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  1. Denny Zeitlin at Mezzrow webcasts

    We had thunderstrorms pass through last evening and also ate a late dinner, so I skipped th live webcast of the Denny Zeitlin Trio at Mezzrow. What a surprise to find a link to the complete performance on Facebook this morning, as on the Smalls Jazz Club page. I don't know how long it will be available, but I'm trying to listen to some of it this morning.
  2. Denny Zeitlin at Mezzrow webcasts

    I think people got to stay for both sets on the solo nights. Understandably they have to turn over the audience on Friday and Saturday night, due to three musicians getting paid and though I've never visited Mezzrow in person, it can't be all that large a club.
  3. Denny Zeitlin at Mezzrow webcasts

    The feed kept getting interrupted tonight, I finally had to give up around the 50 minute mark. I think that the problem was on their end, maybe they have xFinity/Comcast....
  4. I've enjoyed the past two nights of Denny Zeitlin at Mezzrow that have been available as live webcasts. He will be playing with his trio (Buster Williams and Matt Wilson) tonight and tomorrow, accessible through Too bad they won't be a part of SmallsLive archives for later viewing for members.
  5. CD's for sale, 33 new titles added 4/18

    Please hold these titles for me: Teddy Edwards, Good Gravy, Contemporary OJCCD 661-2 $5.00 Ingrid Jensen, Vernal Fields, Enja ENJ 9013 2, Steve Wilson, George Garzone, Bruce Barth, Larry Grenadier, Lenny White. $6.00 Ingrid Jensen/Project O, Then as Now, Justin Time JTR 8499-2, Gary Versace, Jon Wikan, Seamus Blake, Steve Wilson, Christine Jensen. $5.00 Alex Sipiagin, Steppin’ Zone, Criss Cross 1202, Chris Potter, David Kikoski, Scott Colley,Jeff “Tain” Watts. $5.00 Cedar Walton Trio & Dale Barlow, Manhattan After Hours, Twinz Records CD933, Billy Higgins, Dave Williams. $10.00 Sent email also...
  6. Name Three People...

    Cat Anderson Hound Dog Taylor Mousie Alexander George Benson Michael Hedges George Winston
  7. Name Three People...

    Spike Jones Tardo Hammer Rale Micic
  8. Happy 91 Randy Weston

    I caught him at Birdland a few years ago and it was a memorable evening. He's also a fun interview.
  9. is 50s Discovery records the same as 80s Discovery

    What happened to the revived Discovery label after Marx's death? Are the heirs just sitting on the masters or have they been sold? I can't remember if Bill Mays included this story in his book, but I think he did. He referred to Albert Marx as the lost Marx Brother, Cheepo. He had a table next to the pianist during a live recording and after they finished the number, instead of congratulating the musicians, he exclaimed, "Great take! Four minutes and twenty-three seconds!" All he could think about was getting the right length for airplay.
  10. Don Byas in Haarlem 1964

    How many pages of English text of liner notes are there supposed to be? It seems my copy has one insert duplicated and another is missing. Great music! I'm glad this was finally uncovered and issued.
  11. HutchFan and I caught Fred Hersch solo at Spivey Hall in Clayton, Georgia last night. He played an excellent set for an attentive crowd that didn't want to miss a note.
  12. Horace Silver - Live 1964.

    He was very defensive about his lyrics. When I did a phone interview with him, an awkwardly worded question about them got him going!
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Just after Christmas 2015, Nancy and I made a trip to West Palm Beach, had dinner with he and his wife Judy on Saturday night at a great Italian place, then caught him at a Palm Beach hotel playing for brunch. What was odd is that most diners chose to sit out by the pool rather than inside and enjoy the music. Unfortunately that gig came to an end earlier this winter with a change in management. John Stein & Dave Zinno Wood and Strings (Whaling City Sound). A new release, but there's no image up on their website.
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Not long after it was issued, they performed at the 1990 JazzTimes Conference in New Orleans. That's where I got to meet both men and I've had a chance to hang with Bill Mays many times over the years. He even played at Hot House editor Paul Blair's memorial service in 2012. One To One Two is just as good.
  15. I was hoping Tulane alum Micah Owings would get one last shot at the big leagues, although that's about as likely as Jeff Franceour getting a new contract.