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  1. Welcome to BFT 210

    Tell us more about the engineering differences. I instinctively know I don't like recordings from this era as much as earlier ones, but have never fully realized why, have thought it must be a "freshness of concept" issue or something. But I'm sure you're onto what my ear is hearing.
  2. 2CD highlights version of this. Big box is too much $ for me. The 'Infidels' outtakes are pretty great. What a strong album that was/is, and these outtakes are not a step down.
  3. I think all four. I am going from ancient memory but remember two of them in my head ("Absolutions", "The Bee Hive").
  4. There were spoken introductions on the LP set.
  5. Wonderful box. The CMcVie/Welch/J.McVie/Fleetwood live set included blows away any of the studio we work by that version of the group.
  6. Mono, but pretty good presence for all of the instruments, given it's a 60 year old live recording. Always glad when you can actually hear the bass player on this sort of thing, rather than just sort of sensingg them, though still wish the bass were much louder in the mix. But works for me. BTW, Amazon did not have CD release listed, though the BN site indicated there is one.
  7. Have never ordered directly from them (and based on what I'm reading here, never will), but I've placed a couple dozen orders with them through the years via Amazon, have never had a problem. They've been around a pretty long time at this point.
  8. Mickey Tucker

    The first cut, John Hicks' " Zap Carnivorous", works well. I agree with you on the rest of the album, but would still buy a CD issue of it (strangely missing, given it was a BN release). +1
  9. That would be very disappointing. Hope some samples come out somewhere.
  10. It did, plus I liked how it contextualized what I already had heard (plus I liked the sound and packaging and price) but I only had one of it, have so many live recordings of the Morgan/Shorter/Timmons/Merritt/Blakey config.
  11. It's Blakey and Blue Note, so of course I'm going to dutifully buy it and certainly enjoy listening it, but I can't imagine that it's going to tell me anything I don't already know about that group.
  12. Vanguard R&B / Jazz intersection

    David Murray sometimes.
  13. Up, willing to consider trades of vinyl for CD's, as long as I can justify the shipping expense.