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  1. Owning multiple copies?

    I do a little bit. For what I consider the core Columbia Miles Davis releases, I have single CD's as well as the metal spine box sets, and for some other favorites, I will keep a single CD of something I also have in a box set. Also, some rock releases have had multiple expanded versions released with differing bonus cuts, and in a few cases I have kept both expanded versions to have all the bonus cuts.
  2. Frank Foster

    Art Pepper was another one to my ears, by the 70's when he was again being widely recorded.
  3. PM sent on Les McCann Second Movement (with Eddie Harris) 8122737102 $10 Counts as three Reggie Workman Cerebral Caverns Postcards 0101 rear insert trimmed $3 various Miles from India TSQ-CD-1808 digipak $4 Tyrone Washington Natural Essence TOCJ -8717 JAPAN/includes OBI $14 counts as 4 Mingus Dynasty Live at Montreaux COL-CD6168 $
  4. Wide variety Jazz CDs

    That Horacee Arnold is a really interesting (and very good) album, could only have occurred in the early 70's!
  5. Welcome to BFT 210

    Tell us more about the engineering differences. I instinctively know I don't like recordings from this era as much as earlier ones, but have never fully realized why, have thought it must be a "freshness of concept" issue or something. But I'm sure you're onto what my ear is hearing.
  6. 2CD highlights version of this. Big box is too much $ for me. The 'Infidels' outtakes are pretty great. What a strong album that was/is, and these outtakes are not a step down.
  7. I think all four. I am going from ancient memory but remember two of them in my head ("Absolutions", "The Bee Hive").
  8. There were spoken introductions on the LP set.
  9. Wonderful box. The CMcVie/Welch/J.McVie/Fleetwood live set included blows away any of the studio we work by that version of the group.
  10. Mono, but pretty good presence for all of the instruments, given it's a 60 year old live recording. Always glad when you can actually hear the bass player on this sort of thing, rather than just sort of sensingg them, though still wish the bass were much louder in the mix. But works for me. BTW, Amazon did not have CD release listed, though the BN site indicated there is one.
  11. Have never ordered directly from them (and based on what I'm reading here, never will), but I've placed a couple dozen orders with them through the years via Amazon, have never had a problem. They've been around a pretty long time at this point.
  12. Mickey Tucker

    The first cut, John Hicks' " Zap Carnivorous", works well. I agree with you on the rest of the album, but would still buy a CD issue of it (strangely missing, given it was a BN release). +1
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Wonderful pianist for five decades:
  14. That would be very disappointing. Hope some samples come out somewhere.
  15. It did, plus I liked how it contextualized what I already had heard (plus I liked the sound and packaging and price) but I only had one of it, have so many live recordings of the Morgan/Shorter/Timmons/Merritt/Blakey config.
  16. It's Blakey and Blue Note, so of course I'm going to dutifully buy it and certainly enjoy listening it, but I can't imagine that it's going to tell me anything I don't already know about that group.
  17. Vanguard R&B / Jazz intersection

    David Murray sometimes.
