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  1. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    This would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. Sorry your life sucks so bad dude.
  2. Stockhausen & Buckmaster
  3. Edit: Paywall, but you can get around it through the twitter link.
  4. Stockhausen & Buckmaster

    Reports that Paul Buckmaster has passed away. Seems to be confirmed by his management company.
  5. 40 years ago

    Thanks for this post, not an album I was familiar with. Interestingly, one of the versions erroneously lists the session date as September 6th.
  6. Fresh Sound & Lone Hill Reissues Discussion

    Looks like there is an earlier thread on that one:
  7. Fresh Sound & Lone Hill Reissues Discussion

    From this interview: JW: Is Fresh Sound affiliated with Lone Hill?JP: Not at all. Fresh Sound is my label, and it’s based in Barcelona, Spain. It’s not affiliated with any other jazz label. Many people believe that all labels coming from Andorra or Spain are related to Fresh Sound. This is simply not true.
  8. Sonny Rollins - Night at the Village Vanguard
  9. On this date...

    November 3, 1957
  10. new wes montgomery?

    Don't really know much about this, but have seen it listed on ebay and a few places: Wes Montgomery BBC Jazz 625 +5 1965 Looks like it's the same label that did the Bud Powell recent release. Few old threads on the Jazz 625 program.
  11. Stan Getz, the Complete Roost Recordings

    Set on eBay for twelve bucks. One of my favorites.
  12. Grady Tate Has Died
  13. Happy 100 Thelonious Monk
  14. Monk at 100