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  1. This will narrow it down for you. Don't waste your time on the National jazz museum in Harlem, if you were thinking of going. There isn't much there.
  2. While editing my stuff for sale, I can't remove spaces between the lines of text. How is that done? Thanks!
  3. Irma Watch

    I could never live in Florida year round. Too hot, and way too humid for me. Good luck to you!
  4. What's this LP album?

  5. Chuck, if it were me, I would sell the whole massive classical collection as one lot on eBay. Just put a reasonable "buy it now" price, take 12 quality photos (that's the maximum allowed) of the spines of your cds, and the collection will sell quickly. You're in the business, so you know how to ship and pack. Just to give you a ball park idea -
  6. Happy birthday Dan Gould!!!

    Keep 'em coming!
  7. I am speculating that the gun she used was not registered to her. New York City gun ownership laws are pretty brutal, and virtually noone can legally own a handgun, aside from the chosen few. If that's the case, she brought an illegal concealed deadly weapon to the scene. Plus, he was no threat to her, there was no struggle. Imho, that's murder. But I'm no lawyer.
  8. Does Berne still play with just socks on his feet, or has he graduated to clogs? I'm excited to be seeing Bill Charlap, peter and Kenny Washington this Saturday at the Vanguard. It's been 15 or more years since i heard him in a club.
  9. What's this LP album?

    Is that a camo'ed helmet?
  10. I also just watched it on Netflix. Pretty good for all the reasons mentioned above.. They could've made the film a lot shorter by not using the endless snowy streets and cloudy skies footage. We all get it, he died on a snowy night, and the sky were gray. I am more than surprised that she only did, what, 3 or 4 years time for murder that was clearly premeditated.
  11. Westerns.

    So I just reserved a BR of THE SEARCHERS at our local library. It's the most recommended Western in this thread so far.
  12. Westerns.

    Just a couple of days ago finally watched Jim Jarmusch's DEAD MAN. What an unconventional movie! I really enjoyed it. How about Westerns as a genre? What are your favorites? I remember loving McKenna's Gold, when I was 11or 13 years old.
  13. Up with some new titles added!
  14. SOLD 70+ jazz cassettes

    SOLD They told Icarus he couldn't fly.
  15. SOLD 70+ jazz cassettes

    ONLY $59 post paid. Crazy low price...I know. Just pop the tape in your car deck, and wait for Art a nd Dizzy to take you away...from your wife.