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  1. For completists only....

    That is the one I was referring to in my earlier post. Sorry that I missed your reply. The really rare Ristic 2 LP set from the 1960s of Fats Waller & Friends recorded oin his home is all but impossible to find, though I recently ran across a Sounds of Yesteryear CD reissue. I've ordered it and will compare it to the files that someone shared with me of the original set.
  2. The cover you have must be a bootleg, as it was reissued on CD with the same cover but with a bonus track added by Rhino.
  3. Now reading...

    The American nephew of Reichs Marshal Herman Goering was a US B-17 pilot, who bombed his homeland. I've just got started reading it.
  4. looking for: 30's jazz recommendations

    Chewy: I might be selling some Art Tatum LPs from the 1930s if you are interested. I've got to crosscheck to see what is duplicated on other releases.

    I like our FedEx driver, but one day we got a package for a neighbor four or five doors away. Maybe someone subbed for him that day, I think he would have remembered my name after several conversations with him.

    An earlier order from Dusty Groove took around a month to get to me and it sat in Chicago's miserable processing hub for most of that time. A Discogs order took 32 days to get to Tennessee from Oklahoma, with it parked in Dallas for most of the time. Incompetence at its worst...
  7. Duke Ellington's Sidemen - Away From Ellington

    optatio: Hope you enjoyed the program.
  8. Mal Waldron

    For the 1201 Music download The Search, the info they gave me was it was recorded in New York City circa 1971 and possibly intended for release as Freedom FLP 41063, but likely unissued. No rhythm section was identified.
  9. Mal Waldron

    I wrote blurbs for a few years for 1201 Music downloads and they were often lacking information. In one case I told them that the years they listed were wrong and I was told to not mention it in my blurb.
  10. My November 22nd Timeless Jazz broadcast (3-5 pm ET at will survey various Count Basie sidemen as leaders. The playlist can be found at this link: <iframe src="" width="100%" height="500" frameborder="0" seamless></iframe> I will add a downloadable podcast at by November 23 and share it in this thread.
  11. Duke Ellington's Sidemen - Away From Ellington

    David, I hope you enjoy it. It was fun putting this show together and trying to get a wide range of sidemen, while focusing away from Ellington's compositions.
  12. I don't doubt that any of these musicians who have recorded mainly contemporary or smooth jazz can play, it's just I don't have any interest in what I have heard them do so far. Fourplay stuff is unlistenable to me and I am generally not a fan of electric piano. I know that early Bob James ranged into avant-garde and that he accompanied Sarah Vaughan. As for Sandborn, I just don't like his sound and his Warner Bros. stuff bores the hell out of me. Grover Washington, Jr. was impressive when he stepped away from smooth jazz, whether playing straight ahead or classical music.
  13. A survey of recordings by Duke Ellington sidemen, before, during or after their time with the bandleader. Ellington is not present on any of these sessions, nor are his compositions, though other sidemen are present on some of them. This broadcast is downloadable here: Playlist link: <iframe src="" width="100%" height="500" frameborder="0" seamless></iframe>
  14. Nothing that David Sanborn has done has impressed me and I found it idiotic for a nameless liner note writer for the Legends of Jazz boxed set (DVDs/CDs) who said that Sanborn is "considered one of the greatest saxophonists," considering that he shared the program with Phil Woods, whose sound, versatility and discography considerably dwarfs Sanborn's accomplishments. As for Bob James, his output is of little interest to me. I have a couple of Pat Metheny recordings, but I would be hard-pressed to name any of his compositions that stick in my mind. I own two of the titles on that JazzTimes list. Did these readers ever listen to much besides fusion? I've never opened my 2010 CD copy of Red Clay. Jarrett's album is okay, but I can't imagine sitting through that album in one hearing.