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  1. Apologies if this was mentioned elsewhere. No Business is an interesting and trustworthy reissue label. Jazzmessengers.com shows some intriguing new issues on the label of 1970's live concerts by Sam Rivers https://www.jazzmessengers.com/en/82161/sam-rivers/emanation-w-cecil-mcbee?mc_cid=adefaf5c52&mc_eid=d43870520b https://www.jazzmessengers.com/en/83230/sam-rivers/archie-series-vol-3-ricochet?mc_cid=adefaf5c52&mc_eid=d43870520b
  2. Covid vaccination: poll

    My wife and I are eligible, as we are in our late 60's, and are pre-registered, but Pennsylvania and Montgomery County have left us in the lurch as far as what to do next.
  3. +1, I also saw 715 off Al Downing (a very good pitcher) live on TV. Incredible how long he stayed on top of his game. RIP.
  4. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    I'm sure it's a nice set, but at a price tag north of $100 for 7 CD's, I'm out for the present.
  5. ECM CDs reduced 1/20

    Thanks, I'm largely just in discovery mode on them and glad to buy them from Scott/Mike. I've actually never heard any of these titles.
  6. 2nd Gentleman's kids named after Trane and Ella

    No, it's awesome! My first cat was "Mingus", and our current cat is "Aisha".
  7. ECM CDs reduced 1/20

    PM sent on: ECM 1366 John Surman Private City $3 DIGIPAK ECM 1956 John Surman The Spaces in Between $4 ECM 1719 Mat Maneri Trinity $3 ECM 1403 Shankar M. R. C. S. $3 ECM 1160 Steve Swallow Home $8 ECM 1680 Tomasz Stanko From the Green Hill $3 ECM 2028 Norma Winstone / Glauco Venier / Klaus Gesing Distances $3 ECM 1170 Charlie Haden / Jan Garbarek / Egberto Gismonti Folk Songs .... $5 ECM 1265 George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band '83 Theatre .... $4 ECM 1617 Joe Maneri Quartet In Full Cry .... $3 ECM 1713 Michael Galasso High Lines .... $4 ECM 2028 Norma Winstone / Glauco Venier / Klaus Gesing Distances .... $3 ECM 1834 Tord Gustavsen Changing Places .... $3 ECM 1096 Collin Walcott Grazing Dreams $8 ECM 1751 John Taylor Trio Rosslyn $3 ECM 2016 Manu Katché Playground $3 ECM 2156 Manu Katché Third Round $3 ECM 1728 Vassilis Tsabropoulos / Arild Andersen / John Marshall Achirana $4 ECM 2048 Vassilis Tsabropoulos, Anja Lechner & U.T. Gandhi Melos $3 ECM 1920 Eberhard Weber Stages of a Long Journey $4 ECM 1997 Jacob Young Sideways $4 ECM 1876 Jacob Young Evening Falls $4 ECM 2019 Marcin Wasilewski Trio January $4 ECM 2208 Marcin Wasilewski Trio Faithful $4 ECM 1475 Miroslav Vitous Atmos $3 ECM 2013 Miroslav Vitous Universal Syncopations II $3 ECM 2073 Miroslav Vitous Group with Michel Portal Remembering Weather Report $4 ECM 1766 Susanne Abbuehl April $3 ECM 1165 Gary Peacock Shift in the Wind $5 ECM 1210 Gary Peacock Voice from the Past - Paradigm $5 ECM 1558 Jack DeJohnette Dancing with Nature Spirits UPC hole punch $3 ECM 1637 Jack DeJohnette Oneness $3 ECM 1079 Jack DeJohnette Pictures $4 ECM 1057 Bill Connors Theme to the Guardian $6 ECM 1448 Don Cherry / Lennart Åberg / Bobo Stenson Dona Nostra $4 ECM 1258 Oregon Oregon card sleeve $3 ECM 1964 Stefano Bollani Piano Solo $3 ECM Records ‎– UCCU-5194 Richard Beirach Eon $8 ECM 1534 John Surman Quartet Stranger than Fiction rear insert trimmed square $3
  8. Koufax (replaced by Bill Singer), Drysdale, Osteen, Sutton. That works.
  9. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    That's how they were meant to sound. Overall aural impact, no clarity of specific instruments.
  10. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    I can't imagine "All Things Must Pass" without the Spector touch. Makes the set for me. And I do love how "Instant Karma" sounds as a record.
  11. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    Various thoughts on the discussion: 1 - "Hung on You" is not hard to find on 45. It was a surprisingly failed A-side following the two classic Philles hits, but some DJ's flipped it, and the semi-throwaway B-side, a 50's retread they didn't even bother to have Bill Medley sing on, did OK. That was "Unchained Melody". 2 - The climax of "Just Once in My Life" ("I Can't Give You The World" etc.) is probably the most goosebump-inspiring moment in all of music for me. 3 - I am constantly shocked at how "otherworldly" a lot of 50's records sound. Check out something like Bobby Freeman's "Do You Want to Dance" on youtube.
  12. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    I'm also a stereo guy if originally done that way, but it wasn't.
  13. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    Essential for any 20th century music collection. Transcendent stuff.
  14. No. Bottom fell out on last two albums. Did well through 2016 though each album sold exponentially less than the one before.
  15. Phil Spector Dead at 81

  16. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    Anyways, back to Phil Spector. Even after Rachelle Short, he still was worth 50 million at death.
  17. PM sent on Collier Music, Graham Darius/Midnight Blue/New Conditions BGOCD0895 $14
  18. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    Great, groundbreaking musical talent, dispicable human being. It's complicated, isn't it?
  19. Hutcherson/Land, including the Land albums on Cadet and Mainstream. I had suggested that to them 10 years ago.
  20. Byard Lancaster

    The Sunny Murray on ESP-Disk And the second album on this:
  21. No need to overthink this one, just off the top of your head, what one song/recording best sums up 2020 for you. Here's mine:
  22. BFT 202 Discussion

    Andrew White in there anywhere?
  23. +1 Easily rectified for under $10 https://www.ebay.com/sch/176984/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=joe+henderson+page+one&_sop=15