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  1. Geri Allen Has Died

    I have long enjoyed Geri Allen's music, it's sad she's gone. She has left an incredible legacy.
  2. Name Three People...

    Volker Kriegel Paul Volker Senator Rand Paul
  3. Name Three People...

    Didier Deutsch Rick Germanson Gary U.S. Bonds
  4. I remember running into Dr. Herb Wong during various IAJE conferences and he was always a pleasure to chat with.
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Perfect for a quiet Sunday morning...
  6. Name Three People...

    Julian Adderley Nat Adderley Nat King Cole
  7. Name Three People...

    Judy Garland Judy Holliday Billie Holiday
  8. Boris Rose Archive

    He probably booted a lot of the best stuff prior to his death.
  9. Name Three People...

    Carl Hiaasen Dave Barry Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
  10. Name Three People...

    Sherman Fairchild Morgan Fairchild Lee Morgan
  11. Name Three People...

    Mr. Bean Orson Bean Orson Welles
  12. Name Three People...

    The Thin Man Herbie Mann Shelley Manne
  13. Name Three People...

    Charlie Weaver Doodles Weaver Arthur Penn
  14. Name Three People...

    MacDonald Carey Harry Carey Harry Caray
  15. Name Three People...

    Sid Caesar Cesar Romero Romero Lubambo