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  1. Looking for a digital source (CD, download) of this album - any leads appreciated, thanks!
  2. Drummer Mickey Roker 9/3/32-5/22/2017 - RIP

    He played drums with Shirley Scott during a benefit concert at the Ethical Society in Philly back ca. 1990. Got to talk to him for a good while, and he was very kind. Quite a drummer, entered my consciousness in the first two jazz albums I every bought in 1972 (both on the same trip to Franklin Music), Lee Morgan's "Live at the Lighthouse" and the Blue Note "Best of Herbie Hancock". Led the house band for many years at Philly's Ortlieb's Jazzhaus, though I never got there. RIP.
  3. Marian McPartland's "Reprise"

    I saw her at the Keswick theatre sharing a bill with McCoy Tyner, probably in the late 90's though I am not totally sure of the time frame. She played beautifully and did great in the obiligatory duets with Tyner, as mentioned by others, knowing who she was and wasn't. I also loved her Marian McPartland-ness, and also enjoyed much of her late-career playing quite a bit.
  4. Stefan, hope you are well!  I'll take this one if available, thx.


    A Stark Reality - Acting Thinking Feeling (3 cds on Now Again) $17

  5. Cds for sale

    PM sent on A Stark Reality - Acting Thinking Feeling (3 cds on Now Again) $17
  6. That's a great album.
  7. why did George Coleman leave Eastern Rebellion

    I thought that Jordan was never nearly the same player after he left ER. Seemed to radically change his approach to something "older".
  8. I have had 3-4 largish ($60-90) orders with Jazzmessengers over the past few years, and all have gone flawlessly. Only annoyance is that you have to sign for your package, which can mean a trip to the post office and several day delay if you don't have anyone to receive the package.
  9. Maybe they can do a Norah Jones set to replenish the coffers. Worked for Blue Note.
  10. Also Adolpho Phillips, who was a 12 WAR Center Fielder 1966-1968.
  11. Better, yes. Good, no.
  12. I had the same dream. 15-down was juliuswatkins. Drift on.