  18. Up, willing to consider trades of vinyl for CD's, as long as I can justify the shipping expense.
  19. This is every LP in our household that is sellable. There will be no more. Please IM or email me at john.felser@verizon.net if interested. Shipping is $5.00 for first two LP's, $.50 for each additional LP. The vinyl itself is all in great condition for the jazz LP's and the vast majority of the non-jazz LP's. And I will visually inspect to ensure whenever you request titles from me. At some point will be open to trading these for CD's, but prefer to sell them if I can. Thanks for looking, and feel free to reach out with any questions. Blue Note Original/Liberty/UA era Ervin, Booker – Back from the Gig (2LP) cutout $19 Henderson, Eddie – Sunburst cutout mark $18 Hutcherson ,Bobby – Spiral cutout still in plastic $15 Hutcherson ,Bobby – Now *On Hold* Hutcherson ,Bobby – Cirrus *On Hold* Hutcherson ,Bobby – Waiting *On Hold* Bobby Hutcherson – The View From the Inside slight ringwear $6 Jones ,Elvin – The Prime Element (2 LP) cutout $14 Elvin Jones – Coalition ringwear $10 McLean ,Jackie – Jacknife (2 LP) fraying on edges $16 McLean ,Jackie – Hipnosis (2 LP) cutout $19 Morgan ,Lee – Lee Morgan (2 LP) ringwear $30 Smith ,Jimmy – Greatest Hits (2 LP) slight ringwear $3 Tyner ,McCoy – Time for Tyner cutout $9 Tyner ,McCoy – Cosmos (2 LP) Tyner ,McCoy – Asante cutout slight fraying $14 Various (Quebec/Hamilton/Hardee/Morton) – Swing Hi, Swing Lo ringwear $2 80’s Manhattan Era Russell , George – So What cutout mark $3 Russell , George – The African Game *On Hold* Tyner/McLean – It’s About Time promo stamp $4 *On Hold* Williams ,Tony – Angel Street beautiful copy $13 *on hold* Williams ,Tony – Civilization white paint on small section of cover $8 Williams ,Tony – Foreign Intrigue still in plastic $7 One Night with Blue Note, Vol. 2 promo stamp still in plastic $5 Mid-80’s DMM (direct metal mastering) Remasters – these were all purchased new and played once Byrd ,Donald – Free Form beautiful copy with obi $22 Hubbard ,Freddie – Here To Stay beautiful copy $23 McLean ,Jackie – Jackie’s Bag beautiful copy $15 Silver ,Horace – Finger Poppin’ beautiful copy $17 Impulse Brecker ,Michael – Michael Brecker still in plastic $5 Brown ,Marion – Sweet Earth Flying slight wear on cover, some very light scratches on record $25 Brown ,Marion – Vista somw wear on cover, some very light scratches on record $30 Rivers Sam – Dedication Series Vol. XII The Trio Sessions (2 LP) cutout $11 Sanders ,Pharoah – Village of the Pharoahs substantial wear/marking on cover, very light scratching on record $12 Shepp ,Archie – Things Have Got To Change *On Hold* Shepp ,Archie – For Losers *On Hold* Shepp ,Archie – The Way Ahead *On Hold* White ,Michael – Spirit Dance White ,Michael -Father Music, Mother Dance Barbieri, Klemmer, Jarrett, Rivers, White - Impulse Artists on Tour Muse Bishop Jr. ,Walter – Cubicle $30 Bishop Jr. ,Walter – Soul Village promo $11 Cole ,Richie – Alive at the Village Vanguard still in plastic $4 *on hold* Cole ,Richie – Some Things Speak for Themselves Hardman ,Bill – Home Heath ,Jimmy – Jimmy (aka The Gap Sealer) Patterson ,Don – These are Soulful Days *On Hold* Patterson ,Don – Movin’ Up *On Hold* Schnitter ,Dave – Invitation Mainstream Land ,Harold – Damisi large roulette sticker $13 Land ,Harold – A New Shade of Blue $13 Miles ,Barry – Scatbird slight ringwear slight fraying $9 Terry ,Buddy – Lean on Him *On Hold* Terry ,Buddy – Pure Dynamite $22 Terry ,Buddy – Awareness $15 large Roulette distribution sticker Yellin ,Pete – Dance of Allegra promo large price sticker $8 Land, Mitchell, Caliman, Terry – Jazz promo price written on jacket $4 Arista/Freedom Bley ,Paul – Copenhagen and Harlem (2 LP) cutout $9 Brown ,Marion – Porto Novo slight ringwear $7 Burrell ,Dave – High Won, High Two (2 LP) some ringwear $5 Cowell ,Stanley – Blues for the VietCong cutout still in plastic $13 Rudd ,Roswell – Inside Job cutout still in plastic $6 Taylor ,Cecil – Nefertiti, the Beautiful One Has Come (2 LP) cutout $8 Tolliver, Charles – Paper Man (aka All-Stars) cutout still in plastic bottom edge unglued $8 Weston ,Randy – Blues to Africa cutout ringwear $6 Arista/Novus Abrams ,Muhal Richard – Live at Montreux 1978 promo cutout ringwear $4 Abrams ,Muhal Richard – Lifea Blinec promo cutout $6 Klemmer ,John – Nexus For Duo and Trio (2 LP) promo cutout $4 Milestone Bley ,Paul - & Scorpio slight fraying $5 DeJohnette ,Jack – Have You Heard? Bottom right corner of cover banged up $10 DeSouza ,Raul – Colors slight fraying $8 Purim ,Flora – That’s What She Said slight fraying $3 Tyner ,McCoy – Passion Dance cutout $4 *On Hold* Tyner ,McCoy – The Greeting slight ringwear $4 *On Hold* Inner City Adderley ,Nat – Don’t Look Back cutout, still in plastic $7 Brand ,Dollar – The Children of Africa Carvin ,Michael – The Camel cutout still in plastic $13 Curson ,Ted – Jubilant Power cutout still in plastic $5 *On Hold* Galper ,Hal – Now Hear This slight ringwear $7 Getz ,Stan – Gold, Happy 50th (2 LP) slight ringwear $4 Hino ,Terumasa – May Dance cutout still in plastic $5 Jordan ,Clifford/Cedar Walton – The Pentagon McBee ,Cecil/Chico Freeman – Compassion $16 cutout, still in plastic McIntyre ,Ken – Introducing the Vibrations cutout still in plastic fraying on top $4 McIntyre ,Ken – Hindsight cutout, slight fraying on top $6 McLean ,Renee – Watch Out cutout still sealed $15 Peterson ,Hannibal – In Antibes cutout still in plastic $6 Stowell ,John – Golden Delicious cutout, splitting at bottom $2 Strozier ,Frank – Remember Me cutout slight fraying at top $7 Waldron ,Mal – Moods (2 LP) cutout slight fraying at top $8 Waldron ,Mal/Steve Lacy – One-Upmanship cutout some splitting at top $9 Zollar ,Attila – Attila Zollar cutout slight ringwear $4 Timeless Adams ,George – Paradise Space Shuttle slight fraying at top $7 Hayes ,Louis/Junior Cook/Woody Shaw – Ichi-Ban $9 ENJA Jones ,Elvin – Live at the Village Vanguard cutout $9 Mingus ,Charles – In Europe, Vol. 1 cutout still in plastic $13 Peterson, Hannibal Marvin – The Angels of Atlanta $9 Black Saint/Soul Note Jordan ,Clifford – Repetition $8 Murray ,David – Home $6 Murray ,David – Morning Song still in plastic $8 Murray ,David – Ming $9 Pope ,Odean – The Ponderer $8 A&M Horizon Fortune ,Sonny – Waves of Dreams slight wear and tear on cover $3 Jones/Lewis Big Band – Live in Munich cutout $4 Jones/Lewis Big Band – New Life $2 Lewis ,Mel – And Friends cutout fraying on cover $3 Owens ,Jimmy – Jimmy Owens $5 Galaxy Cowell ,Stanley – Equipoise cutout still in plastic $13 Griffin ,Johnny – To The Ladies cutout still in plastic $4 Griffin ,Johnny – Bush Dance Griffin ,Johnny – NYC Underground Haynes ,Roy – Thank You, Thank You slight ringwear $4 *On Hold* Flying Dutchman/Mega Barbieri ,Gato – El Pampero $5 Barbieri ,Gato – Under Fire promo sticker pealed off cover $3 Barbieri ,Gato – Yesterdays $4 Coryell ,Larry – Fairyland $6 Nelson ,Oliver/Gato Barbieri – Swiss Suite cutout $5 Roulette Blakey ,Art – Gypsy Folk Tales slight ringwear $6 Handy ,John/Blakey ,Art – Messages (2 LP) Handy ,John – In The Vernacular (2 LP) Watson ,Robert (Bobby) – Estimated Time of Arrival Watson ,Robert (Bobby) – All Because of You Weston ,Randy – Bantu (2 LP) *On Hold* Steeplechase McLean ,Jackie/Gary Bartz – Ode to Super $11 McNeill ,John – Embarkation slight ringwear $5 Smith ,Louis – Prancin’ still sealed $8 *On Hold* Savoy Lateef ,Yusef – Morning (2 LP) Lateef ,Yusef – Angel Eyes (2 LP) Lateef ,Yusef – Gong (2 LP) Fantasy Pepper .Art – Art Lives Shepp ,Archie/Philly Joe Jones – Archie Shepp & Philly Joe Jones cutout $7 Pablo Faddis ,Jon – Youngblood Gillespie ,Dizzy – Musician, Composer, Racounteur (2 LP) red