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  1. This is message I've got from another board. We can hope these were only records, and not masters/metal parts as well:
  2. Sidney Bechet in Berlin 1930.

    I think that Bechet is positioned just by drummer: Dig that specific drumming licks!
  3. Sidney Bechet in Berlin 1930.

    Just came accross this beautiful clip: Such great music!
  4. Sublime Lester Young (probably new to many of us)

    Lester talks:
  5. advice on turntable for 78's

    It is better to search for universal player with direct drive that have enough power for easy playing of heavy 78's. Technics 1210 MK4 was really fine turntable for that purpose. Avoid Chinese clones od 1210! Use tonearm on that you can change shells with various cartridges and needle tips (pre-mounted). Nowadays Thonrens turntables are not coming from well-known Swiss company, but they are OEM types Czech made (it is the same production line for Pro-ject brand), only old Thorens name added.
  6. The EIP Laser Turntable

    Nope. Nor colored, translucent, wax plates
  7. As it is said there: "2 members are celebrating their birthday today shawn·m(45), deus62(45)" Wishing the best, and moooore jazz, Milan
  8. The great Roy Haynes

    he´s still alive? To bad I missed him many years ago when he played at Jazzland in Viena. Anyway, I don´t know much more about him that the tune "The Street Beat", and heard the original version much later. First I knew it only from the 1950 date Bird with Bud and Fats...... Right! He is living in Japan, and even recorded few albums recently, also this year ("Jazz Legend" on Marshmallow Records). And, you guess, that elegant style Lester gave him nickname after is still there!
  9. The great Roy Haynes

    Sir Charles Thompson!!!
  10. Legendary Guitarist Johnny Smith has died.

    RIP Mr Smith.
  11. "That" Buster Smith?

    While I listened to some other titles on YT I came across this clip: It is written down below that recorded band consists of following members: New York, October 16, 1941. Chester Boone, trumpet & vocal; Buster Smith, clarinet; George Johnson, alto sax; Chauncey Graham, tenor sax; Lloyd Phillips, piano; Vernon King, string bass; Shadrack Anderson, drums So, if it is "that" man who thought Charlie Parker, is there any other recorded sides made by this particular group, and with recorded solos on clarinet? It would be such a thrill to hear them.
  12. Jimmy Dorsey

    Jimmy Dorsey. Anyone? For past few days I've been watching you tube extensively, and found some clips with Jimmy Dorsey and his band: Also with the band called The Capitolians (around 1928): Now, I know what Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey band really was during beginning of 1930s, but I always listened to Tommy more than Jimmy Dorsey. Now, when I saw "Man, That's Groovy" I finally realized what Jimmy really was capable of. If you listen closely to his clarinet playing, you will almost hear Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw in one person - great tone with perfect control over any register and great swing. In addition, I'm almost certain that Bird heard Dorsey and his perfect, airy phrase and usage of grace notes... So, my question is: do you like Jimmy Dorsey?
  13. Jimmy Dorsey

    Some interesting Jimmy Dorsey via YT:
  14. *****Lester Young Corner*****

    Some little known Lester solii behind Helen Humes, 1938:
  15. ok; is this a history changer? In need of more research

    From 1:42 - 1:45 of that video, right? To me, Gene Sedric also was capable of that linear, rather than vertical type of playing:
  16. Hungarian perspective

    While searching for other 78rpm records oriented pages I found this one: and was amazed by quality jazz from Hungary. So let me share this with you some records from above mentioned site (IMHO): Terrific tenor and muted trumpet solo - no it is not Buck Clayton, but unknown Hungarian musician: Jimmy Dorsey's hits, terrific alto sax here: Something similar to Django/Grappelli style: Jazz interpretation of Ferenc Liszt: etc. There is one great researcher in jazz field in Hungary, his name is Simon Géza Gábor. Some of his publications, here:
  17. ***** Jimmie Lunceford Corner *****

    Recorded 1947. in Berlin!
  18. *****Lester Young Corner*****

    Looking for Lester Documentary film about Lester Young
  19. ***** Jimmie Lunceford Corner *****

    I'd have to say no. A very nice performance but completely in the swing idiom. Not even that second chorus (0.39 - 0.50)?
  20. ***** Jimmie Lunceford Corner *****

    Eeer... protobop arrangement, right:
  21. Me too, but look at this article: Probably somehow they survived, not melted in that fire...
  22. *****Lester Young Corner*****

    Something not so common, from V-discs: Side 258B, Kansas City Stride Obviously, it is Lester on tenor.
  23. RIP Snooky Young

    RIP "Uptown Blues":
  24. Sesac Transcriptions... Rather interesting group of recordings made on 16" 33rpm media. Enjoy!