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  1. SOLD 70+ jazz cassettes

    SOLD They told Icarus he couldn't fly.
  2. SOLD 70+ jazz cassettes

    ONLY $59 post paid. Crazy low price...I know. Just pop the tape in your car deck, and wait for Art a nd Dizzy to take you away...from your wife.
  3. SOLD 70+ jazz cassettes

    How about $49 post paid?
  4. I hear cassettes are making a come-back.
  5. Bette St.Claire - AT BASIN STREET EAST, Seeco CELP-456, Rec.1958 A surprisingly good set of music. Haven't heard this singer before. With George Du Vivier [spelling on cover]. Someone got it on Special for 84 cents.
  6. I've got that one also, will do a transfer for you if you need it still.
  7. Bad jazz art.

    ANOTHER OEVRE IN THE DESIRABLE bOTTLE jAZZ SERIES HAS JUST SURFACED!! Estimate: $150 - $200 Description: Leonid Afremov's masterful use of color and texture make his paintings unique collectibles that are sure to brighten any wall. "Bottle Jazz III" is a limited edition giclee on stretched canvas, numbered in verso and bears Afremov's authorized signature. This piece comes gallery wrapped. Includes Certificate of Authenticity! Measures approx. 24" x 18" (image). Certificate of authenticity should seal this deal quite nicely.

    Ok, for you it'll be $50. Seriously, a Christmas bonus lets me enjoy the red carpet service here...packages are always put in plastic bags if precipitation is projected.

    $30 to your mail carrier at Christmas time does amazing things for customer satisfaction.
  10. Interesting take on hi-fi benefit-cost ratio.

    That'd be interesting, if he would. But he didn't.
  11. Marian McPartland's "Reprise"

    That would suit it better, I think. Remember Pink Floyd - Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way ? Not imperial British, but squarely English.
  12. New Thelonious Monk album

    Sonics are that good, eh? You've convinced me to pull the purse strings. Anyone compare the cd to the lp? I'm probably going for the cd version.
  13. Shirley Scott questions

    Chuck Berry said his voice was recorded at slightly higher speed to make him sound younger and more appealing to the youths in the late 1950s.