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  1. Art Pepper - The Complete Maiden Voyage Sessions

    Glad I picked up the boxed set years ago before the label deleted so much good stuff.
  2. I talked to Jill Goodwin when we met at the Deerhead Inn in October, where I also met Bill Goodwin. Phil's autobiography is being edited with additional material rewritten (I've forgotten who is doing it, but it may have been Ted Panken), the plan is to release it as an e-book. Bill is at work digitizing a number of unissued concerts featuring Phil's quartets and quintets, though I think he is taking the oldest ones first.
  3. Missing CD

    I once sold a CD on Amazon, mailed it and the buyer didn't receive it. I had affixed postage and skipped a trip to the post office for a tracking number. After asking permission to wait a couple of more weeks for it to show up, I granted a full refund including postage. About two months later, the buyer told me that the package arrived with uncanceled stamps. Who knows what the USPS did with it for all that time.
  4. Can We All Stop Wishing “Happy Birthday” To The Dead?

    At least your not getting a FB friend request or link request on LinkedIn from someone who has passed away....
  5. FS/FT 5 70's Roger McGuinn CD's

    I definitely have interest in all but Cardiff Rose, as I already own the Sundazed reissue. I've got some new jazz I haven't posted here, if you're interested, including a duplicate Cedar Walton I bought in error on HighNote. Let me know.
  6. I only received one download (volume 2). I prefer physical CDs with liner notes instead of having to burn CDrs and create my own booklets. i almost never listen to music through a computer.
  7. Misleading issues of existing sessions.

    I'm also no fan of reissues with slapdash unrelated tracks added. Or lousy labels that claim music is previously unreleased when it can be found on earlier releases. Drummer Pete "La Roca" Sims sued when his album Turkish Women At the Bath was reissued under Chick Corea's name. I don't know how many others have taken similar action.
  8. Savory Collection volume 5

    Maybe the Goodman estate enjoys getting 100% of nothing vs. the money they want.
  9. Benny Goodman In Moscow

    I always enjoyed talking to Phil Woods. When it came down to it, he had no tolerance for b.s. or for bad music. About the only people I've interviewed who never had a bad word to say about working with Benny Goodman were Bucky Pizzarelli and Ken Peplowski, though there were at least a couple of Goodman musicians whom I never asked about working with him.
  10. Benny Goodman In Moscow

    i've been sharing Bill Crow's extended article for a long time. So many hilarious (and sad) moments... You know the Phil Woods anecdote after Benny Goodman's death was announced? He called someone and said, "I have good news and bad news. The good news is Benny Goodman died. The bad news is that he died in his sleep." After the way Woods was treated on that tour, I can understand his anger at Goodman.
  11. Things Written On Used LPs You've Picked Up

    I found used LPs very cheaply which turned out to be autographed by Manny Albam and Stan Gets.
  12. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Brubeck was unhappy with The Last Time We Saw Paris.
  13. It is still available in the US on this website but only ships domestically:
  14. Blue Note Review - By Subscription Only

    $200 for so little music and a lot of add ons make this set of no value to me.
  15. "HUK2E" = "Huck-too-ee," in other words, the sound of someone coughing up a hawker and spitting. I knew that expression from childhood back in the sixties.

    When you write liner notes and don't know the meaning of a title, ask the artist.