  5. LF Skeeter Davis Recommendation

    Then go with Essential, I guess. I wouldn't want to end up with just one Skeeter Davis record and it doesn't have "The End of the World" on it. And "Essential" is, as mentioned, dirt cheap through Amazon. Just now ordered one myself, we can compare notes. If you want something with more cuts and almost certainly far better mastering (Taragon does an amazing job), there's this, but it'll cost ya 3-4 times what Essential will.
  6. LF Skeeter Davis Recommendation

    I'd definitely start here:
  7. Concord Records / CDR's ???

    I only started seeing CD-R's from them with two sale orders I placed this spring/summer, looks like on subsequent reruns of some titles. They have traditionally been CD's. I agree that the Atlantic jazz stuff always sounded fine on their label. They did do some strange pairings, cut off some cuts to fit onto a single CD, etc., which were annoying. But they were often the first or only source for CD reissues of some really good albums. And as mentioned, I paid $2.99 to $4.99 for the reissues, so no big complaints on my part. Interestingly, they are located 10-15 minutes from my house, big warehouse in Conshohocken that is glaringly visible from the Schuykill Expressway (I-76), which connects Center City Philly with the western suburbs.
  8. Agreed, but part of the problem is the default rate on student loans, though the multiple causes of that (some environmental, some self-inflicted) is a whole other loooong discussion. Does DOE consolidate private loans, or just federal loans? She only has one federal loan, the rest are private.
  9. We are friends with a young woman who just graduated college in May, and has close to $100K of college loans outstanding, 70% of them being private as opposed to federal. She is working full-time as an RN, but is not yet financially secure in any sense, as she has all of the expected life start-up costs as well as the school loans. She is seeking advice on how to best go about consolidating the loans, especially the private ones, to both lower the interest rates (ranging from 8% to 10.5%) and to significantly lower the monthly payments. My daughter works at a credit union, and her manager recommended lendkey.com. Anyone here have any knowledge of/experience with them? Any other advice you can offer? Post here, PM, or email me at john.felser@verizon.net. Thanks for any help you can give!
  10. Concord Records / CDR's ???

    They seem cheap because they ARE cheaply made! But they have made a lot of good material available that was not coming out on CD otherwise, especially in R&B-related genres and the Atlantic catalog.