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  1. What Music Did You Get For Christmas?

    Friends of Old Time Music 3cd set on Folkways Classic Railroad Songs compilation, also on Folkways Juke Joint Boogie, a country/rockabilly sampler on Bear Family Records
  2. BMG Sale Corner

    Oh man, that is sad. Lot of discs in my collection came from BMG...
  3. For me, it is the recordings. No matter if the artist is still with us or not. I am easily distracted, and it doesn't take much to ruin a performance for me. Whether it is the sound, someone acting a fool nearby, or something else, my mind wanders away from the music. I have been to too many shows with drunk loud talkers and cigarette burners than I care to remember. And for the $25-$45 that the local places charge for mainstream acts, I am not one to shell out for it. The free outdoor concerts are fun, and I try to hit a couple of those each year. The drunk & cigarette quotient goes up quickly with those, however. I would rather buy a disc or two and listen and listen and listen again. Being a new dad really cuts down on the social time, too. I find myself hearing all of my jazz via headphones.
  4. Don't confuse the percussion feature with "key-click", which is the sound of the contacts under each key connecting when the key is pressed. It's almost a "static-y" sound. It was a part of the organ that Hammond himself considered a fault and the engineers tried all sorts of electronic solutions to mask it. A lot of the the jazz guys modified their organs so they would have more of that key-click. But I know what you're saying about Groove; he sometimes used the 2nd harmonic percussion and it was very pronounced. Jimmy McGriff modified his B3 somehow to make the percussion really thick and, for lack of a better term, nasty (and get more key-click, too). His tone on those Solid State LPs is ridiculous. Jimmy was trying to prove himself on those initial BN records. I think his fire and intensity on those sides is awesome. The bass sounds on Vol. 3 are ENORMOUS. Was that RVG's touch, or what?
  5. Blue Note Catalog deletions

    Many of these titles going OOP are part of Amazon's Black Friday sale -- most available for $8.99!
  6. Box Set sale at Amazon

    There is a bunch of Miles' Columbia albums in this sale too, $5.99/each.
  7. I'm curious too. Great compilation by the way. At first it seemed weird, but if this is a way to keep good music available, maybe it's for the best. Same here. I worry about some sort of photocopy Jazz Heritage Society-type reproduction.
  8. Blue Note Catalog deletions

    Nabbed that Leo Parker from Amazon. Needed another title to put me into free-shipping land anyway. I have wanted it since it was released, but never bought it. At least they let us know when things are going to vanish...
  9. Yourmusic.com corner

    And now it gets even sillier. I received these Verve Originals from BMG today: Maynard Ferguson OCTET (jewel case) Oliver Nelson FANTABULOUS (digipak) Kenny Burrell A NIGHT AT THE VANGUARD (digipak) Quincy Jones QUINTESSENCE (digipak) Willie Bobo BOBO MOTION (jewel case) Stan Getz SWEET RAIN (jewel case) Milt Jackson LIVE AT THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART (jewel case) I guess the March 18, 2008 batch was the last ones BMG got in digipaks. That is one of the reasons I quit the club. To me, these jewel case versions were a big step down in quality. Before, I knew I could always be assured that the only difference was in the barcode. Not any more. And more confusingly, not consistent.
  10. Blue Note to turn 70 in 2009

    I would be interested in hearing this John Coltrane album "Blue Train." Perhaps this anniversary will finally compel them to reissue this session.
  11. New Sony "Classic Albums" sets

    I remember buying two of those John McLaughlin Shakti CDs as Japanese issues for $20+ each. Buy them at this low price, they are great!
  12. BMG Sale Corner

