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  1. RIP Stanley Crouch

    I found Crouch's writing to be frequently overbearing, much like his public persona. During one Jazz Journalist Association he took a swing at president Howard Mandel, then there's the time he cold-cocked another writer in the side of the head while he was seated. My one encounter with him was during a JJA Awards Show, which he had bulldozed his way into being a part of it (with Mandel's blessing), even though he was not a member. He talked for a few minutes, then sat at the drums and gave a rather boring solo. Afterward, Francis Davis made fun of it when he took the microphone, but even better was comedian Al Lewis, who was a special guest that year. Lewis remarked, "I remember being on 52nd Street back in the 1940s and hearing Sid Catlett, now there was a real drummer!" The audience groaned and hooted in agreement. I always wonder if Crouch thought about taking a swing at either of them.
  2. Dr. Lyn Christie- R.I.P.

    Didn't he play on that LP by Daphne Hellman, called Helman's Angels?
  3. Mosaic Sampler

    I received it as a gift, but since I owned all the individual tracks, I sold it.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I don't even know the contents of the hard drive, so I'm not sure if is worth spending that much money. Thanks for the tip.
  5. I tried to save the show I produced today to a portable hard drive (Seagate, 4 TB) and was unable to do so. Is there any way to salvage the contents before it dies?
  6. Many restaurants should be able to open up to 50% capacity without undue risk, if they can space out the tables. Granted, it will be hard for some jazz clubs to meet such guidelines due to their already compact seating and minimal square footage, but at least discussions should be on the table. I can't imagine how many favorite restaurants and jazz clubs will be shuttered for good by my next trip to NYC.
  7. I am sure that a lot of people are wishing that the bumbling mayors who have ground business to a near halt in their cities soon close their final term in office.
  8. The Saxophone Colossus turns 90 today.

    I am saluting Sonny Rollins' 90th Birthday with a special edition of Timeless Jazz this Sunday from 3 to 5pm EDT, webcast at Included will be some excerpts of a phone interview that I did with him in August 2007 for a Hot House feature. Since there is so much great music, I will probably extend it into the following week's program as well.
  9. Sorry, voting is restricted to jazz artists, not jizz artists like the Milquetoast Maestro, the Duke of Puke, the King of Hairdo Music...
  10. Neil Swainson - 49th Parallel

    I had Neil Swainson autograph my US CD of 49th Parallel when we saw him with George Shearing. He immediately quipped the old comeback, "Oh, so you're the one who bought it!"
  11. Liner note bingo

    Martin Williams?
  12. A question for all youse guys about CDs

    I don’t buy or review downloads. Feel free to post a cd list.
  13. New "Jazz United" podcast from WBGO

    I wonder if the Monk estate ended up throwing a monkey wrench in it.
  14. Blakey 1965 - The New Jazz Men - Vinyl Only

    I just picked up this LP and the sound is far better than some of the 180 gram LPs that have been hyped as limited edition.