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  1. Castles of Ghana is indeed a remarkable thing, and the whole series would make a nice box set. I've explored a little of his other work and found it interesting but nothing so far as compelling as that.
  2. Here's a thought, to me the Flamingos' use of reverb is akin to Ben Webster's use of vibrato, does that make any sense to you? So I guess we're more or less on the same page here, if not quite the same place on the page?
  3. Didn't Lester say that if Clifford Brown had lived then he (Lester) would be working at the Post Office and Miles would be his supervisor?
  4. I've owned both the Bowie and Marsalis albums in question since they were more or less new, couldn't tell you when I last listened t even a bit of either. Maybe sometime in the '90s? The Flamingos I listen to all the time; often just IOHEFY, but other things too. It's great that LB dug the Flamingos, but he's not really telling me anything about them that I didn't already know. That clip of them on TV is priceless.
  5. Best Three Sounds Album

    All jazz is party music, or should be. But then all parties should be intellectually stimulating.
  6. Best Three Sounds Album

    Fair enough, unfortunately not so true anymore but the're still less than most vintage BN.
  7. Best Three Sounds Album

    I can remember when you could get at least halfway drunk at the bar for a dollar, how much does that cost now? Say $20, I'd pay that for an original 3 Sounds album on BN all day, every day. If you were lucky, you get buzzed and hear something like the 3 sounds for a few dollars more - it's social music, you of all people here should get that. Nonsense, Red garland was a master of touch and voicings, and the Sounds did better orchestrations with just the original three than many do with a whole orchestra, certainly better than the added orchestrations on their later albums. 'Musical depth' has many dimensions.
  8. This or That?

    Johnson generally, but I like certainly later period performances by House of Death Letter about as much as anything by anyone anywhere.
  9. Best Three Sounds Album

    FWIW, I vastly prefer the Sounds up through @ the Lighthouse to anything Gene did later. As stated above, this was a band not just a pianist and two other guys.
  10. Tune that affect you emotionally.

    (12) Toussaint McCall Nothing Takes The Place Of You (1967) .wmv - YouTube This song, which was featured in the movie Hair Spray despite not quite being the right period, reminds me of my late brother. Another performance that affects me greatly is Hank Mobley playing "The Good Life". (12) 1964 HITS ARCHIVE: Wish Someone Would Care - Irma Thomas - YouTube I almost forgot, "what about your tribulations" (12) Stanley Brothers, The Rank Stranger - YouTube "They knew not my name and I knew not their faces"
  11. Grachan Moncur III Has Died - RIP

    RIP A unique voice.
  12. Donald Byrd

    They both strike me as quirky enough, both in their use of voices and otherwise, to be taken as sincere personal statements from a PK.
  13. Chick's Trio Music with Miroslav & Roy is some good stuff, maybe not as good as their earlier work but still worthy. Not too ECM-ish, and to the extent it is that it transcends that.
  14. R.I.P. Guy Lafleur, Hockey Legend

    I can remember when he came up from the minors, makes me feel old. Great player, leader of the last of the Habs' dynasty. "To you from failing hands we throw the torch. Be yours to hold it high." from In Flanders Fields (as I'm sure all Canadians know), on the wall in the Habs' dressing room, only in French (and unlike the national anthem, in a direct translation).