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  1. Good call on the plugs, I'll bring them! and sun block. 85* and full sun tomorrow. The beer garden opens at noon.
  2. Dallas-Providence is an easy flight. Newport is only a short ride from there. I can help with the logistics for next year. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, and will keep you posted on everything that goes on. There are twenty acts appearing on 4 stages, but I'm planing on catching just 4 or 5. Too bad the Arkestra is playing the early show, because my wife doesn't want to go that early. So I'm going to miss that. Otherwise, I'm planning on starting with Tia Fulle, the Spanish Harlem Orchestra, then Gary Bartz Another Earth 50th anniversary band [that's the one I really want to see], Thundercat, Billy Hart, and top it off with Herbie Hancock. Never seen him live.
  3. Friday is the day when I’ll be there. Will take some photos. Herbie Hancock Thundercat Corinne Bailey Rae The Bad Plus Sun Ra Arkestra directed by Marshall Allen Gary Bartz ANOTHER EARTH 50-Year Anniversary featuring Ravi Coltrane Kandace Springs Women of the World Spanish Harlem Orchestra Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society Billy Hart Quartet w/Ethan Iverson, Mark Turner & Ben Street Tia Fuller’s “Diamond Cut” DOMi & JD Beck The Dayna Stephens Group Mwenso & the Shakes Alphonso Horne and the Gotham Kings Tom Oren Ben Morris Quintet (ASCAP Winner) Mark Stryker: “Jazz from Detroit” Berklee Global Jazz Institute Workshop
  4. Collections

    It was pretty slim, actually, ...just the albums he produced, or wrote the liner notes for.
  5. Kenny Burrell

    Almost a 40 year difference between them...could be love, could be anything. Could be that's she's milking him [and everyone who sent the money] dry before he goes to that jazz club up above.
  6. Kenny Burrell
  7. João Gilberto RIP

    I really enjoy this cd, which combines the Amoroso / Brasil albums.
  8. João Gilberto RIP

    I'm surprised not to see Jim R's comments here. He's a bossa nova connoisseur. Haven't seen him post in the forum for a while, actually.
  9. I don't know what's not slow about it. It takes me 1 hr. to get to Boston and 2 hrs. to get back sometimes. There were 10 automobile-related deaths in Boston last year. As bad as it sounds, it's not a lot So you are safe!
  10. Watched the Broken Flowers again, first time after I saw it in the theater on its first run. Love Mulatu Astatke's music, but the film is pretentious, empty dreck, imho..
  11. I can tell you one thing - straw skimmer hats were very popular in 1915!
  12. Chick Corea- ANTIDOTE new album is out!

    I hate to give my impressions after hearing the album in its entirety just once. One thing for certain, it's not just for lovers. I wonder what John has against lovers. That's how he happened, after all...
  13. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    We do have at least one true world class player - Pulisic. And, if he does well going forward, McKennie. When was the last time US had one of those?! Yes...never.
  14. Fourth of July Quiz

    8/10 I did take the test officially in 1995.