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  1. Received in excellent condition, thanks!
  2. Interesting Mainstream Records reissues

    Yeah, I bookmarked those as soon as I saw them. I already have the Foster and the Land on CD, though the Land is an ancient Sony CD, so I plan to upgrade.
  3. Interesting Mainstream Records reissues

    There's another set of these coming on March 21, including Harold Land Damisi and Frank Foster The Lound Minority. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/release/music/jazz-fusion/month/2018/03?periods=3
  4. White Leaders on Blue Note

    My bad, thanks.
  5. Duke Ellington - Post 1960 Recordings

    A few broad brush comments. Most of the Reprise stuff (65, 66, Mary Poppins) is rancid. I like the Columbia, Verve, RCA and the Fantasy stuff quite a bit. "Afro-Eurasian Eclipse" is spectacular. I also don't disagree with the recommendations of any of the bolded items. I'm much higher on Soul Call" and especially "Cote D'Azure" than aparxa. "Money Jungle" is incredible, lives up to the hopes and more.
  6. White Leaders on Blue Note

    None of those originated with Blue Note. The Legge was a Vogue session, I assume the Sims was. The Sinatra is Capitol recordings that got released on CD on the Blue Note label.
  7. White Leaders on Blue Note

    That was a CD reissue of a UA album. Kenny Cox in the Liberty era (and don't sleep on those two albums). Barbara Carroll, Robbie Krieger (of the Doors), and Dom Minasi in the bleak 70's UA era.
  8. I stand corrected! Knew to put a question mark at the end of my guesses .
  9. Looks to me like Roy Brooks, Gene Taylor, Blue Mitchell, and Junior Cook?
  10. PM sent on Muhal Richard Abrams - Vision Towards Essence(Pi Recordings) 6.00 David Murray Trio - 3D Family(Hatology) 6.00 Mike Westbrook - Mama Chicago(Jazzprint) 9.00 2CD
  11. Andy Williams, RIP

    Some great jazz studio guys on this one, and wonderful performance: Largely forgotten that Jerry Butler had the hit single version of "Moon River". I like both versions a lot.
  12. Michael Cosmic Reissue finally here

    Ordered today.
  13. Dennis Edwards (1943 - 2018) R.I.P

    He and Norman Whitfield did some incredible work together. RIP.
  14. Miles Davis Box Set

    My set arrived very quickly and in perfect condition, and I have really enjoyed getting to know Gary!
  15. Sounds like you married well . I think many recordings like this can't possibly live up to our hopes/expectations, we have a lot of been there/done that in our listening experiences at this point. And by 1965, Montgomery was not breaking new ground the way he was on Full House. The release that absolutely did knock my socks off was the Larry Young set they put out.