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  1. 20% off EVERYTHING on eBay today

    Yep, if you buy through eBay. Like I bought this lens from a NYC b&m store that has an eBay storefront. Had I bought directly from the store , I would've paid $100 more.
  2. 20% off EVERYTHING on eBay today

    Correction: you can buy as many items as you want, but do a single checkout. This way 20% off will apply to every one of your items.
  3. Here's the code - I don't remember them having a discount like thus. Bought a legendary Pentax lens that I've been lusting after. Share what you got! EDIT: This deal is valid for any ONE item. USA and Canada addresses only!
  4. Which harassment? Am I missing something here?
  5. Didn't someone post a QJ Vulture interview link here? It's interesting that both interviews are focused largely on different subjects; gives a more rounded picture of QJ's thinking. An interesting explanation of Coltrane as a steadfast interpreter of Slonimsky. Is there an example from the work you did, maybe with Michael, which illustrates what you’re talking about? Yeah, the best example of me trying to feed the musical principles of the past — I’m talking about bebop — is “Baby Be Mine.” [Hums the song’s melody.] That’s Coltrane done in a pop song. Getting the young kids to hear bebop is what I’m talking about. Jazz is at the top of the hierarchy of music because the musicians learned everything they could about music. Every time I used to see Coltrane he’d have Nicolas Slonimsky’s book. Yeah, he was famously obsessed with the Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns. That’s the one you’re talking about, right? That’s right. You’re bringing up all the good subjects now! Everything that Coltrane ever played was in that thesaurus. In fact, right near the front of that book, there’s a 12-tone example — it’s “Giant Steps.”Everyone thinks Coltrane wrote that, he didn’t. It’s Slonimsky. That book started all the jazz guys improvising in 12-tone. Coltrane carried that book around till the pages fell off. When Coltrane started to go far out with the music — “Giant Steps.” Even further out, though, like on Ascension — You can’t get further out than 12-tone, and “Giant Steps” is 12-tone. But when he was playing atonally — No, no, no. Even that was heavily influenced by Alban Berg — that’s as far out as you can get. .
  6. New Soul Station XRCD Blue Note - out now. Sounds great!

    That's cool. I will be ordering these. Thanks for the update. EDIT: This is what's availbable here - A bunch of them are listed as beck-ordered. Which is your source for these?
  7. Some good meat to pick at here.
  8. Listened to it again. A phenomenally-good album. Just the two of us have it; and one is a promo?!
  9. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    That may have been true before the METOO movement. It's unclear to me from reading the article whether Osby left or was terminated. The article says Osby, in an hourlong interview with the Globe, disputed the woman’s claims. He also said that he received a severance package from Berklee that included a gag order. That's part of the missing context. Severance package mean he was shown the door, or what? I haven't worked in a company environment for 25 years, so I wouldn't know. Just checked up on his Twitter feed, and looks like he deleted everything pertaining to this matter.
  10. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    I didn’t write a word about Weinstein in this duscussion. And I’m not crazy...just misunderstood. I will summarize again - press and media in general can and does change history, put the course of human events on a sometimes disastrous tack. What worse being to illustrate that other than Stalin being lionized by the most respected newspaper in America? Point two - I provided some key individual cases from the not so recent past, where the media had caused serious, potentially career-ending, and life-altering harm to innocent people. The Globe reporter interviewed Osby for an hour, and proceeded with printing a couple self-implicating sentences, with no context. Does that still look legitimate to anyone here? Am I crazy to point that out?
  11. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    I would like you to explain what you mean by that.
  12. Happy Birthday Felser

    I second that!
  13. Crazy sale at Leo Records

    That makes this sale pretty unattractive to me.
  14. Another year is coming to an end, and I just wanted to resurrect this thread. Last year I donated about 10 wine boxes of classical LPs to the library, probably about 500-600 albums in total. What's the fair market value? Who the heck knows. Some could be sold for real money, but most are probably worth a buck. Since I'm not itemizing my donations, I just have my accountant write off $500, for this and all the Salvation Army stuff we donate every year. Seems fair to me. If you go above $500, you must itemize, and fill out the IRS Form 8283, and to me it's just not worth the hassle. The form is for stuff with FMV of $501-$5,000. Obviously you need the paperwork to prove it, in case IRS takes interest. Also, if you think your donations are worth more than $5000 FMV, you have to hire an appraiser. Back to the LPs. Library put them up for sale in their annual drive. I think they were pricing them at $.50 a pop, but I 'm not sure. That was last year. Three weeks ago I went to this year's sale, and the records weren't there. Had they put them in a dumpster, or did someone buy the's a library mystery. All I know is that my basement has more standing room for other stuff to gather dust.