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  1. Blue Note Jazz Classics 6500 Series (1969)

    Don’t have any of the albums from the 6500 series.Do you have a mono switch in your preamplifier? Maybe what you’re hearing is true mono, but not properly channel-separated, so it may give an impression of stereo. Some of these “electronically re-engineered for stereo “ albums are mono. It’s just a sales blurb in some cases.
  2. I was looking forward to seeing his band doing the complete hot rats album .... ain’t happening now.
  3. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    Don’t cry. Can you take walks? We’ve been doing it almost every day. The spring is here, and it’s beautiful.
  4. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    Italy is bracing for riots, MSN article says.
  5. Now reading...

    It's time to brush up on my reading. Maybe I'll finally be able to focus on one book at a time.
  6. What Are You Watching

    ZEROZEROZERO miniseries on Prime. Nice, well-made international drug smuggling thriller. USA-Western Africa-Calabria-Mexico. Recommend it. No "beautiful people". Cinematography is very good. It impressed m so much, that I'm now watching GOMORRAH on Netflix. I'm on the Episode 2, so it's way to early to tell how the show turns for me, but so far it's feeling like like the Italian version of the Sopranos, with a lot more grit and bang.
  7. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    The social experiment to continue for another month. President just announced that he’s extending nationwide social distancing till April 30th. Peak deaths are expected in 14 days.
  8. what are you drinking right now?

    Thanks. Another winner in the sub$10 category is Torrebruna Sangiovese. I bought two cases, comes up to well under $8 per bottle. I buy it from Wollaston’s in Quincy. Malbecs are great budget wines too!
  9. Why Dave Brubeck is the Coolest Jazz Artist Ever

  10. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    Guys, this was an attempt at bons mots. How’s this : If schools are to stay closed for three more weeks , parents will discover the vaccine much faster than scientists.
  11. Covid-19 Jazz playlist.

    Chick Corea - Antidote
  12. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    For the first time in my memory, when I smell a strong cloud of alcohol from another pedestrian, I feel relief and confidence that that person is disinfected and disease-free.
  13. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    Show her this instead. She's already stressed enough with your insightful life-related observations. REPD6in.mp4
  14. Why Dave Brubeck is the Coolest Jazz Artist Ever

    I finally found the photo of the facade. Looks all right, kind of underwhelming.
  15. Strange BN lp on ebay: re- John Patton

    Good eye. I also see the scribed BST-8..., it's on picture #4. Enjoy! It's certainly an oddity, and if the labels and the run in grooves are an indicator, the record might be stone-cold mint. Too bad no artwork... I wonder if they pressed any 45s for radio play.