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  1. Happy Birthday, Sonny Simmons.

    My parents lived in the Bay Area then, and I also believe I saw him playing outside in SF around Market St. one time, 5-10 years earlier. Did not try to engage him at all.
  2. New Charles Tolliver

    I just finished my listening. I think it is very good, the writing and arranging and rhythm section are excellent, and Tolliver plays well (you can tell the ideas are still there, and he sounds great for 77 years old, but is not the dynamo he was 50 years ago, of course). The sax players are fine, though not memorable to me. I'm really glad to have it and will revisit it many times, but "The Ringer", the Slug's and Loosdrecht live recordings, and the first Big Band album will remain my Tolliver first call go-to's.
  3. David Murray titles

    PM sent on JUST 94-2 Fo Deuk Revue $3 DIW 930 Long Goodbye (A Tribute To Don Pullen) $6
  4. I was actually listening to much of his 50's work this morning, including non-jazz cuts he laid down for 45's back in that period. Many of them were fairly horrid doo-wop/novelty types of sides, but some were pretty good. They all sounded (of course) like they were recorded on a different planet, but so did a lot of pop/rock/r&b stuff from the 50's, including a lot of huge hits ("Purple People Eater", "The Witch Doctor", "Sea of Love", "Stranded in the Jungle" etc etc). And it occurred to me - what if one of those records had taken off and become a left-field hit? Would he have become a pop record producer, and we would have been without his recorded and cultural legacy? Just found it an interesting thought.
  5. Stone cold classic tracks post-Coltrane

    DJ's love those 32 minute songs, gives them a sizable break. Though she would have needed to flip the LP. Wonder how the rest of the audience felt about hearing that one 3-4 times a week? Not to disparage it musically, I love it, it's just loooong.
  6. Stone cold classic tracks post-Coltrane

    Agreed on that Mingus track, it was actually one I did consider when I posted the Tyner. Great album.
  7. LF: Mosaic Larry Young box set

    Yeah, that's a ton of great music for $90.
  8. Happy Birthday, Sonny Simmons.

    "Ancient Ritual" is the most miraculous album ever. One because it's great. Two because Simmons had dropped from public view (or at least my view) 20 years before. Three because it was put out on Quincy Jones's Qwest label. I couldn't believe it when I saw the CD in a store on a college campus in Philly. I agree with all of the above recommendations, would probably start with the Contemporary titles, go to the ESP's, and keep going.
  9. Many ECM titles .... and cheap

    PM sent on ECM 1310 Chick Corea Trio Music Live in Europe ECM 1232/33 Chick Corea Trio Music ECM 2205/06 Charles Lloyd / Maria Farantouri Athens Concert ECM 1611 Ralph Towner Ana ECM 1743 Ralph Towner Anthem ECM 1906 Susanne Abbuehl Compass
  10. Your 10 (or 5, or 3) favorite ECM albums

    Also need to add the Liebman - Lookout Farm; Abercrombie - Timeless, and the two DeJohnette - New Directions albums. That's a big 3, 5, or 10!
  11. That Gumbs album is an underrated treasure, one of my favorite solo piano works. And that is a good Charles Sullivan (I also really like "Genesis" on Strata-East).
  12. Yes, she was, though a tragic figure (suicide at 28, third attempt). But that's not her on the list, it's someone named Beverly Kelly. I made the same mistake at first glance. As for Kenney, we of course aren't permitted to recommend European PD releases without a ton of backlash, so I won't recommend this set collecting all six of her albums in one package:
  13. The one I can recommend is the Honi Gordon. She did an album on Prestige with a small group which included Ken McIntyre and Jaki Byard, and she sang well on it.
  14. Your 10 (or 5, or 3) favorite ECM albums

    Quickly done, may have missed a few, but gives a sampling of my tastes: Mal Waldron - Free at Last Chick Corea - Crystal Silence, Piano Improvisations Vols. 1 and 2 Jan Garbarek - Witchai Tai To Stanley Cowell - Illusion Suite Julain Priester - Love, Love Ralph Towner - Solstice Enrico Rava - The Pilgrim and the Stars Keith Jarrett - Belonging
  15. BFT 197 Discussion

    Yes, #7 is Joe Henderson, the title track to "Power to the People", 1969 on Milestone. Great stuff, and couldn't get any more in my wheelhouse than that!
  16. New Charles Tolliver

    Mine has been shipped by importcds.
  17. BFT 196 -- THE REVEAL!!!!

    Interesting on #12, it does indeed evoke Sanders, now I know what I was hearing when I first responded to the BFT. Cuber has always struck me as a strong player in whatever contexts I've heard him, going all the way back to those ancient George Benson Columbia sides, though I've never sought out his leader work. Definitey on the lookout for #'s 9 and 10, which would never have been on my radar otherwise. Thanks as always for stimulating BFT!
  18. New Corbett v Dempsey

    Here in Philly, that's "Yo, Al".