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  1. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Relieved to hear your positive report, Dmitry - keep it up! (And keep keeping it up too.)
  2. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Thanks. My Dad is now on quarantine for 7 days, meaning he’ll get his meals delivered to his room. I talked to him this morning after the exec-dir visited him (both of them masked). I’m sure the experience made him squirm (he LOATHS conflict), and he did not want to talk to me for long today, and when I offered to call him tonight all he said was “if you want to” (implying he didn’t necessarily want me to). I’m glad I did what I did, and felt I had to do — but the whole thing put a knot in my stomach all night (I didn’t sleep well). My dad may be in a funk about it the whole week, or just a few days - only time will tell.
  3. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    “Furious” is probably overstating how I feel, but super-frustrated doesn’t quite cover it. My 93 year old dad really doesn’t ever sneak out to go to stores, but he often DOES seems to piggyback unauthorized errands onto the tail end of his authorized doctor’s office visits (he still drives, by himself). He lives in a group retirement community, with group-dinning. Today he tried to stop and get a haircut after a regular doctor’s appointment (which is ok, because according to all appearances, his barber is following all the necessary protocols — strict mask wearing by all, only 2 people in a waiting room big enough to hold 10, and the barber wipes down the chair and all surfaces between customers, with disinfectant). Well, the wait at the barber was too long (or he’d miss getting back to his group retirement home for lunch)... SO, driving home, he drives by his Masonic lodge — which has a group in fm about 8-12 guys who play cards most Thursday mornings, and have donuts). He said he was only there for about 10-15 minutes. OK, fine (I’m thinking), not ideal — but what’s done is done. Then towards the end of my phone call with him, I asked him if all the guys were wearing masks (thinking surely they would be), and my Dad says they DO/DID all have masks, BUT ALL OR NEARLY ALL OF THEM HAVE THEIR MASKS DOWN ON THEIR CHINS/“around their neck” is technically what my dad said. NOT covering their noses, and NOT even covering their mouths!!! (AARG!!!!) But Dad did say they all apparently did wear their masks as they were coming in / as they got there / were getting there. But once they’re there (at his Masonic lodge), the masks come down. Shortly after that my Dad also said that the card-playing group had been meeting 2-3 times a month since March, and “apparently they’re all “getting by” since none of them have “apparently” gotten sick.” (So “it must be OK”, his implication being.) I tried to call the executive director of the home he’s in, to rat him out, but I just missed her (she was out getting her own first Covid vaccine shot), so I can’t talk to her until tomorrow morning. But my Dad is now getting his meals in his room for the moment (dinner tonight, and breakfast tomorrow), at least until the exec-director can decide what she wants/needs to do — possibly putting him on quarantine for 10-12 days (meals in his room only). My dad told me “not to get him in trouble with her” — but I said I had to, and then he threatened to hang up on me. So I told him I was hanging up on him, so I could call and rat him out (and then I did hang up on him, before he could hang up on me). I call him every single day, and talk to him 20-45 minutes a day, and I’ve been doing my best to keep him out of stores by forcing him to go over his tiny shopping lists, so I can get stuff for him from Amazon, or a local grocery store that delivers. So just when I thought I’d gotten his temptation to go do errands under control, he goes and pulls a boneheaded move like this. I doubt he caught anything, but he very easily might have (the positivity rate in his county outside of St. Louis is about 15% — 3x worse than here in DC, but only half as bad as plenty of other places like Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc — if not now, then recently). I did call him back 30 min later, and explained he had to get all his meals in his room now, until the exec-director could decide what to do in the morning. He said he wasn’t happy with me, and I said I sure wasn’t happy with him.
  4. 2nd Gentleman's kids named after Trane and Ella

    Doug may be the 2nd Gentleman... but he will always be the first 2nd Gentleman. BTW, without getting political (and recognizing no politicians are perfect candidates), if I might add — Kamala was both my and my wife’s first choice early on in this primary race. Keeping this non-partisan, I think it was way past time for a woman to be elected as part of a presidential ticket — and I’m very hopeful we’ll see a woman in the Oval Office in my lifetime (I’ll be 52 this year). Yesterday was an important day historically speaking, and I’m proud to see another huge crack in that glass ceiling.
  5. 2nd Gentleman's kids named after Trane and Ella

    I met a gal in my previous job back in Kansas City named Naima, after the song. She was born in the very late 60’s, iirc.
  6. Rare Gerald Wilson rehearsal takes, PJ-100

