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  1. BFT164

    It's not Milt Buckner on #8. I think Jim S may know it, but is too busy to say It's not Hank on tenor. But it IS this kind of tenor playing that influenced his alto style. MG
  2. BFT164

    No rush. My computer's so buggered I can hardly ever get on the web at present. Determined to hang on until December, then get a new one. G
  3. BFT164

    Yes, Newborn, as I noted. But not the Atlantic album, which I had for a week or two in about 1970 but didn't like. Guess again. I'm surprised you didn't guess some others. MG
  4. BFT164

    I wonder if this response will work... Oh well, Lou Johnson is in there. So is Mr Moody But if that white guy is actually what Oliver Nelson looksed like, I'll sell my soul to Santa. And yeah, Noslen was in there, too. MG (now, we'll see what you've dunn)
  5. Happy Birthday jeffcrom!

    Have a great day, Jeff! MG
  6. BFT164

    Phew a couple of days not being able to access the web and now my PC is most unhappy about me being here. Well, I'm very glad you're enjoying this Bill. I'm also not TOO displeased that you're finding some of it hard MG
  7. Obscure Albums You've Heard and Think Everyone Else Should

    My best mate has a copy of this on Tempo: the original issue. There must be all of 17 copies in the world! I had the Jasmine issue but is was a bit too much like a proper jazz record for me. MG
  8. BFT164

    Yes, #3 is Ray Bryant. Boingggg! Yes, #4 is Phineas Newborn. Boingggg! Nope, #11 ain't Ray Charles. MG
  9. Obscure Albums You've Heard and Think Everyone Else Should

    Ah! I didn't look it up. Shoulda done. MG
  10. BFT164

    Correct, there's zero Gene Harris. But don't step aside; there's stuff on which I'd welcome your comments, though not as a Gene Harris fan MG Well, that's half a point, young man MG
  11. Obscure Albums You've Heard and Think Everyone Else Should

    Yeah, never heard of it. What grabbed me was the dedication. SURELY Bob Azzara was Pat Martino's real name?????? And he AIN'T late yet. MG
  12. Obscure Albums You've Heard and Think Everyone Else Should

    That really SURPRISED me Mike! I've got it but I've found it quite boring. Very, very, low key; something I may play when I want to be engrossed in something else. OK, I know bossa nova is supposed to be self-deprecatory but this seems an extreme version of that. MG That's a very nice album. I picked it up in Paris Jazz Corner a coupuole of years ago. My sleeve's different though and the catalogue number - JSP8807. So there are two versions you all can look for. MG
  13. BFT164

    Well, here we are again. I'd forgotten it would be Halloween and I've been busy all evening giving chocs to the local kids, of whom there seem to be scores! I always say I'd like a treat please but they never give me one! So I'm pinching a couple out of our box - BLEEEEEEAAHHHH! I dare say Thom, who's got all the tracks, will put 'em up tomorrow. Enjoy! MG
  14. How do you define genius , as it pertains to jazz?

    Two good 'uns, whom I couldn't have picked, but right. And Earl Bostic, too. He told Lou Donaldson that the secret of success was NOT to play his best stuff on record because people could and would copy it. " I’m telling you, Earl Bostic was the greatest saxophone player I ever knew. I didn’t like him ‘cause sometimes he’d play stuff that I’d consider corny, [with] that wide vibrato and the sound of growling in the mouthpiece. But the man could play three octaves. I mean play ’em, I don’t mean just hit the notes. He was bad. He was a technician you wouldn’t believe. But he never put those things on a record. And I asked him one time; “Earl, with all this stuff you can play”–and he said let me tell you something. “Don’t play anything you can play good on a record, [because] people will copy it.” And the man was dead right. Now you’d see him, we’d run up there and think that we’re going to blow him out, and he’d make you look like a fool. Cause he’d play three octaves, louder, stronger and faster. But he never put that on a record.(via MG
  15. How do you define genius , as it pertains to jazz?

    Just to mention one: courting. MG