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  1. BN80 LPs

  2. Who here collected any of these?

    My wife did the same for me.
  3. I think this group was bigger here in Philly than anywhere else in the world. Favorites of WMMR, the major Philly FM free-form/progressive rock programming station back then, and I saw them at a sold out concert at the Mann Music Center ca. 1976, and they were great. "Mother Russia" is one of my favorite cuts of all-time. Never have figured out what they are talking about in the lyrics (deep, man, far out!) to the title track of this one, but the song sure does SOUND great, fantastic bass and keyboards, and the voice/vocals of Annie Haslam back then was one of the greatest wonders of creation. In case anyone wants to take a shot at the song meaning, here are some of the lyrics: Travel the days of freedom Roads leading everywhere Come with me now and show how you care Follow the dying embers Cross on the paths that they lay Breath of the past the earths yesterday Clear your mind maybe you will find That the past is still turning Circles sway echo yesterday Ashes burning ashes burning Colours are fading starlight Silver the way to find Walking the shadows, there in our mind Changing the order slowly Leaving the mist of time Fingers are holding fragments of mine Imagine the burning embers They glow below and above Your sins you won't remember And all you'll find there is love Ashes are burning brightly The smoke can be seen from afar So now you're seeing how far Ashes are burning the way Ashes are burning the way
  4. Very obscure late 60's rock is a big part of my collection and listening.
  5. Double Exposure has never made it to CD.
  6. Woodstock 50th Anniversary Releases

    May be a matter of the concert itself making a "small profit" and the ancillaries doing the rest. On top of the $18 ticket for the '69 festival (before it became "free") , there was the movie, which grossed $50 million, the soundtrack triple album, which went to #1 on the Billboard charts, and the Woodstock II double album, which came out a year later and went top 10. Those sold several million copies between them, plus the residual flow through the decades (such as the 25th, 40th, and 50th anniversaries, DVD/Blu-ray sales in multiple "special editions" etc. And I've bought them all. That being said, I didn't buy Woodstock '94 or '99, and won't be buying Hanna Montana-stock '19 either.
  7. Woodstock 50th Anniversary Releases

    Wonder if tickets will still be $18 for the full three days.
  8. I have several hundred vinyl LP's that no longer have use to me (mainly replaced by CD). I have never really sold vinyl, so cannot quickly grade and price all of them. I am going to list out the Blue Notes and some of the other desirable labels, and if you have interest, please IM me, and we most likely should be able to work something out, either likely a sale or possibly a trade for CD's. I will describe condition when you contact me, All were good enough that they were in my collection, though most were purchased used. I am motivated to move these out, so will not be tough on pricing, though I want the exchange to be fair. Thanks. These are rock/folk/soul LP's that may be of interest. I picked the ones I suspect are most likely to draw interest here. I have a lot more of this type LP's, will list them if interest in this batch warrants the effort. Please PM with interest. Sale or trade for CD's. Other – Not Strictly Jazz: Akkerman ,Jan – Profile Ashton, Gardner, and Dyke – What A Bloody Long Day It’s Been Auger ,Brian/Trinity – Befour Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Oblivion Express Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – A Better Land Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Second Wind Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Closer To It Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Straight Ahead (2 copies) Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Live Oblivion, Vol. 1 Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Live Oblivion, Vol. 2 (2 LP) Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Reinforcements Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Happiness Heartaches Butterfield Blues Band – Keep on Moving Colosseum – Those Who Are About to Die Salute You Colosseum – The Grass is Greener Earth, Wind, and Fire – Gratitude (2 LP) Fairport Convention – A Moveable Feast Family – Anyway Family – Old Songs, New Songs Farina ,Mimi and Richard – Memories Focus – 3 (2 LP) Good God – Good God Hartley ,Keef Band – Halfbreed Hartley ,Keef Band -Battle of the Nortwest Six Hartley ,Keef Band – The Time is Near Hartley ,Keef Band -Little Big Band Hartley ,Keef Band – Overdog Holloway ,Brenda – Every Little Bit Hurts Jarreau ,Al – Breakin’ Away King Crimson – Red Martyn ,John – Inside Out Martyn ,John – Bless The Weather Mayall ,John – USA Union Mendes ,Sergio – Fool on the Hill Michaels ,Lee – Barrell New York Rock & Roll Ensemble - New York Rock & Roll Ensemble Nyro ,Laura – Season of Light Pacific Gas and Electric – Pacific Gas and Electric Pacific Gas and Electric - Are You Ready Rascals – See Redding ,Otis – Recorded Live Reid ,Terry – River Renaissance – At Carnegie Hall (2 LP) Riperton ,Minnie – Perfect Angel Santana ,Carlos/Alice Coltrane – Illuminations Santana ,Carlos – The Swing of Delight (2 LP) Sea Level – On The Edge Sea Level – Cats on the Coast Soft Machine – Six (2 LP) Soft Machine - 7 Soft Machine – Live and Well in Paris Soft Machine – Land of Cockayne Terry ,Dewey – Chief Thompson ,Richard and Linda – I Want to See The Bright Lights Tonight Traffic – As The Eagle Flies