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  1. We (my wife and I) are producing a concert featuring Ken Peplowski with Chattanooga pianist Danny Sample (an old friend, of Donald Brown and most of the famous Memphis jazz pianists). They are reprising their 1993 meeting in Chattanooga, this time as a duo. The concert will take place at New Monumental Baptist Church at 6 pm EDT on Saturday, October 27th. Tickets are available at and all proceeds benefit Volunteers in Medicine, which supplies no cost health care to uninsured residents below a certain income level. If anyone would like more details, please PM me. I realize that most of the forum participants may be outside of the area, but if you know of any jazz fans in Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, or Huntsville, it might be worth the drive for them.
  2. Tete Montoliu - April&May 1984 US tour

    I have nothing but good things to say about Stuart Kremsky, as I contributed liner notes to several CDs which he compiled or was involved in uncovering from the Fantasy vaults. I have no idea why a conglomerate buys a company dominated by jazz then feels the need to delete nearly everything and start recording and issuing almost anything but jazz. It is the equivalent of buying a four star gourmet restaurant and replacing the menu with greasy fast food.
  3. Tete Montoliu - April&May 1984 US tour

    Don't hold your breath waiting for Concord to issue any vault gems, as they have almost entirely abandoned such projects.
  4. Jazz recordings of television themes

    I have an obscurity for you: Jimmy Rowles recorded Branislaw Kaper's "Theme From Arrest & Trial" (an early 1960s lawyer drama, i only remember the promos for it back then). It is on his Kokopelli CD Lilac Time. Of course, Clark Terry recorded "Meet the Flinstones" several times....
  5. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    The worst umpire in my lifetime has to Eric Gregg, who assured the Marlins a playoff victory over the Braves with an ever expanding strike zone that gave Braves hitters two choices: swing at balls a foot off the plate or take them for called strikes. Thankfully this joker took part in a strike and was not among the rehires.
  6. Rufus Reid Quiet Pride: The Elizabeth Catlett Project

    I have it but I don't remember. I've got to go down two flights to my library, fire up the laptop and check it.
  7. The Schillinger System

    Eubie Blake studied the Schillinger system during the 1940s.
  8. FS: Verve Stuff Smith Mosaic Box Set

    I didn't remember the specifics, I got my copy at the beginning when it was first issued. It was a pretty crappy thing for the owners of Verve at the time to do, as the 2 CD Stuff Smith preceded this box set.
  9. Cellar Live New Releases

    The club closed, the label is still active, as I have been sporadically serviced with some of their CDs.
  10. FS: Verve Stuff Smith Mosaic Box Set

    The three year minimum lease came from the Capitol Nat King Cole box, the way I remember it. I was not saying that all leases of music were for three years, just the minimum. I know it is also frustrating for Michael Cuscuna when they don't allow him vault access, then after Mosaic issues a set, new unissued music is found and eventually released by the label after the Mosaic box is out of print.
  11. FS: Verve Stuff Smith Mosaic Box Set

    I think the standard period of time was a minimum of three years, though I believe it varied from one set to the next. Mosaic had to estimate how long it would take to sell 5000 or 7500 units.
  12. FS: Verve Stuff Smith Mosaic Box Set

    Maybe there was a publishing dispute revolving around one or more of the previously unissued tracks. It seemed odd at the time that all legal issues weren't cleared prior to the set being assembled, but there can be some latecomer to the party who adds the turd in the punchbowl to ruin it for everyone instead of negotiating in a reasonable manner.
  13. FS: Verve Stuff Smith Mosaic Box Set

    Mosaic either sent out a mailed notice or an insert in a catalog apologizing for the abrupt withdrawal of the Stuff Smith set for contractual reasons. I don't remember how detailed the notice was.
  14. FS: Verve Stuff Smith Mosaic Box Set

    I thought that wording sounded familiar, it was my post...
  15. Any good starter compilations of Thelonious Monk? (on CD)

    It has absolutely lousy packaging. You have to make sure to lay it flat, as the CDs only have flimsy rubber spindles holding them in place> I've had issues with one CD falling off the spindle if I remove the package from the shelf. Obviously designed by someone who doesn't collect CDs, like the badly packaged Bill Evans Verve set or the Charlie Christian 4 CD set with the CDs sitting inside a ceramic like block's slits. Who hires such people?