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  1. How often have you heard a bad report on a live recording of that band. Might as well pre-order it
  2. That is one of the great Impulse Archie Shepp dates, and hard to find.
  3. Universal Music Italia box sets

    Blue Note did that one beautifully in 1994, and you can still get it used for under $30.
  4. Ann Richards

    There was a well-known jazz musician that a good friend of mine had mentioned to the musician's manager (who I also had good relationship with) that it would be great if that musician and I could meet. The manager told my friend that would not be a good idea. My friend said that I was not the kind of person who would be all goo goo over that meeting, I would not be a problem. The manager said that was not the concern, the manager was worried that the musician would immediately start hounding me for money (and I'm not wealthy by any means, pure middle class). I remember Zoot Sims' famous comment about Stan Getz, "Stan's a whole bunch of swell guys". Some of the stories of the Blue Note artists from the 50's/60's are harrowing, much as I love that music. And that's just what we know on the surface, it gets worse from there, I'm sure. In this much needed age of #metoo, I can't imagine what all would be coming out. There are a spectrum of good and evil and broken people, and so no doubt a spectrum of good and evil and broken jazz musicians, and there is public image vs. private reality. It gets complicated. Life gets complicated when we get our hands dirty living it. My wife and I do counseling and intervention for abusive marriages, and it's never straightforward. (be glad to discuss that offline with anyone who's interested) Justice and mercy both have their places.
  5. Jon Hiseman RIP

    Excellent musician, I love the Colosseum albums. RIP.
  6. That DeJohnette set is a nice deal for someone (I already own it).
  7. somethin' else (label) SHM-CD reissues

    Agreed, some great Bryan Carrott/Don Byron on there,the best I've ever heard either of them on a recording. Bryan played live at the Painted Bride Art Center in a group led by my friend Ruth Naomi Floyd in the late 90's, and blew me away (she also had James Weidman as her musical director and Charles Fambrough and T.K. Blue in the group, and I think Craig Handy was still with her at that point, forget the drummer who was a local Philly guy, but Carrott is the one who made the most impression on me). The quaility I heard in him that night has never been captured on any recording I've heard. Also spent some time talking to him at one of her recording sessions around the same time, and he was a very interesting guy. On another note, I've heard/owned almost everything on the list of releases here,, and none if it is essential to me except maybe the Superblue. The Onishi Vanguard sessions that Stefan mentioned are fabulous, too bad they aren't on there.
  8. Danny Kirwan, RIP

    The Green/Kirwan/Spencer Fleetwood Mac and the Buckingham/Nicks Fleetwood Mac were two totally different animals with different purposes, and each excelled at what they did. I wouldn't want to be without "Then Play On" or without "Rumours" in my collection, but listen to them in very different moods from each other.
  9. What music did you buy today?

    You can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard Some that you recognize, some that you've hardly even heard of People who worked and suffered and struggled for fame Some who succeeded and some who suffered in vain
  10. Ann Richards

    Yep. Kenton was "uncool" when I started listening in the early 70's so I shunned his work, but now that I have heard what he was doing during that period, I know it is major stuff and a great band. I have that Redlands set in permanent collection, along with some other material that came out posthumously. And I have learned to appreciate much of his old stuff, such as "West Side Story".
  11. Danny Kirwan, RIP

    I am a huge fan of his work with Fleetwood Mac in the 60's/70's. He was a troubled soul, and flamed out so early, around 22-23. But I still listen in regular rotation to a compilation CD I burned of his greatest Fleetwood Mac music. And he and Peter Green certainly pushed each other to some incredible heights, especially on those Boston Tea Party takes. Cut below is my very favorite of his work.
  12. Ann Richards

    Yeah, I found out a lot more about Stan Kenton than I wanted to know while looking up some of this.
  13. Ann Richards

    Listening to a collection of 1958-1961 albums by Ann Richards. She sang with and had a very ill-advised, troubled marriage to Stan Kenton, and caused him a lot of heartache toward the end of the marriage. Seems to have had a very haunted life and committed suicide in 1982 at 46,, but had an amazing voice, and the collection is really good. Any other thoughts on her music? Here is a prime example, a song I love in almost every version I've ever heard: