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  1. My time and money will be better invested elsewhere.
  2. Just received this 2 CD set from Dusty Groove. Since they were originally issued on French LPs, it explains why I didn't already have any of this music. It also included conversation between numbers and some music that was not previously released.
  3. James P. Johnson

    I'm going to have to make the trek to Rutgers, one of these days...
  4. Art Hodes - Cat On The Keys

    I just found this LP at an antique store about 10 days ago. I think it was issued in Canada with a slightly different catalog number, but I don't think there have been any reissues.
  5. I purchased a copy last spring after doing a phone interview with Terry Gibbs. He may be retired but he was still full of energy and with lots of great stories and lots of laughs. I highly recommend it! I just finished Fred Hersch's autobiography. Even after viewing Coma Dreams, his description of his induced coma and rehabilitation therapy afterward is gut-wrenching.
  6. Fantasy Studios to close

    I'ts hard to imagine how many recordings i own that were recorded there.
  7. I met HutchFan at a Expansions; The Dave Liebman Group concert in Duluth, Georgia. He let me know about this concert through the organissimo board, which was closer and saved a time zone change over the one Liebman had told me about that was coming to Nashville. Not only did we have a great time, but Liebman had the concert recorded and it made up disc 2 of his live CD of the group. We've gotten to hang out in the Atlanta area a few times, seeing Fred Hersch, Miquel Zenon and Kenny Werner with the GSU Big Band. I may have met other board members in passing when I attended IAJE each year between 2000 and 2008, but I wouldn't expect them to remember it, as I can't say for sure.
  8. Kennedy Center jazz artists

    I'd like to see Dave Liebman honored, he deserves it.
  9. Kamasi Washington - Heaven and Earth

    Likewise, I don't stand for a show, arthritic knees prevent it.
  10. Ellington Treasury Shows

    Everything I've led is that a CDR does not have the life expectancy of a manufactured CD, which is why I avoid them. is a better alternative than Amazon, for both buying and selling. Amazon (like after the clowns of ebay bought that site) ruined their site for individual sellers with stupid restrictions (like calling all sawcut product promos, when they are frequently closeouts to prevent retails from returning product for full refunds), insane fees for sellers, plus inflated shipping rates of a flate fee per disc (even when buying several items from the same seller) or lowballing the seller in the case of larger boxed sets. The last straw was Amazon's asking of sellers what their sources of new products were. That was hard to answer, as I've bought duplicates in error, gotten gifts of items I already owned, or occasionally found factory sealed CDs at low prices locally that I thought would resell online at a beter price. On Discogs, there are a lot of options, including allowing a buyer to make an offer, matching up with the exact version of the item you want to sell or buy, customized shipping rates, etc. The few disappointments I've had with quality of some items purchased have all been settled with no hassle.
  11. Ellington Treasury Shows

    Watch out for importCDs, as there are times they don't label their CDrs as such. I can't remember if it happens on their Amazon page or
  12. Phil Woods Mosaic set

    Stock up on his prolific output for Philology, there are many amazing sessions that he made for the label.
  13. Kamasi Washington - Heaven and Earth

    What I find strange is when jazz journalists hop on the bandwagon of a new artist and then some of them imply you are unworthy if you don't join the crowd. One veteran writer made such a gripe about fellow writers during the annual JJA poll who omitted Nicole Mitchell from their annual nominating ballots. I reminded him that unless one is serviced by every label or artist, it is hard to justify voting for someone one hasn't heard or investing in their music. I don't make a habit of constantly researching unfamiliar music online, as I have a huge backlog of music awaiting an initial hearing, there aren't enough hours in the day even though I've been retired from full time work for over three years. To this day I've yet to receive any of Kamasi Washington's releases and from what I've read I probably would not be interested in any of them. That said, I don't begrudge anyone who enjoy's Kamasi's music and champions him as among the best on his instrument.
  14. Patti Wicks

    She also appeared on Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz, which may still be available to stream. I am trying to remember whether I interviewed her or not, though we did correspond after I reviewed one of her CDs.
  15. Vinyl/download-only releases

    I hate trying to store mp3s as well, I have enough in the way of files on my computers. Give me a CD with detailed composer credits, liner notes, photos, etc. I'm not running out of physical storage space, as I have a 10 by 30 foot music library in my basement with lots of shelves.