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  1. It's a promotional device, to draw traffic to their website and sell stuff. Labor of love, perhaps, but it serves a business purpose first and foremost, I'm sure. I too have scrolled through the Gazette having to look for things -- that's just the way it works. In the process I've often stumbled on things I hadn't expected, or overlooked the first time. And I've spent more time on the Mosaic website as a result, sometimes reminding myself of what their current offerings were (and checking out what's on the running-low and last-chance lists) -- all of which is the whole point of it.
  2. Geri Allen Has Died

    Somewhere I have a CDR (audience recording that I acquired from gosh only knows where, as I honestly can't remember)... ...of just Geri and Wallace playing as a duo -- interpolating nearly the entirety of Birth of the Cool album -- from a performance at a Museum (iirc), some 20(?) years ago, give or take. Will have to dig it out, as a recalling it having been some really inspired and very creative playing by both of them. And "interpolating" is really the best word I could use to describe it, as it was really quite a free-form (and sometimes very "free-leaning") performance, iirc. RIP.
  3. Geri Allen Has Died

    Goodness. I'm seeing she just turned 60 a couple weeks ago. Thoughts and prayers.
  4. VIDEO - Max Roach w/Tolliver, Pope, Cowell, & Merritt

    Holy cow, this is billed as "Max Roach and Northern Colororado University Big Band Montreux 1971", and the comments also mention George Cables. But (uncredited) it's none other than Charles Tolliver(!) conducting (and playing some, I now see too), and supposedly it's HIS tune/suite (according to a YouTube commenter). Am at work, haven't had the chance to listen super-closely to this yet (to see if I recognize the tune) -- and I'm now reposting this (from a few months ago, still haven't had the chance to really listen to this). Most of the brass section players are ID'ed in the YouTube comments too, FWIW.
  5. Unissued Coltrane

    Speak for yourself, cuz I'm definitely 20 lbs heavier than I was back in the 1990's.
  6. Hmmm, I was only aware of the Sunday Gazette (which seem to come 2 or maybe 3 times a month).
  7. Here seems to be a live version. Very nice!! (And I know this tune quite well, having owned (and loved) Seeds of Time on CD for a good 20-going-on-25 years.)
  8. How deep/good is the late 60's coverage in this book? If there's much about Speak Like a Child -- and The Prisoner (especially!) -- I may need to get this. (Just finding out about this book now, searching for Prisoner-related stuff, to contribute an all-Herbie thread on the Steve Hoffman board.)
  9. I'm intrigued by piano trio (and other solo piano, or guitar-trio, solo-guitar, or groups fronted by vibes, etc..) versions of tunes that are MUCH better known in versions that have one or more horns on the front line (as in their de facto performance line-up would include one or more horns). For instance, piano-trio versions of tunes by Charles Tolliver (of which I've stumbled on a couple), and the like. Anyway, here's a damn fine one I just discovered a couple days ago. Please list some more of your favorites, and YouTube links too (if you can). Larry Willis w/ Buster Williams and Al Foster -- "I Have a Dream" (Herbie Hancock) ...and Jimmy Ponder covering "Milestones" on solo guitar...
  10. Jim, you of all people HAVE to see the recent documentary "Obit" -- about The NY Times 'obit' department. Saw it here in DC in a theater a month ago, and it was one of the best documentaries I'd seen in a good while.
  11. Herbie Hancock 1969 acoustic sextet

    Some info/speculation that it may NOT even be Herbie at all (or anyone from his group), from THIS THREAD over at the Steve Hoffman board (where there's a long Herbie thread going on, and I posted it over there too). (And whoever the trombone player is, he's got that insanely aggressive tone that Garnett Brown has at times.) Link above (which goes to the plosin "Miles Ahead" site) has this info... Graham Collier Group Pinède, Antibes March 21, 1969 (2 items; TT = 24:54) Pinède, Antibes Source/Quality: RB (B+) Harry Beckett (tpt); Nick Evans (tb); Stan Sulzmann (ss, ts); Stanley Cowell (p); Graham Collier (b); John Marshall (d) 1 Unknown Title 12:16 2 Aberdeen Angus (G. Collier) 12:38 According to Stan Sulzmann, Karl Jenkins, Collier's regular keyboard player, had to miss this gig because of the death of his father, and Stanley Cowell was enlisted to play in his place. Thanks to Terry Sullivan for help with this session.
  12. Herbie Hancock 1969 acoustic sextet

    Sounds more like Garnett Brown to me, than it does Priester (I love Brown's tone on Booker Ervin's Heavy!!! for instance). And the trumpeter doesn't sound much like Eddie Henderson to me, and does sound a bit like someone who at least plays a bit more like Coles to me. FWIW.
  13. Herbie Hancock 1969 acoustic sextet

    Well lookie, lookie what I just stumbled across on YouTube, 25 minutes of LIVE Herbie from Antibes, July 24, 1969. We all know the two sets of Miles from these concerts have been issued, and I know there's a full set of Bobby Hutcherson from one these same concerts too (that I've had on a nice silver-disc greymarket boot for years). But until just tonight, I had no idea Herbie had even played at this event. Cut-n-pasted the info below (all in red) from the YouTube description. I concur that it's Johnny Coles and Garnette Brown, which both seem very clearly them, to my ears. Definitely NOT Joe Henderson (if it were, I'd be in absolute heaven with this! -- but it's a hell of a find, as is, either way). And so I agree that it could very easily be Bennie Maupin. Also, "Tootie" seems as logical a guess as any on drums. Can anyone ID the two tunes?? Published on Mar 7, 2017 Recorded at the Jazz Festival Antibes, Juan-les-Pins, July 24, 1969 I don't have much information about this record, maybe someone can help me out. Excerpt of the concert: 1 unknown Track 2 unknown Track (starts at 12:20) Herbie Hancock (p) Johnny Coles (flugelhorn) Garnett Brown? (tb) Joe Henderson? Bennie Maupin? (ts) Buster Williams (b) Albert "Tootie" Heath? (dr)
  14. Ray Draper - Red Beans and Rice

    Whole album seems to be on Youtube now...
  15. The USPS SUCKS

    I think I'm pretty much the same. Maybe one package (one at most) in 30 years, but even then, I can't remember what (or even if there really ever was one). Never had an airline loose my suitcase either (and I've flown 2-3 times a year since I was in my mid-20's).