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  1. Album Covers with Surrealist Art

    Basement „I Wish I Could Stay Here“ (Run For Cover) 2011
  2. Album Covers with Surrealist Art

    BTW a great album ....
  3. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Earlier today .... : Otmar Suitner was a magnificent "Mozart whisperer" and Staatskapelle Dreden is following him hard on the heels ....
  4. Solo albums

    Never released on CD - outstanding solo bass album ....
  5. Mozart Symphonies Box Set

    These insightful recordings are revelations .... and definitely worth exploring ....
  6. Mozart Symphonies Box Set

    Aside of Böhm and Hogwood my preference is with Josef Krips and the Concertgebouw Orchestra - "only" symphonies 21-41 but glorious performances for sure ....
  7. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Great cover photography ....
  8. Mozart Symphonies Box Set

    Probably of surprise (to you), but I would see both Hogwood and Kark Böhm as viable options ....
  9. Solo albums

    Steve Lacy Solo .... whichever album ...