    This month I actually quit the club for the first time in a long while. I was just ordering things I sort-of wanted with the free coupons, having already ordered everything I was really enthusiastic about. Given a limited CD budget, I am better off buying things I REALLY want via Amazon or locally, rather than piddling away the dollars on things I kinda want. Also, now that BMG has nixed most of the Sony/Columbia catalog, there are fewer and fewer things coming along that I want. That, and the BN titles that do show up seem to stick around for such a short period of time. Just my experience. Thanks for listening!
  13. Didn't Abercrombie also play on those Dan Wall discs on ECM?
  14. Loudest: Kieran Hebden/Fourtet SOOOO much bass in a small club -- nuts. Ear plugs didn't help 2nd loudest: Amon Tobin, the Brazilian drum-n-bass guy. The was pleasantly very loud, well EQed. There was a straw in my empty glass that vibrated back and forth. 3rd loudest: Acid Mothers Temple at the 7th Street Entry in Mpls. TINY club, Marshall double stack turned ALL of the way up, me and friend standing 8 ft from it. Never felt a guitar in my bones like that before. 4th loudest: Peter Brotzmann/Nasheet Waits duo. I sat literally 5 feet from his horn. He plays so fucking loud. OMG. Primal. 5th loudest: Motorhead at First Ave. But, I honestly was hoping it would be louder. I wear earplugs at almost all shows, and I most definitely bring them to all shows, just in case. If forced to go to a nightclub, I bring them there, too. My grandfather has very little hearing as a result of gunfire & mid 20th century agriculture. As a result, my parents put earplugs in my ears when they needed to, preserving all of my hearing. I have only had ears ringing at one point. It was horrifying. I even wear earplugs when I vacuum the house.
  15. Lets Trade!

    Got the discs super-fast! Thanks!
  16. Lets Trade!

    PM sent on Bar Kohkba & Polwechsel discs
  17. Laptop Recommendations

    I would not recommend the HP Pavillion series. Or anything with Vista. I shoulda bought a Mac...
  18. Fela - the musical!

    Were I there, I would have gone to see it. AND I would have gone to a West African restaurant.
  19. Philip Glass

    Glad to see that Orange Mountain Music released a new recording of Music in 12 Parts, spread across 4cds. Haven't listened to it yet.
  20. Philip Glass

    Details on the box are out now. Looks like almost everything will be exceprts. Glass Box: Disc 1: Music in Contrary Motion Music With Changing Parts Music in Similar Motion Disc 2: Music in Twelve Parts, Parts VII-X Disc 3: Einstein on the Beach, 9 Selections Disc 4: Glassworks/Analog: Orange Mountain Music Archive Étoile Polaire Dressed Like an Egg Mad Rush for Organ Disc 5: Satyagraha, Act 1-III, Scene 1 Disc 6: Koyaanisqatsi, 6 Selections Powaqqatsi, 8 Selections Disc 7: String Quartets Nos. 2, 4, 5 Études for Piano Nos. 2, 3, 5, 9 Disc 8: Selections from the CIVIL warS, Symphony No. 5, Akhnaten, and Hydrogen Jukebox Disc 9: Symphonies Nos. 3 & 8 Disc 10: Filmworks, selections from: Mishima, The Secret Agent, Kundun, Anima Mundi, La Belle et la Bête, The Thin Blue Line, Dracula, The Fog of War, Candyman, The Truman Show, The Hours
  21. I wish this were in-print, and on CD! Dang Blue Note!
  22. McCoy Tyner- Guitars

    That is my favorite part, though. I could [and often do] listen to Jerry Garcia play C-Maj scale variations on Dark Star in half-hour bursts. When the 25 minutes of Dark Star on Live/Dead is over, I am left wanting to hear more. Every time. Duane Allman, Derek Trucks, Jerry Garcia, et al may not have gotten "jazz" and that's fine -- I probably would find them less interesting if they weren't doing their "own" thing. [However limited you might find it.]
  23. Thoughts on regional orchestras

    Don't for get that in addition to the Minnesota Orchestra, we also have the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. Most definitely of the same caliber. MinnOrch has been nice in featuring the works of Aho for several years now.
  24. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Unsmoked cigarettes - estimated to bring $1,000 - $1,200?
  25. New 160GB iPod...

    I was waiting for the new ipod line to be announced, as I am considering upgrading from my 1st generation 2gb Nano. I have to swap things out a couple of times each week, which is more trouble than it is worth. Now I can't decide which to choose. I thought about the old 160, but I have had many people talk about the hard drive failing -- moving parts, and all that. I use mine a lot, at least 3-4 hours each day, so the flash memory of the Nanos is appealing. I had considered the new Nano, maybe the 16 GB. The touch is cool, but maybe too big for what I am used to. Decisions...