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  1. Top 10 Blue Note sidemen

    True, officially Miles is a sideman on Something Else....
  2. I'd buy this

    Part of it came out as bonus tracks on the CD reissue of 6th Sense, IIRC.
  3. Sidney Bechet Mosaic 110 - Looking For

    I have this Mosaic and am open to trades.
  4. I'd buy this

    from a session Alfred Lion an Mike Cuscuna didn't think was up to snuff. Sounds at least release quality to me...what say you?
  5. Years of working in record stores and libraries have convinced me that people's tastes just aren't that predictable....so give him the record and see what happens.
  6. Brother Jack McDuff "Live!"

    Such a great band, the one with Pat Martino and Harold Vick too.
  7. Help!

    Threads like this are why I come here, even if I don't have much to contribute. Does make me wonder how much of what we take as good history is actually bullshit.
  8. Help!

    Oh, hell yeah...
  9. Otis Reddfing Dock of the Bay "Sessions"

    This is how I feel about Otis: pretty much the way I feel about my late brother.. record company can do whatever they want - if it brings more people to Otis it's OK.
  10. Don Patterson

    While I have some DP, I definitely needs to get some more!
  11. Top 10 Blue Note sidemen

    If anything I think I prefer Joe Hen as a sideman. He is so good on such a wide range of albums, from the Real McCoy to Idle Moments to Basra to Brown Sugar. And he's on the two biggest hits the label had in that era too. And he and Kenny Dorham are one of the great trumpet/sax tandems. It took me a while to really appreciate Joe and it was the cumulative weight of the sideman dates that did it. Just two more I'll mention Unity and Point of Departure. Now if they could've just gotten Sam R and John G to play some boogaloo....
  12. Billy Higgins

    I've been working on a BN boogaloo playlist on YouTube so I've been listening to lots of Billy, he owned that groove. But it was still only a small part of what he did. I'm a huge fan.
  13. Top 10 Blue Note sidemen

    Did Conrad Lester ever make a leader date for any label?
  14. Top 10 Blue Note sidemen

    ...and Geo. Benson, only a few sideman dates for BN but the're all worth seeking out. We should make this a poll, 5 votes each, mine got to Higgins, Joe Hen, Grant, Hutch, and Sonny C.
  15. Shirley Scott

    https://www.amazon.com/Queen-Organ-Shirley-Scott/dp/B000003N6M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1521225830&sr=8-1&keywords=shirley+scott+queen+of+the+organ a nice document of the working band with Stanley.