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  1. Alan Braufman – Valley Of Search reissue

    Will be glad to pick up the Landry, having completed a cursory sampling here. Look forward to the increased fidelity.
  2. Name Three People...

    John Fred Fred Foster Foster Brooks
  3. Covid vaccination: poll

    Got my first Pfizer shot this morning. I'm fine so far, will see what tomorrow holds. Regardless, thankful.
  4. Alan Braufman – Valley Of Search reissue

    Never heard of it. Love the era. What's it like? Also on those early 70's Sonny Rollins Milestones (plus the live in Japan), correct? I like those albums more than what the consensus opinion for them would indicate.
  5. Alan Braufman – Valley Of Search reissue

    Tell us more!
  6. This was the one I had back in the day, Dave Mason's "Alone Together". Great album, but between the marblized vinyl and the triple fold LP jacket....
  7. Count me in with the bagpipes crowd.
  8. Pharaoh Sanders live in Paris (1975) ORTF source

    Hooray for the Japanese market! Pre-order coming. Now we need the Nathan Davis on CD.
  9. Alan Braufman – Valley Of Search reissue

    Thank you! Pre order from Amazon just placed!
  10. In the past, they have shipped free to the USA. Hopefully that is still the case.
  11. Chick Corea Japanese reissue series

    I believe "Circling In" had some overlap with the "Early Circle" CD issue, but agree much of it would be new to CD, as would "Circulus".
  12. This looks great to me. Pre-order coming up: ROBERTO MIRANDA'S HOME MUSIC ENSEMBLE with Bobby Bradford, John Carter, James Newton, Horace Tapscott LIVE AT BING THEATRE Los Angeles, 1985 ✭✭✭ Previously unpublished live recording! This CD includes a 16-page booklet with liner notes by David Keller, photos by Joel H. Mark and some rare documents. ROBERTO MIRANDA'S HOME MUSIC ENSEMBLE ROBERTO MIRANDA, b, cga; BOBBY BRADFORD, cnt, tp; JOHN CARTER, cl; JAMES NEWTON, fl; HORACE TAPSCOTT, p; THOM DAVID MASON, as, ts, bcl; LOUIS R. MIRANDA, SR., voc, perc; LOUIS R. MIRANDA, JR., dm; DAVID BOTTENBLEY, g, elb, perc, voc; ELIAS "BUDDY" TOSCANO, dm, timb; CLIFF BROOKS, timb, cga, bgo 1- Platform for Freedom 2- Faith 3- Agony in the Garden 4- Prayer #1 5- Deborah Tasmin 6- Improvised Bass Solo 5/25/85 7- Dance of Blessing, Happiness & Peace ✭✭✭
  13. BFT 204 - C'mon Vince, Play Your Vibes!

    Agreed on #4. Is the whole album strong or is this cut a diamond in the rough.