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  1. Name Three People...

    Allan Simonsen Ragnar Lodbrok Bjorn Ironside
  2. George Mraz (1944 - 2021)

    R.I.P. and thanks for the music.
  3. This or That?

    Jazz Messengers Next: Bubber Miley or Cootie Williams?
  4. Good Jazz Albums from 1979?

    All three recorded in 1979. All strongly recommended: - Tete Montoliu - Al Palau (Edigsa) - 2 LP, one piano solo and one in trio format - Tete Montoliu - Live At The Keystone Korner (Timeless) - power trio with Herbie Lewis and Billy Higgins - Tete Montoliu - Luch In L.A. (feat. Chick Corea) (Contemporary)
  5. Phil Schaap R.I.P.

    Sad loss for the jazz community. R.I.P., Phil 😢
  6. This or That?

    Undoubtedly I am the biggest Tete fan in this forum, but I am also a huge devotee of Mr. Solal
  7. This or That?

    Martial Solal or Tete Montoliu ?
  8. Updated and expanded up to 139+ hours of music.
  9. Yesss! One of my favourite groups from that era. All ‘The Longest Day’, ‘Boston, Mass.” and “Stand Up” we’re really good!