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  1. I've always liked this one - should have been used for the CD reissue !
  2. The first one that came to mind...
  3. Strata-East records

    I'm not sure about the provenance or even if my memory is a little clouded, but I feel pretty certain that I saw a CD copy of Step By Step in the LA Amoeba several years back. It could have been an import, if the artificially high used CD price was any indication. It was out on German label Bellaphon a long time ago.
  4. What's your burger?

    Yes, the availability of a postprandial finger bowl for glazed digits would be my main concern as well Perhaps you'd prefer something not eaten out-of-hand, or something for those times when you can't decide between a hamburger and a hot dog, when nothing but a dog's breakfast will do. Behold your gastronomic salvation :
  5. Consumer goods made in America

    You're a consumer good? From a microbial perspective we're all consumer goods
  6. What's your burger?

    A little thread convergence, prompted by the fried dough thread... Americans' love of excess, combined with anxiety about same, has resulted in the clich├ęd, euphemistic exhortation to, "take it to the next level". In the caloric arms-race going on in hamburgerville, one of these higher levels evidently is achieved by the substitution of glazed doughnut buns for the traditional sesame-seed buns normally used to frame the softball-sized-bacon-and-cheese-covered-meat-spheroid...
  7. Jackie McLean post- Blue Note

    Interesting - I've never, ever seen that one ! Now you have
  8. Apple reissues, specifically MJQ

    "improvisational bebop" ? "old-style tuxedo excellence" ? That blurb's so jive it could have been written by this cat :
  9. TTK's Twilight Zone Jazz on WMNF's A Step Outside

    I finally got round to listening to this, and I dug all of it (well, maybe not Christiane Legrand's scatting). The thought that went into the programming is evident - Joe Chamber's Juba Dance being one of several unexpected choices that worked. For those who missed the show, here it is again : Part One & Part Two
  10. Audio from my closet

  11. How do you prioritize your music purchases?

    For CD purchases, I give preference to CDs by artists I have little or none of, while with vinyl purchases, I prioritize albums that have never been on CD, with those albums released on small labels occupying the very top of that list.
  12. Buddy's hair looks the way my lawn did after drunken day-laborers tried to lay sod....
  13. A real, honest-to-God BFT!

    Monty Alexander from his Echoes Of Jilly's disc. I've heard this one before, but like you, can't place it. Szabo ?
  14. Tina Brooks

  15. Fantasy league small jazz group

    Well, this one's fantastical in the sense that one of the guys hasn't played out in decades, and one has moved away from straight-ahead jazz, but how about : Frank Strozier with Eddy Louiss, Kenny Burrell and Jimmy Cobb ?
  16. Absent some reason to think otherwise, can't we assume that the cover photos/design are by Burt Goldblatt ?
  17. Is this from some parallel universe where people say things like, "Nessa be the mother of invention" ?
  18. The big band solos are as follows: Midriff : Hardman,Coltrane,Bishop, Ain't Life Grand ; Copeland,Coltrane,Bishop El Toro Valiente : Sahib,Cleveland,Blakey, Sahib The Kiss Of No Return : Sahib,Sulieman,Rehak,Cleveland,Sahib The Outer World : Coltrane,Sulieman