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  1. AOTW Feb 5 - 11

    When Jarrett was planning his first recording for ECM, Manfred Eicher proposed a quartet album w/Chick Corea, Dave Holland & Gary Peacock. Guy The obvious answer to me is to put Keith and Chick on squawky eletric keyboards, Jack on drums, replace Gary Peacock with Dave Holland (can't go wrong with either of them), and bring in someone like Gary Bartz, Dave Liebman, Steve Grossman, or Carlos Garnett to underachieve on Soprano. That would have a good chance of conjuring the spirit of Miles!
  2. Please contact me at john.felser@verizon.net if interested in any of these: New Additions: CD’s: Adams/Pullen – earth Beams (Timeless) Adderley/Coltrane – Cannonball & Coltrane (Emarcy) Anderson ,Chris – LoveLocked Out (Mapleshade) B3 Bombers/Clyde Stubblefield – Live at the Green Mill (Alltribe) Barbieri ,Gato – The Shadow of the Cat (Peak/Concord) Bolling ,Claude – Cinemadreams (Milan/BMG) Braff ,Ruby – Me, Myself, and I (Concord) Brooks III, Cecil – The Collective (Muse) Brown ,Clifford – Complete Blue Note/Pacific Jazz Recordings (Blue Note) 4 CD’s Brubeck ,Dave – Time Out (Columbia) remaster with bonus tracks Brubeck ,Dave – Time Further Out(Columbia) Burrell ,Kenny – Laid Back (Muse/32 Jazz) Butterfield ,Paul – Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw (Electra) Byard ,Jackie – To Them To Us (Soul Note) Cain ,Jackie/Kral, Roy – Time & Love (CTI/Columbia) Carter ,Ron/Galliano ,Richard – Panamanhattan (Evidence) Connors ,Norman – Romantic Journey (Buddah/Unidisc) Daniels ,Eddie – Brief Encounter (Muse) Davis ,Miles – Quiet Nights (Columbia) SACD only Davis ,Miles – Kind of Blue (Columbia) not the remaster Davis ,Miles – Kind of Blue (Columbia) remaster with Bonus Cuts Easley ,Bill – Easley Said (Evidence) George Coleman Ellington/Hodges – Blues Back to Back (Verve) Sweets Edison Fitzgerald ,Ella – Dream Dancing (Pablo) Fitzgerlad/Armstrong – Ella & Louis (Verve/Laserlight) Forman ,Bruce – There Are Times (Concord) Hutcherson, Cables Frisell ,Bill – Where in the World? (Elektra Musician) Gertz ,Bruce – Blueprint (Evidence) Abercrombie, Bergonzi, Calderazzo Grusin ,Dave – West Side Story (GRP) Hamilton ,Scott – From the Beginning (Concord) 2CD his first two Concord albums Herman ,Jazz – Antibes July 28, 1965 (Giants of Jazz) Johnson ,JJ/Winding ,Kai – JJ Johnson in Person/Jay & Kai +6 (Columbia/Collectables) Jordan ,Clifford – Repitition (Soul Note) Jordan ,Sheila – Heart Strings (Muse) Kuhn ,Joachim – Hip Elegy (MPS) T.Hino Lacy ,Steve – Straight Horn (Candid) Lynne ,Gloria – Starry Eyes:The Collection (Fontana/Mercury Chronicles) Mahogany ,Kevin – Portrait of Kevin Mahogany (Warner Bros.) Marsalis ,Branford – Crazy People Music (Columbia) McRae ,Carmen – Sound of Silence/Portrait of Carmen (Atlantic/Collectables) Mouzon ,Alphonse - By All Means (MPS) Hancock, F. Hubbard Pastorius ,Jaco – Word of Mouth (Warner Bros.) Payne ,Freda – After the Lights Go Down (Impulse) Phil Woods Puente ,Tito – Sensacion (Concord Picante) Repercussion Unit – In Need Again (CMP) Rollins ,Sonny – Tenor Madness (Prestige) compatible SACD Reed ,Eric – It’s All Right To Swing (MoJazz) Rich ,Buddy – This One’s For Basie (Verve) Sweets Edison Rush ,Otis – Any Place I’m Going (House of Blues) Sanders ,Pharoah – Pharoah’s First (ESP Disk) Swartz ,Harvie – Arrival (Novus) Abercrombie, Goodrick Torme ,Mel – Fujitsu-Concord Festival ’90 (Concord) Tuck & Patti – Best of (Windham Hill) Tuck & Patti – Tears of Joy (Windham Hill) Ulmer ,James Blood/Adams ,George – Phalanx:Got Something Good for You (Moers) Weather Report – Heavy Weather (Columbia) not the remaster Williams ,Joe – Ballad and Blues Master (Verve) Young ,Lester – The Alternate Lester 1936-39 (TAX) Young ,Lester – With the Oscar Peerson Trio (Verve) remaster; few scratches, plays fine Still Available : CD’s: Adams ,Pepper – The Master (Muse) Adderley C./Jackson ,M. – Things Are Getting Better (Riverside/OJC) Adderley ,Cannonball – Radio Nights (Night) Adderley ,Cannonball – Presenting (Savoy/Jazz Heritage) Nat, Hank Jones Alexander ,Eric – Nightlife in Tokyo (Milestone) Alexander ,Monty/Brown/Ellis – Triple Scoop (Concord) 3LP on 2CD Alexander ,Monty – My America (Telarc) Alexander Monty./Brown, Ray/Ellis ,Herb – Straight Ahead (Concord) 2 CD’s Allen ,Harry – I Won’t Dance (BMG) Anderson, Ray/Harris, C./Lewis G./Valente – Slideride (Hat Art) Andrews ,Ernie – No Regrets (Muse) Anschell ,Bill- Cooler Heads (Summit) good piano trio Armstrong ,Louis – What A Wonderful World (Decca) Baca ,Susana – Espirito Vivo (Luaka Bop) Baker, Chet - My Funny Valentine (Pcific Jazz) Baker ,Chet – Featuring Van Morrison (Nightbird) Bang ,Billy – Hip Hop Be Bop (ITM) Barber ,Patricia – Verse (Blue Note) Barron ,Kenny – Swamp Sally (Verve) Bartz ,Gary – The Blues Chronicles: Tales of Love (Atlantic) Basie ,Count – Basie’s Beatle Bag (Verve) Basie ,Count Band – Timeless (Savoy) ’86 recordings led by Frank Foster, nice Basie ,Count – Best of the Roulette Years (Roulette) Basie ,Count 3 – For The Second Time (Pablo/OJC) R.Brown, Bellson Basie ,Count – At Newport (Verve) not the remaster Bass ,Mickey – Another Way Out (Early Bird) Carter Jefferson Bates ,Django – Winter Truce (And Homes Ablaze) (JMT) Beck ,Joe – Relaxin’ (DMP) Beirach ,Richie – Some Other Time (Triloka) Beirach ,Richie – Self Portraits (CMP) Bellson ,Louie – Dynamite! (Concord) Bellson ,Louie – Prime Time (Concord) * Berg ,Bob – Cycles (Denon) Berg ,Bog – Virtual Reality (Denon) Bergonzi/Gertz/Kaufman – The Line Between (Whaling City) Blackman ,Cindy – Telepathy (Muse) Blakey ,Art – At the Café Bohemia, vol. 2 (Blue Note) not RVG Blakey ,Art – New York Scene (Concord) Blakey ,Art/Roach ,Max – The Hard Drive (Chess/Charly) 1 50’s session by each Blanchard ,Terence – Romantic Defiance (Columbia) * Bley ,Carla – I Hate To Sing (ECM/Watt) Bley ,Carla/Swallow – Go Together (Watt/ECM) Bobo ,Willie – Finest Hours (Verve) his 60’s hits Bolling/Grappelli - First Class (Milan) Bolling ,Claude Big Band – Cinemadreams Braden ,Don – The Fire Within (RCA) Brecker ,Michael – The Nearness of You (Verve) Bridgewater ,Dee Dee – Love and Peace: Tribute to Horace Silver (Verve) Bridgewater ,Dee Dee – Victim of Love (Charly) Bridgewater ,Dee Dee – In Montreux (Polydor) her masterpiece Brisker ,Gordon – The Gift (Naxos) Brookmeyer ,Bob – Small Band (DCC) Brown ,Donald – Cartunes (Muse) * Brown ,Ray – Brown’s Bag (Concord) Brown R./Alexander/Most – A Ray Brown 3 (Concord) Brown R./Alexander/Ellis – Overseas Special (Concord) Browne ,Tom – Another Shade of Browne (HipBop) J.Jackson, Goldings, R. Carter Brubeck ,Dave – Time Out (Columbia) not the remaster Brubeck ,Dave – Young Lions & Old Tigers (Concord) Brubeck ,Dave – At Carnegie Hall (Columbia) 2 CD’s Bryson ,Jeanie – Deja Blue (Koch) Burrell ,Kenny – Blue Muse (Concord) G. Wiggins Burton ,Gary – Reunion (GRP) Metheny Byrd,C./Ellis/Kessell – Great Guitars Live (Concord) 2CD Byrd ,Donald – At the Half Note Café (Blue Note) 2 CD’s, not RVG Byrd ,Donald – Byrd in Paris (Verve) Cain ,Jackie & Roy Kral – Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most (Black Lion) Caine ,Elliott – Orientation (EJC) excellent hard bop, messengers-style Caine ,Uri – Sphere Music (Verve) Calderazzo ,Joey – Joey Calderazzo (Columbia) excellent piano Callier ,Terry – New Folk Sound (Prestige/BGP) fabulous ’64 debut Cameron ,Jay/Third Herdsmen – The Vogue Sessions (Vogue/RCA) Camilo ,Michel – Why Not? (King/Evidence) Campbell ,Roy – It’s Krunch Time (Thirsty Ear) Khan Jamal Carter ,Benny – Central City Sketches (MusicMasters) Carter ,Benny – Central City Sketches (MusicMasters) Carter ,Betty – I’m Yours, You’re Mine (Verve) coupla scuffs, plays fine Carter ,James – Layin’ In the Cut (Atlantic) Carter ,James – Conversin’ With the Elders (Atlantic) Carter ,James – Jurassic Classics (DIW) trade bait his best Carter ,Regina – Motor City Moments (Verve) Carter ,Ron – Eight Plus (Dreyfus) Cartwright ,George – Dot (cuneiform) Cary ,Mark – The Antidote (Arabesque) excellent * Cary ,Mark – Listen (Arabesque) excellent * Chapin ,Thomas – You Don’t Know Me (Arabesque) * Cheatham/Payton – Doc Cheatham and Nicholas Payton (Verve) Cherry ,Ed – First Take (Groovin’ High) Kenny Barron Childs ,Billy – I’ve Known Rivers (GRP) * Childs ,Billy – His April touch (Windham Hill) Christian ,Jody – Rain or Shine (Delmark) Roscoe Mitchell Clarke/Boland Big Band – Live in Paris 1969 (RTE) 2 CD’s Cline ,Nels – Angelica (ENJA) Cobb ,Arnett – Live at Sandy’s (Muse) B.Tate,E.Vinson,R.Bryant Cobham ,Billy – Rudiments: The Anthology (Atlantic/Rhino) 2CD’s Cole ,Freddie – This is the Life (Muse) Cole ,Holly – Don’t Smoke in Bed (Alert) Cole ,Holly – Temptation (Metro Blue) Cole ,Richie – Pure Imagination (Concord) Coleman ,Ornette – Sound Museum Three Women (Verve) Coleman ,Ornette – Tomorrow is the Question (Contemporary/OJC) Coleman ,Steve – A Tale of 3 Cities (Novus) Coleman ,Steve – The Sign and the Seal (Novus) Collins ,Albert – Cold Snap (Alligator) Coltrane ,Alice – Translinear Light (Verve) coupla scuffs, plays fine Coltrane ,John – The Last Giant: Anthology (Atlantic/Rhino) Coltrane ,John – Giant Steps (Atlantic) Coltrane ,John – Soultrane (Prestige) 20 bit remaster Coltrane ,John – A Love Supreme live (Castle) Cooper ,Jerome/Buckner ,Thomas – Alone, Together, Apart (Mutablemusic) Corea ,Chick New Trio – Past, Present, Futures (Stretch) excellent Corea ,Chick – Expressions (GRP) good solo piano set Corea ,Chick - Sundance (Pilz) Corea, Chick – Elektric Band (GRP) Coryell ,Larry – Fallen Angel (CTI) Costa ,Gal – My Name is Gal (best of) (Verve) Crawford ,Hank – South-Central (Milestone) Daniels ,Eddie – Nepenthe (GRP) Dara ,Olu – Neighborhoods (Atlantic) DVD-A Davis ,Anthony/Newton ,James/Wadud ,Abdul – Trio 2 (Gramavision) Davis ,Miles – Seven Steps to Heaven (Columbia) not the remaster Davis ,Miles – In Europe (Columbia) not the remaster Davis ,Miles – In Person, Friday Night (Columbia) not the remaster Davis ,Miles – In Person, Saturday Night (Columbia) not the remaster Davis ,Miles – The Complete Concert 1964 2CD’s(Columbia) not the remaster Davis ,Miles – Filles De Kilimanjaro (Columbia) not the remaster Davis ,Miles – Relaxin’ With Miles (Prestige/OJC) Davis ,Miles/Jones ,Quincy – Live at Montreux (Warner Bros.) Davis ,Miles – Nefertiti (Columbia) not the remaster Davis ,Miles – Highlights from the Plugged Nickel (Columbia) Shorter, Hancock Davis ,Miles – Circle in the Round (Columbia) 2 CD’s Davis ,Miles – Panthalassa (Columbia) Davis ,Miles – Tutu (Warner Bros.) Richard Davis - Forest Flowers (Muse/32 Jazz) Dean ,James L. – Mood Swings (Cexton) Dedrick ,Rusty – Salute to Bunny Berigan (DCC) ’57 session, John La Porta Delmar ,Elaine – S’ Wonderful (Live at Ronnie Scott’s) Denson ,Karl/Tiny Universe – The Bridge (Relaxed) Dolphy ,Eric – 1958-1961 (Giants of Jazz) Prestige collection Dolphy ,Eric – Out To Lunch (Blue Note) not RVG * Draper ,Ray – A Tuba Jazz (Jubilee/Fresh Sound) Coltrane Drummond ,Ray – (Arabesque) Drummond ,Ray – Vignettes (Arabesque) Earland ,Charles – Live (Cannonball) Earland ,Charles – I Ain’t Jivin’, I’m Jammin’ (Muse) 8 Bold Souls – Sideshow (Arabesque) * Either/Orchestra – Afro-Cubism (Accurate) wonderful * Elias ,Eliane – Best of on Denon (Denon) Duke Ellington – Money Jungle (Blue Note) not RVG * Ellington ,Duke – Far East Suite (RCA) not the remaster Ellington ,Duke – Presents (Bethlehem/Shout) Ellis ,Herb/Brown ,Ray – In the Pocket (Concord) 2CD Ellis ,Herb/Mitchell ,Red – Doggin’ Around (Concord) Erskine ,Peter – Motion Poet (Denon) Eubanks ,Kevin – Spirit Talk 2 (Blue Note) Eubanks ,Kevin – Live at Bradley’s (Blue Note) Evans ,Bill – The Tokyo Concert (Fantasy/OJC) Evans ,Bill – Alone (Again) (Fantasy/OJC) Evans ,Bill – Jazz Masters (Folio) good 70’s live set, so so sound Evans ,Bill/Bennett ,Tony – The Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Album (Fantasy/OJC) Evans ,Bill – At the Village Vanguard (Riverside) Evans ,Gil – Gil Evans (Jazztime) primarily 80’s cuts Farmer ,Art – A Work of Art (Concord) * Farmer ,Art – The Company I Keep (Arabesque) T. Harrell Fasteau, Zussan Kali – Worlds Beyond Words (Flying Note) Ferguson ,Maynard – Footpath Café (Avion) Finnerty ,Barry – Straight Ahead (Arabesque) * Fischer ,Clare – Lembrancas (Concord Picante) Fitzgerald ,Ella – Ella Abraca Jobim (Pablo) Florence ,Bob – Whatever Bubbles Up (Summit) Fogel ,Marty – Many Bobbing Heads, At Last (CMP) Fortune ,Sonny – From Now On (Blue Note) Franklin ,Henry – All God’s Children (Skipper) Zane Musa Freeman ,Chico/Blythe ,Arthur – Focus (Contemporary) Freeman ,Chico/Barnstorm – The Mystical Dreamer (In + Out) Frisell ,Bill – Gone, Just Like a Train (Nonesuch) Gallant ,Joe & Illuminati – Shadowhead (Black Mirror) Garner ,Erroll – Dreamstreet/One World Concert (Telarc) Garner ,Erroll – In Concert (Giants of Jazz) complete ’55 + ‘63/’69 Garrett ,Kenny – Songbook (Atlantic) Gauvin ,Michelle – The Edge of the Pond (Whaling City) excellent Getz ,Stan – Getz/Gilbrato (Verve) not the remaster Getz ,Stan – Jazz Masters (Mandarim) * Getz ,Stan – What the World Needs Now (Verve) Getz ,Stan – and the Oscar Peterson Trio (Verve) Getz ,Stan – Complete Savoy Recordings (Savoy) Gilberto ,Joao – In Tokyo (Verve) Gillespie ,Dizzy Allstar Alumni Band – Things to Come (Telarc) Gillespie ,Dizzy – Hall of Fame collection (euro reissue of 40’s-early 50’s) 5 CD’s Gillespie ,Dizzy – Big Band (GNP) Gillespie ,Dizzy – Playel Jazz Concert 1953 (Vogue/BMG) Goldstein ,Gil – City of Dreams (Blue Note) Golson ,Benny – Quintet Live (Dreyfus) M. Miller Golson ,Benny – That’s Funky (Arkadia) N. Adderley, M. Alexander Goodfellas – 2 (Evidence) Herring, S.Scott, P.Harper Goodman ,Benny – Trio/Quintet Sessions: After You’ve Gone (RCA) Goodman ,Benny – Yale Archives (Jazz Masters) 2 CD Goodman ,Benny – The Small Groups (ASV) Goodman ,Benny – 40th Anniversary Concert 2CD’s (London) ML Williams Goodman ,Benny – Benny Goodman Story (Decca/MCA) Gordon ,Dexter – Timeless (Savoy) late 40’s sides Grant ,Gogi – Suddenly There’s (P&S) Grappelli ,Stephane – Timeless (Savoy) Grappelli ,Stephane – Live in Dublin (TKO Magnum) Phil Woods, Bellson Grappelli ,Stephane – Improvisations (Verve) Grappelli ,Stephane – Stephanova (Concord) Grappelli ,Stephane – At the Winery (Concord) Grappelli ,Stephane/Petrucciani – Flamingo (Dreyfus) Gray ,Glen/Casa Loma Orch. – 1939-40 (Hindsight) Green ,Benny – Naturally (Telarc) R. Malone,C.McBride Green ,Benny – Jazz at the Bistro (Telarc) R. Malone Griffin ,Della – I’ll Get By (Muse) Grismore/Scea – Just Play (Accurate) Tim Hagans, Matt Wilson Grismore/Scea – Of What (Accurate) Tim Hagans, Matt Wilson Habian ,Cliff – Somewhere in Time (Goblin Bee) Haden/Metheny - Beyond the Missouri Sky (Verve) Haden ,Charlie – Nocturne (Verve) Rubalcaba,Lovano Haden ,Charlie Quartet West – The Art of the Song (Verve) Hagans ,Tim – Animation:Imagination (Blue Note) Hall ,Jim/Metheny ,Pat – Jim Hall & Pat Metheny (Telarc) Hall ,Jim – Downbeat Critics’ Choice (Telarc) Hampton ,Lionel – Live at the Blue Note (Telarc) C. Terry, Edison, Moody * Hampton ,Lionel – Mostly Blues (Jazz Heritage) Hancock/Brecker/Hargrove – Directions in Music (Verve) Hancock/Roney/Shorter/Carter/Williams – Tribute to Miles (Qwest) scuffed, plays fine Hancock ,Herbie – HeadHunters (Columbia Legacy) remaster Hancock/Henderson, etc. – One Night With Blue Note, vol. 1 (Blue Note/Jazz Heritage) Handy ,John – Excursion in Blue (Quartet) Harper ,Philip – The Thirteenth Moon (Muse) Winard Harper - Be Yourself (Epicure) Harrell ,Tom – Time’s Mirror (RCA) Harris ,Beaver – Blue Humans: NYC 1980 Harris ,Gene – Big Band Soul (Concord) 2CD set * Harris ,Gene – Philip Morris All-Stars Live (Concord) Hartman ,Johnny – I Just Dropped In to Say Hello (Impulse) Hays,Kevin – Andalucia (Blue Note) Headhunters – Evolution/Revolution (Basin Street) Henderson ,Joe – In ‘n Out (Blue Note) not the RVG Henderson ,Joe – Inner Urge (Blue Note) not the RVG * Hendricks ,Barbara – ’94 Montreux Ellington Tribute (Angel) M. Alexander Hendricks ,John – Freddie Freeloader (Denon) Hendricks, John & Co. – Love (Muse) Herring ,Vince – Evidence (Landmark) Roney, M.Miller Hess ,Fred – Right at Home (Tapestry) Marc Sabatella Hess ,Fred – (Tapestry) Paul Smoker Hession/Wharf/Fell – Improvability (Bruce’s Fingers) Hicks ,John – Friends Old and New (Novus) Hi-Lo’s – And All That Jazz (Columbia/Sony) Jack Sheldon, Bud Shank Hines ,Earl – Plays Classics (Jazz Life) good 1977 solo set Hinton ,Milt –The Basement Tapes (Chiaroscuro) Hodges, Johnny/Stewart/Bigard – The Great Ellington Units Hoggard ,Jay – Love is the Answer (Muse) minor nicks don’t affect play Hoggard ,Jay – Overview (Muse) few minor scuffs don’t affect play Holiday ,Billie – Billie’s Blues (Capitol/Jazz Heritage) Holloway ,Ron – Scorcher (Milestone) Hollyday ,Christopher – On Course (Novus) Goldings Hollyday, Christopher – The Natural Moment (Novus) Mehldau, excellent! * Holmes ,Groove – Comin’ On Home (Blue Note) Horn ,Shirley – May the Music Never End (Verve) Hornstein ,Michael – Langsames Blau ( ENJA) Houghton ,Steve – Signature Series (Blue Moon) Tim Hagans Hubbard ,Freddie – MMTC (MusicMasters) Hubbard ,Freddie – the Night of the Cookers (Blue Note) 2CD, not the RVG Hubbard ,Freddie/Heath ,Jimmy – Live at the Left Bank (Label M) Robert Hurst/Kenny Kirkland - One for Namesake (DIW/Columbia) Hutcherson ,Bobby – Natural Illusions (Blue Note/Applause) Hutcherson ,Bobby – Acoustic Masters II (Atlantic) Hyman ,Dick, etc. – Piano Players & Significant Others (Jazz Heritage) Hyman ,Dick – Cole Porter: All Through the Night (MusicMasters) Jackson ,D.D. – So Far Jackson ,DD – Anthem (BMG) incredible! Javon Jackson - A Look Within (Blue Note) Promo Copy Jackson ,Milt – Reverence and Compassion (Qwest) Jannah ,Denise – I Was Born in Love with You (Blue Note) Jarrett ,Keith – The Out-of-Towners (ECM) Peacock, DeJohnette Jarrett ,Keith – At The Blue Note: single CD version (ECM) Peacock, DeJohnette Jazz Underground – Live at Small’s (Impulse) Johnson ,Eric – Herbie Nichols, Vol. 1 (Summit) Johnson ,Jeff – Near Earth (Origin) Jones ,Etta – Easy Living (High Note) Jones ,Etta – Sugar (Muse) Jones ,Etta – I’ll Be Seeing You (Muse) Jones ,Rodney – Soul Manifesto (Blue Note) greenback promo Jordan ,Clifford – Live at Ethell’s (Mapleshade) coupla scuffs, plays fine Jordan ,Marlon – Learson’s Return (Columbia) Jordan ,Marlon – Marlon’s Mode (Arabesque) * Jordon ,Stanley – Stolen Moments (Blue Note) his best Jordan ,Sheila – From the Heart (Muse/32Jazz) Drake ,Donna/Kelly, Wynton – Donna Sings Dinah (Luxor/Fresh Sound) Kenton ,Stan – Jazz Masters (Mandarim) Kirby ,Steven – North Light (A) Chris Potter, Barth, Colley, Matt Wilson TJ Kirk – TJ Kirk (Warner Bros.) Kirkland ,Kenny – Kenny Kirkland (GRP) Klemmer ,John – Involvement (Cadet/Verve) Konitz ,Lee/Brookmeyer ,Bob- In Paris (Vogue/RCA) Kosins ,Kathy – All in a Dream’s Work (Schoolkids) fabulous Kral ,Irene – Live (Just Jazz) Kral ,Irene – Better Than Anything (Ava/Fresh Sound) Jr.Mance trio Kuhn ,Joachim – Let’s Be Generous (CMP) Kuhn ,Steve – Years Later (Concord) * LA4 - Watch What Happens (Concord) Laverne ,Andy – Jazz Piano Heritage (DMP) Laws ,Hubert – My Time Will Come (Music Masters/Jazz Heritage) * Laws ,Hubert – Storm Then The Calm (Music Masters/Jazz Heritage) Lewis ,John – Evolution II (Atlantic) Liebman ,Dave – If They Only Knew (Impulse) Liebman ,Dave/Quest – Of One Mind (CMP) Beirach Lincoln , Abbey – Abbey Sings Billie Live (ENJA) 2 CD’s Harold Vick Lincoln ,Abbey/Jones ,Hank – When There Is Love (Gitanes/Verve) Lincoln ,Abbey – Over the Years (Verve) Los Angeles Jazz Quartet – Conversation Piece (Naxos) Lovano ,Joe – 52nd Street Themes (Blue Note) Hagans, John Hicks * Lundy ,Carmen – Moment to Moment (Arabesque) Gumbs,C.Freeman,K.Eubanks Lynch ,Brian – Keep Your Circle Small (Sharp Nine) Lytle ,Johnny – Happy Ground (Muse) Makowitz ,Adam – My Favorite Things (Concord) Malick ,Pete/Jones ,Norah – New York City (Koch) more guts than her solo stuff Manning ,Renee – Uhm, Uhm, Uhmmmm! (Ken) Mantilla ,Ray – Dark Powers (Red/Mandarim) B. Watson so-so sound Mantler ,Michael – Folly Seeing All This (ECM) a few nicks that don’t affect play Mariano ,Charlie – Blue Stone (Black Lion) Marsalis ,Branford – I Heard You Twice The First Time (Columbia) Marsalis ,Branford – Scenes in the City (Columbia) Marsalis ,Branford – The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born (Columbia) Marsalis ,Branford – Royal Garden Blues (Columbia) Marsalis ,Delfeayo – Pontius Pilot’s decision (BMG Novus) Marsalis ,Ellis – Duke in Blue (Columbia) Marsalis ,Jason – Music IN Motion (BMG Novus) Marsalis ,Wynton – Crescent City Christmas Card (Columbia) Marsalis ,Wynton – Hot House Flowers (Columbia) Marsalis ,Wynton – Think of One (Columbia) Marsalis ,Wynton – Uptown Ruler (Columbia) * Marsalis ,Wynton – The Marciac Suite (Columbia) Marsalis ,Wynton – Blue Interlude (Columbia) best of later efforts * Marsalis ,Wynton – Mr. Jelly Lord (Columbia) Marsalis ,Wynton – Standard Time, vol. 1 (Columbia) Marsalis ,Wynton – Classic Wynton (Columbia) classical pieces Marsalis ,Wynton – Selections from Village Vanguard Box (Columbia) Martino ,Pat – Think Tank (Blue Note) Matassa ,Greta – All This and Heaven Too (Origin) Mathews ,Ronnie – Lament for Love (DIW) few nicks, plays fine, nice trio Mays ,Lyle – Improvisation for Extended Piano (Warner Bros.) McBride ,Christian – A Family Affair (Verve) McBride ,Christian – Getting’ to It (Verve) McCann ,Les – Les Is More (Virgin) McCann ,Les – Listen Up (Music Masters) McCann ,Les – Layers (Atlantic/Rhino) McCaslin ,Donny – Seen from Above (Arabesque) *** Gary McFarland - Does the Sun Really Shine on the Moon? (Skye/DCC) McFerrin ,Bobby/Corea ,Chick – Play (Blue Note) McGriff ,Jimmy/Hank Crawford – Blues Groove (Telarc) McKee ,Andy – One World (CAP) Joe Locke, Alex Foster McLean ,Jackie – Let Freedom Ring (Blue Note) McPartland ,Marion – Live At Yoshi’s (Concord) McPartland ,Marilyn – Live at Shanghai Jazz (Concord) McPherson ,Charles – First Flight Out (Arabesque) McRae,Carmen – I’ll Be Seeing You (Decca) 2CD set of 50’s recordings Mehta ,Rajesh – Orka (Hatology) Mendes ,Sergio – In Person/Pele/Favorite Things (Atlantic/Collectables) 2CD Merrill ,Helen – Clear Out of This World (Gitanes) Harrell, Shorter Metheny ,Mike – Day In Day Out (Impulse) Metheny ,Pat – Zero Tolerance for Silence (Geffen) solo Miller ,Marcus – The Ozell Tapes 2CD’s (3 Deuces) Miller ,Mulgrew – From Day to Day (Landmark) Minasi ,Dom – Goin’ Out Again (CDM) Mingus ,Charles – Complete Town Hall Concert (UA/Blue Note) Mingus ,Charles – Jazz Composers Workshop (Savoy) Waldron Mingus ,Charles – Paris 1964 (Le Jazz) Mintzer ,Bob – Urban Contours (DMP) Modern Jazz Quartet – Beginnings (Savoy) Molinari ,Lello – No More Mr. Nice Guy (Accurate) Monaco ,Tony – Master Chops T (Summit) Monk ,Thelonious/Coltrane ,John – Live at the Five Spot (Blue Note) * Monk ,Thelonious – Genius of Modern Music, Vol.1 (Blue Note)not RVG Moody ,James – James Moody (Argo/Verve) James Moody/Frank Foster - In Paris (Vogue/RCA) ** Moore ,Ralph – Images (Landmark) Moore ,Ralph – Furthermore (Landmark) Morgan ,Lee/Clifford Jordan – Baltimore ’68 (Fresh Sound) Morgan ,Lee – Introducing (Savoy) Morgan ,Lee – The Sixth Sense (Blue Note) not RVG Morgan ,Lee – The Sidewinder (Blue Note) not RVG Morgan ,Lee – Charisma (Blue Note) not RVG Morgan ,Lee – Candy (Blue Note) Morgan ,Lee – Here’s Lee Morgan (Vee-Jay) trade bait Morganelli ,Mark – Speak Low (Candid) Barron, Ron Carter, Cobb Morton ,Jelly Roll – The Pearls (RCA BlueBird) Moses, Bob - Love Everlasting (Amulet)Medeski, Bergonzi Moses ,Bob – Nishoma (Grapeshot) Muldrow ,Ronald – Facing Wes (Kokopelli) excellent guitar Mulligan ,Gerry – Live at Paris Olympia 1962 (RTE) Mulligan ,Gerry – Young Mulligan (Proper) 2 CD’s Murphy ,Mark – I’ll Close My Eyes (Muse) Murphy ,Mark – Crazy Rhythm: His Debut Recordings (Decca) David Murray – MX (Doctor Jazz) Murray ,David – Shakill’s Warrior (DIW) Nauser ,Mark – Wun-Wun (CMP) Jack Bruce NDR big Band – Bravissimo (ACT) Nestico ,Sammy – Big Band Favorites of (Summit) Newman , David Fathead – Mr. Gentle, Mr. Cool (Kokopelli ) Ellingtonia David "Fathead" Newman - Bigger and Better/Many Facets (Atlantic/Rhino) Newton ,James – If Love (Jazzline) excellent * Herbie Nichols Project – Strange City (Palmetto) Kimbrough Niemack ,Judy/Waldron ,Mal – Mingus, Monk, & Mal (Free Lance) Mike Nock - Not We But One (Naxos) O’Malley ,Tony – Naked Flame (Ronnie Scott’s) Onishi ,Junko – Cruisin’ (Blue Note) Oversize Quartet – Plays Music by Rich Latham (Accurate) Parker/Gillespie – Diz ‘n Bird at Carnegie Hall (Roulette/Blue Note) Parker/GillespiePowell/Mingus/Roach – Jazz at Massey Hall (Debut/OJC) classic Parker ,Charlie – Legendary Dial Masters, vol. 1 ( Dial/Stash) Parker ,Leon – Belief (Epic) Payne ,Cecil – Performing Charlie Parker Music (Collectables) C.Terry, D.Jordan, Payton ,Nicholas – Dear Louis (Verve) Pepper ,Art – Complete Alladin Rcdgs vol. 2 Modern Art (Alladin/Blue Note) Perez, Danilo – Motherland (Verve) Peterson ,Oscar – En Concert Paris (Europe1) 60’s recordings Peterson ,Oscar – The Song is You:Best of Verve Song Books (Verve) 2 CD’s Peterson ,Oscar – Night Train (Verve) not the remaster Peterson ,Ralph – Presents the Fo’tet (Blue Note) Petrucciani ,Michel – Pianism (Blue Note) Phillips ,Esther – A Way to Say Goodbye (Muse) Plaxico ,Lonnie – Plaxico (Muse) Plaxico , Lonnie – With All Your Heart (Muse) Ponomarev ,Valery – Live at Vartan Jazz (Vartan Jazz) Ponty ,JL/Humair/Louiss, Eddy – HLP 2CD’s (Dreyfus) live ‘68 Porter/Praskin Quartet – With Sal Nistico: Sonnet for Sal (ORF) Powell ,Bud – Amazing Vol. 2 (Blue Note) Previn ,Andre – Uptown, with M.Lowe, Ray Brown (Telarc) Previn/Pass/Ray Brown – After Hours (Telarc) Printup ,Marcus – Nocturnal Traces (Blue Note) Purdie ,Bernard – Soul to Jazz (ACT) half is excellent Quartette Indigo – Quartet Indigo (Muse/32Jazz) Rava ,Enrico/D’Andrea – For Bix and Pops (Philology) Rawls ,Lou – At Last (Blue Note) Redd ,Freddie – Redd’s Blues (Blue Note Conn.) 