vinyl cutout $5 Longo ,Mike – Talk With The Spirits large price sticker $9 Atlantic Cobham ,Billy – Crosswinds $3 Gillespie/Blakey/Monk – Giants of Jazz (2 LP) $8 Hubbard ,Freddie – The Art of Freddie Hubbard (2 LP) Lateef ,Yusef – Ten Years Hence (2 LP) Mann ,Herbie – Windows Opened $4 McCann ,Les – Layers promo sticker $4 Mingus ,Charles – Cumbia & Jazz Fusion $6 Mingus Dynasty – Live at Montreux promo stamp $3 Pullen ,Don – Tomorrow’s Promises cutout slight ringwear $4 Columbia Blythe ,Arthur – Da-da promo stamp $2 Blythe ,Arthur – In The Tradition $3 Blythe ,Arthur – Blythe Spirit still in plastic $2 Blythe ,Arthur – Elaborations still in plastic $3 Dreams – Dreams cutout slight ringwear and cover marking $3 D’Rivera ,Paquito – Manhattan Burn promo stamp $2 Farmer ,Art – Art Farmer cutout still in plastic $4 Farmer ,Art – The Time and the Place (2 LP) very slight top edge fraying $6 Harrison/Blanchard – Nascence $4 Hubbard ,Freddie – Hi Energy ringwear $3 Hubbard ,Freddie – Liquid Love cutout still in plastic $3 Hutcherson ,Bobby – Conception: The Gift of Love $4 *On Hold* Lewis ,Ramsey – Upendo Ni Pamoja slight ringwear $2 Marsalis ,Wynton – Standard Time, Vol. 3 $2 Shaw ,Woody – Stepping Stones $5 ECM Abercrombie ,John – M slight creasing and ringwear $7 Burton ,Gary – Easy as Pie cutout $4 *On Hold* Burton ,Gary – Times Square cutout $4 *On Hold* Corea ,Chick – Delphi 1 Polydor label cutout still in plastic $4 Cowell, Stanley – Illusion Suite some wear on cover $9 DeJohnette ,Jack – Directions: Untitled promo copy $5 DeJohnette ,Jack – Directions: New Rags cutout $9 Kuhn ,Steve – Trance cutout still in plastic top seam unglued $6 Kuhn ,Steve/Sheila Jordan – Playground promo copy $5 Kuhn ,Steve/Sheila Jordan – Last Year’s Waltz cutout $5 Lande ,Art – Desert Marauders promo copy $5 Liebman ,Dave – Lookout Farm Liebman ,Dave – Drum Ode $5 Peacock ,Gary – Voice From the Past: Paradigm cutout still in plastic $7 Priester ,Julian – Love, Love cutout some wear on cover $10 Priester ,Julian – Polarization *On Hold* Rava ,Enrico – Quartet cutout $6 Towner , Ralph – Old Friends, New Friends $5 *On Hold* Towner , Ralph/Glen Moore - Trios/Solos $6 Fantasy Pepper .Art – Art Lives still in plastic $5 CTI Sebesky ,Don – Giant Box (2 LP) $4 *On Hold* Trip Bley ,Paul – Mr. Joy still in plastic $8 Morgan ,Lee – Live Sessions (2 LP) some ringwear $7 Prestige DeJohnette ,Jack – Cosmic Chicken some splitting along top $9 Charles Mingus – Great Concert of (3 LP) promo copy slight ringwork a little writing $9 Rollins ,Sonny – Taking Care of Business (2 LP) $6 Mercury Mangione ,Chuck – Alive minor blemish $2 Mangione ,Chuck – Friends and Love (2 LP) some splitting along top $2 Capricorn Henderson ,Eddie – Inside Out $15 slight ringwear Henderson ,Eddie – Realization a few light scratches $20 Fabri Editoria Rivers ,Sam – The Quest $4 Lotus Blakey ,Art – Art’s Break $4 West 54 Waldron ,Mal – Left Alone Live Criss Cross Garrett ,Kenny – Introducing $9 Affinity Moncur ,Grachan – New Africa $9 Decca Quartet Tres Bien – Stepping Out cutout, slight fraying on top $4 Limelight Blakey ,Art – ‘S Make It $16 Nippon pressing April Embryo – Live *On Hold* Capitol Adderley ,Cannonball – Live! Splitting on bottom, slight wear on cover $3 Honeydew Jones ,Elvin – Skyscrapers,Vol. 2 slight ringwear, some fraying on top $8 Embryo Zoller ,Attila – Gypsy Cry cutout slight ringwear $6 America Jazz & Blues Blakey ,Art – Live at Bubba’s $3 Gryphon Hayes ,Louis – Variety is the Spice of Life $7 Landmark Heath ,Jimmy – New Picture $3 Catalyst Waldron ,Mal/Gary Peacock – First Encounter Blakey ,Art – Jazz Messengers ‘70 Doctor Jazz Barbieri ,Gato – Apasianado beautiful copy $3 Warner Brothers Coltrane, Alice – Transfiguration (2 LP) beautiful copy $22 Vanguard Moody ,James – Sun Journey cutout water damage on cover $2 MGM Woods ,Phil – At