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  1. Who are you just discovering?

    Billy Bang has been my big find the past 6-12 months. Can't get enough of him!
  2. I certainly like the original release of Lotus. Another album's worth of outtakes is sweet, if it doesn't break the bank. That being said, with that group, I prefer Leon Patillo on vocals (saw them at Atlantic City Raceway along with CSNY ca. 1975, and of course he is the vocalist on Borbeletta). I never thought Thomas was a good fit with them.
  3. CDs For Sale

    PM sent on Tina Brooks - Minor Move - (Blue Note, Conn) Elmo Hope - Trio & Quintet - (Blue Note 2005 issue) Jason Kao Hwang/Edge - Stories Before Within - (Innova) nice: Bynum, Filiano, Drury Joe Morris Quartet - Today on Earth - (Aum Fidelity) Dave Rempis/Josh Abrams/Avreeayl Ra - Aphelion - (Aerophonic)
  4. Chuck Berry R.I.P.

    Probably the three 4-CD Chess sets with his entire output for the label, though the BGO sets also sound great. Hail, hail rock and rollDeliver me from the days of oldLong live rock and rollThe beat of the drums, loud and boldRock, rock, rock and rollThe feeling is there, body and soul
  5. Shorty Rogers Mosaic At Last!

    I think that one sold well, it was out of print around 1998 when I sold mine. The RCA Rogers I have heard doesn't hold a candle to the Atlantics, more commercially oriented to my ears.
  6. Yep, that's the mother lode there, the classic first five albums. "Complete Columbia Recordings" is great, but has gotten pricey. And anything after the original five albums on the PAC set are an acquired taste (actually a few different acquired tastes, some which work for me, some which don't).
  7. I have a new, sealed Amazon Echodot that I just won at work, and my wife and I are too old to be interested in such a contraption.. For sale for $45 shipped in USA or best reasonable offer, Or will consider trade for CD's. My proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Organissimo board fundraising drive (If trade rather than sale, I will donate an equivalent value). Please IM if interested, thanks.
  8. CDs For Sale

    PM sent on Amon Duul - Paradieswarts Duul - (Ohr/Spalax) Sonny Simmons/Moksha Samnayasin - Nomadic - (Svart) Hal Singer - Blues and News - (Futura) exc. modal jammer w/ Art Taylor & Siegfried Kessler Cecil Taylor - The Eighth - (hatOLOGY) Rene Thomas Quintet - Guitar Groove - (Jazzland/OJC)
  9. Kenny Burrell 1959 rejected Blue Note session

    Yes, it is officially listed as rejected. I've noticed that many rejected sessions were re-recorded soon afterwards with the same personnel except for a change of drummers.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Always did, always will. Bright moments indeed.
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Did not know that, thanks for posting and sorry for their loss. Just posted because that happened to be what I was listening to while I work from home during the snowstorm.
  12. Sony Jazz Connoisseur series

    I'll certainly grab the Getz (fabulous) and the Shorter (the only post Blue-Note of his I still listen to) for the sound upgrades. Any opinions on the Burrell and the Previn? I assume the Jaspar and the Wilen are already in the Vogue box?