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  1. RIP Grant Hart

    Very sad. Listened to a lot of Husker Du when I was younger. Always loved Grant's songwriting.
  2. Selects for sale at Reckless

    Dizzy Gillespie mosaic set for $106 at Reckless.
  3. Westerns.

    The Searchers, of course. And I love the Sergio Leone films.
  4. RIP Holger Czukay

    Holger Czukay, bassist with Can, dies aged 79
  5. Steely Dan

    And I'm sure this has been posted here before over the years, but the "How Steely Dan got Wayne Shorter" story is a good one.
  6. Steely Dan

    Steely Dan’s Walter Becker Passes Away at 67
  7. Lester Young Birthday Broadcast

    Your 2017 reminder for the 3 day Pres/Bird fest over at WKCR.
  8. Jutta Hipp
  9. "When the money runs out next time, we're going to shut it down for good instead of begging our customers for sales."
  10. Mayweather v McGregor
  11. eBay seems to be flooded with Mosaic sets these days. A Johnson set sold for $87 recently. A lot of good deals out there.
  12. Lee Morgan Film

    This is now available on Netflix. Edit: Amazon, too
  13. Got a shipping notice for the Mingus set today.
  14. Geri Allen Has Died