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  1. What's the story on that?
  2. Saw him in the 70's at the Empty Foxhole cafe. Believe the support was Holland and Altschul, but my memory is foggy. What I do remember was that he did four sections, tenor/soprano/flute/piano rather than "songs", same as on some of his records at the time. 'Streams' and 'Sizzle' really need CD reissues!
  3. The thrill of those sets at the time was immense, as so much of the music was not available on individual CD's. The McLean, the Blakey, the Larry Young, etc. Such a rush.
  4. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    Interesting. The original BN album running order and artwork hold magic for me, and are part of the appeal of collecting BN for me (and their absence is part of why I'm not enamored of Mosaic sets when the originals are available).
  5. PM sent on Karl Berger/Dave Holland All Kinds of Time SKCD2-3010 $9 Reggie Workman (w/A. Hill,S. Rivers,J Priester) Summit Conference (rear insert trimmed) postcards 103 $5 The Bonner Party Lights Out AR200401J $6
  6. Those Onkel Po dates are so good, far exceeding my expectations in so many cases (Dizzy, Chet Baker, Griff/Lockjaw come immediately to mind). Must be something magical about that hall.
  7. Agreed. By far my two favorite Rivers albums.
  8. A New (to me) Mingus performance on YouTube

    I like his work on the 1971 Mingus albums recorded for America Records. Not familiar with him otherwise.
  9. Sparks

    Definitely the right decision. She's an icon.
  10. Have not, and would not want to do so at this point in life - I'm trying to clear out my vinyl, have been able to sell about half the jazz titles here. Storage space is an issue, as is not having a living situation which is conducive to playing vinyl.
  11. Tete Montoliu on Impulse! ???

    Fascinating biography. Now on my wish list of people from history I would love to have dinner with
  12. BFT 214 Link a dink and Discussion

    It's quality, not quantity that counts. That Felser guy is a goofball. He had the Pointer Sisters and even the freakin' Carpenters on his BFT. All those posts he got were probably insulted listeners telling him off!
  13. duke pearson

    Understood. The one exception for me was the Ashley Kahn book on Impulse Records. I also quite liked his book on "A Kind of Blue" and have been meaning to read his book on "A Love Supreme".
  14. duke pearson

    The Cook is the one I did read. I felt disappointed by it. I have the huge "Uncompromising Expression" book by Havers, but have not read the text. just lookrd at the pictures.