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  1. These things are popping up like mushrooms. Must be the Spring is here.,BWG,5K80V,10X7,1 Is this part of an advertising campaign?
  2. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    I wonder what they do with these returned LPs...
  3. The record would belong to either Benny or Sonny, were they to post in this thread. That would be da bomb.
  4. The Miles flick was more entertaining than the Chet Baker film, which came out at approximately the same time. But it did suck as a biography, obviously. I viewed it as a graphic novel come to a cartoon-like life. And as such, it was fun. In the context of Miles's life, it carries a different meaning.
  5. Great Finds

    Earl Coleman is wonderful. I bought this one for my best bud, who probably has no idea of its did I, until I bought one, on a hunch. Very tasteful, and I imagine, probably a commercial flop in 1968. Both of the ones I bought have a delete hole in the upper left corner. I wonder what happened to him. Explorer Series is Ramnad Krishnan - Vidwan: Songs Of The Carnatic Tradition . Haven't played it yet.
  6. Great Finds

    This Sunday's haul from the record show. All,but one, came from the same vendor.
  7. It wasn't much of a thread. More like a public service announcement.
  8. Ran Blake is appearing with the Jeanne Lee tribute in Boston next week.
  9. LP vacuum cleaner

    If you are planning on cleaning many albums with this thing, wear ear protection.
  10. We are back in action. It IS a very nice, very well-recorded session. And more adventurous than just the “jazzy” versions of the popular classical pieces. Knock on wood, we are running strong again. I was afraid the teeeters would be blown, but all is well. I don’t know what caused it still, the only thing I can think of is that pink noise test cd. I must’ve cranked it up to Too high. My beef now is with the availability of such mundane things as 2.5 amp fuses. Since the Radio Shack is gone, there’s no place to buy minor electronic parts other than the automotive stores and the giant home centers. Naturally, they don’t carry the 2.5 amp fuses, so I installed a 2 amp one, just to see if the tweeters were kaput. I miss the Rat Shack. We used to take it for granted.
  11. Need a May Blindfold Test Presenter

    I’ll do it, if you guide me through the process.
  12. It’s sold out now. Maybe I made a mistake not ordering it...