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  1. Clifford Jordan-Strata East Mosaic

    How did this particular set sell out so quickly (relatively speaking) - ? Seems like it was out and gone in a fairly few short years (forgotten the details - maybe it was longer than I'm remembering). It seemed like the kind of set that would be around a while, but maybe sales were better than I was imagining?
  2. Jazz CD's for sale or trade

    Can highly recommend this: Schuller ,Ed – Mu-Point (Tutu) Dewey Redman $12
  3. Jason Moran on Yes Records

    As long as Spotify give you access to a particular album in perpetuity (well, as long as you keep paying your bills). While any of my CD's could get scratched or go belly-up at some point in the next 20+ years -- I don't think the odds are necessarily a whole lot better that Spotify will provide continuous access to any number of relatively obscure recordings that I hold rather dear, over that same time-period. I mean, Spotify COULD easily provide continuous access to any number of things for a damn long time -- but I'm still skeptical that everything you can listen to today will always be available 10, 20, or 30 years from now.
  4. Jason Moran on Yes Records

    How expensive? (On mobile, will try and check later, or this weekend.)
  5. New server and increased cost...

    Been a fair while since I gave - so I'm good for $100. And/or... I've been meaning to list a few Mosaics for sale here too -- with 100% of the proceeds going to the continued upkeep of the board. "100%" as in the "payment" can go *directly* to Jim (no need for me to be a middle man).
  6. Melton Mustafa (1947-2017)

    I'm pretty sure(?) I saw him once, or maybe even twice - in Kansas City - with Bobby Watson, as best I'm remembering. Heck of a good player, as I'm recalling, and I'm sure I had his first leader-date on CD at some point or another. RIP.
  7. I wish there were five prolific jazz alto-clarinetists. Joe Lovano is the only player I can think of off the top of my head who's doubled specifically on alto more than a handful of times - though I'd love to be made aware of any others.
  8. Anybody Heard From Jazzmoose Lately?

    Super nice guy. Really bummed to hear this. RIP:
  9. Lee Morgan Film

    I can't fathom a 'biopic' of Lee's life happening, nor anything good coming from it (should any such movie ever be made).
  10. Happy Birthday Woody Shaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amen to that. My all-time favorite Woody Shaw album, bar none. Absolute highest recommendation.
  11. Happy Birthday Woody Shaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Of all of Woody's 80's output specifically, this is probably my single favorite of his 80's albums. Never cared for Bemsha Swing a whole ton, though I haven't heard it in years. Can't remember my beef with it, but maybe the specific tunes was at least part of it, iirc. A little too much Monk, maybe.
  12. LF : Sam Rivers Mosaic

    Not sure how hard used copies of the Contours Conn is to find these days, but I know I've seed used copies more than a few times over the last maybe 10 years. I would guess that with a little patience, one could be had on-line for $20 or so, these days (set up an automatic eBay search, and probably within 6 months one'll turn up for that price). There's one on eBay right now for $29 +$3.25 or best offer, so maybe they'd let it go for maybe $22-$23.
  13. Frank Zappa

    Ike Willis is -- or damn well sure ought to be -- considered a national treasure. "Outside Now" is such a fantastic tune. The version on Broadway The Hard Way was one of the very first post-70's Zappa albums I ever heard -- and that whole '88 live band was totally the shit. Must have listened to Broadway, Best Band, and Jazz Noise on repeat for a whole year when I first got them in the early 90's. Ike's voice is seriously one of the most beautiful and interesting voices in all of pop/rock/jazz/you-name-it.
  14. Kevin Mahogany R.I.P.

    I got to hang out backstage a couple different times with Kevin and his wife, back some 20+ years ago - at a club in KC that I used to frequent so much I practically worked there (for bigger shows - The Drum Room in Westport, for anyone who remembers KC back in the mid-90's), and I had free run of the place. Kevin and his wife were always super nice, and very down to earth. His wife was a photographer by trade (I think?), and I vaguely remember running into her around town at clubs, now and then - so I chatted with her even more than Kevin. Really good people. Really sorry to hear of this loss, and 59 is definitely young. I understand his wife preceded him, RIP to both really good souls. Not being a huge fan of vocal-jazz, I never sought out hearing Kevin on gigs around Kansas City (not that he played in town a whole ton), but I did catch him a few times -- but more than that, I seemed to run into him more often than I heard him. Not lots, but maybe every year or so. I just tried to find a good picture of both Kevin and his wife (Alllene) to post, and instead found this lovely slideshow (below) of photos from his wife's passing just back in June this year. It's a little long (~10 minutes), but you can skip around - and it includes wedding photos, and other family and candid shots (more of his wife, of course). I have good memories of both of them seeing this, and although it's a little personal, since it is public (Google brought it right up), I think I'll share it here. Music, of course, is Kevin in the background.
  15. LF : Sam Rivers Mosaic

    Looks like this one sold for $97 (plus $4 shipping) -- so ~$100 does appear to be the going rate, at least based on this one auction. Only two bidders got above $66, so I suppose if one of them hadn't been interested at all -- it would have sold for $67. (But regardless, it actually was bid up to $97, so there you have it.)