Montreux cutout slight wear on cover $3 Antilles Brackeen ,Joanne – Special Identity bottom unglued $5 Palo Alto Tyner ,McCoy – Just Feelin’ cutout still in plastic $4 Contemporary Cables ,George – Cables Vision $4 Black Hawk Leaders – Mudfoot $3 Elektra Musician Freeman ,Chico – Tangents $3 Tyner ,McCoy – Dimensions cutout $4 Verve Gillespie ,Dizzy – An Electrifying Evening cutout 1981 Polydor KK pressing $4 MPS Peterson, Hannibal Marvin – Hannibal $25 *on hold* Russell ,George/Don Cherry – At Beethoven Hall (2 LP) slight ringwear $11 RCA Blakey ,Art – And the All-Star Jazz Messengers top panel unglued $9 Horo Richmond ,Dannie – Jazz a Confronto *On Hold* Red Watson ,Bobby – Appointment in Milano 1” tear on back cover $8 Sun Shepp ,Archie – Parisian Concert, Vol. 1 $10 Pausa Weston ,Randy – Randy Weston cutout still in plastic fraying on top $4 Theresa Williams ,Bishop Norman/Pepper Adams – One for Bird slight ringwear $6 Solid State Steig ,Jeremy – Legwork large price tag and cutout mark, a few light scratches $10 New World Ford ,Ricky – Loxodonta Africana withdrawn library copy $2 Taylor ,Cecil – Unit withdrawn library copy $5 Ala Gillespie ,Dizzy – Live at the Monterey Jazz Festival 1961 cutout still in plastic $4 Happy Bird Corea ,Chick – La Fiesta still in plastic $2 United Artists Davis ,Miles – Miles Davis (2 LP) ringwear $5 Applause Blakey ,Art – Witch Doctor still sealed $5 Donaldson ,Lou – Midnight Creeper $3 Hancock ,Herbie – Inventions and Dimensions $3 Rollins ,Sonny – Newk’s Time $3 Note that I have what appear to be almost complete LP runs of the Maynard Ferguson Columbia Catalog and the Chuck Mangione A&M catalog in basically mint condition. These were given to me by our next door neighbor who received them from an estate. Let me know if interested in any, but I don’t want to take the time to list them if there is no interest. Other – Not Strictly Jazz: (graded and priced on request) Akkerman ,Jan – Profile Ashton, Gardner, and Dyke – What A Bloody Long Day It’s Been Auger ,Brian/Trinity – Befour Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Oblivion Express Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – A Better Land Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Second Wind Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Closer To It Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Straight Ahead (2 copies) Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Live Oblivion, Vol. 1 Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Live Oblivion, Vol. 2 (2 LP) Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Reinforcements Auger ,Brian/Oblivion Express – Happiness Heartaches Butterfield Blues Band – Keep on Moving Colosseum – Those Who Are About to Die Salute You *On Hold* Colosseum – The Grass is Greener *On Hold* Earth, Wind, and Fire – Gratitude (2 LP) Fairport Convention – A Moveable Feast Family – Anyway Family – Old Songs, New Songs Farina ,Mimi and Richard – Memories Focus – 3 (2 LP) Good God – Good God Hartley ,Keef Band – Halfbreed Hartley ,Keef Band -Battle of the Nortwest Six Hartley ,Keef Band – The Time is Near Hartley ,Keef Band -Little Big Band Hartley ,Keef Band – Overdog *On Hold* Holloway ,Brenda – Every Little Bit Hurts Jarreau ,Al – Breakin’ Away King Crimson – Red Martyn ,John – Inside Out *On Hold* Martyn ,John – Bless The Weather Mayall ,John – USA Union Mendes ,Sergio – Fool on the Hill Michaels ,Lee – Barrell New York Rock & Roll Ensemble - New York Rock & Roll Ensemble Nyro ,Laura – Season of Light Pacific Gas and Electric – Pacific Gas and Electric Pacific Gas and Electric - Are You Ready Pacific Gas & Electric – Starring Charlie Allen Rascals – See Redding ,Otis – Recorded Live Reid ,Terry – River Renaissance – At Carnegie Hall (2 LP) Riperton ,Minnie – Perfect Angel Santana ,Carlos/Alice Coltrane – Illuminations Santana ,Carlos – The Swing of Delight (2 LP) Sea Level – On The Edge Sea Level – Cats on the Coast Soft Machine – Six (2 LP) Soft Machine - 7 Soft Machine – Live and Well in Paris Soft Machine – Land of Cockayne Terry ,Dewey – Chief Thompson ,Richard and Linda – I Want to See The Bright Lights Tonight Traffic – As The Eagle Flies Acoustic Alchemy – Natural Elements Adams ,Brian – Into the Fire April Wine – Live Argent – Argent Argent – In Deep Argent – Nexus Argent – All Together Now Armageddon – Armageddon Bad Company – Bad Company Ballard ,Russ – Barnet Dogs Blues Image – Red, White and Blues Image Brooks ,Elkie – Two Days Away Byrds – Ballad of Easy Rider Cafferty ,John & Beaver Brown Band – Eddie and the Cruisers Chad and Jeremy – Before and After Chad and Jeremy – Distant Shores Chad and Jeremy – I Don’t Want You Baby Dalton & Dubarri - Dalton & Dubarri Detroit Emeralds – Feel The Need Fever Tree – Creation Frampton ,Peter – Frampton Comes Alive (2LP) Fresh Air – A Breath of Fresh Air Golden Avatar – A Change of Heart Golden Earring – Live (2 LP) Good News – Good News Guadalcanal Diary – Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man Hartley ,Keef – Seventy Second Brave Hartley ,Keef – Lancashire Hustler Herman’s Hermits – Hold On Holman ,Eddie and the Larks – Sweet Memories Humble Pie – Performance: Rockin’ the Fillmore (2 LP) (2 copies) Iron City House Rockers – Have a Good Time…But Get Out Alive Jethro Tull – A Passion Play John ,Elton – Empty Sky Jo Jo Gunne - Bite Down Hard Jo Jo Gunne - So…Where’s The Show Jo Jo Gunne - Jumpin’ The Gunne Kaplan ,Artie – Confessions of a Male Chauvinist Pig Keaggy ,Phil – Love Broke Thru Keaggy ,Phil – Oh What a Day Kinks – Low Budget Kinks – Think Visual Kinks – Soap Opera Kirwan ,Danny – Hello There Big Boy! Labelle – Phoenix Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Solar Fire McLean ,Don – American Pie Melanie – Photograph Moody Blues – Seventh Sojourn Moody Blues – A Question of Balance Moody Blues – On The Threshold of a Dream Moody Blues – To Our Children’s Children’s Children Moody Blues – In Search of the Lost Chord Moody Blues – Every Good Boy Deserves Favour Newhart , Bob – Best of Patterson ,Brenda – Keep On Keepin’ On Paris – Big Towne 2061 Petty ,Tom & the Heartbreakers – You’re Gonna Get It Pink Floyd – Relics Pulver ,Judi – Pulver Rising Redbone – Wovoka Rivers ,Johnny – Road Rundgren ,Todd – Back to the Bars (2 LP) Sanford Townsend Band – Smoke from a Distant Fire Shannon – Let The Music Play Spirit – Feedback Styvers ,Laurie – Spilt Milk Supertramp – Crisis? What Crisis? Travers ,Mary – Circles Wilson ,Jackie – The Soul Years Youngbloods – Good and Dusty 1969 Warner-Reprise Record Show (2 LP) Auldridge ,Mike – Blues and Blue Grass Denver ,John – Greatest Hits Dylan ,Bob – Saved Kershaw ,Rusty & Doug – Lousiana Man Peter, Paul & Mary – In The Wind Peter, Paul & Mary – Best of: Ten Years Together Springsteen ,Bruce – Greetings from Asbury Park Winston ,George – Autumn Original Cast Album: Please Somebody Make Me Laugh The Impossible Pirates (baseball)
  20. Albert Dailey.

    No, you're probably right. I've never even heard of that one, and Columbia was pushing some of their jazz recordings (Jarrett, Mingus, Ornette, Bill Evans, George Russell, etc. in addition to their big sellers Miles and Weather Report and Herbie Hancock) pretty heavily then, and I was very tuned into the label. Of course, they dropped all those "esoteric" guys when they gave Clive Davis the boot in '73, keeping the big sellers.
  21. Welcome to BFT 210

    Great cut. Sullivan always brings the goods on his albums. Surprised he hasn't been more high profile or prolifically recorded. Love his Strata-East and this one, and the Arabesque is really good.
  22. Fire Music - Free Jazz Documentary

    Never heard of it, but now #1 in my Amazon Prime queue - thanks Chuck!