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  1. Album covers with musicians standing in line

    And, making their second appearance, the Oriental Brothers International Band MG MG
  2. A love supreme goes platinum after 56 years.

    I checked in my 2002 edition of Whitburn's Top Pop Albums 1955-2001. The only jazz album that had been on the pop charts (A love supreme never got on any other than the Catalogue chart - and then only in Feb 2001!!!! ) that was certified platinum by RIAA at the time of publication was Dave Brubeck's 'Time out'. One has to assume that Universal don't count any Columbia record as real jazz Of course, some albums that weren't platinum in 2002 may be now, but it's a bloody long way to a million and not all the big jazz hits got half a million in sales. Ahmad Jamal's 'But not for me/Live at the Pershing', which was on the rather shorter pop charts from Sep 1958, got to #3 and stayed in the chart for just over 2 years. And that got bugger all in RIAA awards (though that may have been down to Leonard Chess not registering- Motown didn't until the seventies sometime. And Ramsey Lewis didn't get one for the 'In crowd' which sold big in R&B market's as well as in pop). The only other jazz album from around those days that got a platinum award was 'Kind of blue', which was on the catalogue chart for two and a half years in the nineties. That, too, was never a pop hit. Nor was 'Sketches of Spain' only the catalogue chart for one week (which MAY be the last week reported in Whitburn - it's the same week as 'A love supreme'). That got a gold. Oh, the Catalogue chart was created to get rid of the rock albums that were staying on the top 200 for too many years to stop the whole thing getting boring. An album qualified if it was selling enough to make the top 200, and had been on that chart for two years but had fallen below #100, or was a reissue. MG
  3. Paris Record Stores/Clubs

    I love it at Paris Jazz Corner. Gilbert Joseph is pretty good for classical material but, for classics, I really like Melomania, 36 Bd St Germaine. Beautiful shop; material well displayed; friendly staff; I don't think it's terribly cheap, but not too expensive for my pocket either. What I miss about Covid is not being able to go to Paris. MG
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Just posted on best track you've heard all week Orquesta Ritmo Oriental - Egrem 1975 MG
  5. Best track you heard all week

    I've got loads of versions of this song, from west and central Africa, as well as the Caribbean, but I was listening to this just now and it really hit me. MG
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Breakfast today with The Harmonizing Four - Where he leads me - Gotham (Hob) Big Jay McNeely - Big Jay in 3D - Federal (King) Bobby Timmons - Do you know the way - Milestone 1968 Now Bobby Timmons - Got to get it - Milestone 1968 Next Kenny Burrell - Both feet on the ground - Fantasy 1973 Terrible sleeve, horrid boots, nice music MG
  7. Happy 95th birthday to Lou Donaldson

    Yeah. Any UK jazz fan will have seen it if they bought records at Dobells. MG
  8. Happy 95th birthday to Lou Donaldson

    Oh, what about Fred Jackson? Back in the day, in a Dobells listening booth, someone had crossed out Charlie Parker as the world's greatest jazz musician and put in Fred Jackson. It wasn't me, or my mate. Did you ever get to Dobells, Chewy? MG
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Charles Earland - Infant eyes - Muse 1978 Charles Earland - In the pocket - Muse 1982 Ramsey Lewis - Never on Sunday - Argo 1961 MG
  10. Album covers with musicians standing in line

  11. Album covers with musicians standing in line

  12. Album covers with musicians standing in line

  13. Album covers with musicians standing in line

  14. Album covers with musicians standing in line

  15. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Woya - La tradition en mouvement - Pathe Marconi 1992 Jack McDuff - Check this out - Cadet 1972 Ray Bryant - Godfather - M&I 2002 MG