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  1. Bob Havens, anyone?

    If he is still living, he turns 90 this year.
  2. Bob Havens, anyone?

    Bob Havens was a regular at the Atlanta Jazz Party for many years, as he was a favorite of the host, Phil Carroll. I believe that he at least a studio session or so on the afternoon/evening after the Party that ended up being issued by Jazzology or GHB. He was a very soft spoken, humble individual, but he could swing. I'm glad that I had so many opportunities to hear him on stage.
  3. I produced a show with a similar theme not long after Stan Getz/Kenny Barron People Time was first released. It is amazing how strong some performances are by artists with a terminal illness, such as Charlie Rouse's final CD Epistrophy, issued by Landmark.
  4. I just finished Phil Woods' autobiograhy Life In E-Flat. There are a lot of great stories that he shared in interviews and his Phil In The Gap column for the Al Cohn Memorial Newsletter, plus additional material about his personal life that isn't as widely known. Woods discusses his own shortcomings with candor, while Ted Panken, who edited the book, wrote an excellent introduction and Brian Lynch shared his thoughts about working and talking witht he late jazz master.
  5. For completists only....

    Gene Harris told me that he wasn't too happy with the stuff he recorded in the early 1970s, which is why he retired to Idaho before Ray Brown eventually lured him back.
  6. Mike Weil's discographies - general remarks

    That is a common error. Richard Rodgers and Willard Robison are often misspelled and Bill Evans is frequently credited with composing Miles’ “Nardis.”
  7. Mike Weil's discographies - general remarks

    Adding composers to a discography adds to the challenge since so many releases have incorrect or incomplete credits.
  8. For completists only....

    There is one Fats Waller title issued by a collector who lives in Thailand that you might not have. Let me look up the title. I am pretty sure that I have all of McCoy Tyner's recordings as a leader, co-leader or soloist on Milestone, Impulse!, Blue Note, Half Note, Timeless, Who's Who In Jazz and some other things.
  9. For completists only....

    I have extensive collections of numerous artists, though I hesitate to call any of them complete. There's bound to be a hard to find import-only album or bootleg that I have never run across, not even counting appearances on others' recordings. If we're only counting releases under an artist's name, I think that I own everything by Jaki Byard as a soloist, co-leader or leader, as I managed to pick up a number of European and Japanese releases to fill in some gaps. An added bonus is that I have a dub of the remaining unissued tracks from The Lennie's On The Turnpike date.
  10. LF: Don Grolnick Complete Blue Note

    You might be better off looking for the two individual CDs, Nothing Personal and Nighttown.
  11. Andrew Hill

    I enjoyed this solo piano DVD from late in his career .
  12. Big list of jazz CDS

    I am interested in buying these CDs: Misha Mengleberg Senne Sing Song ‎(CD) Tzadik $9 Misha Mengleberg Four in One SACD SGL SA1535-5 $6 George Cables WNCD 79402 Why Not $7 DIW 6004 George Cables With Cecil McBee, Billy Hart - Night And Day $20 Geri Allen DIW-847E Geri Allen, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian - Live At The Village Vanguard $18
  13. New Dave Brubeck release

    Don't get your hopes up for The Last Time We Saw Paris seeing a legitimate reissue, though one of the gray labels may well reissue it without having to pay royalites. Brubeck hated that album and blocked reissuing of it during his lifetime. I don't know how much pull his surviving children have, but I would imagine that they would honor his wishes. I kept hoping for a Brubeck live Columbia box or a collection of all of the recordings that Brubeck and Mulligan did together for Columbia, but so far, nothing...
  14. RIP Stanley Crouch

    Yeah, he was amusing. JJA would have celebrating guest emcess. The first show I attended had both Avery Brooks and Soupy Sales. Soupy's jokes included: "I'm in a self-help group, sex without partners." "My grandmother was told by her doctor to walk 3 miles a day. It's been two weeks and we don't know where she is..."
  15. Steeplechase burn!!

    Stateside Distributors is still sending me regular SteepleChase CDs, no damned CDRs. Amazon and ImportCDs have been notorious for selling CDRs without labeling them as such. I usually try to look at the artwork before opening any new CD, as the burns sometimes remove the credits and original text from the tray card, a dead giveaway that it is not what one paid for according to the description. Amazon will take CDRs back if you act promptly, if they failed to list them accurately on line, even if they have been opened.
  16. RIP Stanley Crouch

    I found Crouch's writing to be frequently overbearing, much like his public persona. During one Jazz Journalist Association he took a swing at president Howard Mandel, then there's the time he cold-cocked another writer in the side of the head while he was seated. My one encounter with him was during a JJA Awards Show, which he had bulldozed his way into being a part of it (with Mandel's blessing), even though he was not a member. He talked for a few minutes, then sat at the drums and gave a rather boring solo. Afterward, Francis Davis made fun of it when he took the microphone, but even better was comedian Al Lewis, who was a special guest that year. Lewis remarked, "I remember being on 52nd Street back in the 1940s and hearing Sid Catlett, now there was a real drummer!" The audience groaned and hooted in agreement. I always wonder if Crouch thought about taking a swing at either of them.
  17. Dr. Lyn Christie- R.I.P.

    Didn't he play on that LP by Daphne Hellman, called Helman's Angels?
  18. Mosaic Sampler

    I received it as a gift, but since I owned all the individual tracks, I sold it.
  19. I tried to save the show I produced today to a portable hard drive (Seagate, 4 TB) and was unable to do so. Is there any way to salvage the contents before it dies?
  20. Thanks for the tip. I don't even know the contents of the hard drive, so I'm not sure if is worth spending that much money. Thanks for the tip.
  21. Many restaurants should be able to open up to 50% capacity without undue risk, if they can space out the tables. Granted, it will be hard for some jazz clubs to meet such guidelines due to their already compact seating and minimal square footage, but at least discussions should be on the table. I can't imagine how many favorite restaurants and jazz clubs will be shuttered for good by my next trip to NYC.
  22. I am sure that a lot of people are wishing that the bumbling mayors who have ground business to a near halt in their cities soon close their final term in office.
  23. The Saxophone Colossus turns 90 today.

    I am saluting Sonny Rollins' 90th Birthday with a special edition of Timeless Jazz this Sunday from 3 to 5pm EDT, webcast at Included will be some excerpts of a phone interview that I did with him in August 2007 for a Hot House feature. Since there is so much great music, I will probably extend it into the following week's program as well.
  24. Sorry, voting is restricted to jazz artists, not jizz artists like the Milquetoast Maestro, the Duke of Puke, the King of Hairdo Music...
  25. Neil Swainson - 49th Parallel

    I had Neil Swainson autograph my US CD of 49th Parallel when we saw him with George Shearing. He immediately quipped the old comeback, "Oh, so you're the one who bought it!"