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  1. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Lev Yashn, when asked about his opinion regarding the first manned space flight of Yury Gagarin, right after it occurred: "I feel proud, but not as great as after a good penalty save".
  2. Looks like he sobered up and picked up his life by the end of it.
  3. God damn....I had no idea. That's why I don't like reading biographies of famous crazy, drunk, and drugged out artists [yes, Miles]. It absolutely puts a big negative perspective on my consequent appreciation of their oeuvre.
  4. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    The a/d/a transfers almost swayed me. I'm happy that these are new transfers, and they sound excellent. Did you compare them to the classic TOCJ and McMaster discs from the glory days, Lon?
  5. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    I decided not to pull the trigger at the last instant. I have most of these on LP or CD, and it just doesn't make economical sense. Now, if I were in the market for some 1960s Mobley, it would've been a no-brainer purchase. It's not like you can drive or peddle to your local Tower Records, make a few turns to get to the M isle, shuffle a few steps towards the Mobley section, pick out what your fancy directs you to do, and make another step to the left, towards the Morgan section. Let's see if a new JRVG release is there. Fat chance...
  6. This is what an enforced veganism is - being forced not to eat meat or dairy...due to lack of it.
  7. We also don’t have to drink a plethora of lab-cooked chemicals labeled with funky trade names, yet you are very enthusiastic about some new Coke concoction.
  8. NEWPORT, R. I., July 4—The remaining two days of the Newport Jazz Festival were canceled today after thousands of young people last night tore down sev eral 60‐foot lengths of chain link fence surrounding the field, battered their way through a second wooden fence and in vaded Festival Field. Read both articles, would love to see the news reels. I doubt you'd see anything like what's described these days. Certainly thousands of young people doing anything together en masse sounds like a dream of some weird sort,...aside from maybe a climate protest. This is the 1960 Muddy Waters footage, according to the title. Doesn't appear that all shit was breaking loose outside.
  9. I don't mind grocery shopping. I like to pick the better head of lettuce or eggplants, I like to choose which bunch of basil I want to cook with. I want to look at the grandmother's rolls, before I put them in the basket. I don't want to sit at the computer or stick my face in the phone to order produce. Like Matthew, I also see the absence of certain produce at our town supermarket, which is kind on a ritzy and expensive side. They didn't have the eggplant when I was there a couple of days ago. Certain peppers were not in stock. Still no all-purpose flour. Yeast returned, and was scooped up fast. Wife got a jar! I've seen the article titles on the upcoming meat shortages, and that is somewhat worrying, so we'll be stocking up on some beef and lamb. I don't like pork (aside from some good bacon), we usually don't cook it. I'd imagine there should be plenty of that, as pork is so popular in the USA. The garlic my m-i-l has planted is coming along tremendously well. I'll share the photos. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the padron peppers I've planted: would love to see these babies grow! Tomato seeds I've saved from the previous harvest have been disappointingly-cachectic, and probably won't bring fruit. The Spring has sucked so far...rainy and not inviting.
  10. Garlic is BACK! It's everywhere. In addition to the Chinese and American homegrown, now I see garlic from Argentina, Chile and Spain. What's missing is Dry Yeast and All-purpose baking four. Both do pop up from time to time, but for the most part those two items are gon. I went as far as to order both from Amazon - Saf-Instant Yeast, 1 Pound Pouch $20 Ceresota Unbleached Forever All Purpose Flour 25 lb bag $54 One pound bag of yeast would last me 20 years, and the 25 lbs of flour...I must've been stoned and/or desperate when I placed the order, so I canceled it.
  11. This, my friends, blows.... Dear Newport Jazz Family – This is the letter I was praying I wouldn’t have to write, feeling we need the healing powers of live music more now than ever. It is with the heaviest of hearts we announce the cancellation of the 2020 Newport Jazz Festival. As devastating as it is to write those words, it’s balanced with a renewed sense of, well, HOPE. It’s Rhode Island’s motto for good reason and it’s also the feeling you, our festival family, constantly exudes when we come together in good times and perhaps more importantly, in difficult times as well. This community is truly unlike any other in music, and I believe we can emerge from this adversity stronger and more connected than ever before. However, while your safety was at the core of the present decision, your support will be at the core of our future viability. Our ability to produce this festival in 2021 - and continue making a lasting difference in the lives of artists, students and Jazz lovers like yourselves - is in your hands. Quite simply, we need your help. Due to the financial and institutional uncertainties we find ourselves in, we believe the most trusting and direct course of action is to let the ticket holders decide where their ticket dollars should go. We have sent all ticket holders an email mapping out three options: 1) donate all or a portion of your ticket that will go directly towards ensuring our festival for 2021 while continuing our support for artists and educators; 2) apply your refund towards a 2021 Revival Membership - a new and one-time offer we’ve created specifically to ensure our future and provide these members with 3-day tickets to the 2021 festival at Fort Adams; and 3) receive a 100% full refund if desired. For those of you who didn’t have tickets for this year, PLEASE consider making a tax-deductible donation ( Help us continue these festivals, support year-round music education initiatives, and provide grants to artists in need. I want to personally thank our founder George Wein, our staff, our Board of Directors, Christian McBride, the City of Newport and the DEM for their continued efforts. And, offer a personal note of gratitude to Rhode Island Governor, Gina Raimondo for her leadership and counsel in prioritizing our well being in making the decision to cancel the festival. Although we won’t be able to gather at the Fort this summer, rest assured we have invited ALL the announced artists to join us next year. In the meantime, we promise we will all commune one way or another on our festival weekend. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks. Until then, stay safe. And in the words of George Wein, "don't miss the beat." Jay Sweet, Executive Director, Newport Festivals Foundation
  12. I made this before receiving your advise, so I ended up buying an inexpensive Italian wine Fontana Candida Frascati. It was nice and light, a little on the sweeter side. The fish came out well, a very easy recipe that shows well. .I went out today and bought some of the exact wines some of you have advised - Albarino and Vermentino. It makes sense to me now that you've suggested these for the fish. Both wines come from coastal areas, one from the warm Mediterranean, and the other from the open Atlantic. I will have to hold them for the rasstegai I'll be making for the first time this weekend.
  13. Holy Crap SWAT team

    So I’m reading this thread, thinking it just happened...guy wearing a face mask breaks into a house....seems normal. What happened to your cop-neighbor who let a dimwit drunk steal two of his guns?