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  1. Controversial Food Opinions

    Tofu, alcohol free beer and white chocolate are all insults to the dinner table...
  2. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    It's funny that I didn't click on your link. I've long been aware of this clip and it's on a Keith Emerson disc. Of course, Oscar Peterson enjoyed playing boogie woogie as a young man.
  3. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    I guess some of you may have seen the video with Keith Emerson, a bespectacled Carl Palmer and an unknown bassist playing a duet of "Honky Tonk Train Blues" on a CBC television broadcast. I always enjoyed Oscar Peterson, he was a delightful improviser and a gifted composer. He was also a lot of fun in an interview, I lost track of how many times I broke up laughing and he got a kick out of my sharing Niels Pedersen's response to my question about how he discovered a vocalist who appeared on this then-new CD. Ask me about Keith Jarrett and I would answer a bit differently.
  4. I will be belatedly celebrating Clark Terry's 99th birthday with the December 15th edition of Timeless Jazz. The program includes several phone interview excerpts from a chat I did with him for Hot House back in November 2007. One topic should be of interest to Terry fans, as I don't think that I've seen it discussed elsewhere or even mentioned in the biography that his wife wrote. Hour 1: Clark Terry: Clark Terry Chuckles Clark Terry: Live at the Village Gate Top & Bottom Interview excerpt 1 - developing a person sound and circular breathing Clark Terry & Kenny Barron: One On One The Intimacy of the Blues Clark Terry: What a Wonderful World - For Louis & Duke Duke's Place (C Jam Blues) Clark Terry: Color Changes Flutin' & Fluglin' Inteview Excerpt 2: Adding flugelhorn and alternating between it and trumpet in a song Clark Terry: The Hymn On the Trail Clark Terry: Having Fun Mumbles Clark Terry & Bob Brookmeyer: The Power of Positive Swinging Simple Waltz Hour 2: Clark Terry & The Big B-A-D Band: Live at the Wichita Jazz Festival 1974 Sheba Interview Excerpt #3: Duo Sessions Clark Terry & Red Mitchell: To Duke & Basie It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing Clark Terry & Red Mitchell: Jive at Five Cottontail (take 1) Clark Terry: Serenade to a Bus Seat (Keepnews Collection) Serenade to a Bus Seat Interview Excerpt #4: Composing Clark Terry & Jon Faddis: Take Double Climbing Old Fuji Clark Terry & Hia Orchestra: Featuring Paul Gonsalves Clark Bars Clark Terry & Bob Brookmeyer: The Complete Live Recordings 1962-1965 Stolen Moments Clark Terry: The Happy Horns of Clark Terry In a Mist Clark Terry: Clark Terry Spacemen Spacemen
  5. Monk + Giants of Jazz tour

    Those were just the dates that were provided when I traded for this music. Thanks for the update.
  6. Monk + Giants of Jazz tour

    I have recordings of several broadcasts: Erkel Theater, Budapest November 1, 1971 Kongresshalle, Boblingen, November 7, 1971 Yankee Stadium, Newport in New York, July 9, 1972 Paris, October 27, 1972
  7. They probably have to seal Mosaic boxes to reduce pilferage, as shoplifters are notorious to do with gutting boxed sets.
  8. If you find the Maynard Ferguson Mosaic box for under $400, it will likely be missing the box and booklet, or in less than near mint condition. Some of the inflated prices are a bit ridiculous, but everyone who wants to hold out for $800 or $1000 is welcome to do so. I finally bought one off Discogs this week after losing a second ebay auction, though I got hit with $30 in sales tax by the seller's state, which collects from everyone, not just residents.
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    My 1999 interview with Bob Brookmeyer, to get a few quotes for an upcoming article in his memory.
  10. Selected No Business LPs for sale

    Please hold these two LPs for me and send me your email for Paypal: NBLP 17 Knuffke/Ellis/Wollesen "Chew Your Food" NNBLP 45 Ran Blake/David Fabris "Vilnius Noir"
  11. I tried to find a variety of recordings with different lineups for this program, celebrating the late Dave Brubeck's 99th birthday two days late. Here is the playlist: The playlist for the December 8 broadcast, a belated 99th birthday tribute to the late Dave Brubeck, which covers from circa 1946 to 1975. Hour 1: The Dave Brubeck Octet The Way You Look Tonight Dave Brubeck Trio Distinctive Rhythm Instrumentals I'll Remember April Dave Brubeck Quartet Jazz at the College of the Pacific, Vol. 2 Crazy Rhythm Dave Brubeck Brubeck Plays Brubeck The Duke Dave Brubeck Quartet Jazz Impressions of the U.S.A. Nomad Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond At Wilshire-Ebell Let's Fall in Love Dave Brubeck Quartet Dave Digs Disney Someday My Prince Will Come Dave Brubeck Quartet & Jimmy Rushing Brubeck & Rushing Ain't Misbehavin' Dave Brubeck Quartet At Carnegie Hall Take Five Hour 2: Dave Brubeck Quartet Buried Treasures Forty Days Dave Brubeck Quartet Time Further Out Unsquare Dance Dave Brubeck Quartet Time Changes Unisphere Dave Brubeck Trio & Gerry Mulligan Live at the Berlin Philharmonie Out of the Way of the People Dave Brubeck Trio w/Louis Armstrong The Real Ambassadors Summer Song Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond & Gerry Mulligan We're All Together Again For The First Time Truth Dave Brubeck Trio with Lee Konitz & Anthony Braxton All The Things We Are All The Things You Are Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond 1975 - The Duets Koto Song Tony Bennett & the Dave Brubeck Trio The White House Sessions Live 1962 Chicago
  12. John Coltrane: Graz, 1962

    I wonder how much the sound will improve, I've owned one of the European gray market sets for some time...
  13. Mistakes in covers, booklets...

    One of the worst was Will Calhoun's Live at the Blue Note on Half Note Records, which labeled the last track as Herbie Hancock's "Dolphin Dance," though it was actually McCoy Tyner's "Passion Dance." The poor sap who reviewed it for JazzTimes evidently rewrote the press release, if he coudln't immediately identify either of these well known songs, he probably shouldn't be reviewing jazz, especially for a widely distributed magazine. I think this was corrected with a later printing. There's also a SteepleChase CD which misidentifies John Coltrane's "Locoomtion" as being a Thelonious Monk work, an error repeated by liner note writer Mark Gardner, who has been around long enough to know better. I am trying to recall the name of the artist and album...
  14. Timeless Jazz for 12-1-19

    There are a number of reasons why I focused on Phil Woods' recordings for Philology Records. Phil called it his "retirement fund' in an interview I did with him a number of years ago and I own at least 30 CDs and 3 LPs (the three volumes of the Macerata Concerts, which haven't been reissued on CDs) featuring Phil as a leader on the label. Paolo Piangiarelli was not only open to featuring the jazz master in small groups, but as a solo artist, with big bands and several meetings with Lee Konitz, in addition to pairing him with brilliant artists like Enrico Pieranunzi, Franco D'Andrea and Stefano Bollani, though it seems a planned recording with Enrico Rava didn't take place. His first meeting with guitarist Irio De Paula so moved him that he switched to clarinet for the entire session. I was serviced for a time by Paolo Piangiarelli, but his releases seemed to stop suddenly and I heard that he had been battling depression. It was nearly impossible for him to get the glossy jazz magazines to review his releases and I'm sure distribution was a challenge for a small Italian label. The label website no longer seems to be active.
  15. Controversial Food Opinions

    Coconut has no business being in any chocolate dessert. Nothing is natier than that paper texture that will get me reaching for a napkin to spit in a hurry...