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  1. Blue Note Review - By Subscription Only

    From the FB comments by BN: Yes, the Blue Mitchell vinyl reissue that's included was remastered from the original master tapes by Ron McMaster, and was pressed on 180g vinyl at RTI. For me THIS IS a positive factor. $200 is just a bit steep, though...
  2. Blue Note Review - By Subscription Only

    That Grand Opening.
  3. Questions to ask Randy Weston

    I should re-read the liner notes from the Berkshire Blues...
  4. Questions to ask Randy Weston

    I thought he grew up in Brooklyn. On Atlantic Avenue, iirc.
  5. Questions to ask Randy Weston

    The big man is appearing Saturday at Brown University with their world music ensemble. Tomorrow there'll be a screening of a biographical documentary, followed by the Q&A. I'm thinking - Which non-piano musician influenced you the most? -What impression did Thelonious Monk's music leave on you when you first heard it?
  6. I don’t want to step on your memories, but both the Broadway downtown and broadway uptown locations in NYC were the king and queen of the Tower empire. Sunset was just ok in comparison. The Lincoln center one was classy, and the jazz section was amazing and vast. But the East 4th st and Broadway had the vibe you could never find in LA, or anywhere else. I miss them both.
  7. What will be different in the Japanese version? I hadn't realized that the vocalist on the RTF was the Philip Bailey from the Earth, Wind and Fire.
  8. So about Monk being a genius vs. perhaps the most singularly-original pianist and composer...can you give us your most substantive reasoning of his genius status? For instance, how did he influence those that were his contemporaries and the ones that followed?
  9. Middle Class Whine

    Make my bathroom great again!
  10. Middle Class Whine

    Got quoted $20,000 for new tile floor and moving toilet and door in kids bathroom.
  11. iPhone music.

    Another new thing I just found out for myself: can't have two computers with iTunes synced to the iTunes on iPhone, with different cd libraries on each. Everything must match to one iTunes library. I have a pc at home, and one at work, so I have to make one of them my main iTunes pc, from which I import music into the iTunes on my iPhone, otherwise I can't synchronize. Also, must have iTunes installed on a pc in order for the iPhone to be recognized as a storage device. Also, for some reason couldn't drop photos from the desktop of my pc into the photo folder on my iPhone. Unless I'm misunderstanding this.
  12. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    I thought you were smarter than that. I was wrong.
  13. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    Cherrypicking? No, just giving examples of the free and independent media carrying water for whatever clients they have, and whatever issue they want to propagate at the moment. Going back to the NYT - their star reporter Walter Duranty in his Pulitzer-winning series of articles from the Motherland, had influenced FDR to open relations with the USSR, and further enable Stalin's murderous regime. You yourself alluded to their pre-Iraq war coverage. I'll remind everyone - another NYT star reporter Judith Miller [along with Duranty a member of the Pulitzer club], cobbled together material that was taken for granted as evidence of Iraq having WMDs. Results are felt to this day. The paper of record... Sure, who is Greg Osby, and why would such an esteemed paper of record as the Boston GLobe be interested in rolling over such an insignificant human? Maybe that is precisely the reason: he is a nobody to them, nothing but a side-note to a bigger story.
  14. Sharp Radway - piano Corcoran Holt - bass John Lamkin - drums Can't say I recognize any of these names. Enjoy the show, let us know what your impressions were.
  15. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    Why would the Atlanta Journal Constitution, New York Post, CNN and others fabricate stories about Richard Jewell? Why would the Rolling Stone concoct the UVa fraternity rape story? The Duke Lacrosse case? Media was all over that. Why they do it? Because they only dream of ratings and copies sold? Because in this country the libel laws are much more lax than elsewhere? Hell if I knew, but the combination of these two is a powerful stimulant.