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  1. what happens to the NEA now and Lincoln Center and stuff

    I printed a photo of Serrano and put it in a cat box and let one of them crap on it, then took a photo. I wonder if I would be eligible for an NEA grant...three guesses for the title.
  2. what happens to the NEA now and Lincoln Center and stuff

    I retired from working in public radio for over a quarter century in 2014. While I was working, this topic would occasionally come up about federal funding. I informed people that CPB matching grants for public broadcasting were intended to be seed money and never permanent. If the organization has value and good leadership, they will find ways to make up the difference through increased fundraising and budget cuts. At least the matching funds were based on the fundraising success of the organization. The NEA hasn't helped itself with some of the questionable grants it has made over the years. Artists trying to make a political statement shouldn't receive taxpayer funding. They can test the market and see if there is any demand for their work. The NEA Jazz Masters program has funded deserving veteran artists, which is why it has avoided controversy. The local symphony president just sent out a mass email encouraging patrons to write their congressional representative to encourage him or her to fight to keep NEA grants. Of course, every time they perform an opera, it costs around $80,000 just for rental of backdrops and props. That's a lot of money for a genre that is on life support. I think there may be some cuts, but I doubt that Congress will do away with the NEA and CPB at this time.
  3. Wes Montgomery and Clark Terry

    I just interviewed Harold Mabern earlier this month and he toured Europe with Wes Montgomery in 1965. They appeared on television broadcasts for the BBC and also in Belgium. I think those may be available on grey market European DVDs.
  4. Album Covers That Make You Say "Uhhhh...."

    I guess that explains the somewhat lopsided face...
  5. Jaki Byard live audio on YouTube

    Feel free to share your tune identification with me via pm and I'll do the same.
  6. Do you listen to jazz on the radio?

    I'm so far behind in listening to new acquisitions that I never listen to radio at home or in the car, either terrestrial or satellite stations. The backlog is always 1200 or more releases, some of them boxed sets. I produced a weekly broadcast program for fifteen years, but after the first five, jazz was moved to Sundays, where listenership is scarce. I had the opportunity to interview a number of greats for my program and I think jazz on the air has its place.
  7. Jazz CDs For Sale or Trade

    Added to the list: Karl Denson - Chunky Pecan Pie (Minor Music) $10 Karl Denson - Herbal Turkey Breast (Minor Music) $7
  8. I never got to hear Jaki Byard in person, though I've collected most all of his commercial releases, including the Japanese-only issues. The three solo sets from the 1369 Club date from around 1985-1988, when the club existed. I don't know who recorded them or posted them, but it is fun to try to identify all of the songs in his long medleys. The audience is very attentive, though the piano tuning is less than perfect, no surprise for a club. Here are the links if anyone is interested in hearing them: Jaki Byard solo 1369 Club unknown date (1985-1988) Set 1 #1 30:37 Set 1 #2 15:37 Set 2 43:48
  9. CD's for sale, you know you want to.

    You are getting yourself a gem with These Rooms. One of Jim Hall's more obscure albums that lapsed from print far too soon.
  10. CD's for sale, you know you want to.

    Add these two CDs for me: Greg Abate Quintet, Monsters in the Night, Koko Jazz Records KJRCD 003 $4.00 Peter Bernstein, Brain Dance, Criss Cross Jazz 1130, $8.00 Eric Alexander
  11. CD's for sale, you know you want to.

    Please hold: Joshua Breakstone, Memoire The French Sessions vol 2, Capri Records 74070-2, $4.00 Scott Colley, The Magic Line, Arabesque Jazz AJ 0152, $5.00 trio w/Chris Potter, Bill Stewart George Gruntz Jazz Band ’87, Happening Now!, hat ART CD 6008, $9.00 Lee Kontiz, Joe Henderson, Rsy Anderson, Tom Varner, Kenny Wheeler ao Bobby Watson, Altos Peak, Strong Music 100, $12.00 with Gary Bartz
  12. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    It was clear than Sharony Andrews Green was not very knowledgeable about jazz, as there were numerous mistakes within the text. It didn't help that a young, overly enthusiastic Grant Green fan included almost gushing commentary with every discographical listing. Some of the stuff Green recorded in his later years was pretty forgettable.
  13. Bill Evans trio - On A Monday Evening (Live)

    I got it a week or so ago. It's a typical Evans set from the mid-1970s, though the fades are rapid between each number, making me wonder how much music was omitted. It is in mono and there's no version of "Nardis," which seems to pop up on nearly every Bill Evans live CD. If you're a fan of his work, you'll want to get it. It is well-recorded and the pianist is in top form.
  14. Well, I think that the label folded quickly, though some of the titles seem to hang around for a good while. I actually saw a sealed copy of the Terry Gibbs LP in the past few days. These sessions were taken from a television series that evidently aired on the west coast in the 1950s. Too bad the video wasn't preserved as well, as no supporting musicians are listed on any of the LPs.
  15. I looked at Discogs and saw CAL 3032 available, though it may seem pricey. It seemed like Calliope was around for a very short time in the mid-1970s. I saw a smattering of their catalog in a used record store while I was in grad school in 1976-1977. I was fortunate as I picked up a number of them than and a lot more around 2000. But I am missing a few, too, including 3021 and 3025.