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  1. Prestige studio sessions 1965-70

    The liners for Freddie McCoy's Listen Here credits RVG.
  2. Happy birthday Bill Fenohr!

    Thanks folks. I have been busy with some family business the last couple of months. I will be hanging out here more often from now on.
  3. Harold Vick Steppin' Out

    The single was just edited versions of Our Miss Brooks and Vicksville from the lp takes.
  4. George Braith Laughing Soul

    Your listing is the correct order and composers. On the lp number 2 is two words, Chop Sticks, Number 3 is Chuncky Cheeks and number 6 is spelled Coolodge.
  5. Happy birthday, Kevin Bresnahan!

    Happy Birthday to our KB.
  6. Happy Birthday, Bertrand!

    Have a good one my man.
  7. Lonehill reissues

    Both of the Booker Little dates have been out on cd. The Little 4 was put out by Blue Note. The & Friends was put out by Toshiba. They are both OOP now, but you might try or ebay.
  8. Stan Getz My Foolish Heart: Live at the Left Bank

    You can hear Stan do the real La Fiesta on the Steeplechase cd Stan's Party. I think he also recorded it on the Columbia album Captian Marvel, which im sorry to say i dont own.
  9. Jimmy Rowles

    I dont know if it has ever been on cd, but one i like alot is a duo date Jimmy did with Al Cohn for Xanadu called Heavy Love. Just two masters tearing up five standards and one original.
  10. Harold Land's "Take Aim"

    That Imperial album was called Jazz Impressions Of Folk Music and was issued under Lands leadership. You can have it on cd as part of the Carmell Jones Mosaic Select set.
  11. Harold Land's "Take Aim"

    Jazzdaddy, You are correct on the record date. I hit the wrong number on the keyboard. RVG and the other guy were the engineers for the remastering and remix for the Rainbow Series lp issue, but not the original engineers.
  12. Harold Land's "Take Aim"

    Take Aim was recorded on July 26, 1960 at Radio Recorders in LA. No engineer credit is given on the lp. The session was produced by Leonard Feather for Blue Note. The originals were composed as follows: As You Like It-Harold Land Aim-Amos Trice Land Of Peace-Leonard Feather Reflections-Harold Land Blue Nellie-Martin Banks Hope that helps you out.
  13. Atlantic 10-inch LPs?

    Mike, That Dizzy Home And Abroad is an interesting case. The four tracks recorded in NY are listed as only Atlantic. The eight Paris tracks seem to be a bit more muddy. The Home And Abroad lp 1257 is out on Collectables, so Warner Bros still has the tapes. If they leased those tracks, you would think that lease ran out decades ago. Kind of weird.
  14. Interesting find

    Dick Wetmore was/is a jazz vioinist. I dont think he recorded much. The only thing i have is his self titled 10" lp on Bethlehem. Judging by the sidemen on that date, Ray Santisi piano and Jimmy Zitano drums, he must have lived in the Boston area at the time.

    All the best on your day Jim. Man, i have shirts older then 28. Thanks for all your work to make this the best jazz hingout on the planet. Bill