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  1. Ebay craziness

    Bass clarinet owned by Eric Dolphy
  2. Happy Birthday Mr. Charles Mingus

    WKCR Mingus birthday broadcast
  3. Reckless Records

    I bought a few Selects online from them over the past year, and they were in very good condition, though I would certainly not say "pristine mint". I used to go to the loop store a lot when I was traveling to Chicago regularly, and the used stuff runs the gamut of quality, like most other stores that sell second hand CDs. Not a problem for me, but if you are looking for mint and/or paying a decent amount I would try to get more detail than what is on the website. I can't comment on vinyl, never bought any from them.
  4. Riverside "The Compositions Of" Compilation LPs

    Looks like Discogs has it broken out in 2 different series: And, yeah, Discogs is always duplicative and incomplete.
  5. Riverside "The Compositions Of" Compilation LPs
  6. Kenny Barron
  7. The Haig

    Terrific work. Many thanks.
  8. Universal Music Italia box sets

    Didn't see this one mentioned in this thread: Duke Ellington - 3 Essential Albums Back to Back, Live at the Whitney & Soul Call. Amazon link Edit: looks like there are a bunch of new 3 albums sets coming out. Link
  9. Cecil Taylor RIP

    Cecil Taylor, Pianist Who Defied Jazz Orthodoxy, Is Dead at 89
  10. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Import CDs selling this set for $33.26 plus shipping.
  11. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Yes, and I hope that is true. But it doesn't seem unreasonable to think the "imbalance" could swing farther over to the streaming side of things, IMO. We'll see. I think this Bootleg Series has been pretty terrific overall, and am pleasantly surprised that it has continued all the way to a sixth volume. If this is it, then it's been a nice little run.
  12. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Enjoy these sets while they last.
  13. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    I pre-ordered from Amazon for $39, and they shipped it for $35. Seems like most of the other Bootleg series sets are still in print selling for $30-$40, so I'm sure the price will drop again on this one.
  14. IPod Replacement

    Not Apple, so probably not helpful, but here's a favorable review of the SanDisk player. They also discuss the Sony a bit. When my Classic dies, I'll probably just get the SanDisk.