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  1. Cecil Taylor RIP

    ...or because genuinely admired Getz - this isn't the only time he praised his playing. Miles certainly had no obligation to get CT or anyone else who was a different wavelength than he. That he got Trane and Tony early is more than enuff.
  2. Thanks for the nice, calm reply; that may well be what she's doing, I just find it more problematic than you. If I was a serious fan of circus/carnival music (I'm sure there are some) I'd probably find what I posted above less satisfying.
  3. "I don't think the successes of something like Escalator can be understated--not just in the way of this doom-y, fun house mirror-type big band arrangement, but in the consideration and subtlety behind the genre play" I think this says the exact opposite of what you meant it to say, not unlike Carla's work sometimes?, and, like Allen's inability to get 'then' and 'than' straight, it makes the rest of what you say hard to take seriously. But whatever Carla's doing, I wouldn't call it dull, even when it's not of interest to me.
  4. I too have been daunted by his vast catalog, and I'm impressed anyone at Sony is paying attention to Braxton at all.
  5. This is the only performance of hers I've ever really loved, and I think it's the performance not the writing. Liked plenty of others, including others doing her tunes but Escalator and Tong Funeral remind me of the kind of crap people would babble on about when they were high in college.
  6. Best track you heard all week

    Digging this!
  7. This is, indeed, quite lovely and a good deal. Hope you don't regret this later!
  8. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    I have a 15 CD box of Blue Note Boogaloo all worked out on paper, all they have to do is call me.
  9. LF: Everly Brothers Recommendation(s?)

    https://www.amazon.com/Songs-Our-Daddy-Taught-Learned/dp/B00GKOU8C0/ref=sr_1_2?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1525146422&sr=1-2&keywords=everly+brothers+songs+our+daddy+taught+us You'll want some version of Songs Our Daddy Taught Us (or A Teenager's Guide to Killing Your Girlfriend as one of the Bros. dubbed it), this one has earlier versions of the tunes on disc 2.
  10. Studebaker probably built more classes of vehicles (heavy truck sales were tiny, for instance) than it should have, right up until Dec. '63 when the board decided to get out of vehicle production entirely and closed South Bend (they only continued on a limited basis in Hamilton so the dealers wouldn't sue them, the company survived after they got out of vehicle production entirely in '66) . But Stude then and Ford now are two very different things. Ford will continue with cars for other markets, right? So they could bring them back here...
  11. Album Covers showing women with big hats!

    After 47 pages it would appear that Randy Newman was, indeed, right...
  12. Joey Baron

    I've seen him a number of times and own both leader and sideman recordings, but what sticks out in my mind is a suet gig with Bill F - totally telepathic, seamless flow through Jobim, Hank Williams, the Kinks, 'noise', etc.
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Thanks, I'll look for it.
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I got this and the one with Don Cherry, need me some more Johnny dyani!
  15. Most interesting/favorite 'Herbie Hancock' BN

    ...and he played with Little Walter, so he knew greens and blues!