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  1. what happens to the NEA now and Lincoln Center and stuff

    It's all about who you know... Serrano got a $5,000 NEA grant to collect his pee. That buys a lot of kitty litter, Ken.
  2. Which albums is Pele looking at?

    I thought Raimundo was a name... King of the World, duuh.
  3. That's what Steve Hoffman said on his forum. That they were making masters for the sacds and the lps from the same material at the same time. You know that for a fact?Would seem like an inexplicable waste not to do it.
  4. what happens to the NEA now and Lincoln Center and stuff

    Two words - PISS CHRIST.
  5. What a piece of work... I read his blog a couple of months back. When he stopped getting free records from MM, he started bad-mouthing them. The SACDs of the corresponding material should sound the same as the MM vinyl. As was disclosed by the people who worked on these reissues, both were cut from the same source, at the same time.
  6. Which albums is Pele looking at?

    Not the faux album cover, that is self-explanatory. I was asking about the photo I cropped and enlarged above it, with Pele looking at the sides. I think the annotation says Pele is chillin', listening to some tunes. I thought maybe it mentioned which records he was playing.
  7. Which albums is Pele looking at?

    How's that Mendes record? Any good? Anyone understands Portuguese?
  8. I'm assuming they are Brazilian. I want to know what music the King of futebol listened to. Maybe it'll make me a better player. That and losing 10 pounds. .
  9. Is the German pressing also gatefold, like the original? As far as I know, this was put on cd only in Japan, under Jim Hall's name, and is going for big bucks now.
  10. Future Japanese releases

    I just bought this LP, original CTI. A very-very enjoyable album. Highly recommended by moi.
  11. I really enjoy Wade Legge's solo cd. His work with Rollins and Mingus was also first rate. Too bad he died so very young. STUDIO TRIESTE I'm spinning this one, and lovin' it. What a wonderful record! The playing, the arranging by Don Sebesky, are first class. Hubert Laws is shinning on Django. And Chet BAker is in fine shape. Just bought it a couple of weeks ago. This will be one of my favorites.
  12. Chuck Berry R.I.P.

    Top comment : Three Rock'n'Roll hero's: Chuck Berry, John Lennon, the sound guy who cut Yoko's mic