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  1. Vocalion

    I love that controlled swing from the Edelhagen Band and they had great musicians too..
  2. Vocalion

    the kurt edelhagen discs are a pure delight Big Band jazz from Germany! A new CD of Big Band jazz has just been released.
  3. European Impulse! 2-on-1 CD reissues

    would prefe if they worked more on the reiusses with more and better readable liner notes.
  4. European Impulse! 2-on-1 CD reissues

    Sonny Criss is total crap too jazz sax mixed with 70s pop.
  5. Latest Pop Market Complete sets available for preorder

    I´ve just ordered the Brubeck Set from popmarket.It is a good deal for 19 albums and I am looking forward to this set. I love theme albums from the 50s and 60s.