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  1. Hank Mobley In Holland

    Has anyone seen a track-listing yet? I just checked the first dozen search-hits on the (Japanese?) catalog number above, but none seem to have anything (nor the English translations of those pages). Very curious if everything is all standards, or if there are any Mobley originals. I'm in regardless (but probably not quite to the point of pre-ordering -- I'll probably just try and get it from The Bastards), but would still love to know all the details.
  2. French Horn Recommendations

    Mine too! - and the first disc I thought of. Totally unlike any other French Horn date you'll ever hear (it's basically an expanded remake of Don Cherry's Complete Communion) -- and a really winner of a disc, highly recommended!!
  3. Frank Zappa

    I think there's a few more titles than just those listed in the first post. I know I saw this one, that I was entirely unaware of (all synclavier), and from my sampling of the entire thing off Youtube, it appears to be a bridge between Jazz From Hell, and Civ Phase III (and seems to mostly date from shortly after Jazz From Hell). Thought sure I saw other titles too, in a Steve Hoffman Forum thread on the subject.
  4. FS - miscellaneous cds

    Carpe diem, if there's anyone here who doesn't already have this one. One of the very best (and arguably important) historic finds of the last 10 years.
  5. Album Covers Featuring Musicians In Costume

    Peter Gabriel wore a LOT of weird stuff back then, so I'm not entirely sure if this qualifies for inclusion (based on the criteria stated in the very first post in this thread): "Costume" would be defined as clothes not typically worn by said musician while at work or in everyday life. In any case...
  6. video - Lee Morgan with Oscar Peterson trio 1959 cbc

    At least 4 cameras, by my count. Really nice footage, as great to see as hear!
  7. The Farmer single disc is nice, the only Mosaic single I think I ever got, iirc. Great selection of songs, and playing too, of course.
  8. I thought the price of the selects was just fine. ~$15 per disc, the same as the big boxes (per disc). Sure, I would have liked to pay less (who wouldn't?), but it never stopped me from buying 15 Selects total. I think I got lots with a 10% discount, or with free shipping (I'd wait until there was a sale of some sort, about once every 18-24 months), and I'd order practically EVERY set (big boxes and Selects) that I felt strongly like I knew I'd get eventually anyway. So like clockwork, I'd drop about $300-$400 on a bunch of sets all at the same time (once closer to $500, iirc) -- about once every 3-4 years. But ultimately the price wasn't much of a deterant, and if there had been more Selects I wanted, I'm sure I would have ponied up. $35 per Select would have been "better" (sure) - but $44 wasn't all that much more to get some *awfully* damn good material.
  9. Dark days. Anyone have a link to the announcement/discussion about that here? I've forgotten just how many sets disappeared almost overnight as a result. Was it all/only Selects that bit the dust in that clusterfuck? - or did any big boxes disappear from lost masters too? Dark, dark, days.
  10. So what happened with the Selects series? I know, they couldn't make the $ work (somehow), or some reason along those lines. But was there anything else more specific? What is it about the Selects that made them unworkable (as opposed to the big boxes). I mean, if they can't make the Select series viable, what in the world is keeping the big-box series viable?
  11. Thx for looking, but that's not it (and not a square-bottom tie either, I'm afraid, look close at the pic -- and I'm almost positive most diagonal-stripe ties weren't square-bottom -- very few). This one ISN'T the photo I'm looking for, but it's not terribly dissimilar -- light-colored shirt (iirc), and he was at the kit (sticks in hand, iirc). Kind of an "action" photo, I think. Again, this one **ISN'T** the one I'm looking for, but this is kinda similar (and he's leaning in the same direction too)...
  12. Sun Ra's Famous Great Nephew

    I'm be damn.
  13. Hank Mobley In Holland

    Not to get us too far off-topic, but where the hell is some unreleased live *Joe Henderson* from this same era?? I, for one, am shocked virtually NO *live* Henderson fronting his own band (playing his own book) has ever come to light from the 1960's (not even in trading circles, that I'm aware of). The only things that are even close are the Erich Kleinschuster thing (this 2CD set, with mostly Clifford Jordan, and some Carmell Jones too) -- and the 2 discs on Verve with Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, and Jimmy Cobb (but they don't do even ONE Henderson tune). Sorry, off-topic, I know.
  14. Which is SUCH a shame. I *loved* the "Select" format. Sure, it wouldn't necessarily include repros of quite all the album covers (if there were more than 4 in a single set). But other than that tiny quibble, I don't think I can think of a single complaint about any of the dozen(?) Selects I own. I say "dozen" - that's just a wild guess, off the top of my head, it might be closer to 15 that I own, come to think of it. EDIT: **HA!!** -- I own exactly 15 Selects; I just counted: MS-001 Mosaic Select: Grachan Moncur MS-002 Mosaic Select: Carmell Jones MS-004 Mosaic Select: Randy Weston MS-005 Mosaic Select: Paul Chambers MS-006 Mosaic Select: John Patton MS-007 Mosaic Select: Curtis Amy MS-011 Mosaic Select: Dizzy Reece MS-016 Mosaic Select: Andrew Hill MS-020 Mosaic Select: Charles Tolliver MS-023 Mosaic Select: Andrew Hill: Solo MS-025 Mosaic Select: McCoy Tyner MS-026 Mosaic Select: Bobby Hutcherson S-034 Mosaic Select: Denny Zeitlin MS-037 Mosaic Select: Charles Tolliver Big Band MS-038 Mosaic Select: Sam Rivers Rivbea Orchestra If you don't count my extra (safety) copy of the Hill 'BN' Select (the only Mosaic I've ever bought two copies of).
  15. Recently saw a great B&W photo of Blakey clearly wearing a *square-bottom* Rooster brand (or maybe Ernst, another good square-bottom brand of ties) from the early 60's. The tie had thin horizontal stripes, about every 2 inches or so. Narrow tie, probably 2-inches wide at most (maybe 1.75 inches, which was the standard in the early 60's for Rooster and Ernst). Anybody got a line on it? 90% chance it was a Francis Wolff shot, in the studio (sure looked like it to me). Thanks!! -- Tom