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  1. Deadly Choir Practice in Washington State

    We could get delivery, but neither of us are in high risk categories, and we figure we shouldn’t stress their delivery services (with our order) since we’re both totally able-bodied (though it’s just been me alone getting groceries). Trying to weigh what’s prudent for us, but also society as a whole (wanting to be good citizens, doncha know). I figure if I only go to the grocery about once every 5 days, and only when they’re not busy, and then we go practically nowhere else (though we did get a take-out a pizza on Friday - but we didn’t even have to go inside the place, and never got any closer than 8 feet from the pizza purveyor). We’re not all freaked out about getting Covid personally (though we’re doing what we can to avoid it), and even if we did, we’d self-quarantine for 14-16 days 100% - to keep from spreading it. I think we’ve got about 14 days of food on-hand, if we stretched things (and could probably ask our neighbor to get a couple things now and then, when she went out - as we would likewise do for her, if she needed). We’re trying to be 95% vigilant, but *without* pushing too hard on already stressed distribution/delivery systems (i.e. we’re not buying anything from Amazon, or much of anything from anywhere that we don’t really need). At least that’s the modus operandi de jour, for the foreseeable month or two.
  2. Deadly Choir Practice in Washington State

    Wow. I’d seen this very story last night, or the headline at least - but I hadn’t seen the actual stats (45 of 60 infected) - yikes! As a choral singer myself, who was rehearsing weekly (here in DC) as recently March 5th - a group of similar size too - this is pretty scary. Not that visiting a crowded grocery store, or riding on a crowded bus or subway is much better. Fortunately the stores have been only “very moderately” busy when I’ve been in the last week (and less than the week before). The Metro here is like a ghost-town, but busses are still at least 40% full at times (and they won’t let anyone else on if it hits 50%). I took the bus back from our vet about 10 days ago, and in retrospect, I’d wished I’d taken the Metro instead (15 min extra walk), or just walked the entire way home (30 min). Even with a cat in tow (in a carrier), I think I would have been better off. She’s only ~10 lbs. We’re only going grocery shopping either early in the morning, or once I went in the middle of the afternoon, and it wasn’t much different (both weekdays). The nearest grocery to us is about 3 blocks away, but we’re limited to only what we can carry (being carless since 2011). Which means I need to go back for more supplies about once every 5 days or so.
  3. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    I both agree, but also recognize different people deal with extreme situations in different ways, including some rather dark humor (which then makes the comment more fathomable). While I might not post such a comment (no guarantee of that either, I might add), I will fully admit to having said any number of similarly dark comments to my wife in the last week - usually coupled with ire directed at the asshats in the executive branch. These are trying times, and as long as such comments are understood to be born of that, then I think it’s understandable. Again, I’m sure I’ve said a dozen similar things of late within the confines of our 4 apartment walls here in DC. Shit’s gonna get bad, and shit people say is gonna take all forms. We’re all human.
  4. Strange BN lp on ebay: re- John Patton

    Whatever all images are hosted on eBay’s servers for this uber-mystery, somebody better oughta grab copies of all the pics before they’re all kaput in 60 days (or maybe a whole lot less). Future generations will thank us, for sure!!
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    What an amazing album! I'd never even heard of Ranelin, but about 15 years ago I spied a used copy of The Time Is Now at Euclid Records, and bought it pretty much based on the cover, instrumentation, and the recording date/location alone. Brilliant date!
  6. Slice is my #1 favorite Hank album (has been for well over 15 years), with Third Season a close second.
  7. Yeah, I was wondering about Patrick Roques recently too, and I love his work for Blue Note too. Would be nice to get him word about how much a bunch of us appreciate his design work for BN.
  8. COVID 19 Poll

    Good chance my cousin’s husband has had it and is just getting over it, I just learned. He’s asthmatic too, but seems to have only had a fairy high-ish fever body aches the last 7-8 days (iirc), but thankfully that’s been mostly it, so far. He hasn’t seen a doctor in person (hasn’t needed to), but has been in frequent contact with his GP via tele-health, and he’s classified as only moderately symptomatic (and of course, he can’t get tested). He’s about 58, and seems to be turning the corner according to my cousin, but she’s watching him very closely for any signs of a reversal. She only called me tonight, after she felt he was more than likely showing more improvement than he had in days (and fortunately his breathing never got more difficult; again, he’s asthmatic). Scary stuff. This week I’m going to call a good friend / former coworker of mine from the museum I used to work for. He went through a bout of chemo ~18 months ago, and I’m worried about his immune system still being partially compromised (though thankfully he’s been cancer-free for over a year). I think(?) I’ve read that recent chemo is a risk factor / underlying condition for Covid. Not sure how recent is “recent”. Again, scary stuff.
  9. I’ve got a few CD’s, I’ll have to check. I got to hear him conduct twice (programs featuring his own works), and give pre-concert lectures in both cases. Got a couple autographs too, iirc.
  10. COVID 19 Poll

