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  1. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    OK, I bit the bullet and ordered the 3 shirts from the UK source -- "Green Street", "Electric Bird" and "Birth of the Cool". In order to get the 25% off coupon to work, I had to get all three (3) shirts -- so the 3rd shirt was basically about $8 more than if I ordered just two shirts. With shipping, it was £49.93 (Google says that's about $59.54). Would have been over $50 for just two shirts. Again, hoping the quality is at least decent. All told (including the "Big Fun" shirt, which I got separately off eBay), it was about $88 total for 4 shirts, or $22 a pop. Which includes all shipping charges -- three of the shirts are coming from Winsford, Cheshire (UK) -- and shockingly the shipping on those was only $6 total. BTW, the discount-code for 25% off at was: ROCKDOWN25 (And it seemed like I had to get 3 shirts to use it, though it never really said that -- it just didn't work when I only had two shirts in my cart.)
  2. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    OK, I just ordered the Miles Davis "Big Fun" shirt. But I decided not to get the purple Herbie "Prisoner" shirt -- much as I love the album itself, the basic cover design just isn't all that appealing (never was, I'm afraid). "Big Fun" was $29.09, once I added shipping and tax. Fingers crossed the quality is at least decent.
  3. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    AND, I just found a 25% off coupon code, that appears like it will work!! Now this is really getting tempting!!
  4. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    Also just spotted these from a source all the way over in the UK. Gosh these look nice though -- very tempting!!
  5. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    OK, I am THIS CLOSE to pulling the trigger on these two shirts online. I think Miles "Big Fun" looks especially nice on Black -- MUCH nicer than the album cover, actually -- and it'll come to about $24 incl. shipping. I'm a little on the fence about Herbie "The Prisoner" (only ~$18 shipped, cheaper because I'm getting it along with "Big Fun" on the same order) -- but it is my all-time favorite Herbie leader-date. I'm not fanatical about the cover-design of "The Prisoner" generally speaking, but I think I'll be kicking myself later if I don't get it at the same time. Gonna mull 'em both over for a few more hours, or maybe until tomorrow. Doesn't that Miles design look especially great on black?? Edit: to say Big Fun isn’t even necessarily my favorite 70’s Miles album (I probably bounce around between 6 different ones, one 6 different days.) I just think that “Big Fun” graphic looks totally bad-ass on black.
  6. Nelson's Stolen Moments

    Howard Johnson, and metric ton more other tubas and the like…
  7. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    The idea that they’re possibly “cheap iron-ons” is what’s kept me from buying this sort of stuff for years — though some of these specific designs (probably from the same sellers?) I’ve literally been eyeing for 3-5 years(!) now. But I agree, looking at the hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews — maybe finally — is just too tempting NOT to take a chance on. Maybe it’ll be great, maybe it’ll be crap — but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Elsewhere online, there’s also black t-shirt with the Miles Davis “Big Fun” cover on it — except it’s the green trumpet bell and lettering with the BLACK background of the shirt (instead of the blue background of the cover) — and it looks really, REALLY nice — and I’m eyeing that one too. And a simple “Birth of the Cool” cover one too (on a black t-shirt).
  8. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    Me too (or especially the “too cheap” part)…. but during the Covid lockdown, and literally an entire year wearing t-shirts at home, I realized I hadn’t bought more than two new t-shirts in over 10 years — and most all the other dozen(?) ones I’d been wearing were closer to 15 years old (and definitely showing it, despite line-drying them to try and preserve the various graphics). So, yeah, $24 a pop is a bit much for a t-shirt — but if it’s something I’ll wear proudly for 15 years, that comes down to like less than $2 per year over the lifetime of the shirt… Then, yeah, darn it — I think I’m gonna drop $50 or $75 on some new jazz-themed t-shirts this year, or maybe even $100 — why the heck not?? Judgement! - Out To Lunch — ETC — maybe a few others (there’s Prisoner and Schizophrenia BN cover shirts I’ve been eyeing from another source recently too. Not like opportunities like that present themselves every day — streetwear with BN titles like THAT!!
  9. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

  10. A Random Gordon Jenkins Memory

  11. Strange BN lp on ebay: re- John Patton

    Been going on two years, I realize — but I imagine it would still be interesting to get Michael Cuscuna’s impressions of this whole crazy thing. Just a thought. And/or are there any other BN historians worth consulting about it?
  12. Clifford Brown

    So, why did the A Night At Birdland releases get not just two, but three(!) different contemporaneous sets of cover designs? I’m not sure I can think of any other similar sorts of examples of even just two designs like that, specifically from around the same timeframe (cue Chuck, to point out some really obvious example I’m not thinking of ). I swear, I think I’ve known and forgotten as much of this minutia, as I’ve retained over the years (and I think I knew it better off the top of my head 10-15 yrs ago). But seriously, why were there three(!) different cover designs?? ===== Ok, the first set of 3 covers were for (shorter) 10” releases — I figured out that part (once I remembered there were three vols, and not just two). So that explains TWO sets of the designs (one of the other sets were for 12” LP reissues of the three 10-inchers. Two down, one to go/explain…
  13. I was about to say, can you please expound on that? But then I read the obit. No explanation necessary!
  14. Clifford Brown

    No WONDER why all these titles have confused the fuck out of me over years — they’re all the same!! I’m nowhere near a Blakey completist — not even close — but especially not his 50’s output. This is(?) the same material as the 4cd Complete Brownie on BN & PJ set, right? (That’s how I have the material, if that’s right.)
  15. Where is Jazz Most at Home?

    Also where Art Deco architecture is most at home. During the depression, the oil was flowing so freely, there literally wasn’t a depression in Tulsa. Development (i.e. more new buildings) simply never really stopped in Tulsa. If memory serves, there’s something like close to 75 examples still standing to this very day, including a few incredible church’s, also schools and other public buildings, and a fair number of residences.