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  1. Happy 95th Birthday, Terry Gibbs!

    Happy birthday, Terry Gibbs! Hope you are still having fun playing drums in your backyard studio.
  2. Benny Goodman Treasure Chest Set

    That 2 CD set looks suspiciously like a compilation of earlier LaserLight CDs, though I haven't compared them yet.
  3. Benny Goodman Treasure Chest Set

    I don't know how many people would be interested, but if this set has recording dates that would help, as would a catalog number or a link to a page with detailed info.
  4. Happy Birthday Ken Dryden!

    Dan: And I already made my first Medicare claim.... Thanks!
  5. Anyone that stupid needs to be banned from the venue for good.
  6. This aritcle came about from my September phone interview with Dick Hyman. I plan to air some of the interview on Timeless Jazz in the coming weeks (not yet scheduled) and I will be at Dizzy's for both of his sets on October 16. It can be viewed on line at Hothousejazz dot com.
  7. Bill Mays shared a story about Alfred Marx, ("the lost Marx Brother, Cheapo") in his memoir. He was recording live with Marx sitting nearby and after a song that Mays thought turned out great, the producer leaned over and said, "Great take," then announced the time from his stopwatch. Orrin Keepnews may have been crusty, but he produced a lot of great music in his long career, even if you excluded everything after Riverside.
  8. Stan Getz and Bill Evans Album on Verve

    Good luck trying to photocopy the book, it would be a challenge to flatten it enough to get a good scan, let alone get readable text. I hope the designer was fired and banned from the music industry for the overall horrible design.
  9. It was one of the first jazz books I reviewed when it was first published. Unfortunately an editor at the newspaper shortened my review, leaving it with a transition that made absolutely no sense. I was embarrassed to send a tearsheet of it to Oxford University Press.
  10. Happy Birthday, relyles

    Happy Birthday, Ronald! Make it a fun day!
  11. Stan Getz and Bill Evans Album on Verve

    When I didscovered that the dreaded Bill Evans metal rust box was spreading rust to the CDs adjacent to it, I mentioned it to my father and he suggested cleaning it with Comet. I think that halted the progress, though I haven't checked it in awhile. It is easily one of the worst designed boxed sets, along with that pathetic 4 CD Charlie Christian set where the CDs rested in a ceramic like base.
  12. Kelley Suttenfield - When We Were Young

    I've had this CD sitting on my desk for a while and I haven't been in a hurry to play it. I got rid of all of my Neil Young albums some time back and I'm having a hard time thinking of some of these songs being viable at all in a jazz setting.
  13. Harold Mabern R.I.P.

    I only remember seeing Harold Mabern perform twice, once as a sideman with George Coleman around the time that Harold's CD The Leading Man was issued, the other was here in Chattanooga, where we had two sets by a group of all stars including Harold Mabern, who was joined by Tom Harrell. A terrific evening for those who attended.
  14. Harold Mabern R.I.P.

    I have a live recording of drummer Joe Farnsworth, who shared a story about getting a gig as a leader after being a Mabern student at William Paterson. He called the pianist to ask if he was available, Mabern responded, "Who?...What does it pay?" When Farnsworth discussed the money, the pianist replied, "I'll need $500 more" then hung up. Farnsworth called his mom to borrow the money, a great investment. Harold Mabern's sound was always readily identifiable. Mabern was very enthusiastic when he discussed his students and the last time I saw him a few years back at Kitano, he was in the audience for a set led by Helen Sung.