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  1. Dick Gregory was a part of a panel discussion on humor at my alma mater, Tulane, around 1974. Russell Baker was the moderator and the rest of the group included Jimmy Breslin, Art Buchwald, along with an obscure feminist comedian named Robin Tyler who had everyone puzzled as to why she merited being in such austere company. I'd love to have an audio tape of that evening.
  2. There are also some radio broadcasts on that website. I've recorded a solo concert by Roland Hanna and a performance of the music of Edgard Varese, emceed by Frank Zappa.
  3. Mistakes in covers, booklets...

    I wrote a series of liner note bios for a series of European compilations. Unfortunately I never saw the playlists or personnel, otherwise I would have made a lot of corrections for them. Nearly every liner note job I've had has had either spelling mistakes, missing instruments, wrong or missing song titles (like a medley that omits a song), incorrect or missing composers/lyricists in the information provided to me by the label or artist. Since my name is going on the final product, I like everything to be correct. Of course, if we talk jazz books, no one seems to beat Stuart Nicholson for typos and outright errors.
  4. She played some piano when she appeared on Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz, one of the few dozen broadcasts issued on CD.
  5. BFT 161

    I'm glad somebody bought that obscure Joe Lee Wilson album. It was a nice surprise among a package deal of liner notes for 6 CDs, though I wasn't too crazy about the Jorge Dalto reissues.
  6. Pee Wee Marquette

    Bassist Bill Crow had fun describing what happened the night that Pee Wee forgot his name and had to ask someone in order to schmooze for his tip.
  7. Pee Wee Marquette

    I wonder if he hit up Letterman for money...
  8. Thanks for sharing the link to the article. I emceed a Sun Ra concert when he and his Arkestra came to Chattanooga. It was after his stroke and he was in a wheelchair. I only saw about half of the concert, because Michael Ray tore a tendon in his knee doing cartwheels on the wet outdoor stage during "Stargazer" and I road in the ambulance with him to the hospital. Another memory is that there was no microphone for me to use, so I was directed to use June Tyson's, which was in a stand. As soon as I finished, the band got underway and I was fumbling trying to get her mike back in place. I'm glad I got to experience the band while it was still touring with its founder.
  9. Name Three People...

    Brenda Starr Kay Starr Kay Kaiser
  10. My grandmother made arrangements with the Neptune Society and was cremated after her death in 1984. A couple of weeks ago we finally scattered my parents' ashes on some mountaintop property they owned. It's one of those discussions people need to have with their loved ones, after my father died, I was the only one in the family who knew he wanted to be cremated, he left no funeral instructions for my mother. The funeral industry is still a racket, watch out for chain homes (even when they keep the names of the local homes they bought), they are notorious for overcharging.
  11. The Juice Will Be On The Loose Again

    I grew up in Broward County and haven't set foot in it since 1984. I have no nostalgia about growing up there, have never been to a high school reunion. I do still have some cousins on the west coast that I wouldn't mind visiting, but I'll fly rather than drive down the state.
  12. The Juice Will Be On The Loose Again

    I tell everyone I escaped Florida...
  13. Current Popularity of Jazz

    If more students took a jazz survey course or attended a concert while in college, the numbers could grow. But the current generation doesn't seem to be willing to give jazz a chance.
  14. Name Three People...

    King Oliver Duke Ellington Earl Hines
  15. Joe Fields RIP

    I never met Joe Fields but when I called Jimmy Ponder to seek a phone interview for background in writing liner notes about an unissued solo live recording, he responded, "They recorded that?" Joe Fields got involved because Ponder was a HighNote artist and he was trying to block its release. I didn't pursue the project out of respect for Ponder, though a well known writer took it on and was evidently unaware of its sketchy history. Joe Fields had a Jimmy Ponder session already in the can and hired me to writer liner notes for it, Somebody's Child, which turned out to be Jimmy Ponder's last release prior to his death.