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Rollins ,Sonny – This is What I Do (Milestone) slightly nicked, plays fine Rollins ,Sonny – Global Warming (Milestone) slightly nicked, plays fine Rollins ,Sonny – The Sound of Sonny (Riverside/OJC) Roney ,Wallace – Misteriosos (Warner Bros.) Roney ,Wallace – Seth Air (Muse) Roney ,Wallace – Obsession (Muse) Rose ,Dan – Fountains (Midlantic) nice guitar trio with Ben Riley Rosenberg ,Marlene – Pieces of (Vernita) 4tet with Cedar Walton, Javon Jackson Rosewoman ,Michelle – Occasion to Rise (Evidence) * Rova – the Works, Vol. 1 (Black Saint) Russell ,George- So What (Blue Note) trade bait Russell ,George Smalltet – Jazz Workshop (Bluebird) Ruiz ,Hilton – Manhattan Mambo (Telarc) Sanchez ,David – Street Scenes (Columbia) Sanchez ,David – The Departure (Columbia) Sanchez ,David - Melaza (Columbia) Sanchez ,David - Travesia (Columbia) Scherr/Cecil/Martucci w/ Joe Henderson – Warm Valley (Intersound) Scofield ,John/Metheny ,Pat – I Can See Your House From Here (Blue Note) Scott ,Tony/Sellini – Poets of Jazz (Philology) Sebesky, Don - Three Works (DCC) Faddis, recommended Shaw ,Woody – Solid (Muse/Camden) 3LP on 2CD Shearing ,George – Shearing Spell/Velvet Carpet (Capitol/Col Choice) Shepp ,Archie – Steam (ENJA) Shepp ,Archie – There’s a Trumpet in My Soul (Freedom) ** Shepp, Archie/Baker ,Chet – In Memory Of (Bellaphon) Sheppard ,Andy – Introductions in the Dark (Antilles) * Shorter ,Wayne – Speak No Evil (Blue Note) not the RVG Sickler ,Don, etc. – Birdology Vol. 2 (Verve) Silvano ,Judy – Vocalise (Blue Note) Silver ,Horace – Trio (Blue Note) not RVG Silver ,Horace – Trio (Blue Note) RVG Silver ,Horace – Cape Verdean Blues (Blue Note) not the RVG Shaw, J.Henderson Silver ,Horace – Serenade to a Soul Sister (Blue Note) Silver ,Horace – Finger Poppin’ (Blue Note/Jazz Heritage) Silver ,Horace – And the Jazz Messengers (Blue Note) not RVG Silver ,Horace – In Pursuit of the 27th Man (Blue Note) RVG edition Silver ,Horace – Jazz Has a Sense of Humor (Verve) Silver ,Horace – Silver’s Blue (Columbia) not the remaster Simmons ,Sonny – American Jungle (Qwest) Shook,Workman,Blackman Simon ,Edward – Edward Simon (Kokopelli) * Simone ,Nina – In Concert/I Put a Spell on You (Philips) Simone ,Nina – Wild is the Wind/High Priestess of Soul (Philips) Sims ,Zoot – Live in Philly (32 Jazz/Savoy) Mickey Roker Sims ,Zoot/Pizzerelli ,Bucky – Send In the Clowns (Pilz) nice quartet Sinatra ,Frank – Ol’ Blue Eyes is Back (Reprise) Smith ,Jimmy – Crazy! Baby (Blue Note) Smith ,Jimmy – Prayer Meetin’ (Blue Note) Smith ,Jimmy – In Paris 5/28/65 (Europe 1) Snetberger, Farenc/Friedman ,David – Signatures (ENJA) Heiner Stadler - Jazz Alchemy (Tomato) Stitt ,Sonny - Live at Ronnie Scott's (DCC) Stitt ,Sonny – Prestige First Sessions, Vol. 2 (Prestige/OJC) Sullivan ,Charles – Kamau (Arabesque) * Supersax – Stone Bird (Columbia) Sutton ,Tierney – Something Cool (Telarc) Sutton ,Tierney – Blue In Green (Telarc) Taylor ,Billy – Quartet (Concord) Taylor Billy – Dr. T (GRP) Gerry Mulligan Terrason ,Jackie/Cassandra Wilson – Rendezvous (Blue Note) * Terrasson, Jackie – Reach (Blue Note) Terry ,Clark – Live on the QE2 (Chiaroscuro) Terry ,Clark – With Pee Wee Claybrook/Swing Fever (D Note) Thielemans ,Toots – Chez Toots (Private/Windham Hill) Thielemans ,Toots./Werner ,Kenny – Toots Thielemans & Kenny Werner (Verve) Thiele Collective, Bob – Louis Satchmo (Red Baron) Toussaint ,Jean/Nazaire – Who’s Blues (Ronnie Scott) Tsilis ,Gust William – Heritage (Ken) Turrentine ,Stanley – Never Let Me Go (Blue Note) not the RVG S.Scott, Burrell Turrentine ,Stanley – Comin’ Your Way (Blue Note) makeshift artwork Turtle Island String Quartet - Turtle Island String Quartet (Windham Hill) Vaughan ,Sarah – The Mystery of Man (KokopellI) Vaughan ,Sarah – Brazilian Romance (CBS) Vaughan ,Sarah – Divine (Columbia) 2CD Vega ,Ray – Pa’Lante (Palmetto) Walton ,Cedar – Underground Memoirs (High Note) Watson ,Bobby/Curtis Lundy – Beatitudes (Evidence) Watters ,Harry – The Island of Dr. Trombone (Sundial) Weather Report – 8:30 (Columbia) Weather Report – Black Market (Columbia) Wess ,Frank, etc. – Live at 1990 Concord Jazz Festival, 2nd Set (Concord) Westbrook ,Mike – Orchestra of Smith’s Acadamy (ENJA) Weston ,Randy - Berkshire Blues (Black Lion) Weston ,Randy - Carnival (Black Lion)Montreux ’74 Billy Harper Williams ,James/Contemporary Piano Ensemble – The Key Players (DIW/Columbia) Williams ,Rod – Hanging in the Balance (Muse) M.Ehrlich Willis ,Larry – A Tribute to Someone (Audioquest) (coupla scratches) Wilson ,Cassandra – Blue Skies (JMT) her best ever by far Winston ,George – Winter into Spring (Windham Hill) not the remaster Woods ,Phil – Bouquet (Concord) Woods ,Phil - Song for Sisyphus (DCC) Woods ,Phil – I Remember (DCC) Woods ,Phil – Full House (Milestone) Woods ,Phil/Swanson ,Chris – Piper at the Gates of Dawn (Ryko) Woods ,Phil – All Bird’s Children (Concord) * Yamanaka ,Yoshiyuki – Great Time (Origin) J.Mance/B.Riley Young ,George – Burgandy (ProJazz) Zilber ,Michael – Stranger in Brooklyn (Owl) Zimmerli ,Patrick – 12 Sacred Dances (Arabesque) * Various – Yule Struttin’ (Blue Note) The Jazz Life (Candid) legendary collection with Roach, Mingus, etc. The First Esquire Concert (Laserlight) Tatum, Hampton, Eldridge, etc Various – Jazz Loft Sessions (Douglas) Weston, Murray, etc. Various – A Great Night in Harlem (Concord-Playboy) 2CD
  3. Email sent on Terry, Sims, and Johnson CD's. I'll vouch for Big Al!
  4. FS: assorted cds

