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  1. Happy Birthday ROOSTER!!

    48, gulp. Goodbye "mid-40's", hello "late-40's".
  2. Damn! Includes *alternate takes* from all the expanded single-disc editions. I may have to jump on this one -- Fifth Dimension is the only one I have currently (and I've always meant to get others, and always the expanded editions). Hot damn!!
  3. FS - Randy Weston Mosaic Select

    Wish I didn't already have this, or I'd bite!
  4. *** SUN RA Corner***

    John Szwed's book is probably the best there is (are there any as in depth as his?). Couple that with one of the editions of the vast discography, and I would guess that would cover a great deal of what is known. I contributed a tiny, tiny bit of info to Szwed's book (hardly enough to even mention, about some IAI videos from the 70's and a couple other things I can't even begin remember now, back when I was a we lad of ~22 years, now pushing 50)... ...and much to my shock, my name appeared in the thank-you section -- my own mini 15-nanoseconds of fame.
  5. Outhere Music acquires HatHut Records

    Wish they'd acquire Horo too!
  6. PM's(?) that seem to be publicly(!) visible??

    FWIW, I've been seeing these sorts of direct comminications off and on for months (maybe 3-5 a month?). Usually of the polite/friendly sort as the example here... ...but I do remember one that was a little pointed (about a CD purchase, iirc). I've got some snapshots ("phone screenshots)" of past examples on my phone. I'll see if I can upload them, somehow, here.
  7. I normally browse the forum on my phone, and look at new posts since my last visit. And sometimes I seem to see what appear to be personal messages, in that same feed, which I'm rather suprised to see (since I would assume those would be private). For example, just a couple hours ago today, this one appeared (see example below). I've been seeing such (presumably private?) messages for some time, and have always meant to inquire as to why they seemed to be public (or at least visible to me). Is anyone else seeing these? Is this utilizing some other function that I'm not aware of? Kind of a head-scratcher. (Also, as the exchange appears in my feed, I also see an edit box giving me(!) the ability to "reply to this status...". - ??) jeffsjazz > jazzbo Ciao Lon, I saw that you ordered the new Hank Mobley from Jazz Messengers.I used to order from them monthly for years-great store ! I visited them in Madrid. I was wondering if you've received it,how is it and how is the sound? Thanks Lon, Jeff
  8. Easily (still) my favorite and most revered Select set, as evidenced by my earlier enthusiasm up-thread. And Disk #3 is really a corker!!
  9. Kenny Burrell 1959 rejected Blue Note session

    Still a crime The Trainwreck hasn't been issued in full (with complete alternate takes of four of the five tunes, no less). Honestly, I think a lot of it is better than Natural Essence, (the ballad, most definitely better than the one on NE). The whole thing hangs together beautifully, if you ask me. Rejected, afaik (or certainly that's been Michael's opinion all these years).
  10. Happy Birthday, Free For All

    ☹️, FFA... LAST VISITED 27 Nov 2016
  11. Happy Birthday, Free For All

    Have a happy one, Paul. Cheers!!
  12. Must-have box sets (non-Mosaic)

    Joe Henderson's Complete Milestones Years box is probably co-equally my #1, along with any of several Miles boxes. I'm a thousand miles from home (back in St. Louis visiting my Dad this weekend), or I'd survey my collection -- but the Henderson was the very first thing I thought of (and it hadn't been mentioned yet).
  13. Hank Mobley In Holland

    Can confirm, just got an email from The Bastards, who have it in stock (no idea how many copies).
  14. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    My wife and I were at both sets that night too! -- my first time hearing Schneider's group (which played in Columbia, MO (2 hours drive) quite often, but never quite to Kansas City, where I lived for some 17 years - and I never got around to getting down to hear her). Anyway, such an amazing evening!! I really loved "Data Lords" (my favorite tune of the night), and you can REALLY hear how the general feeling of the tune came out of her work with David Bowie (the tune they did together, "Sue (Or In a Season of Crime)" is most definitely a cousin-composition, at least in timbre). IN addition to the tunes you cited, I also remember a really great version of "Love Theme from Spartacus" (also featuring Rich Perry, iirc) -- which, to my ears, was the most Gil-Evans-ish-sounding tune/arrangement all night. Would have liked to have heard a couple more trumpet features, but overall, an incredible evening. I wish I'd suggested to Ms. Schneider at the autograph table between sets, that she might consider doing an entire album of jazz-orchestra arrangements of all of Bowie's Blackstar album (which she clearly loves). I'd probably personally kick in $200 on such an effort through Kickstarter (or ArtistShare). She had a semi-(in)direct hand in Blackstar even coming into being the way it did, so it might even be fitting. I heard/read somewhere recently that "Lazarus" was the other tune that Bowie had brought to her (in addition to "Sue"), but that they hadn't gone anywhere with it.
  15. Analyst: Target should drop CDs

    How many CD's worth of music do you have on your phone? Honest question. That was always my issue, that I could never load even but a tiny fraction of my collection onto my phone. Even my old iPod nano (which held at least 60-70 albums, maybe 100?) didn't even begin to hold but a fraction of my 3,000+ CD's. That, and it's a pain in the ass constantly having to upload (and later delete) CD's from iTunes -- in order to change what was on my phone. A complete switch-out of even 50 albums would take a couple hours (iirc), so I finally said the heck with it. When I can grab 3-4 CD's off the shelf, and play 'em right in the car, why go through the hassle of the phone? That's what I did in Kansas City, and I probably listened to 10-20 CD's per week, between the car and playing them at work. I mean, it would be great to have all my music on my phone, but that wasn't possible (at least when I last bought my phone, which is an iPhone 5, with 16 GB).