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  1. Doug & Jean Carn - Spirit Of The New Land

    I've never heard it, looks to be standard organ trio fare from the Discogs listing: Tracklist A1 Walk Right In A2 Butter From The Duck A3 My One And Only Love B1 Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child B2 Free Blues B3 Yna Yna's Delight Credits Drums – Albert Nicholson Guitar – Gary Starling Organ – Doug Carn
  2. Shipping delays

    My Discogs go-to guy in Russia told me that they are experiencing brutal delays into the USA - here are his words "United States closed the borders for Incoming items based on high traffic. It means your order will be shipped as usual but will be delivered with super-delay - now is 105 days is normal days, slow clearance and perhaps something goes slowly on transfer step through Europe over the ocean."
  3. Walter Bishop Jr. - Coral Keys

    Yes, and I also like those Rudolph Johnson, Calvin Keys, and Henry Franklin albums quite a bit, and there are other interesting albums on the label also. I agree, his Muse albums just weren't the same. A good bit of magic seems to come from specific label affiliations (Blue Note, Strata-East, Black Jazz, Nimbus West are some of my go-to's). As per the Dusty Groove writeups, they seem computer-generated with specific stock phrases which occur over and over, but at least those stock phrases give you good clues to the style of the album, if not the quaility.
  4. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    1 – Mingus’s “Weird Nightmare” by Frank Lacy (on vocals) and the Mingus Big Band from “Mingus Sings”. Frank Lacy is a very fine trombonist. ‘Nuff said. 2 – No idea, but I like it quite a bit. Does entire album hold up this well? 3 – Beaver Harris’s “African Drums” by David S. Ware from “Surrendered”, the one Ware CD I have kept (for this cut). Love the many recordings of this by Archie Shepp and by Harris himself, and this is a fine version, well suited to Ware & Co. 4 – Enjoyable. Monk tune that I’m not naming correctly in my head (I do that a lot with him). Early 60’s recording? Sort of dating it by the rhythm section approach. I should probably know who/what this is. 5 – I tend to not be big on duets with piano and horn. Obviously, they both can play. 6 – Da blooze. Somewhat of a self-parody, though they sound like they’re having fun. Dizzy on trumpet? 7 – Very very well played, but I tend to “appreciate” this sort of thing more than I like or play it. But masterful at what they are doing. 8 – Right up one of my alleys. I have so much of this sort of thing, but constantly enjoy it. 9 – Love it, the feel is just me. Maybe not as technically “good” as, say, #7, but much more satisfying to me, and this sort of thing is what I spend long hours listening to. 10 – That’s a really interesting version of Hubbard’s “Little Sunflower”. The drummer absolutely knocks me out on this, and I really like the trumpet player. I should probably recognize this, but don’t. Hamiett Bluiett on bari? Did I mention I’m loving the drummer? And how about that drummer? 11 – I probably “should” like this from the get-go, but it actually took me a good while to semi-get into it, even though each and every one of them plays their instruments really well. 12 – I do not like what they did with guitars the past few decades, just don’t like that sound. The composition and arrangement, on the other hand, I like a lot. Sort of an update of the Pharoah Sanders Impulse arrangement, smoothed out for modern ears and applied to a well-known song (which my tired ears/brain is not placing). The pianist even sounds like he listened to Lonnie Liston Smith on those Pharoah records and learned his lessons well, so I’m gonna guess this is later Pharoah. If not, certainly someone deeply influenced and inspired by him. Hard to keep up with 50 years of recordings, even by your favorites. I do like it, despite the guitar. Thanks for the good music, very much looking forward to the reveals on 2,8,9,10,12.
  5. Shirley Scott- Soul Sister

    I have a cutout copy of the US domestic CD copyright 1999, and it has 13 cuts including "Now's The Time". The "Now's The Time" album didn't get released until 1967 according to Discogs. It was a "scraps in the vault" thing, as so many Prestige albums were.
  6. That Hannibal album is an all-time favorite, and the Hill is a gem. Saw him in a solo concert at the Walnut Street Theatre ca. 1977 and like 20 people attended. Very disheartening , though he played beautifully.
  7. Alan Braufman – Valley Of Search reissue

    Even better. Hope board members will let us know when those are available and how to get one.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Outstanding Billy Harper and Tim Hagans on this. Great set.
  9. Now reading...

    Excellent writer, very entertaining read: And my current inspirational read is:
  10. Alan Braufman – Valley Of Search reissue

    Great, unexpected news on the CD reissue!
  11. To me, it's still interesting, even when it's reasonably unlistenable (which it is in places). That's why I chose "interesting" rather than "good". Some of it is very good. I find that dichotamy with much of Corea's work from that period (ARC, Circle, etc.). He was trying too hard to be profound or whatever. Sometimes it worked well, sometimes it didn't.
  12. It's a really interesting set.
  13. New previously unissued Horace Tapscott

    I ordered the CD within minutes of receiving the email yesterday, No brainer for me.
  14. Sounds great to me, thanks so much! I'll go make the $25 donation now.