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  1. Lew Tabackin

    This is a fantastic album, and a case where the reissue cover is better than the original. Rather scarce Japanese original press, 1975. US pressing on the Inner City, 1977. Much better! I don't think this was ever put on CD, was it? Shame it isn't. That's prime Lew.
  2. Warped vinyl

    It would've been ironic had it been the Demasiado Caliente album.
  3. Pat Martino - BAIYINA Is that so? I will look for it. I became an instant fan. What a tone on the instrument! Fluid sound!
  4. I you wouldn't cook the squirrel on your own. Neither would you catch one, and instead rely on the hand-outs from relatives and others.
  5. You can buy a used refrigerator, and a used tv. You can't buy a used loaf of bread.
  6. The shortages are back! Some shelves i our local supermarket are empty again. On our town's community's FB group, the one-percenter "major contributors" are screaming bloody murder.
  7. I am certain that my first set was Lee Morgan, ca.1999-2000. I followed the herd on the Blue Note Board. Remember the stampede when a set was advertised as the Last Chance? People were moaning and groaning about paychecks, wives, rent and car payments, but the purchase HAD to be made. I ended up with several sets of music that I really didn't dig at the time, but bought because it was Last Chance'd. They stood on my shelf for years, until I sold them, and made my money back.
  8. Film-Related Jazz Recordings

    Miles Davis - Ascenseur Pour l'Échafaud aka Lift to the Gallows James Newton Howard, et al - Glengarry Glen Ross (one of personal favorites) MJQ - The Modern Jazz Quartet Plays One Never Knows (Original Film Score For “No Sun In Venice”) Jimmy Smith ‎– La Métamorphose Des Cloportes
  9. Well said, and can’t be argued with from the veracity standpoint. They are real. This isn’t the first time this LT Series cover topic has been raised. I remember it being talked about on the Blue Note Bord twenty years back. I have to admit that I didn’t like them at first, but I changed my mind long enough ago, and now, whenever I see these Rainbow cover BNs , I try to buy them, if they are priced in the realm of reason. I dig the esthetic, I like the photographs, and the reasoning of the designer who selected them. The soon after King covers were not done with overt Reid Miles overtones; it’s like whoever the Japanese designers were , they didn’t bother trying too hard, and just enough to make them look Blue Note-ish. They were careful not to come out like frauds, I guess. Why the Japanese didn’t hire Miles to design the covers?! He was still an active professional in the 1980s. UA could’ve hired him to design the covers for the LT series to start with… I find the later BN cd covers by Patrick Roques to be ghastly attempts at emulating Reid Miles’s work. They are quite poor, , not all, but most of them. Just my opinion, of course. I’m wondering how much of an input did Lyon and Wolff have on the cover designs, Aside from Wolff providing session photographs, if those were to be used on the covers. Who came up with the album titles, by the way? Where are the original mock-ups, the “alternate takes”, studies? Trashed? If they do survive, it would be an amazing traveling exhibit, set to the music of the records they belonged to, perhaps coupled with live performances. Even if Miles said that he didn’t listen to the records when designing covers for them, they are inseparable. Like these LT covers are inseparable from their music to me.
  10. Chris hasn’t checked in in about a year. Sent him a PM, haven’t heard back yet
  11. Chico Hamilton on Crown

    I'm assuming these tracks are on the Chico Hamilton Mosaic?
  12. Looking forward playing this program on my commute to work tomorrow. Just played the Chico Hamilton Special LP for the first time, and I'm hooked. Three plays in a row...I loved every second of the music on this record!
  13. Webster Young dies

    Guys, I just bought this Lp yesterday. It's Webster Young – Plays The Miles Davis Songbook (Volume Two). Dated 1981, on VGM label, which looks like a semi-bootleg operation Record is still sealed, and it was $5, so I took it. Will play today. There was also a Volume One there, but I left it.
  14. Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield heralds a "CD Revival"

    I don't know what BTS stands for, but I have a lot of cds, and never bought into the download culture. I don't own any downloaded music, but I do listen to Pandora. Some of their algorithms are spot on, some aren't. When I hear something interesting there, I may spring for a cd or lp. The excitement of going to the Tower Records, browsing the thousands of titles will never be replaced with sitting at a computer screen one on one with Napster or the like. Maybe the resurgence of physical formats, like the LP and the CD, will usher in the resurgence of the record store. Not the used kind, but where unopened, sealed disks are sold, and new releases slated for this and that day are to be found on that damn day. I still remember the early morning line outside Tower Records when the new U2 album was to come out. ...Keeping my fingers crossed.