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  1. Help!

    Oh, and the Contemporary LP you illustrated wasn't a hit at all. The hit was on Columbia, by the well known typo, Andre Preview. That's this. Doesn't he look like Bobby Darin? OK, details from Joel Whitburn's Billboard pop album chart book: Original cast - entered 28 Apr 56. 15 weeks at #1, over 9 years on chart. Andre Preview - entered 19 Dec 64. peaked at #147, 4 weeks on chart. Nat Cole - entered 26 Sep 64. Peaked at #74, 23 weeks on chart. Sammy Kaye - entered 4 Aug 56. Peaked at #20, 1 week on chart. (At the time LP chart was of variable length including between 10 and 30 albums.) MG
  2. Top 10 Blue Note sidemen

    Oh, it's OK. I have the Percy France. As soon as you mentioned Sir Charles, I thought, then read what you said. I didn't send Allen a PM, anyway. Too late at night for me to do stuff like that. I think Percy only appeared twice on BN; once each with Freddie Roach and Jimmy Smiff. But he's another great sideman. MG
  3. Shirley Scott

    I've not heard 'Satin doll' either. And 'Workin'' isn't ALL Shirley Scott. There's a Don Patterson cut in there, but the discographers got snarled up and forgot to notice it. When I told him, Mike Weil managed to acquire a copy and said he'd rip it for me one day. It's a real shame that not all the Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis material he did for King, a lot of it with Shirley, hasn't been reissued. MG
  4. Help!

    He's only wrong if you take a purist view of jazz, Larry. Nat King Cole, who I think is a jazzman, had a hit with this And Sammy Kaye had one with this OK, lots of people would call this sweet jazz, then ignore it. Gopnik didn't. MG
  5. Shirley Scott

    Thanks Larry. Not an urgent requirement, then. MG
  6. Top 10 Blue Note sidemen

    MY GOODNESS!!!!! Thank you. MG
  7. Top 10 Blue Note sidemen

    Nope. Very few albums with his name on them. Offhand, I can think of Jimmy McGriff's 'Main squeeze' - he plays alto on that - and Joe Carroll's 'Man with a happy sound' on Charlie Parker Records. Oh, there MUST be some more... Oh yes, he's on Freddie Roach's 'Soul people', too. MG
  8. Shirley Scott

    Oh, if it's a compilation, I doubt you could resolve the socks enigma, but do tell more when you've had another listen. MG Never out on CD, apparently (though yours is probably a CD) and expensive from discogs.
  9. Shirley Scott

    I'm just listening to Jimmy Forrest's 'Heart of the Forrest'; a trio session on Palo Alto, with Shirley and the one and only Randy Marsh - NO BASS PLAYER! A damn fine album! And another is the Al Grey-Jimmy Forrest Quintet. Live at Rick's - on Aviva. This also features Shirley. Bits of the session have come out as 'Night train revisited' (Storyville) and as 'Truly wonderful' (Stash). I don't have the Stash. They're both from 1978, which shows: a) how old Randy has to be and b) that people HADN'T gone off organ even by the end of the seventies. And they're really playing all the time on these. MG
  10. Shirley Scott

    Yeah, but she did later, on 'A walkin' thing' - yeah, the Bennie Carter tune. It was her last album. By the way, has anyone heard this album, by Joe Newman, featuring Shirley? It's from January 1958, before she started working for Jaws. I never have, either MG And - is Joe only wearing socks? Oh, very subliminal for '58!
  11. Shirley Scott

    Yeah, that's a very nice one. MG
  12. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2018

    Fine thanks, Bill. MG
  13. Shirley Scott

    Yes, quite a surprise as it's not a Shirley Scott album. Must be out of copyright. I think the only CD version was from Japan, so few would have bought it, even though it was available from Dec 1993 to Dec 1995. MG
  14. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2018

    I've got a BFT nearly ready now, soI could go in when you've got a spare month, Bill. I can't do July, though, but I see that's taken. MG
  15. Favorite Mosaic Selects?

    I could only be bothered to buy five. Of them, I like the ones by Curtis Amy, Bennie Green and John Patton best. The Bechet and Matthews not so much. MG