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  1. Joe Henderson Blue Note 1963-1966

    FWIW, none of the tracks from Basra were penned by Joe — in terms of why nothing from that date was included in the “sideman” tracks ‘extras’ at the end of disc #4. (Everything there is a Henderson tune.)
  2. Going forward or back pages

    (and yes, I know it’s a Dylan song)
  3. I am seriously tempted to buy this.

    Cuz when you think “saxophone”, you think “brassy”. (re: the ‘hype’ copy on the back.)
  4. Blakey 1965 - The New Jazz Men - Vinyl Only

    But is it really especially better in any significant way, than the DVD (or just enjoying the audio from the DVD) Plus, isn’t (or at least wasn’t) the basic list price of the DVD a good $10 less than $38? Just replicating the audio of a DVD on vinyl (I’m assuming the source isn’t especially different, and the source for the LP could well have been digital), really doesn’t do anything except float the boats for those who have a fetish for vinyl.
  5. Bobby Timmons - The Soul Man

    That UK two-fer comp CD is the same one I have — but isn’t there also a different US two-fer comp CD under the title of the first of the two albums (with the Soul Man! tracks tacked on as bonus cuts on the back half?). And I want to say the first date on that US two-fer CD isn’t a trio date, but maybe it has a vibe-player on it? (making it a quartet, still a Timmons leader-date, iirc). Anybody know which one I’m talking about? (I only discovered it after I’d gotten the other UK two-fer). The thing is, I always wondered if that quartet date (the one with the vibes?) was better than Soul Food.
  6. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    IIRC, I think I've also seen all of these listed on the Dusty Groove site -- can't remember if that was already in-stock items, or if (at the time), it was under "coming releases". Anyway, Dusty could maybe might be a source on these as well.
  7. A Small Batch of Newer Blue Note CDs

    Yeah, that Bill Stewart date is a real winner.
  8. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    I really love all the Rathaus discs I own (maybe 5?) -- but especially that one that Chuck was just listening to, which I'd call the perfect introduction to him. Chuck's description of it being "post Mahler" is probably far more descriptive that whatever I might try and say about it. Certainly energetic, but not really spiky per se. Neo-Romantic, with modernist leanings. Here are the first movements of each of the two works on that disc...
  9. Mosaic Sets but Especially Tina Brooks

    My 2nd and 3rd Mosaic purchases (the McLean and Hill) were almost 90% based on the strength and reputations of the sidemen. Point of Departure might have been the only Hill date I had before I got the box (or perhaps one other, at most), and I can’t swear if I had any McLean leader-dates before I got his Mosaic. One thing’s for sure, I was almost a total Hill neophyte before I bought the box (and back then, POD always seemed like a close cousin to Out To Lunch, as much or even more than being a “Hill” album — so much so, that even to this day I can half forget that Joe Henderson is even on POD (if I haven’t heard it in 6 months) — which is saying a LOT, since Joe is my all-time favorite tenor player, and always has been, even back then). And it was the presence of Herbie Hancock and Lee Morgan, among others, who sold me on the McLean set.
  10. Mosaic Sets but Especially Tina Brooks

    I probably didn’t really discover Tina until the True Blue conn in 1994, far as I can remember — or at least that’s the first time I ever took any close notice of him. My very first Mosaic purchase was the Don Cherry BN set in late ‘94 (a bit because of the low price point) — then the McLean in Jan ‘95, and the big Hill box in May ‘95. (Not sure, but the Tina set might have already been sold out by then, or it wouldn’t have been all that much later.) I might have had House Party or The Sermon before True Blue — but I was slow to warm to much organ jazz that early in my listening in college and the first couple years after (my ‘college’ jazz listening was all around 1989-93). Sure, I “liked” organ jazz “ok”, but it didn’t fire me up the way other more horn-dominant dates did. Only Unity really grabbed me back then — but I hadn’t yet heard any other Larry Young, or ANY John Patton at all — and the smattering of Jimmy Smith dates I had all sounded a little too samey-samey. Pretty sure they Tina Mosaic was sold out by the time I got The True Blue conn, or else within a year after, iirc. But then I DID get all the Tina dates, one by one, quick as they came out on CD domestically — and had really warmed to him big-time, from the very start. Not sure when I picked up Open Sesame, but it wasn’t too long after True Blue, or maybe even slightly before.
  11. Hasaan Ibn Ali – Metaphysics: The Lost Atlantic Album

    7-minute story on Fresh Air today, apparently (found out about it after the fact, from the zoom)... Newly Unearthed 1965 Album Represents Hasaan Ibn Ali's Posthumous Vindication Seems to include some clips from the album (from the transcript).
  12. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    I’ll keep wearing them as long as the general idea is that more people wearing them is prudent for public health. Sure my glasses fog up under certain temperature/humidity conditions — and it’s harder to communicate without facial expressions as clear — but none of that is anything more than a little annoying (at worst). We’re all in this together, and ideally everyone ought to do what they can to encourage the kinds of “herd behaviors” that will help stop this thing — and I’m genuinely “relatively glad” to wear a mask all the rest of 2021 (though hopefully not for the next decade). What won’t fly everywhere, I realize — but here in DC I expect we’ll all be wearing masks indoors well into the summer and fall, or for however the mask mandates are in place. Outside everyone still wears them here too, but I expect that to start to fade in the next couple months — human nature being what it is.
  13. American Masters (PBS) alert! - a Doc Severinsen episode aired last night, and probably repeating all week. Our DVR auto-records the PBS American Masters series, and last night was “Never Too Late, The Doc Severinsen Story” (90 min), fwiw. Only about 10 minutes in now.
  14. LF Andrew Hill Compulsion- RVG

    I might. I do have a handful of duplicates of a number of CD’s in a box somewhere. I’ll have to take a look... EDIT: I’m afraid I don’t seem to have an extra copy of Compulsion. Sorry.