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  1. Eric Dolphy on Blue Note?

    7 tunes, roughly 35 minutes
  2. Eric Dolphy on Blue Note?

    More likely the first one didn't sell or it just got lost in the shuffle (no pun intended). I think Jackson's 2nd is every bit as good as the first, maybe better. J. Coles - no idea what happened there. 2nd session where he recorded a full album's worth, added to the CD reissue of Hootin' & Tootin'
  3. Eric Dolphy on Blue Note?

    2nd session where he recorded a full album's worth, added to the CD reissue of Hootin' & Tootin'
  4. Eric Dolphy on Blue Note?

    BN wanted to record more Coltrane, but he signed with Prestige so they couldn't. They made several attempts at another Charlie rouse album but they weren't up to Afred's standards. This was often the case with those who had only one album issued, there was more than one session recorded but they either weren't up to snuff or the sales of the first issued were too disappointing. Some of these subsequent attempts at a follow-up album have either been issued on their own or as bonus tracks - for instance 5 tracks from Sonny Red's Jan 23, 1960 session were added to the CD of Out of the Blue. I don't think one-offs were often or ever part of the plan, but things happen.
  5. Eric Dolphy on Blue Note?

    He played on Andrew Hill's Point of Departure around the same time, to me that's some indication that they meant it to be an ongoing thing. BN didn't usually do one offs.
  6. Pete Cosey

    Not really, I don't have the same expectations that I have for Muddy.
  7. Pete Cosey

    If you take it as a tribute to Muddy...but then it would be weird to have Muddy sing on a tribute to himself. It's still better than Led Zep or most of the other blues butchery from that time.
  8. Pete Cosey

    Never worked for me. I like Cosey just fine with Miles and love Muddy, but totally don't mix IMHO.
  9. I have mixed feelings about Carla as a vocalist, only own some of this despite loving early Stax. I do have the Solomon Burke and Esther Phillips entries in this series and strongly recommend them. So I'm sure they did a good job on this one too.
  10. Cold Duck Time

    Rudy Toombs also wrote the very clever "One Mint Julep", first made a hit by the Clovers and later recorded by Freddie Hubbard and Ray Charles (separately) as an instrumental. It's main lick (which no doubt pre-dates the song) gets quoted in solos all the time.
  11. Dodo Marmarosa

    Bob Dietsche, there's a guy I used to run into around Portland, both when he owned Django's and after, but haven't seen for a long time. His quirk was that he rarely went to hear music live, he much preferred listening to records at home.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Listened to Bobby Hutcherson's Head On (CD with 40+ minutes of bonus material) tonight. This one should be talked about more, on of his most ambitious and best IMHO.
  13. I'll have to see if I can find those on YouTube or elsewhere for a listen.
  14. Weather Report 1972 Japanese Tour

    I've seen stuff on YouTube from lineups that never made it to the studio, some of it pretty interesting. But I don't think I have seen more from that tour, IIRC.