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  1. Where is that 'all is forgiven, I really like you' emoticon when you need it. Rufus, whom I met once, was an interesting guy.
  2. Frank Kimbrough Plays The Complete Thelonious Monk

    Almost seems like cheating, part of doing a tribute is selecting which ones to do....
  3. Jackie McLean

    Then gimme a tuba, or a Sousaphone, or better yet a bass sax. Try bowing that!
  4. Jackie McLean

    No, put that bow away!
  5. Jackie McLean

    OK, but he's Wilbur Ware....
  6. Best track you heard all week

  7. Jackie McLean

    Or that he liked everything except the solos, who likes bass solos?
  8. Jackie McLean

    maybe not what they were going for?
  9. Jackie McLean

    What's yer prob with 'Bout Soul, the poetry the drumming or something else? But yeah, they did a great job of documenting Jackie Mac.
  10. Jackie McLean

    Just listening to this (from 1959) with its crazy 3-2-1 2-1 1 vamp, it would be the height of hip iff it weren't for the even heightier stuff that came after.
  11. Difficult week

    Getting there.
  12. Difficult week

    Amen to what they said.
  13. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    Glad to not be a part of it, assume you are too.
  14. There are no good or bad or 'annoying' instruments, it's just the asshole playing them, or listening(not). Seriously, instrumental prejudices are just like other prejudices....