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  1. World Music

    A couple of weeks ago I picked up eleven of the fifteen volumes of the Music of Islam series on Celestial Harmonies at a local Half Price Books. Great sound, nice notes & packaging. I am going to get the missing four from Amazon.
  2. CDs for Sale

    PM sent on Josef van Wissem disc
  3. I would like to see the list of blues titles, for sure! [ happy 3x Stupendous Sale participant ]
  4. Lee Morgan- Candy question

    I sold my copy of Candy because once I heard the squeak, I couldn't *un-hear* it.
  5. Eddie Costa Corner

    It's good enough, not top drawer Costa but well worth hearing but don't lose sleep over this one... I agree. If you want Costa in a quintet, I'd go for the Mode/VSOP Eddie Costa Quintet (Art Farmer with Woods at the front, Paul Motian on drums) or the Hal McKusick-Art Farmer Quintet (originally on Coral, most of it on GRP's Now's The Time, all of it on a LoneHill reissue, IIRC). F I just picked up that "Now's the Time" comp on GRP, and am curious as to why they left off some cuts when the total running time of the disc is only 61 mins? If I understand the notes correctly, McKusick himself was involved in the selection -- could he have nixed some cuts for editorial reasons instead? Great music, on this, BTW. Would love to see some of Costa's more obscure leader and/or sideman dates show up collected somewhere. Mosaic?
  6. Evan Parker

    My favorite Evan Parker solo outing isn't exactly solo -- he overdubs his own horn and a bit of organ on "Time Lapse" on the Tzadik label. I picked this up the second time I saw him over in St. Paul, right after it was released. The tracks range in length from under three minutes to just over ten, so the listener isn't required to digest some 20-30 minute cuts to see what he is all about. [Like "Lines Burnt in Light", another fave.] This is really a stunning record, marrying his phenomenal technique to some of his compositional ideas.
  7. Your Next Mosaic

    braxton braxton braxton
  8. For interested persons using the Firefox browser, there is a plugin that allows you to get all mp3s on a given page with a single right-click. It is called "down them all," and I used it to get that whole Arabic page's 96 cuts in about 8 mins, one click.
  9. The Stupendous Sale Part 5

    Sent PM on Baby Face Willette's Stop & Listen and Jimmy Smith's A New Sound... discs
  10. ***King Crimson Corner***

    Is that Fripp in a glass box?
  11. Just sent them an email, will let you know what I find out.
  12. It is a shame that BN hasn't put this back into print in one form or another. edit for typo
  13. Another Spam from Nessa

    Why did you wait so long to reissue it?
  14. Blogspots...

    Someone made mention earlier in the thread about the majors devaluing their own product. For instance, this 30-disc Elgar box from EMI. At just over $2/disc shipped, that seems to fulfill the notion of devaluation. There have been gray-market labels doing the many-disc cheapies for some time, but this is EMI, used to charging at least $5.99/disc on the most budget of budget releases. More often they are released at the $11.99 retail price point. Why this change now?
  15. Left Handed Piano Players

    Borah Bergman "spent years teaching his left hand to play the piano like his right." So the story goes.
  16. Blogspots...

    Here is a small poll and some discussion on the matter at Geeksugar
  17. Blogspots...

    Since we are talking about a shift in thinking, what is the thought on the subscription services? Rhapsody, for $12.99/mo, lets you listen to all of their cuts an unlimited amount of times. They offer 25 free plays each month without a subscription. I could listen to Anthony Braxton's Composition 94 more than every other day and never pay Mr. Braxton a cent. Forever. What about Last FM? Pandora? Things are changing, like it or not. The illegal side, to a degree, drives the innovation for the legal. Legal always has to catch up.
  18. World Music

    I have that Lure of the Desert disc. Another bad cover...
  19. jaltarang recital clip on YouTube -- stumbled across this the other day:
  20. World Music

    Don't want this to slip by unnoticed. There is some great music and interesting history/comments in there. Worth watching imo. I know there's like three of us reading this thread, but... It's like the Funny Rat all over again!
  21. World Music

    Where do you procure most of your recordings in this vein?
  22. Stupendous Sale Keeps Going

    i bought two items from Dan and they arrived quickly, well packaged, and in good order. A++
  23. Pretty cool rare vinyl MP3 site...

    No releases on Nessa Records?