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  1. Frank Trumbauer

    Joe Lovano does/has, as do others who play every wind instrument they can get their mitts on. Some keyboard players who dbl do too. I play only C-melodies, FWIW.
  2. Art Blakey 3/8/59 Unreleased Blue Note Sess

    " Way back when, I was actually asked by Michael to listen to the unreleased Lee Morgan session to see if there was anything worthy there to include as bonus tracks for The Sixth Sense. I really thought the 3 tracks selected were the only ones close to being worthy of release. I found the others to be really problematic. I'm surprised to see some here found them burning. To me, they really weren't." I've now heard the rest of this date, sounds fine to me, FWIW.
  3. Fourth of July Quiz

    9/10 FWIW
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Stanley lso did nice version of Look of Love.
  5. Yes I get what you're saying, and I can hear it, but it has little to do with why I like what I like & I don't presume to speak for others. "There's no dividing line to art" - Charlie Parker. IMHO truer words were never spoken, YMMV.
  6. FWIW, 'style' has little to do with why I enjoy any particular piece of music, personality worked out over different styles a little more, & all sorts of other things peculiar to that particular piece/performance way more.
  7. 2019 #CFL season

    The hype in sk is treating it is treating it as a near victory - & with the 2nd string quarterback that's almost realistic.
  8. Sorry I forgot about this, thanks for reminding me. I have a fair bit of this already and don't use what I do have, so I think I'll pass. Good deal for someone else tho'.
  9. I need to check which I've got & get bck to you.
  10. J.D. Allen

    I seem to have somehow failed to put my two cents in here! Fathead most assuredly is a jazz musician (and R&B and just his own bad self), as are/were Don Wilkerson and King Curtis too. I like JD Allen, FWIW, and the one I dig the most is Graphitti - it has that swagger that Saxophone Colossus and Our Man in Paris have, IMHO, YMMV.
  11. Lloyd & Joe Ely rock 'n roll.
  12. Totally intrigued and more than a little jealous, I look forward with bated breath to see/hear what you're going to do with this.
  13. C. Rouse unissued session

    Has anyone here heard the Charlie Rouse Blue Note Session of 1/22/65 in its entirety? Not looking for a copy, just wonder if it has any boogaloos or similar groove tunes on it (given the personal and time, seems like it might).
  14. RIP Chuck Barksdale

  15. I hear it as kinda like a trombone in a trad jazz 3 horn front line, as 'the glue' whether it's improvised or not.