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  1. Will be there on AM Saturday. Who wants to meet around lunch time, drop a brew and pimp their finds?
  2. Bad jazz art.

    Lot 593: Bottle Jazz I by Afremov, Leonid Estimate: $150 - $200 Description: Leonid Afremov's masterful use of color and texture make his paintings unique collectibles that are sure to brighten any wall. "Bottle Jazz I" is a limited edition giclee on stretched canvas, numbered in verso and bearing Afremov's authorized signature. This piece comes gallery wrapped. Includes Certificate of Authenticity! Measures approx. 24" x 18" Yep, bottles are playing jazz. Somehow I'm thinking of Dr.Hunter S. Thompson
  3. Who's is the guitarist?

    Martin Mull?
  4. Yeah, I was being tongue in cheek. I'm pretty sure the Ghanaian does great tiling work. You're in NYC? You have to understand that where I am it's either "a guy with a pick-up or a white van", or an expensive remodeling company, with nary anything in-between. I have yet to find a good reliable remodeler who doesn't charge the holy s@#t fees. BTW, what did you mean by " ex-engineer who had an NBD"? What's a NBD? Cheaper than the tile work I was quoted. And definitely an option at this point in my life. Thanks, Chuck!
  5. No way. I want to die on that radiant-heat floor, clutching onto the towel warmer.
  6. Yeah, that sounds cool. Hook me up with their numbers. When we bought our first house, and didn't know anything about anything, I hired a company ran by born-agains, who employed convicts in their rehabilitation program. Didn't know that then... One of the said convicts destroyed the newly-placed bamboo floor with a nail gun, right in front of me. Did you know that refnishing bamboo floors is a real bitch?! Neither did I. Cause it shreds. Oh, also, they laid down the floor with a serious slant. Like if you put a marble in one corner, it would roll quickly to an opposite corner...diagonally. Now I want impeccable references, pedigree, a family tree dating to the second crusade. One GC I'm not hiring because he came for a meeting in our house and asked if he could take a pee. That's what she said. I mean the certified bathroom designer. Except she said $20k for the steam shower. OK then..
  7. So wer're going to remodel our existing master bathroom. 8x12. Wants - full gut steam shower soaker bath tile on floor and in shower in-line fan heated floor towel warmer nice vanity nice light new toilet move toilet a foot or two Hansgroche fixtures Got 3 quotes - $35k, $43k, $55k. WTF... Anyone done this recently? Am I crazy to think these prices are crazy?
  8. Happy Holiday.

    I didn't get it at first. Looked at the date...4/20.... Yes, happy holiday for those whose every day is a holiday. I'm positive that grass makes you stupid, if you smoke every single day. Nothing against social use...
  9. Happy Birthday to the best dressed man in jazz.

    Buster Williams looks like a corporate lawyer comparing to Archie Shepp. Shepp's got style.
  10. I was thinking it was the hard water, which is surely not conducive to maintaining the coiffure.
  11. Chuck Berry R.I.P.

    How big was he in St.Louis 15 years ago? You're from that area. He must've had some serious presence in town, a restaurant, amuseument park, something like that? He studied business & accounting during his second stay at the state pen, and heavily invested in real estate, I'm presuming in the St.Louis area. People do give artists a break in cases of weird and wacky, often times bordering on criminality. Think Woody Allen.