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  1. And his Riversides from the early 60's are also really good, well-written and arranged in addition to being well-played.
  2. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    I've found his music interesting at times through the years (love the "Too Late to Stop Now" live set and some of the other early 70's stuff), but he's never struck me as someone I would want to hang out with. But then, he probably wouldn't want to hang out with me, either .
  3. BFT 198 Link & Discussion

    I've thought of doing an entirely 1970s Philly-Centric BFT to honor the stuff I came of age on. Catalyst, The Visitors, Khan Jamal, Byard Lancaster, Rufus Harley, Monette Sudler etc.
  4. Giant Steps at 60.

    Mark, safe for you to assume that buying Heavyweight Champion is pretty essential! 30 pounds on discogs.
  5. Abebooks has one at a good price, and Amazon has some fair prices on them. Well worth picking up.
  6. Giant Steps at 60.

    I'm good with the Heavyweight Champion box (a beautiful set, as are the Ornette and Mingus Atlantic boxes).
  7. Larry Kart's "Jazz in Search of Itself" has some very good writing about the 70's (as well as before and after).
  8. Mosaic partials ...

    I have the following if anyone has interest in a trade or something: 1 - Johnny Hodges, discs/inserts/book (no box) 2 - Sam Rivers discs/inserts (no box or book) 3 - Joe Pass partial set of discs/inserts (no box, no book) 4 - Kenton Holman/Russo discs/inserts (no box or book)
  9. WTF?

    And a really really good one at that, love the Pharoah Sanders bit.
  10. Thanks so much. Not really familiar with a lot of them, but at those prices and with the funds going to a good cause, I'm in for trying them out.
  11. PM sent on ECM 1933/34 9870670 Battaglia, Stefano Raccolto --------- $4 ECM 2120 271 3754 Battaglia, Stefano & Rabbia, M Pastorale --------- $4 ECM 1768 549 610-2 Alperin, Misha At Home NM- $4 ECM 1588 Louis Sclavis Sextet Les Violences de Rameau $5.00 ECM 1805 Louis Sclavis Dans la Nuit $5.00 ECM 2044 Trygve Seim / Frode Haltli Yeraz $5.00 ECM 1764 Trygve Seim / Øyvind Brække / Per Oddvar Johansen The Source and Different Cikadas $5.00 ECM 1991 Dino Saluzzi / Anja Lechner Ojos Negros $5.00 ECM 1616 Dino Saluzzi Cité de la Musique $4.00 ECM 2155 Dino Saluzzi El Encuentro $4.00 ECM 1816 Dino Saluzzi Trio Responsorium $4.00 ECM 1639 John Surman Proverbs and Songs $5.00 ECM 1802 John Surman Free and Equal $6.00 ECM 2180 Amina Alaoui Arco Iris $5 ECM 1907 Gianluigi Trovesi Round About Weill $5 ECM 2217 Gianluigi Trovesi / Gianni Coscia Frère Jacques - Round about Offenbach $4 ECM 1703 Gianluigi Trovesi / Gianni Coscia In Cerca di Cibo $5 ECM 1827 Gianluigi Trovesi Ottetto Fugace $5 ECM 1286 Shankar Song for Everyone (O-Card) $5.00 ECM 1586 Egberto Gismonti Meeting Point $4 ECM 2017 Tord Gustavsen Trio Being There .... $6.00 ECM 1101 Gary Peacock Tales of Another $9 ECM 1354 Oregon Ecotopia card sleeve $6 ECM 2080 Stefano Bollani Stone in the Water $6 ECM 1734 Charles Lloyd The Water is Wide $4 ECM 1642 OM A Retrospective $8
  12. And I'm holding out for CD release.
  13. Vinyl Outselling CD's

    There were years in the early/mid-90's when it felt like I was buying 10.2 million Blue Note/OJC CD's during Tower Records all-label sales myself. One hit CD could sell millions of CD's itself back then (looking at you, Norah Jones) Sad state of affairs now.