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  1. Bad jazz art.

    How can you tell?
  2. Album Covers Featuring Moderne Furniture

    Wow, that's a QUAD ESL speaker in the background. I bet the amp is a LEAK TL.
  3. Just want to remind ya'll that a dozen years have zipped by now since I started this thread. Yet the JAZZ RECORD BASH is still ongoing. Some old souls are no longer with us, but the music lives on. Will try to attend this summer. It's been a long while...
  4. Bad jazz art.

    I'm not good at deciphering cubism, but I see a guy in a tux playing banjo. It doesn't end well.
  5. April 28-30. I shall attend. Mark that date in your calendars, friends. How about an organissimo forumites hangout, perhaps a meal and a gig?
  6. That's not a costume, friend....
  7. Bad jazz art.

    A complete set of 100,500 portraits of Duke Ellington seated at the piano, looking at ya kid. Duke-Ellington— PALETTE KNIFE Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov Oil Painting Portrait of Duke Ellington Donated to C.A.R.T.I.'s “All That Jazz” Fundraiser Another magnum opus by Leonid Afremov Artist: LEO OFREMON Title of Art: DUKE ELLINGTON Medium: HAND SIGNED ORIGINAL ACRYLIC PAINTING ON CANVAS - HEAVY TEXTURE PALETTE KNIFE TECHNIQUE Edition Size: ORIGINAL Art Size: 30x40 Framed Size: Unframed Value: $ 4000 The artist Leo Ofremon was born in Vitebsk, Belarus in 1955-- the same town where Mark Chagall was born. Well, if it's Chagall's homie...let him through. A-ha, we got an alternate take to the left. Everett Spruill Painting - Sir Duke Ellington by Everett Spruill Duke Ellington by David Lloyd Glover
  8. Bad jazz art.

    That's not fair, Bill. DSM pales in comparison to this
  9. Jean-Michel Jarre

    ...will be touring the US this Spring. I'm definitely interested in going to see him in Boston. Oxygene, Les Chants Magnetiques are very enjoyable.
  10. Not to mention that it qualifies for the Moderne Furniture Covers thread.
  11. Bad jazz art.

    Yep, that's a lovely representation of Bird. Now, The Blue Dog...probably made millions for the artist. Not to be outdone by the cool cats; and mice! Mice even wear tiny dark glasses. How cute! And jazzy. EL GATO GOMEZ PAINTING RETRO 1950S JAZZ CAT MID CENTURY MODERN BEATNIK BONGO MOD These poodles sure know how to jazz-party. Doggy Style, baby! Complete harmony here, white and black poodles having fun together, even one apricot poodle, whatever he represents.
  12. Clyde Stubblefield, RIP

    A relative of the late saxophonist John Stubblefield?
  13. Bad jazz art.

    Would I hang it up on a wall in my house? That's one of my criteria for bad art. Absolutely no snobbery involved, just humor. Painting by Artist Steve Lang featuring FRANK SINATRA, DEAN MARTIN, SAMMY DAVIS JR and MARILYN MONROE, (l to r),