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  1. Ambrose Akinmusire

    Check out his work on Walter Smith III - "Casually Introducing..." on Fresh Sounds. It is respectable and musical!
  2. Mose Allison R.I.P.

    Sad news for sure. Mose was very hip.
  3. RVG - RIP

    A loss beyond words. So much great music passed through his hands - AND EARS! RVG R.I.P.
  4. Bobby Hutcherson RIP

    OUCH!!! R.I.P. Bobby. Truly one of the greatest at what he did. Has given me MANY hours of musical enjoyment and reflection.
  5. Vanguard Jazz Orchestra @Vanguard Feb. 2016

    A most excellent honor!!! This kind of tradition and commitment is rare nowadays.
  6. Papa Wemba RIP

    Thanks I appreciate it. "Emotion" was a favorite release of mine with Yolele and all the other likeable tunes/melodies. ...back to work....
  7. Papa Wemba RIP

    Sorry to hear this. I heard him live many years ago as part of the African Fete tour here in USA. Is there an obit somewhere?
  8. Lonnie Mack is now gone...

    R.I.P. Flying V master in many styles. Lots of great music.
  9. Maurice White, RIP

    Sorry to hear this. His music has been very present in my life for some time. R.I.P.
  10. Paul Bley RIP

    NO! Oh my, another of the very best has departed. Paul's music was to me, always fresh, interesting, exciting, and brilliant. R.I.P. MR. JOY!
  11. What to Reissue Number Two

    That's too bad. I have been enjoying "Freedom & Unity" and "Panther and the Lash" and hunger for more.
  12. What to Reissue Number Two

    Hi Jonathan, I really like the Clare Fischer Extensions release! Quite actually, I discovered it while seriously discovering Clare's music for the first time recently. His writing and playing are exceptional and I can identify with what he does. Since JCOA was recently mentioned, how about reissuing music by Clifford Thornton, Sr.? Like Gardens of Harlem or Kechaoua (BYG Actuel)? Far too little of this man's music is available these days.
  13. Dave Pike RIP

    Also aided Joao Donato in mighty fine presentation of Donato's wonderful music. R.I.P. Peligroso IS a great album!
  14. Phil Woods R.I.P.

    Phil was also a great LEAD alto player. His sound defined for me the personality of the Oliver Nelson sax section, or Quincy's. Love stuff like Benny Carter's "Further Definitions" with Phil's identity making things very groovy! ...Then there is all the great music Phil made with Tom Harrell to consider...
  15. Phil Woods R.I.P.

    It is a real good album! Phil blowing with more traditional Greek bouzouki. But jazz music in many ways. Struck me with the same kinda good vibes as Emil Richards' "Journey to Bliss" when I first heard it. I do have Greek Cooking on CD. I bought it a while ago through a Japanese or British Amazon seller. OOP now for sure.