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  1. Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder

    and danceable, which might help account for it being so hard to find used - people other than hard core jazz fans buy it too.
  2. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died.

    She & Scalia are probably digging some of their beloved opera right now, and they did agree on cases once in a while too. Those who see the SCOTUS in simply partisan terms should go to their website and read some of this years decisions 'cause they ain't been like that this year at all.
  3. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    Van got screwed by actual gangsters early in his career, not surprising that he's a little paranoid. Yeats and many others believed some crazy ass shit too.
  4. How's the weather?

    AQI here is below 200 for the first time since last week. At least it's not Happy Camp, CA where the readings were approaching 'you're dead' recently.
  5. WTF?

    This strikes me as of relatively recent vintage, and only mildly amusing.
  6. RIP Stanley Crouch

    Could be, and in that case I'd have to admit that you may have evolved a little further than I in this regard.
  7. RIP Stanley Crouch

    No doubt fueled by the same insecurity that fueled his reactionary-ness, bullying, and general belligerence. Trying to bluff his way thru 'cause he feared he couldn't make it otherwise.
  8. RIP Stanley Crouch

    Nevermind, I found the bit I was looking for. I still can't believe he even got paid to write at all. And I don't usually speak ill of the dead either, but in this regard at least he was truly exceptional.
  9. RIP Stanley Crouch

    Does anyone have a link to the passage in KC Lightening where he goes on about Bird and Chinese food and trains? I think someone quoted it here once.
  10. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Of course it was Alberta, said the person who used to live in SK.
  11. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    How about a bottom of the barrel set of unissued and/or unreissued Blue Note? All the stuff that still exists up thru maybe Francis Wolf's death?
  12. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    What part of Canada, or is that too political?
  13. How's the weather?

    Unbelievably bad air here in Portland. And the smoke has been keeping it much cooler than it would otherwise be. And someone has been arrested for arson in the Southern part of the State where two town burnt down, so the political climate may get even uglier too.
  14. for those who care - Fleetwood Mac 1969-1974

    I love Then Play On and Kiln House, maybe this box will free up some used copies of the others and I can fill in the gaps.
  15. Gary Peacock, yay!

    Thanks all.