    Email sent on Ellis and Dizzy CD's.
  5. Or "Dolphin Dance", or "One Finger Snap", or... When I try to show someone what jazz is about, I play his solo on the Impulse version of "Aries". And "Oliloqui Valley" was my answering machine greeting for a long time.
  6. PM sent on following: graham collier-darius (slight slight scuffage) $6.00 joachim kuhn-hip elegy $7.00 john surman-how many clouds can you see? $7.00 karin krog-joy $5.00 (slight scuffage) noah howard-red star $7.00 nucleus-the pretty redhead $7.00 pharoah sanders-pharoah $7.00
  7. FS: assorted cds

    PM sent on Harold Land CD.
  8. AOTW January 8-14

    Gary Bartz - I've Known Rivers (click here to buy) It was July 7, 1973. The possibilities for jazz still seemed endless, even thought it would all come crashing down shortly. A couple years before this, no one embodied these possibilities of a new and exciting music better than Gary Bartz, but we weren't prepared for what he unleashed that night at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Bartz was Juilliard trained, and had served underrecorded apprenticeships with Charles Mingus and Art Blakey. He then worked with Max Roach, making major contributions to the magnificent 'Members, Don't Get Weary', funked along with Miles Davis in the Live-Evil era, and participated on the great McCoy Tyner albums 'Expansions' and 'Extensions'. Along the way, he recorded five albums as a leader for Milestone, the first three being forward looking hard bop outings, and the next two mixing his own musical gumbo out of jazz,blues,soul,funk,and folk influences, with Andy Bey and Bartz adding vocals. The two Harlem Bush Music albums ('Taifa' and 'Uhuru"), recorded for Milestone in 1970 and 1971, are unique achievements that to this day sound like nothing else, but were fairly inconsistent. This was followed by a move to Prestige records and a mainstreaming Bartz's eclecticism. The two albums recorded for Prestige in 1972 and in June of 1973, 'Juju Street Songs' and 'Follow, the Medicine Man', combined socially consicious lyrics on Bartz originals reflecting prevailing musical trends, with some popular music of the period such as "I Wanna Be Where You Are" (actually done in an amazing instrumental version), "Black Maybe", and "Betcha By Golly Wow". The promise of the Harlem Bush Music sessions seemed to have faded away. But on this night, the 32 year old Bartz and his young band (Hubert Eaves on keyboards, the wonderful Stafford James on bass, and 17 year old Howard King bashing on drums) took the stage and created a statement for the ages. To understand the context of this music, consider the words of Bob Blumenthal (edited here) on the back cover of the CD reissue of this 2LP set: "...'I've Known Rivers' flows from the confluence of four major streams of late-20th century African-American music/culture: the spiritualism and modality strongly associated with John Coltrane's 'A Love Supreme'; the spectrum of electric sounds and bristling funk-rock rhythms of Miles Davis's 'Bitches Brew'; the new funk directions of Marvin Gaye, Sly Stone,and James Brown; and the dramatically expanding Afrocentric consciousness during the Vietnam War era." The concert begins and ends with musical pleas for peace and love ("Nommo" and "Peace and Love"). In between are excellent instrumental songs such as "Sifa Zote" and "Bertha Baptist", presenting the unique Bartz confluence of styles, and truly memorable vocal/instrumental cuts such as "Jujuman", "Uhuru Sasa" and the title track (based on a poem by Langston Hughes) , which pay homage to 'A Love Supreme', the struggles of life, and the dignity of the American black man. The album and the band are both cases of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. A magnificent concert. Unfortunately, the wheels came off almost immediately afterwards. Bartz was soon hooked up with the dreaded Larry Mizell. I saw him live at the Tower Theatre in the mid-late 70's, and he had two chick singers on stage singing "Macaro-o-ni". By that point, fusion had rightly become a four letter word, McCoy Tyner was being teamed with Phyllis Hyman and Carlos Santana on cuts, Jackie McLean had recorded a disco album for RCA, Chick Corea was seeing leprechauns and Gayle Moran, Stanley Clarke was funking it up, Chuck Mangione was feeling so good chasing the clouds away, and it took the return of Dexter Gordon from Europe to gain any media notice for the real music. But in '73, the promise was still in the air, not yet having betrayed those of us who believed, or at least hoped.
  9. Feb 21st RVG Batch

    I've been waiting for this one since the RVG series started! Won't be waiting for BMG/yourmusic to get this one! Agreed there. Hubbard/Fuller/Shorter/Walton/Workman/Blakey was my favorite of all the Jazz Messengers units (Jymie Merritt was still the bassist here, but it's essentially the same group), and that is one of the greatest Messengers albums, especially Hubbard's "Crisis", but all the cuts are excellent. Not to be missed.
  10. Actually, looks like his choice for AOTW was more interesting than mine, based on # of posts.
  11. Feb 7th RVG Batch

    I don't think the Joyride session is on the Mosaic. Any comments on the Mobley? The Turrentine is not on the Mosaic, which is smaller groups. That being said, Joyride is basically Blue Note's approximation of what Jimmy Smith was doing with the Oliver Nelsn big band arrangements on Verve, not essential at all to my ears. Mobley's Workout, on the other hand, belongs in the collection of every Organissimo member, one of his career highlights.
  12. Or how about the spam, beans, spam, Isley Brothers, and spam. That one hasn't got much spam in it. Or on second thought I guess it does. At least the Isley Brothers have great relevance to a bunch of hard bop lovers, eh?
  13. AOTW January 8-14

    I agree with you about "Warriors" making no sense in the context, and I almost always skip over it when I play this set. It is the original running order, to my knowledge.
  14. BFT 32 Discussion Disc 2

    Baritone player is definitely not Pepper Adams. If Paul Desmond and Dave Brubeck played like that they probably wouldn't have gotten so popular. I thought of another agile bari player it could be - Nick Brignola. Mike, glad I can provide you and the board with so much entertainment!
  15. BFT 32 Discussion disc 1

    Yes, they sounded great with Silver! We saw Webber and Jones in Philly as the rhythm section for Eric Alexander/Harold Mabern, and they were excellent. I got to talk with Jones for awhile afterwards, very gracious guy.
  16. AOTW January 8-14

