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  1. BFT 169 Discussion Thread: Enjoyable and Zorn Free

    Thank you. I got a free LP from some shop that didn't know what else to do with it of Ethiopian Jewish Liturgical Music. It was the most awful-sounding music I'd never heard, so I gave it to someone at work. (I DID tell him what I thought of it, but he still accepted it.) And I've kept well away from Ethiopian music since. But OK, I did know an Ethiopian student in the sixties who really dug Lonnie Smith and David Newman, so I evidently did that country's entire music output an injustice. Oh well, can't win 'em all. Does that guy have any albums of his own or is he a star of various artists compilations? OK, well I can't get #5 either, but that's pretty nice. I'll be interested in knowing who this is. Thanks MG
  2. BFT 169 Discussion Thread: Enjoyable and Zorn Free

    NOT South African! Oh wow, then I don't know. Almost certainly not from Africa unless there are good jazz musicians in Botswana, Zimbabwe or Zambia, all of which I greatly doubt. So if it's modern and European or American, I'm on foreign territory. I'll have a go at #5. Thanks. MG
  3. BFT 169 Discussion Thread: Enjoyable and Zorn Free

    Thanks to Bill, I've had a listen to #4. It's South African, not from the patch I know best, West Africa, but I think it's Winston 'Mankunku' Ngozi. I think I've said once or twice on the board that, if you come across anything of his, don't toy with your scruples, buy it. MG
  4. Billy Ver Planck Reissue

    I never heard of him before, outside his work for Prestige in the early seventies. Some of that stuff was half reasonable, though entirely because of soloists like Houston Person. I'm surprised he had even a little reputation. MG
  5. Most interesting/favorite 'Herbie Hancock' BN

    I've got a cloud of dread about that, too. Seeing Chuck's photos of his office made me realise what a BIG mistake I'd made (that he didn't) putting my CD shelves in AFTER the carpet was laid up to the wall, and getting them screwed into the wall. MG
  6. What vinyl did you scratch last?

    I DO like that response! MG
  7. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    Yeah, me too; in 1961, when the first Beatles records came out. Rock & Roll, for me, was Fats Domino, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Lloyd Price, Larry Williams, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Coasters and about half a dozen Elvis Presley records. MG
  8. What vinyl did you scratch last?

    Nice session. All the Gator Muse albums are excellent. Unless there's some new stuff, though, I've got it all. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I didn't think Gator is really your stuff, Chuck. Were you more interested in Rudy and the production process? MG
  9. Packing my collection

  10. Packing my collection

    Moving a big collection IS tough. Are you taking your shelves too, or having new ones made? Happy move though, Chuck. MG
  11. George Braith

    Both are very different; from each other and from anything else he's done. No way to tell before you hear 'em. And it took me a good while to get 'Musart' after I'd bought it. I mean over a decade. MG
  12. George Braith

    Yes, I've got the LP of that, too. A nice-ish cut or two but a bit on the weak side overall. MG
  13. George Braith

    Oh. But it's got to be a CD? MG
  14. George Braith

    Oh, is that the complete George Braith 1963-67? I have the feeling that label does that kind of thing. MG
  15. Happy 90th birthday Tom Lehrer

    The songs really stick in the mind. The one I always loved most was 'Lobachevsky'. REALLY sarcastic. And VERY clever. MG