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  1. Everything Sonny.

    I'm not usually down with the renaming mania, which we have a lot of in Portland generally and at Multnomah County Library specifically. but in this case I'm ok with it because there's a real connection between the thing and the person for which it will be renamed.
  2. Interesting that this is being done, or trying to be done, when there's no Smithsonian history of Rock 'n Soul, Rhythm & Blues, whatever yet - I've daydreamed about doing it but it would be impossible to satisfy everyone, in fact to do a good job you'd have to have a point of view (or three) and be willing to piss people off, otherwise it would be too bland 9have I put enough halfbaked ideas in one sentence yet?). Or, did I miss something?
  3. Gord Downie (of Tragically Hip) RIP

    The Hip had 11 #1 albums in Canada, according to my sources there!
  4. I've got that, One side In one side Out, both the in and the out are quite nice, IIRC.
  5. Poetry Corner

    I like, yours?
  6. 2017 #CFL season

    If any of the Riders' coaching staff were in any way encouraging this altercation, then the're the ones who need to be in trouble.
  7. what are you drinking right now?

    https://www.plu.edu/marcom/news/2017/06/14/commemorative-brew/ I had some Reformaiden this weekend @PLU
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    So, how is this? (I've long admired Reggie's playing, not as much as I admire Steve Cropper's or Tommy Cogbil's, but still a lot)
  9. Jack McDuff on ballads

    I think he does some of that on GG's Grantstand, IIRC.
  10. Where's Clementine?

    Not that smart...
  11. Poetry Corner

    very nice, I presume you know this one: Pennies in a stream Falling leaves of a sycamore Moonlight in Vermont take "of" out and I think it's a proper haiku...
  12. I thought he hinted at a couple of interesting ideas (on timbre and something else), but other than that (and a couple of good/obscure quotations) a machine could've written it. Not Ethan's best work and not adequate to the subject at hand.
  13. 2017 #CFL season

    Of Course there's Halloween in Canada, it's the last day without snow til May.