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  1. Name Three People...

    Doyle Alexander Alexander Dumas Monty Alexander
  2. I don't think most customers bought them with resale value in mind, I think they bought them because they treasured the music and printed content. I thought about selling my Lightnin' Hopkins/Otis Spann once after it became OOP but thought better of it. The only Mosaic I've ever sold was the single disc sampler, a gift from my mom. I already had all of the music on it.

    My beef with the USPS is that they seem to lose important checks: two consecutive payments to the same doctor's office, a mortgage payment and a car note payoff check. It gets expensive having to pay for stop payment fees. I do think that a lot of their workers are trying hard and those I have had personal encounters with have been very upbeat.
  4. Phil Woods told me during an interview that the tapes to the CD Dizzy Gillespie Meets the Phil Woods Quintet were recorded for another label, stolen and then issued by Timeless. At the time he said he was suing them, though I don't know how the case was resolved.
  5. Name Three People...

    Major Dundee Major Holley Lee Majors
  6. Marian McPartland's "Reprise"

    I'm pretty sure that I interviewed Keith Emerson in 1993, though I'm not sure when I gave Marian his phone number. I still have all of her letters and postcards, though I'm not sure that she mentioned it in the letter. I doubt that it was more than a few months after the interview. I have the Emerson/Peterson duet of "Honk Tonk Train Blues" on audio and video, though I don't recall if a recording date was given. That was Carl Palmer in the glasses accompanying Emerson.
  7. New Thelonious Monk album

    I received the 2 CD version today. It is officially released on June 16.
  8. Marian McPartland's "Reprise"

    I recorded hundreds of her Piano Jazz broadcasts and still haven't gotten around to listening to many of them. I remember how terrible Paul Schaefer was, who came unprepared though claiming to be familiar with the show, as she told me. McPartland wanted to get Keith Emerson (I shared his phone number, as I had recently interviewed him), but he felt like his jazz chops weren't sufficient and he declined her invitation. She introduced me to a number of musicians I might have otherwise overlooked.
  9. Shirley Scott questions

    Even Buck Hammer overdubbed some of that boogie woogie piano...
  10. Name Three People...

    Harry Sweets Edison Thomas Edison Charles Thomas
  11. Please set aside these titles for me when you return: Louis Smith & Jodie Smith, The Very Thought of You $7 Claude Williamson Trio, Song for My Father w. OBI (Venus) $10 (slightly damaged jewel box) Claude Williamson, Blue MInor (Interplay Records) w. OBI $10 Rickie Kamuca & Buddy Tate Live at Donte's 1970 (SS Jazz) w. OBI $10
  12. Marian McPartland's "Reprise"

    Larry, were you there for her trio set at the first Toronto IAJE? She kicked ass and ran over, there were no complaints. While I have never lived close to NYC, I managed to see Marian in concert 15-20 times between 1988 and around 2008. She was also a fun interview.
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I've yet to see a SteepleChase CDR, though that's not the case with some labels, like Document, which make the switch and sellers don't bother sharing that detail. I've enjoyed all of the Clifford Jordan CDs I've acquired from SteepleChase: On Stage Vols. 1-3 Half Note Magic In Munich
  14. You'd think that a business owner would appreciate an outside opinion from a group of customers. I bought some things from the Jazz Record Mart catalog, but always found that their website wasn't conducive to browsing. Since I've yet to visit Chicago, I had no opportunity to explore their inventory in person. His loss.
  15. Six OOP Mosaic CD sets for sale

    PM sent on the Kenton set.