    Can’t see the pic, but sure would like to!
  7. Joe Henderson Blue Note 1963-1966

    Some questions... How did Joe come to pull away from Blue Note? / sign with Milestone (MS)? — and why specifically *WHEN* he did? Did he leave BN, and then (after he was no longer under contract to BN), was he then sought after by MS? *OR* — did MS ‘woo’ him away from BN? Then Joe came back for one (just one) BN session after his first two MS albums — namely The Prisoner (‘69). Was that perhaps in exchange for Herbie appearing on Joe’s Power To The People that same year? (Assuming Herbie was still under contract to BN at the time — the two albums were recorded almost exactly 1 month apart, in April and May ‘69 — Herbie’s album being the one recorded first). Joe had such a phenomenal record of sideman appearances on BN, were they stingy giving him enough leader-dates?? (Or enough promotion?) Looking again just now, the span of time between the recording dates of Joe’s five leader-dates for BN was about a week less than 2 years and 8 months (early June ‘63 thru late Jan ‘66). I think of Joe as being one of less than a dozen “quintessential” Blue Note artists — and yet his total time under contract w/ BN was ~4 years, 4.5 years tops. The Real McCoy (BN) was recorded in April ‘67 — and The Kicker (MS) in Aug ‘67. Was Joe still under contract with BN while The Real McCoy was being recorded? What other related questions am I not thinking of? (PS: my CD copies of most of these albums are a bit scattered at the moment, or else I’d look for “so-n-so appears courtesy of...” type language in the liners for said albums — in terms of a few of my “date-related” and “who-was-under-contract-to-who” type questions.)
  8. Joe Henderson Blue Note 1963-1966

    I’d jump all over that; primarily because of the non-BN dates — an easy purchase decision.
  9. Joe Henderson Blue Note 1963-1966

    IIRC, an alternate take of the title track from Mode For Joe (that first came out on the SHM-CD reissue of that album in Japan, in 2015) — that is the only(?) as-yet-still-rare, and only-recently-released Joe Henderson track, that would surely be included. It’s a LOVELY alternate, that I can highly recommend. Which begs the question if any other sort of rarities could be included. Joe’s probably been my single favorite tenor player for well over 25 years, and it’d be difficult not to want to buy this, even if there was no other previously unreleased material. “Difficult” but maybe no “impossible”?? — only time will tell. My enthusiasm for Joe may have waned a bit over the years, but he’s probably still my #1, if push really came to shove.
  10. Those stickers on Italian records

    Aren’t there some similar(?) sort of stickers on various Japanese CD’s? — I’m thinking of those little, pale pink and green (iirc) stickers on so many of the DIW discs I have — so those serve some kind of similar function? — or we’re those label-specific? I could swear I’ve seen them on more than just DIW releases from Japan, and now that I think of it, I’ve also seen them on books from Japan too, I think?
  11. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    No idea when my dad will be able to get his shot(s) in downstate Illinois (near St. Louis). He lives in a retirement home now, and nearly everyone there is over 75 or 80 (he’ll be 94 in May) — but the home director said that because they aren’t technically a “nursing home” — and the state just considers them a “group living facility” (that just happens to be older people). She’s doing her best to best to get more answers, but it could be late February or March for all we know. She’s incredibly tenacious, so my dad couldn’t have a better advocate working to get his entire facility vaccinated as soon as practicable. Not as quick as we’d like, but this all is an unprecedented effort, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there was a delay of a month or two. Hopefully the Federal involvement after the inauguration will ramp up significantly, so I can’t quite complain yet. (AKA, the cavalry is coming, though don’t worry, I’m keeping my expectations in check.)
  12. Howard Johnson - RIP

    Tuba Virtuoso Howard Johnson Dies At 79 BTW, if there was an NPR remembrance of Stanley Cowell, then I sure missed it (and can’t seem to find any via searches on-line, or from the NPR app).
  13. All that said, a big Welcome to the board, and please do stick around (even if we’re occasionally prickly). Start some threads, ask some questions, make some revolutionary (jazz-related) pronouncements, and join the party. Good to have you among us!
  14. Unheard Miles and Coltrane.

    Astounding!! $500 I would have believed, but not $1,300+.
  15. LF IAJRC Guitar Rarities volume 1

    Here’s a copy of Vol 2! - fwiw... ...and is this a Vol 1 that I’m seeing possibly in stock?! ... or perhaps this thread might lead to a DL source, though how dubious, I can’t say.