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  1. The complete Monk and Rollins + bonus tracks

    Damn, dirty Andorrans!
  2. Blue Note Movie.

    I can already tell you there won't be enough live Tyrone Washington footage included, at least for my taste.
  3. If you don't/can't get a copy of the Woody Shaw CBS set, I've got one I'd be glad to send you (in excellent shape). I don't have a specific price in mind, but I would donate EVERY penny directly to Jim for running this board (you can pay him (the board) directly). So while I might haggle to at least get something reasonable for it -- it wouldn't be for my own benefit -- only the benefit of the Big O Board (and I'll even throw in the cost of shipping myself).
  4. Do you know Charlie Parker?

    8/10, but half of that was educated guesses. Given the amount of Parker I own and listen to (not tons), I was expecting to get 5 or 6 at best, but it didn't hurt that I lived in Kansas City for 17 years (or I wouldn't have ever gotten Jay McShann, and possibly not the Basie one either).
  5. Happy Birthday, most definitely. But where you at, Paul? LAST VISITED 27 Nov 2016
  6. Django Reinhardt -Mosaic

    I'd suggest doing an eBay search for "Django Reinhardt Mosaic" specifically in the CD section (maybe click 'search descriptions too'), and then save the search and check the boxes to get eBay to automatically email you when it gets new search hits. I've got a couple dozen such searches set up for specific titles, and have had a fair bit of success that way. Especially for obscure stuff, I'll get an email out of nowhere for a search I set up a year or two ago, for titles that almost never come up very often. Good luck!
  7. Heiner Stadler RIP

    I'll be darn, Silver Spring MD, 15 minutes from where I live in DC. Clealy I love the stuff he did with Tyrone Washington, but those 2(?) longer German modern big band tracks are fantastic as well, also from the Brains on Fire stuff (iirc). RIP.
  8. Quite a good set! Been a while since I've taken it for a spin, but I'm not recalling any of the sessions being anything less than really great! 👍 👍 👍
  9. Jacknife

    The original (tribute) CD by this group, I want to reinterate, is a total motherfucker. As highly recommended as any tribute I've heard in years.
  10. Grace Kelly

    All I was saying, Jim, was that ABSENT the context of saying that she's just like a whole lot of other players (and naming a few), some of this thread otherwise comes off as pretty mean-spirited, IMHO. But I think you mentioning Eric Alexander puts your prior thoughts in the proper context, and that's what was needed, to help clarify WHY you felt the way you did. Brad (up-thread about 3 posts) picked up on the same thing I did. Of course I know the context of some of the participants here. But just reading over the thread, and not connecting exactly who's saying exactly what -- then I think what's being said takes on a sizably different tone. Not trying to come down on you exclusively, Jim, but I know you and I can dialog on this and neither one of us will get too overly bent out of shape about it. (Also, yours was the most recent posts I was seeing here, that prompted me to chime in.) I mean, she is who she is, and plays how she plays - and doesn't seem to self-purport otherwise. So I'm not sure where there's too much to complain about here. Other than Phil Woods taking a shine to her (or Lee Konitz apparently, which I wasn't aware of), I don't think anyone here would pay her no nevermind. For the record, I've never connected with Phil Woods' music (any of his own leader-days) in my entire life (from what I've heard, anyway). So his involvement in her success (especially early success) hardly seems to matter, at least to me. I have a ton more respect for Konitz, though (than Woods) - but to be perfectly honest, I only have a smattering of his records -- but I gather Konitz has played with Kelly on some occasions(?) - rather than really mentoring her like Woods did. Anyway, the world is filled with overrated child prodigies, far as I'm concerned (or, rather, almost every child prodigy I've ever heard has not lived up to all their early hype) -- but that's how it is with people who find success at an early age (maybe 15 isn't young enough to be in that category, but it's close). And my point is: How is it newsworthy that someone who had a outsized amount of success at a very early age, that they didn't live up to the hype??
  11. Grace Kelly

    Great, but so what? That's true of damn near everybody - isn't it? OK, not everybody, but surely the great majority of players who are barely 25 years old. Or 35 years old, for that matter (judging from my experience as a listener). Why pick on her? I mean, the criticism of her probably isn't unwarranted -- but absent the criticism of others, it does seem a bit extreme to single her out. IMHO, of course. EDIT: And for that matter, there are renown jazz players who've recorded on 100's of albums -- who I feel the exact same way about. And I could name a couple uber-fantastic players who are absolutely capable of playing inspired solos -- who have technique out the ears -- who I've heard phoning it in (live on the bandstand) more often than not. Granted, at an incredibly high level -- but still phoning it in (at their level). For instance, since I lived back in Kansas City for a good 10 years overlapping with him -- I can't tell you how many times I've heard none other than Bobby Watson, for instance, playing relatively tired stuff -- with incredible technical sophistication -- song after song, chorus after chorus. I've also heard him playing his ass off too -- but the tired stuff was more the norm. Crowd always loved it, though, because technically it was fast and admittedly fantastic. So what if she's a shallow soloist. That's true of 8/10 players in this world, if you ask me.
  12. Jacknife

    Same group is this album?? I have this CD, and frickin' love it! Was recorded all in one room, with just a couple mics too (iirc), so the sound of this CD is remarkably true to the 1960's recordings it's trying to emulate, IMHO. But I'm also seeing that the line-up for live performances isn't the same as the CD. For instance half(?) this group is different than what's on the CD. So no idea what you heard in SF, but the original CD is really fantastic -- FWIW.
  13. PC Advice

    Good advice! Never open any pdf that looks even the tiniest bit fishy (or especially phishy). Word files too, Excel probably too. I don't click on any URL link that I haven't inspected the actual URL that's in (under) the hyperlink. Perfectly legit-looking URL links can sure go god only knows where. Example: Also, look at the actual email address behind what looks like the email address in your mail client (even if web-based). My wife's constantly asking me about rogue Paypal transactions that we get emails about on our shared home email address -- but when you really look, they're coming from email addresses in Asia, or god knows where. If it doesn't look totally legit, and if it isn't actually coming from who it says it's coming from -- don't click, and sure as hell don't open any attachments.
  14. Grace Kelly

    Under the surface? Yeah, maybe. I don't know for sure, but what's the point of picking on her? - when the same could be said of so many others? I'm sure that's not the stated intention of any one individual posting here, but collectively - bit by bit - might what all's said here add up to the not unreasonable perception of that? (Accurate or not.) I know you well enough, Jim (Jesus, "57,000+ posts" here (plus the old BNBB) well enough, for going on 18-19 years) to know what you didn't mean here. But it's hard not to look at this post, out of the context of the Jim I think I know -- and not read this (superficially) as meaning something a little different than what I think you probably intended. And yeah, I fully realize you could have said the same exact damn thing about some random guy who plays the way she does -- and nobody would think for an instant about busting your balls over it. Maybe that isn't fair. Probably isn't. Doesn't mean that outsiders looking at this thread in total -- people who don't know us might well think [we think] she deserves some extra criticism simply because of her gender. Sorry, but yeah, seriously. What you meant wasn't wrong, I ain't suggesting that. I'm just not sure you said what you meant.
  15. George Cables

    Wow! That's pretty amazing!! >> $76,300 of $75,000 goal