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  1. Rare West Coast Jazz Lp

    A Web search yields a recording date of July 5, 6 1960 . As for the Kent label please see : As for who " Kess " might be , could it be guitarist Barney Kessel??
  2. Paul Knopf

    While it's true that many obscure artists are deservedly so , the meritorious deserve a place in jazz history . Paul Knopf is the kind of artist that makes crypto-jazzology both so rewarding and so important . Garth was right to list Monk and Hope as stylistic confreres , to which I would add Herbie Nichols . Paul told me that he heard Nichols at the Page Three club where Nichols was backing singers ; he even subbed for Nichols one night at the Metropole with Cootie Williams outfit . Paul hooked up with Richard Davis ( or " Richie Davis " as he is listed on the Knopf lps ) in the autumn of 1958 . Along with drummer Jim Olin they cut two trio dates that came out in 1959 . A third session with brass was recorded but never issued as no complete takes were laid down .Despite critical praise in Downbeat , Metronome and Playboy , Playback Records , run by rank amateurs , failed to promote the lps and thus Knopf was condemned to obscurity He emerged again on a self-produced trio lp in 1977 assisted by Jack Six and Joe Cocuzzo. All three Knopf trio dates are composed entirely of original compositions and are earnestly recommended to afficianados of jazz piano .