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  1. Star Trek TV Show

    Geez, I haven't seen Green Acres in probably 35 years (not since I was a teenager), save for 1-2 episodes with my grandmother maybe, when I was in college (which I couldn't swear to). I'll have to take a look at this clip later. Had no idea.
  2. Apostrophe

    The only reason I think CD's looks better (than CDs), is because CD is a acronym. In other words, "CD" itself isn't a 'word' as such (to my way of thinking). So while I fully admit CD's doesn't look quite right, neither does CDs -- and for whatever reason, the former looks slightly better (to me) than the latter. Now would I pluralize UFO as UFO's? Maybe. Or is it UFOs? Same thing -- neither one looks right to me. Pluralizing an acronym is certainly something I do all the time, but more so in verbal communication. Still, on-line communication like this is WAY more 'verbal' than it is any sort of even semi-formal writing. In essence, all this Forum stuff is more like written verbal communication, stylistically speaking. So how to you write stuff that you wouldn't put in writing in most other contexts? Of course with text-messaging, and twitter, all kinds of norms for even "written verbal" communication are changing all the time.
  3. Much as a I love Woody Shaw (and Bobby Hutcherson), I've never thought that Bobby's live at Montreux album was AS good as it should have been. It's pretty darn good, definitely, but I still have always felt like it could/should have been better. Haven't listened to it in years, so I should see if I still feel the same way. THAT SAID, San Francisco never hit me right, and I've always chalked that up to Joe Sample's inclusion on the date. I always wanted to like San Francisco better, but try as I might, I just never connected with it anywhere near as well as every single Hutcherson leader-date that preceded it, and more than half the Hutch dates in his 70's Mosaic Select too (I think that had 4 albums).
  4. Album Covers with Bare Feet ....

    How have none of these been posted yet?
  5. Apostrophe

    Perhaps CDs is more correct, but it looks “more wrong” than CD’s
  6. Jimmy Heath RIP

    I was pleased and a slightly surprised to have also gotten a push msg from NPR on my phone yesterday around Noon.
  7. Claudio Roditi RIP

    Some quick googling, and I’m seeing he played in St. Louis at Just Jazz in 1993 (and again in 1995). I think I probably saw him in ‘93... Here’s part of the review from the STL Post Dispatch...
  8. Claudio Roditi RIP

    Gosh. I think(?) I saw him live once too -- many, MANY years ago, back when I was in college. SUPER early in my jazz listening, like when I was a Junior year in college maybe. Would have been in St. Louis, at a club called Just Jazz (iirc), maybe around 1989-92? I'm gonna guess 1991, but I really can't remember. If it weren't for his rotary-valve trumpet -- which I half-remember seeing 'somebody' play live at some concert I went to (super-early, at one of the first 3-4 jazz clubs I ever went to -- I'm not 100% sure I would remember having seen him. NOT because he wasn't good, but just cuz I was so incredibly green. In any case, RIP. I'll try and Google around and see if I can find any evidence of him having played in St. Louis around that time -- at what I'm almost positive was Just Jazz (could swear that was the name of the club, down around 9th and Missouri I want to say, in Downtown STL). I only remember that as being the address, and my memory of the streets of St. Louis is so vague now, I couldn't even begin to tell you if that's right.
  9. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    Didn't/haven't ordered the Mosaic, but the 2012 Japanese CD of Third Stream (with the one 'new' bonus track on the new Mosaic), and The Flip Conn -- I just gave both of these a spin..., in solidarity?!
  10. Gosh, I really need to dig out my Elvin Mosaic again -- which I don't spin nearly enough. I'd plum forgotten entirely (and have absolutely zero memory) that Byrd's tune "Fancy Free" was on Live at the Lighthouse -- so much so, that I'm scarcely sure I ever realized that (or like maybe 25 years ago, the last time I owned the "Lighthouse" dates on individual CD's (before I got the Mosaic). There's so many discographical details like that I used to know like the back of my hand, and I care barely remember 1/4th of them any more. Guess that was a lot easier when (20-25 years ago), I was pouring over my BN liners a lot more often, and not just thinking "been there, done that" with so much of the BN catalog, as I do now (which I still love, but don't spin anywhere near as much as I did 15-25 years ago). Then again, I don't spin as much music in general now, these days, it seems -- life just getting busier and busier sometimes.
  11. Herbie Hancock Complete Columbia Box

    Was this big Herbie box ever reissued in any sort of less crazy packaging than the massive clear cube thing? Not sure that would sway me towards jumping on buying it, but it might.
  12. I like all those pre-Mizell electric leader-dates, but I get what you're saying Jim. They're not knock-outs, but I still dig 'em a lot. Also, I'm with you about Kofi maybe being the best of the bunch. What all those albums lack a little in sparkle from specific soloist, is a vibe and texture that really does work (for me anyway). I mean, if they were by any other less-well-known musicians, and on some smaller or independent label from around that same time, they'd be lost treasures. But cuz they're on BN, and by somebody like "Donald Byrd" - they're easier to write off as not quite up to being among his finest. But, yeah, Kofi!
  13. Booker Little

    Agreed! Certainly when I consider trumpeters' outputs from before 1963 (an arbitrary year where I've always felt more jazz started to get especially 'more interesting', even 'thorny')… ...I would have to put Little very near the very top of any top-10 list of notable trumpeters (pre-1963), at least to my tastes and way of thinking. Right up there with Clifford Brown, another incredible talent who left us much too soon.
  14. I gotta tell you Hutch, you're really hitting it out of the park with all this -- and your writing is just a joy to read on my subway commutes. From today's Electric Byrd post, my reading "Another difference: Bitches Brew often seems like a limbless torso, with normal markers removed, an irrational, flowing shape" just put the biggest damn smile on my face. I'm sure I could pull other similarly delightful quotes from any number of the previous days entries. Engaging and thoughtful writing, that's both economical and a bit luxurious at the same time (no small feat). If I tried something like this, my posts would be 3x as long, and probably say half as much. If you'd ever want to consider pulling your entire year's worth of writing into a self-published book collecting up everything for posterity -- I'd be delighted to kick in $100 towards that end, like an informal sort of 'kickstarter'. Sign me up now, matter of fact, I'm already sold on the concept barely halfway through the first month. Bravo!