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  1. Richard Barone/The Bongos

    Checked them out and really like them - much of their catalog is on the way to my mailbox, thanks!
  2. Sort of a tricky question because I use those sets as fillers for items I don't want to shell out bigger bucks on. In pure muslcal terms for rock, I would choose things like the Byrds, the Jefferson Airplane, etc, but I have that music in nicer configurations. Same with jazz, of course somethng like the Coltrane is great, but I love the "Heavyweight Champion" box, so don't have any use for the OAS set. I buy these sets for things like Jean-Luc Ponty Atlantic albums, Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Band, Tower of Power, Bad Company, etc.
  3. The 1970s-1990s "Downtown NYC" jazz scene

    I've revisited a few times through the years, and it's always left me cold in general. I find the loft scene music a lot more to my tastes. My tastes are also broader than they were in the past, but they aren't universal.
  4. Richard Barone/The Bongos

    Thanks, yes, I have followed the adventures of Holsapple and Stamey for decades, and have the core Db's music. The "No Wave" stuff sort of sounds like the antithesis of Richard Barone. I can check it out on youtube, I imagine.
  5. Dick Dale RIP

    The strings are reversed. Not as strange as this, though.
  6. Elvin Jones - SKYSCRAPERS - vol.1-4 LP

    Not sure why the ENJA LP is being used to refute comments about the Honeydew content. I own the ENJA CD and like it fine. And Honeydew Vol. 1 is 60% drum solos, so not sure how the comments become hyperbole.
  7. I'm getting old enough that I figured I had better finish out the two remaining genres I always meant to go back and explore in more depth, 70's Soul/Funk/Disco and Late 70'sEarly 80's Power Pop/New Wave. In the latter, I have come across Richard Barone, who does music of great beauty. His group the Bongos were apparently the pop kings of Hoboken, and garnered some early MTV play. I started with the greatly expanded CD version of their initial "Drums Along The Hudson" album, which then led me to his solo work, and back to the pricey followup Bongos albums (which I have on order). I find his work stunning, it just grabs me emotionally. Any other fans? Any other groups I should be aware of from that era, since I like him/them so much?
  8. Dick Dale RIP

    Apparently, Dale played the trumpet piece himself, and was reasonably accomplished on the instrument.
  9. Dick Dale RIP

    For the uninitiated. The Dick Dale version is both a great piece of music and a cultural touchstone. The Bbby Fuller version is just freaking jaw-dropping. What a loss he was, gone at 23 under such strange circumstances. Much more to him than "I Fought The Law" (though even that alone would have made him memorable). RIP.
  10. Elvin Jones - SKYSCRAPERS - vol.1-4 LP

    As Late mentioned, I remember these being largely taken up with loooong drum solos. Works for Late, doesn't really work for me. YMMV. I agree with all the other descriptions above. But I would buy a CD set of them and skip the drum solos.
  11. British jazz reissues

    I'm fine on there. Can you just check out as a guest using paypal?
  12. You should get that Big Star box. $25-30 for four full CD's, interesting stuff.