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  1. Suggest Some Essential Delta Blues

    Can't wait to see the details on this set!
  2. Yourmusic.com corner

    I canceled again after getting 4 CDs from Yourmusic. Price just isn't good enough in relation to selection for my wants.
  3. Debut Fantasy boxed set

    I have the Prestige Story set [similar deal - label retrospective.] It is more listenable than I anticipated. Generally, I would prefer the full albums, but it is great as it is. Will probably pick this set up from Newbury, too!
  4. Mary Lou Williams

    I have stated elsewhere on this board in other threads that my single favorite piece of music EVER may well be Mary Lou's take on "It Ain't Necessarily So" from Black Christ of the Andes. I have listened to this cut more than any other cut in my collection. There is a depth there, an economy, and an intensity that hits me every time. Listen to it here, if you haven't [or if you have]: on Rhapsody I also love Nitelife and the Free Spirits date.
  5. Who are you just discovering?

    Art Pepper. Where have I been? Picked up that Village Vanguard sessions set at FYE for $25.
  6. organissimo T-shirts!

    As long as it comes on one of those mesh half-shirts, I would take either design.
  7. Happy Birthday WD45!!!

    It was delightful - I love it up there. We drove as far north at Silver bay, about 100 miles from Canada. There was an odd fog rolling in off of the lake that made it all very surreal.
  8. I have found emusic to be a big source for my Indian classical downloads. Many of the tracks are licensed via a single label, Sare Gama. For reasons unkown, they have MANY of the performances broken out as single items, rather than as part of an album. Often the cuts are 15-30 mins in length, making them a good value, up until now. Now, a single track would have been 1 credit. Now, that single track is 12 credits. Here is my question - will labels like Sare Gama be getting a cut, or is this additional cut being used to subsidize the Sony deal?
  9. Happy Birthday WD45!!!

    Thanks all!
  10. I'll second the notion of getting discs/LPs for free and shelving them as being much different that seeking items out for purchase with limited funds. I did some of the former when I worked at radio stations. It is less fun. And, it seems like those records were paid less attention. They were often not the records I really wanted, anyway. Collecting evolves, I think. Diving into the bargain bins for some half-satisfactory titles can be a real drag and time drain. No time for that with a child around, now.
  11. Derek Trucks Band

    Archive.org is great for those recordings. I found THREE different versions of the show I was at! There is nice show from the Wanee festival that has Trucks opening the set with Indian guitarist V.M. Bhatt. What struck me at the concert I went to was the fact that his most awe-inspiring playing of the night was when he played conventionally [without the slide]. He played that way on the clip I posted and on My Favorite Things.
  12. Derek Trucks Band

    Saw Derek Trucks in concert on Friday. Here is a dreamy take on his "Mahjoun" that I posted to YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0edPITlyUIhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0edPITlyUI Wish I had recorded what was about 20 mins of BLAZING playing on "My Favorite Things."
  13. 2009 organissimo forum fundraiser

    I made a donation to this most awesome of causes. Thanks, Jim!
  14. T-Bone/JATP

    Yep. AWESOME.
  15. Name a favorite Max Roach recording

    "Members, Don't Get Weary", burning with Tolliver, Bartz, Cowell and Merritt in 1968. Contains the finest recording of Cowell's gorgeous "Effi". "Members" is my fave, but he is a highlight for me on several recordings. Freedom Suite, Money Jungle, etc
  16. Fav Artist of the Week

    Whoa - instant indie cred. I wouldn't even mind hearing those...
  17. Jackie McLean "One Step Beyond" RVG

    And to think I almost traded my corrected copy in for an "upgrade".
  18. Precedent for Organ Trio + Vocalist?

    There are those 4 cuts on Jimmy Smith's Softly As A Summer Breeze album with vocalist Bill Henderson.
  19. I agree. There is a big difference in my mind between buying a grey-market disc versus a link to an mp3 copy to download. I am ALL FOR deleting links to questionable sites purveying questionable downloads.
  20. I dig this cut that he put together: I am a sucker for talkbox, tho. I think it is an interesting take on DJ culture from two perspectives - video as a component, and amateur involvement. Before, DJs had to get acts with songs pressed up on vinyl to do their magic. That gatekeeper has been removed.
  21. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    They should have included the Clementine from 1/20/68 as a bonus cut. Rare, and a better version will not be found. Amazing!
  22. chewy re-discovery of "Take Five" album

    Those were odd. I found one, unopened, at a flea market for a buck or so. It was a JJ Johnson album on Columbia.
  23. BMG Sale Corner

    2/3 Off CDs Plus FREE SHIPPING when you order 4 or more CDs M9S1, 2 You can nab the Ella Fitzgerald Songbooks 16 CD box for $87 shipped. I did!
  24. Lester Young Mosaic set

    Could it be that since it is fewer discs/lower price, more people are ready to spring for it in the current economy? I have been eyeballing it because of that price. IT is one of the reasons that I was bummed the Braxton set was so many discs.
  25. Miles Davis At Carnegie Hall 1961 Reissues

    I thought there was some distortion on the ensemble parts in So What. Trumpets were too hot.