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  1. Mosaic's forthcoming James P. Johnson set

    Landed at my nest yesterday. On heavy rotation now!  BTW: superb liner notes by Scott E. Brown who hopefully will have his expanded and updated James P. Johnson biography published at some point in time within the next years...
  2. From December 31, 2015 Dexter Gordon newsletter:   http://dextergordon.org/   Fulfilling A Wish in 2016   Before Dexter's death in 1990, he asked me to complete the book he began after the Academy Award nomination and what he referred to as the "movie star" year. 2016 will see the completion of  the book,Dexter Calling: The Life and Music of Dexter Gordon, for University of California Press. The Dexter Gordon Society was founded in 2013 to archive, preserve, and present the research that I have compiled over the past 25 years, which includes all of the research done for this book.  By supporting The Dexter Gordon Society, you will help keep alive one of the world's most illustrious musical legacies and help continue the ongoing preservation of Dexter's legacy through archival work, publication, research, musical production and performance. Any amount that you can contribute will be used to further these efforts. We are eternally grateful for your generosity.    Maxine Gordon      
  3. Mosaic's forthcoming James P. Johnson set

    Yes, I've got 90 to 95% of it, but anyway... pre-ordered!
  4. Name Three People...

    Slim Gaillard Slim Richey Nur Slim  
  5. Happy birthday EKE BBB!!!

    Thanks a million!!!
  6. After ten years, organissimo... ...I'm getting sentimental over you Never thought I'd fall, but when I hear you call, I'm getting sentimental over you. Things you say and do just thrill me through and through, I'm getting sentimental over you. I thought I was happy I could live without love, Now I must admit, love is all I'm thinking of. Won't you please be kind, and just make up your mind That you'll be sweet and gentle, be gentle with me `Cause I'm getting sentimental over you.
  7. Free improvisers making noise out of a saxophone!
  8. Lance Armstrong

    Lance Armstrong's seven Tour de France victories won't be re-attributed to other riders says Christian Prudhomme A seven years gap will be created in the history of the winners of the Tour de France. Wise decission, IMHO (rare thing when we're talking about the infamious Christian Prudhomme). I'm curious to know if the defenders of Armstrong in this board have something to say once the USADA report is published. What was obvious for every aficionado and common knowledge among cyclers is now wide open to the public light.
  9. Ecce Homo restoration botched

    I really prefer these restorations...
  10. Name Three People...

    Pony Poindexter Dexter Gordon Gordon Goodwin
  11. Name Three People...

    Tony Lakatos Bernard Lagat Gebre
  12. Name Three People...

    Bill Walton Larry Bird Kevin McHale
  13. Name Three People...

    Jim Morrison Morrissey Johnny Marr
  14. Name Three People...

    Derek (& the Dominoes) Layla Lola Flores