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    Daedalus' jazz offerings have shrunk considerably ub the past couple of years and most of the time their inventory is dominated by European gray market versions of music I already own released or reissued by the real owners.
  2. It's been awhile since I've had the opportunity to visit a German restaurant. There used to be a terrific pastry shop owned by two German brothers in New Orleans, but they finally sold it and retired, now it's a satellite store for a larger bakery and it isn't the same.

    Interesting website, reasonable prices, but I have everything in their jazz section that I need. It's worth revisiting in the future.
  4. Help!

    It reminds me of a certain jazz magazine that I contacted about becoming a contributor. I was rebuffed by the younger editor. Then they printed a review by an incompetent writer who didn't recognize a song on the CD he reviewed that was labeled as "Dolphin Dance" by Herbie Hancock was actually "Passion Dance" by McCoy Tyner. I wrote a rather nasty letter to the editor which ran unedited. I allowed my subscription to lapse after that incident.
  5. I received my order from the upcoming open house sale. The Woody Shaw CBS set, which I had neglected to buy. Hope to listen to it this weekend after I finish transcribing and editing my interview with Jim McNeely.
  6. I remember going into Tower Records in New York City and picked up a number of releasably priced Japanese jazz reissues, but there overall selection didn't blow me away compared to what Peaches had in a typical Southeastern store when they first opened in the mid-1970s. I think I only made it to J&R once and I can't remember what I bought there, but I doubt that I left empty-handed.
  7. I was notified that a Mosaic order shipped yesterday. If you can't attend the open house that is coming soon, ask about getting a partial list of what they have available. Michael Cuscuna read my post here and emailed me a list, which I greatly appreciate. I guess that the Teddy Wilson is en route.
  8. Mingus Moves

    I think he played the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in 1976, when I was at Tulane. Unfortunately, the festival was scheduled right in the middle of final exams, so I never made it. These days I wouldn't bother, since the jazz has been pushed out of the limelight. An artist like Bruce Springsteen as a headliner has no appeal to me.
  9. Ira Sullivan

    They sound so easy until you learn about how drawn out the process is, even for one.
  10. Grace Kelly

    Grace Kelly has been recording for her own label since the beginning, PAZZ.
  11. Grace Kelly

    I don't think Lee Konitz or Phil Woods would have bothered to record with Grace Kelly if they didn't see something in her playing. Woods was very complimentary of her when I interviewed him ten or so years ago. I met her at IAJE very early (she had just released her second CD) and she has sent me a lot of her work over the years, though her recent focus toward more pop-oriented music and vocals haven't been as interesting to me.
  12. Mosaic Open House

    Too bad they aren't putting some of these listings on line for those of us who live farther away and can't make it there on such short notice.
  13. FS: Mosaic Sets

    I own all of them, don't let these bargains pass you by...
  14. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2018

    June, August or September would be workable for me. There's no shortage of music at my house and hope to include a few surprises.
  15. I did a phone interview with him in 2007 prior to his 50th anniversary concert and he told me he inhaled quite a bit of dust in his home in lower Manhattan on 9/11 and during a visit to it afterward. That's a very nice interview, thanks for sharing it.