    I guess I might as well come clean about my situation. The museum I used to work for (since 2013) had to temporarily close to the public for 3.5 months starting in mid-November — an unforeseen major construction project that would have been impossible to stay open during (long story). All salaried staff and some part-timers were kept on the payroll during the closure, and most work continued behind the scenes, but the loss of revue was huge, and the museum had to permanently lay-off 20% of salaried staff at the beginning of February, and the two hardest hit departments were Admin and Education - and MY JOB was part of that cull. I used to be the assistant to the executive director, and I managed everything related to the museum’s board of trustees. Best job I’ve ever had, and having to leave was tough, and I’ll leave it at that. Great place, and incredible people I got to work with. People at all levels were affected, including the vice-president for Education, and people who had been there 10+ years. Then literally on the eve of the Museum re-opening to the public (on March 13), the Smithsonian closed their doors for 4-6 weeks (I forget which), which of course meant practically every museum in DC (rightfully) followed suit. Since I’m no longer on staff there, I have no idea of the specifics of their situation, but I’m sure they’ll have to be closed for 2 months more (minimum, if not longer) - and I’m guessing they’ve got to be paying staff only partial payroll checks now (or something like that), given the prior financial situation (given our/their closure since mid-November). I got 6 weeks severance, plus 2 weeks vacation pay (unused roll-over from last year), but I’m otherwise my wife’s new assistant as she’s working from home 100% since the beginning of last week. She has a good Federal job, with 25 years in the same department (of Education, I might as well say), so we’re not too worried about her employment going forward. And she’s been the major breadwinner in our household for the last 15 years. But given the new unemployment applications being up 3,000% in the last week, I suspect I’m dead in the water for the next 6 months, at a minimum. Fortunately my wife and I get along splendidly (it’s just us, and our cat), and we expect to be hunkered down at home 98% for the next 2 months, only going out when necessary. As far as life for us here in DC of late, for about the last week or so there are now manned police cars 24/7 on every other block all along the commercial street we live on (in the absolute heart of the DC zip code with by far the highest population density in the entire District and wider DMV area) — maybe for about 10–20 blocks (I’d imagine all of 14th street from where we are, plus half a mile North, and then South as far as another mile or 2 even). I haven’t been any farther south than our vet’s office (3/4ths of a mile from us), so I don’t know how far it extends. No sirens, but said police cars do have their wild and bright roof-mounted lights flashing/spinning 24/7, so there is both a sense of imposed order, and calm, with a dash of “Martial Law” thrown in, for good measure. But I’m glad the DC PD are taking all this as seriously as they are. Shit could get real, and fast too, if things really go south - which I’m *NOT* expecting, but who knows? We don’t know anyone who’s had the virus for sure, but we know about 5-6 people who think they might(?) have had the mild cases (but with no testing, no way to know). Hell, I think there’s a 20% chance the slight symptoms and weird headaches I had the week of March 9th might have been it - but who knows? My wife has had some similar super-mild symptoms too this last week, but neither one of us have had a fever (not in the slightest, and we’ve been taking our temps 2x per day for a couple weeks now). So we don’t THINK we’ve had it, but again, some weird (slight) symptoms. But hell, it could be colds, or allergies (in my case), and it could easily just be psychosomatic too. We’re staying in 98%, save for grocery shopping and taking our cat to the vet 2x (and they're not letting people inside their building even). The cat had to have some bladder stones taken out on Friday, and she’s doing pretty well, all things considered (sweetest cat ever, btw). And now my wife has a new personal chef too!! 😊
  11. Singer Kenny Rogers Has Died, Really

    Just learned that yesterday (forget from what media source, maybe an extended NPR obit). And I can totally hear it too. Can't say I'd heard the song more than 2-3x before (total), nor am I very schooled in the Bee Gees -- but that harmony between Dolly and Kenny is unmistakably the sort of sound I associate with the Bee Gees. Here's the first Bee Gees version of the song that came up in a quick search...
  12. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    FYI, just a word about the wonderful reporting that Talking Points Memo is doing (and all their Covid19 coverage is outside of their paywall), and has done for nearly 2 decades now. I’m a proud paying member for 3 years now (at the $100/year level), but basic membership is just $50/year. I can’t say enough good things about TPM, and I’ve been a loyal reader for 15+ years. I won’t be so crass as to link to their membership page, but check out the site, visit often (lots of their reporting is available FREE), and 6 months from now, if you’re still checking them out frequently, please consider joining. If I could afford to join at their $500/year level, I would in a heartbeat.
  13. Unheard Music Series

    Nice one! I’ve had this on CD for 15+ years, iirc. Recorded at a church somewhere in St. Louis (I grew up outside of St. Louis), and I’ve meant to try and track down the exact church, which I imagine is still around (or the building, anyway). Free-jazz with a bit of a “James Brown’s rhythm section” kind of feel. Recommended! 👍🏾
  14. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    Those were the best 3 IMHO too, but the Dizzy Reece especially, is just phenomenal.
  15. Singer Kenny Rogers Has Died, Really