    Of course I have that one! Just a brain burp on my part! I'm still thinking Sonny Fortune at that point. Thanks.
  17. BFT 32 Discussion disc 1

    1-1 - certainly is Horace Silver on Blue Note. Great writing, great playing, great execution all around. Not a wasted note. The Blue Note Sound in a nutshell. 1-2 - Writing not too interesting (the modulations are kind of annoying), the drummer was a little cute at first, then burned. The trupeter was Clifford-Brown influenced and quite good (Bill Hardman?). Alto player sounds like a young Jackie McLean, and solos well. Piano solo was out there, kind of weird. 1-3- Hammond B-3 rules! Well-writtne song. I don't normally like bass players on organ cuts, but I do here. Drummer cooks. Guitar and B-3 in the groove. Great stuff. 1-4 - Hate the trombone multiphonics gimmick. Whole performance is so dated, as so much 70's stuff is. Sounds like the theme from the big chase scene in 'Shaft Offs Superfly' or whatever. The drummer is a monster, but to what purpose? Pretty good electric piano solo. 51- - I don't enjoy this sort of heavy latin percussion, as I find it makes the rhythm very static, and this cut suffers from that.The tenor player is excellent, sounds like Joe Henderson. The trumpet player is a latin guy, I'm guessing Luis Gasca. Plays his butt off. I liek both the trumpet and the tenor solos. The writing is very good, I just don't like the arrangement with the percussion, and the bass player doesn't sound like a jazz guy. 1-6 - Later organ side (you can tell by the guitar sound). Love the tenor player's sound. I'd guess Eric Alexander before he really found his voice. I love hearing him play anything, even warmup scales ( and that's from real experience with him). Trumpet player also does good job. The whole group SOUNDS great, good composition, which makes the performance thoroughly enjoyalbe even though it isn't particularly memorable. Drummer pushes the group along nicely. 1-7 Tenor player and drummer are both MONSTERS, each obviously giants - you don't miss the other instruments at all. 1-8 They certainly have the hard bop concept down, yet I find the playing on this to be incredibl sloppy. The sax player is painfully bad, the trumpet only a little better. The drummer is at least spirited if not particularly tight. Suspect the recording was on a small label and underrehearsed. 1-9 This is why I listen to jazz. Beautiful and moving. Every instrument perfect in its role. Great writing, great playing. Fabulous drummer. I know this piece but can't place it. 1-10 The writing and arranging are fabulous, but the solos weren't very good, which makes me think the piece must not be a good one to improvise on. The soprano solo was really tedious. A lot of guys who are good tenor/alto players have no conception on soprano, and it was unfortunate that everyone picked up that instrument in the 70's. Very few played it well to my ears. Joe Farrell was one who did. 1-11 Trombone and Hammond B-3 aren't my idea of a great combination, but this is really good. Can't wait to find out what it is,and get it. I really like how the B-3 player comps behind the soloists. He's great. Very nice guitar solo. Trombone player is one of the best I've heard. Very few on that instrument I like (JJ, Curitis Fuller, Moncur, Conrad Herwig), but I'll add this guy to the list. Love the tenor and organ solos. Great, great track.
  18. BFT 32 Discussion Disc 2

    2-1 Really interesting stuff. 60's new thing with roots in hard bop. I really enjoyed it, talented players being stretched. 2-2 Also really liked this, more of a 70's feel to the rhythm section. great bass player, love the trumpet also. A Coltrane-inspired trumpeter. Hannibal Marvin Peterson or Woody Shaw? Even the soprano solo isnt' bad. Drummer kicks butt behind the soloists, rhythm section is fabulous overall. I'm gonna guess that it's the Woody Shaw/Louis Hayes group with Rene McLean, Stafford James, Ronnie Mathews. 2-3 Very well played for the most part (although I can't stand the alto solo), but has a sort of "routine, by the book" flavor, like it's been doen too many times before. I found that a lot in some of the late 60's Blue Note (especially the Lee Morgan dates from that period) until some of those players found new routes to explore (like Morgan on 'Live at the Lighthouse' and 'Lee Morgan'). 2-4 What really jumps out at me is how good the baritone player is. Has to be Pepper Adams, as no one else has ever had such agility on the instrumemt. Loved his playing - he is missed. The rest is very good, but not terribly inspired. 2-5 70's rhythm selction with a nice, loping beat. Another fine, Coltrane-influenced trumpeter, sounds like Hannibal Marvin Peterson to me. Tenor solo (George Adams?) didn't do much for me. 2-6 Herbie Mann. He really could play the flute well when given a proper context, which this is. This must be from the 50's. I enjoyed the drummer a lot. Mann's ability yet his tendency toward commercialism made him both overrated and underrated at the same time, a good trick. 2-7 Brubeck and Desmond. When I came up in the early 70's, they were considered uncool, so I didn't really check them out. But I love their stuff now that I know it, so I'm glad that now it's OK to like them. 2-8 Hate the trombone multiphonics, and really the trombone in general on this. Love the rhythm section, who has that 70's Strata-East thing DOWN. 2-9 Really nice sparse latin groove. trumpet, bass, drums all kick butt on this. 2-10 Nice enough 70's modal piece, except the tuba is really annoying! Liked the trumpet player, but overall the performance is nothing special. 2-11 Nice funky cut, well played all-around by tight ensemble, good solos. 2-12 Crassly commercial 60's soul jazz, of the Atlantic variety. Nothing to sink your teeth into. Hank Crawford? Fathead Newman? 2-13 Gabor Szabo, who sounded like no one else. I could listen to him play anything, and enjoy it. What unique tuning on the guitar. The fluke songwriting royalties on 'Gypsy Queen' must have surprised and pleased him.
  19. NEW BFT 32

    I'm done listening. Fascinating stuff. Should I go ahead and post my comments, or do we wait for a certain date to do that? I'm new to this. thx.
  20. AOTW January 8-14

    Would love to hear the Tyner set! Do you have the personnel on that? Most if not all of the rest did come out on record and CD.
  21. AOTW December 18-24

    A list of the "great" post '70s recordings would be appreciated. Have to agree with Chuck on this one. List of "real good" post-70's Tyner recordings would be quite long, but in my book, only one "great" one, 1991's 'Remembering John'.
  22. AOTW: Jan 1-Jan7

    I agree, excellent album and worthy of a wide audience. Edwards was a player's player.
  23. AOTW December 18-24

    I agree that his Blue Notes are a stronger, more consistent body of work overall, and even with the variety, Tyner still seemed to repeat himself with diminishing returns some on Milestone. But some of the early albums on the label,'Sahara', 'Echoes of a Friend', 'Song for My Lady','Enlightenment','Sama Layuca','Atlantis',and some of the later trio and solo stuff on the label like 'Supertrios' , were magnificent. As were many of the later Blue Notes, like 'Expansions' and 'Extensions'.
  24. NEW BFT 32

    Received the discs and will start listening, thanks.