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  1. Ornette Coleman reissues?

    Totally legit label doing it.
  2. Ornette Coleman reissues?

    I've never actually heard either of them. Didn't bite back in the limited-income days because of how those in-the-know panned Denardo's drumming on them and because the cut on "Impulse Energy Essentials" had scared me away. I remember now that the liner notes in that album said that the producer (I assume Cuscuna) was going to represent Coleman with two previously unreleased cuts, but that Ornette requested "Trouble in the East" be there instead. BTW, that was a really important album set to me, I believe my initial exposure to Pharoah Sanders, Sonny Rollins, Oliver Nelson, Charles Mingus, Max Roach, Cecil Taylor, Marion Brown, Alice Coltrane, Charlie Haden, Michael White, Archie Shepp. maybe even Freddie Hubbard.
  3. What, you mean 'Tommy' didn't coalesce as a coherent story . See, there was this blind kid born sometime before 1921, and he had this bad uncle and this bad stepfather (and mom wasn't so great, either), and he liked pinball (unless he actually hated it), and ,,,, whatever all that other stuff was, and some parts sound sorta like Jesus or something. But "Pinball Wizard" and the other cuts SOUND great. And it's, like, an opera, a rock opera at that, see!
  4. My parents have prepaid with them. They are both still alive, though (87 and 83). We'll see how it works for them eventually.
  5. Clifford Jordan-Strata East Mosaic

    Standardization of business killed whatever was interesting for me as a collector prior to the internet. You didn't find cutout or used treasures in the Barnes and Noble music department the way you did in the funky little local place the university pulled the lease on to clear the way for Barnes and Noble (UPenn ca. mid-90's). And the internet has gone a long way toward standardizing prices. I sold several Mosaic vinyl sets way too cheap before I got on the internet and found out what they were worth. Still haven't missed a meal or a mortgage payment, so don't need to feel sorry for myself.
  6. More Very Cheap CDs

    PM sent on: Various -- No Thanks! The '70s Punk Rebellion (Rhino) $10 Lou Donaldson -- The Scorpion: Live at the Cadillac Club (Blue Note Rare Groove) $5 Andrew Hill -- Lift Every Voice (Blue Note Japan SHM CD) $7 Bobbi Humphrey -- Blacks and Blues (Blue Note) $5 Bobby Hutcherson -- San Francisco (Blue Note Japan SHM CD) $7 Various -- Cobra Records: Singles Collection (Fuel, 2 discs) $3
  7. Mosaic plans Beehive box

    Looks to be available for listening out on Youtube.
  8. Mosaic plans Beehive box

    I've always felt that those recordings tended to be less than the sum of their parts (impressive personnel), and you have now explained well to me what it is I sensed but could not identify or articulate. Thanks.
  9. Mingus at Antibes

    Love that recording! What an interesting lineup.
  10. Clifford Jordan-Strata East Mosaic

    Yeah, things like the Jayne Cortez and the Descendents of Mike and Phoebe and M'Boom and some other titles had great, honorable intent, even if content-wise they left me cold. (the Mtume also basically fits that category, though it has some musical redemption). And others, like the Harper and the Scott-Heron and Juju, had incredible intent along with incredible music.
  11. Clifford Jordan-Strata East Mosaic

    I'm very thankful for the set even though in the past I owned most of these titles on vinyl, and a few on inferior CD's. No, not for everyone. But certainly for me. I find 'In The World' and 'Glass Bead Games' to both be fantastic albums, but for different reasons and different seasons. I have always liked the Pharoah title on this box also, and the Brackeen and Cecil Payne, too. Glad to have the others also. And I don't remember EVER seeing a Strata-East in a cut-out bin. The label was exceedingly quirky at times, especially in its later stages, but this box is a gem. As are the Tolliver Mosaic Selects, the John Hicks title, and 'Reasons in Tonality' (talk about just playing, that one is something). The Piano Choir Handscapes 1. Juju. The incredible Billy Harper 'Capra Black'. Charles Sullivan. Shirley Scott's greatest album. Harold Vick. Gil Scott-Heron's landmark 'Winter in America'. The label was a treasure, horrible misfires (Brother Ah, Muriel Winston, Handscapes 2, Billy C) and all.
  12. Interesting Mainstream Records reissues

    Much lower prices at CDJapan ($8.83 vs. $13.99), so go that way if you are ordering multiple titles.
  13. SOLD 70+ jazz cassettes

    Same here. That being said, certainly that is a more than fair price.