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  1. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    To all that think this thing is like a flu, this is NOTHING like a flu. Without boring you all to death, I ended up with nasty pneumonia, but the tables have turned now, and I beat this disease. Long-term effects of it...who the hell knows?! I've got my erectile and taste functions in good enough shape to continue enjoying life, so that can't be too bad. Stay put, and wear a mask, wash your hands after touching stuff that doesn't belong to you. That's all you got to do.
  2. All 3 Mosaic Commodore sets on Ebay

    $5.50 + tax per record for the buyer. And your friend paid for the shipping and eBay/PayPal fees. How much were these sets when new?
  3. I'm glad your spirits are up! The rest will come! The cats probably hid away and died from smoke inhalation. Same happened to an acquaintance, when they had a fire. They lost, I believe, 9 cats this way. Cats always look for a place to hide when they sense danger.
  4. Dexter Gordon

    Your cd is actually the one that I referred to as being 'slimmed down', ostensibly by George Duke, to fit all the cuts on one cd, which is about 76 minutes long. Chiaroscuro CR2829 LP BPE 6101 CD Jive Fernando 14:10 Fried Bananas 9:27 Blue Monk 15:06 Blue Monk 13:02
  5. Dexter Gordon

    It would be nice if this, and this thread were merged into one - I think it's a very good, very illustrative Dexter Gordon blowing date, and the recording quality is not THAT bad. You can hear when Gordon moves away from the microphone, and either turns or walks a couple of paces, which is kind of cool in a holographic way. Chiaroscuro CR2829 has no discographic information, and the liner notes are rather abstract, to say the least. Regarding the titles of some cuts, I have read the Jive Fernando is Fried Bananas, and I honestly believe what's titled Momadua [wtf is that?] is really Montmartre. There were several CD incarnations of this date, at least one was produced by George Duke, and at least two of the tracks were mercilessly cut down, probably to fit on a cd. Is it 'essential'? I'm not smart enough to say or know, but it's some good machine-gunning Dexter, with some soulful lovin' thrown in. He plays a 15-minute long Blue Monk, and it isn't a Disco version, if you know what I mean.
  6. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    I watched it in one sitting. He knew what he wanted and how to achieve it in the most beautiful way. Few music producers can claim the same. Everything he said in the interview made sense to me, and I didn't feel an iota of insincerity or contriteness. Even when he compared himself to Leonardo Da Vinci, it was not megalomania...he had the bona fides. I'll be picking up the Back to Mono set.
  7. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Yes, thanks for checking up. It's been 9 days for me, and I'm now positive that this thing will not kill me. Without going into too much unnecessary, self-pitying detail, I'll just say that this bitch is bad. Another board member who also had the COVID has been a strong support, as we've been corresponding via Private Messages almost daily. Dub Modal, my only advice is to keep a detailed daily journal of your condition; I started doing that, and rereading my symptoms from Day 1 gives the only true perspective on one's condition. That, and stay away from reading anything covid-related; you'll go nuts. Ultimately you'll recover. Good luck!
  8. Ken Burns' "Jazz" seems pretty "Silly"

    I've woken this mother up 9 years later. Lots has transpired since then - at least one participant is dead, others have moved on elsewhere with their lives and opinions, hopefully for the better of it. In my convalescence I started to watch the KBJ again, for the first time since it premiered in 2000. Just finished episode 1, and as someone not keen on reading the academic history or memoirs of those involved in the early roots of the music, the Gumbo episode was engaging, well-edited, and dynamic. On to Episode 2, The Gift.
  9. Mosaics at my local vinyl shop

    Someone else will check the prices on the other sets, but the Taylor is priced right at current retail, if it’s a cd set. LP set sells for a bit higher, but not tremendously so. People in the used record business are not stupid. That Taylor Candid set...I’d be surprised if Mosaic moved 1000 units, even though they optimistically licensed for 7500, I think. The one I would really be tempted by is the Basie, but my New Years resolution calls on no new music purchases this year. It’s too early to slip.
  10. I've got mono.

    Nice place, EveryMann. That took some yard-saling to decorate! I've been playing some of my original and NY USA BN monos with the Grado, and again, the background noise is palpably diminished vs. the stereo cartridge. It's really quite amazing with some of these records, which look they way they should sound - beat up, but the mono cartridge pulls out so much music from these grooves!
  11. With never seen before exodus from NYC , we are bound to see record and book collections being disposed of. Some people may spring for storage, others will prefer to just dump theirs, Mosaics included. It's insane what is going on in Manhattan, people elsewhere just don't realize...
  12. I tried, but couldn't read this, skimmed through it enough to see what it was about. Maybe it's my Covd talking, but this article is boring as shit... In music, the equality of opportunities cannot guarantee the equality of outcome.
  13. COVID 19 Poll For the New Year

    Just tested positive.. the shakes, sore throat, malaise, corkscrew in the chest, all that good stuff. The coming week will give me a chance to catch up on some Music Matters 45 listening...getting up every 10 minutes to change sides is just what the doctor ordered.