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  1. Cds and lps for sale

    PM sent on the Jackie Mittooooooo
  2. Roland Kirk on LIMELIGHT

    Another watered-down Limelight LP is Eric Dolphy's "Last Date."
  3. Wayne Shorter with Art Blakey, 1964

    You'll be hard pressed to find a more intense Blakey performance than the title cut on "Free for All."
  4. End of the road for in-car CD players

    I just leased a 2012 Ford Fiesta (the most basic model). It has an AM/FM stereo with an auxiliary jack. At higher trim levels, you can get a CD player. This is oddly apparent, as my AM/FM-only unit has a CD button and an eject button. I'm getting to the point where I don't use the CDs I have very often at all. The car used to be the last place. Not any longer. Plug in the iPhone with tons of albums from Rdio, and I am set. The only trouble will be a lack of dashboards in new cars that you'll be able to fit with an old-school rectangular car stereo. Much like when the auto industry switched from the two-knob radios to the one-big-rectangle models.
  5. I'v elong been intrigued by the "hara hachi bu" way of thinking when it comes to eating. Don't eat until full -- only 8 parts out of ten. It takes some getting used to, but now I even apply it at Thanksgiving, believe it or not.
  6. Instagram

    LOVE Instagram!
  7. re- blue note STEREO stickers....a really late example?

    My copy of Coleman Hawkins' "Today and Now" has the sticker, too.
  8. Record Store Day Tomorrow

    I did pick up the Brubeck. It's on red wax, even! I wish they'd put out more of these 10" reissues along the OJC lines. I missed out on the Buddy Guy reissue on Vanguard.
  9. Miles Davis Forever LP

    I looked at it in the store. Certainly mixed messages around the tracks' status as "unreleased." As in "unreleased until it was released several years ago in a boxed set." I'd have rather seen a something like a bootleg from the 70s released instead...
  10. Record Store Day Tomorrow

    People were lining up at 1am at one store here in town. They opened their doors at 9am. I have to say that the forced limited edition thing is a bit lame. The day is great for record stores, really helping things along to fill the registers. Which I am all for. But from a guy-buying-records-to-hear-them perspective, I just can't hang with waiting in line for 8 hours to HAVE A CHANCE at getting what I am looking for.
  11. Record Store Day Tomorrow

    I'm not gonna wait in line for the other crazies hoping to cop some of the limited 7"s, but I plan on stopping by later to see about snapping up that Brubeck 10" reissue. If the Electric Fetus doesn't have it, then I'll hit Treehouse Records.
  12. Gambling: PowerBall Mania

    Bought a ticket this morning. I CAN'T WAIT TO WIN THE $500,000,000
  13. Pink Floyd "Animals"

    I get off of the Floyd train after Wish You Were Here, for the most part. Everything after Pompeii/Meddle was less exciting. Echoes was, and still is, a revelation every time I hear it. Hearing Animals brings be back to my youth, with a cassette dub of the album cranking out of my dad's Magnavox boombox.
  14. So, have I missed anything?

    Happy to see the return of Cat Shatner!
  15. I've bought a number of new LPs recently (new titles and reissues) and it is hit or miss. Bubbles aren't the issue, however. It seems like warps are the rule, rather than the exception. I've NEVER had a problem with old vinyl being warped, but it seems like every third new LP I unwrap has some degree of warp-age. Which is a huge bummer. I've come to be less picky about it, as warps are so prevalent. None of them are so bad as to cause sound issues, thankfully.
  16. Your favorite headphones?

    I love the Grado SR60s at home. At the office, my Sennheiser HD202s do a fine job of isolating sound. (They have what seems to be a bottomless extended bass range. Lowest of the lows come through with these things.) For foot commuting in these Mpls skyways, I use Skullkandy Titans, a nice set of in-ear buds. Less bass response than I might like, but they fit well. There was some cable noise-conduction issues, which I addressed by inserting them upside down and routed the cables up and then behind my ears. Problem solved. I honestly don't know how folks can use those stock Apple earbuds.
  17. Can't believe that the Billy Bauer title didn't sell at $5, even. That one's a gem.
  18. iPhone and Rdio. I had some 12,000 tunes on my old computer. When I got the iPhone and Rdio, they suddenly became obsolete. And, I don't have to shuttle tunes on and off a mobile device by hooking it up to a computer.
  19. I've got that one, too. Metallic Limelight sticker and booklet inside--quite elaborate for the day, I'm certain. My Limelight copy of Dolphy's Last Date has a booklet, too. Did Limelight do this for all of their releases?
  20. First ipod nano

    Sent mine off yesterday. Hoping for a 6th gen replacement!
  21. ebay madness re: vinyl

    What in all hell is causing this huge jump in prices? Is this because the kids like records now? CRAY-ZEEE
  22. Peter Brötzmann Corner

    Nice feature on Brotzmann in this month's Downbeat. I rarely make it to the magazine rack. I rarely pick up Downbeat. But I did, and read this yesterday. Makes me want to read a whole book about him...
  23. Nice session. I found this 10" today for $2.00.
  24. and The Gonsalves is on Omega, rather than the VSOP reissue. Got them both yesterday for $0.60 each.