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  1. As I think I've mentioned here before, one of the things I do to use up excess time and stay out of trouble is write things for my own amusement and one thing I've been working on is compiling an imaginary box set of BNGTs (see title(. It started out as just figuring out just how many son of Sidewinder tracks did they record at BN, and then expanded to include the third cousins, twice removed (anything with a vamp kept through the solos, no walking bass, no shuffles). Well now I've gotten to the revival of the label from the '80s til now and I can't think of much since I don't know this period as well as the vintage stuff. I own some and have a few titles in mind, but any listening suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks and take care.
  2. Ralph Peterson Jr. RIP

    RIP, at his best he was a force to be reckoned with.
  3. Culture War, Young Lions & Trend Manufacturing

    I can remember reading this, or something very like it (there was a lot) back in the day and thinking 'really, you think VSOP or whatever is playing more/better than the SGQ or what its members did for BN back in the day, have you lost your freaking mind?' It was wishful thinking/non-thinking at best, and mostly just hype.
  4. Your Favorite Jazz Records of the 1980s?

    SRV's sole appearance on Blue Note, but the best cuts are with Sco.
  5. RIP Chick Corea

    Since Scientology affected who he payed with that had to eventually affect how he playing too. As did all that 'communicating' rubbish. Big fan of the early sideman and leader dates up to about '72 - Blue Michell, Getz, Joe Farrell era RTF, trios, etc. Very hit and miss for me after that... but that's hardly a unique pattern, there are lots of artists who are really on for a few years and then hit and miss after that, he did more good to great stuff than most and had his own voice. And yes Scientology is a cult and the're all evil. My taste in fusin' generally is mostly the earlier stuff and selective even there, much bigger fan of other subgenres - soul jazz, hard bop, early Stax, Chicago Blues, Honky Tonk, Western Swing, etc.
  6. Grady Tate

    That sounds old fashioned to me, I mean old for 1965. Like a more polished version of what R&B and straight blues drummers were doing in the '50s.
  7. The bass clarinet

    Bass clarinet? Oh, everybody plays those now, whatcha need is a bass tarogato: (10) Tárogató-addiction . Gregus Pal bass tarogato. « Contradanza »P De Riviera - YouTube and, yes, there is a contra-bass too.
  8. Unissued Music You Would Like To See Released

    All of it? It's hard to know til you actually hear it.
  9. The V-8 Juice is SO GOOD!

    Halibrand wheels were an option, rarely ordered so these may have been retrofitted. I think the paint is factory, or close to it. My Lark is close to that color, but it's definitely been repainted and was a different shade of green to start with.
  10. The V-8 Juice is SO GOOD!

    You should know by now, Studebaker is the G.O.A.T.! (Along with Hank Mobley, of course.)
  11. The V-8 Juice is SO GOOD!

    My favorite V-8, ok this one isn't mine but the one in my '62 Studebaker looks a lot like this only not so clean.
  12. New record by Freddie Redd!!!

    He lived in the Department of Motor Vehicles!?
  13. Joe Chambers - Back on Blue Note

  14. Dr. Lonnie Smith - Breathe

    I'll be getiing this.
  15. Joe Chambers - Back on Blue Note

    Looking forward to it.