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  1. John Coltrane - Blue World

    I watched Night Gallery when it aired and somehow managed to miss that episode, which I recall was nominated for an Emmy.
  2. Are CDs Still Worth Selling Online?

    Maybe you can create a list of 50 to 100 CDs at a time to share with interested parties in this group. Discogs can give you a realistic range of how to price many items, though some may never have sold there. The issue I have found is that many CDs by great artists don't necessarily bring all that much, even if they are long out of print. Too many copies available or maybe a lack of interest in deceased artists. There are those of us who still have room to expand our collections and are looking for certain CDs we missed for whatever reason. I've never sold stuff to Amoeba, but I imagine they are like Dusty Groove, no reimbursement for postage in addition to the low offers. Keep that in mind before going that route.
  3. I asked James Williams about the unissued session he recorded with George Duvivier (which was evidently one of the bassist's last sessions, if not last). The pianist told me that his own playing wasn't up to par on the date so the music wouldn't be released. I made an inquiry to William Paterson University (which received Williams' music legacy following his death) to see if they had the tapes, but there was no response.
  4. Bob Wilber RIP

    Bob Wilber played the Atlanta Jazz Party several times and did a record date in a studio with Kenny Davern which I also attended. Unfortunately, Davern got upset about something and went into a lengthy profane outburst that slowed things for a bit. The party host and producer, Phil Carroll, never said a thing about it, but when he booked Bob Wilber for future parties, he never again brought in Kenny Davern. This was the CD for the studio session:
  5. Collections

    I have a bit of my jazz collection boxed, only awaiting the arrival of the prefab CD shelves (9,000 capacity) on Monday or Tuesday, depending on when the movers come. I've had no access to them for a few weeks (unless I felt like cutting the tape) but that beats the last time around, when I was still working. I started boxing around January, moved in July, then had to wait fo have my eventual music library room finished (the builder failed to included drywall and a drop ceiling) plus the addition of custom wall shelves. It was around the following February when I had access to all of my music once more.
  6. Collections

    At one point Scott Yanow kept some records in his garage, not a great place to store them. He has since moved, though I don't know if the house is bigger, I'll have to ask him. If you have so many recordings that they are simply stacked in boxes where you can't access them to play, you're a hoarder, not a collector, in my view.
  7. Don Mossi, RIP

    Wasn't Willie McGhee considered to be one of the ugliest baseball players? Of course, Yogi Berra was quoted as saying, "I don't hit with my face..."
  8. Don Mossi, RIP

    I have a baseball book from 1972 which mentioned those "loving cup" ears. I still have that 1966 Topps card of Don Mossi.
  9. The audio for the Oscar Peterson commercial was laughably bad...
  10. Collections

    I remember attending the 2003 IAJE and sitting next to Ken Franckling during a great set by the Denny Zeitlin Trio. After finishing the first song, he started a beautiful ballad, playing softly, though the clown sitting on the other side of Ken chose that moment to snap a picture. The rather loud click of his SLR camera caused the two of us to look at each other with a frown and obviously thinking the same thing: "Amateur...." Of course, there were more than a few veteran photographers during IAJE who thought nothing of slowly walking up the center aisle and then in front of those of us seated in the front row to get a shot, taking their sweet time, no matter how many of us had their view blocked. I will have to admit that I've got my share of unissued jazz broadcasts, many of which I recorded during my many years in public radio. There is a wealth of material that merits being issued to the public, if only in download form.
  11. Collections

    Lorraine Feather told me that her father's record collection wasn't all that big. He and his wife suffered the effects of an earthquake and it could be that he donated or otherwise disposed of many records and CDs accumulated over the years. I think most of us collect or keep stuff because we treasure it. If we don't, why allow it to take up shelf space?
  12. Collections

    Doug Ramsey told me that he has thinned out his collection due to his many moves during his broadcast journalism career. It's funny but he worked in New Orleans twice, but before and after my four years at Tulane. He still occasionally posts a huge stack of promotional CDs sent his way and how it is impossible to hear them all. I've got more aggressive about thinning out new arrivals, especially the projects featuring unknowns (especially vocalists) doing all original material with musicians I've never heard of at all. I have to draw the line somewhere and unless artists are savy enough to include a familiar tune or musician, I'm afraid that a lot of writers and broadcasters have the same reaction. Surprisingly I haven't slowed down on buying CDs and LPs much (until around the time of the move, which is still in progress), but I have slowed down acquiring books. After moving 55 or 60 boxes of books, maybe that had an effect.
  13. Collections

    Frankly, I am not sure of how many CDs and LPs I own, it's been years since I attempted to count them. 20,000-22,000 might be a good ballpark estimate for my combined CDs and LPs, but it's a guess. I just moved and I am awaiting delivery of my prefab CD shelves to put out the rest of the jazz, the unheard discs, rock, classical, bluegrass, blues and comedy stuff. Scott's total is over 60,000 CDs and LPs, but he did get started writing about jazz in 1975.
  14. Collections

    I didn't realize that there was a collection competition, though I was amused when I shared the recent radio station CD sale list with my friend Scott Yanow (whose collection is likely triple the size of mine) and there were actually five CDs on it that he didn't already own.
  15. I've long enjoyed Nat King Cole and this set will be a nice addition to my collection. Maybe I'll be able to part with some of the earlier LPs and CDs that end up in this anthology.