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  1. What would you ask Herbie Hancock?

    Honestly, I like The Trainwreck even better than Natural Essence. And Herbie's playing, in particular, is VERY interesting, in that All Seeing Eye sort of way (much like his contributions there). If I won the lottery, I'd love to somehow get The Trainwreck liberated with a legit release, including all the alternates.
  2. What would you ask Herbie Hancock?

    In the spirit of the recent "What would you ask Chick Corea?" thread, where some very interesting questions were posed, I'll ask for a parallel discussion re: Herbie. Not seeing him soon, nor any chance to ask him anything. Though I have met him twice, and asked him some question about the 2nd Quintet and Plugged Nickel recordings with Miles (had him sign something related to the Plugged Nickel set, forget exactly what, when I saw him on that live duo tour with Whayne. And the SECOND time I heard him, circa 2007? - of course I asked him about 'The Trainwreck' - but it was at some high-donor post concert reception (that Spontooneous and I crashed), that Herbie clearly was kind of annoyed to have had to have attended -- and all he said was that Tyrone Washington was one weird cat, and that was about it (I think this was before I'd actually heard it, or I might have asked something more specific about the date). ANYWAY, what burning questions, or non-burning, or just smoldering -- would you ask, given the chance??
  3. What About Jazz "Earworms"?

    The head to Joe Henserson's "Shade of Jade" is one that pops into my brain a good bit for no reason, now and then. And that long, lugubrious head to "Stolen Moments" is another (which, oddly, I first heard/learned from Frank Zappa's live take from his 1988 tour (specifically Broadway The Hard Way).
  4. LF : Sam Rivers Mosaic

    It would seem that $100 is about the going rate, at least according to this just-closed-auction (less than an hour ago)... Item condition: Like New Ended: Oct 10, 2017 , 3:46PM <span>12:46:09 PDT</span> Winning bid: GBP 77.61 Approximately US $101.92 (including shipping) [ 7 bids ] Shipping: GBP 15.42 (approx. US $20.25) Expedited Shipping to United States It was about half that much a few hours before the close of the auction, so I was very curious if someone would score a nice deal on it (and I even PM'ed the OP of this thread to alert them to this auction, about 3-4 hours ago, when I first noticed it).
  5. Churches are turning into breweries

    Excellent article on the topic...
  6. Frank Zappa

    I'd go see a touring band of Zappa alums, like the Band From Utopia, in a heartbeat. But marketed as being 'led' buy holo-Fank, I do have to admit that THAT whole idea just seems nuttty. Still, if Ike Willis was up front on lead vocals, and there were enough other members of that '88 touring band in the group, I'd definitely be temped (even if the hologram concept really puts me off). That said, the Zappa family dispute (what I've read about it, any way, not super-closely, but some of it fairly closely from time to time)... ...the Zappa family dispute seems ugly in the extreme, and I have to say that I think Dweezil is definitely getting the shaft from the Zappa Family Trust side of the family. So if the ZFT was (and as I understand, IS) behind the holo-Frank thing, then that would definitely deter me, perhaps no matter who was in the band.
  7. I joked early on in this thread whether the young drummer in question was rushing or dragging, but for the record -- I thought the kind of abuse depicted in Whiplash was pretty despicable, and I recall being pretty disgusted by it in the theater (despite what were obviously some really great performances onscreen). Having seen the video (such as it is), it's a little disturbing as well. But without more facts, I'm not one to make a complete equivalence between Hino's perhaps(?) isolated behavior, and the deeply fucked up 'mind-games' shit going on in Whiplash. More than anything, though, I realize my own opinion matters little -- and so I tend to reserve judgment somewhat in most instances, realizing there's quite a range of possible reasons for thing, anywhere from more "more mild that it appears" all the way to "totally nefarious" -- so it's just simplest to assume the truth is somewhere in the middle. Doesn't excuse the behavior, nor is it ever "right" (so I'm not suggesting it is here, just because I've got a heap-ton of insanely great Hino dates from his younger days). Hell, I've got more artists who I own a disproportionate shit-ton of music by, who were clearly more than just capable of not treating their fellow man (or woman) with anywhere near as much decency as they deserve. I try not to apologize for their behavior either, but neither can I easily ignore their brilliance in other areas. Life's complicated, yo, and so's people -- some way more than others -- and some way uglier than others too. Just exactly HOW ugly this particular incident was, and whether it was representative of a pattern of behavior (or not), is something I'm not likely to ever know (nor any of us, probably). I don't reserve all judgement, but I think it's healthy to try and reserve as much as my distance from the situation (and lack of knowledge of the facts) would seem to suggest is prudent. My two cents, FWIW.
  8. Probably now or never for me, re: the MJQ set. Guess I've got about 90 min to decide. Do I need 4-6 albums of MJQ material?? Hell yeah I do!! But do I need 14(!) - that's quite a lot.
  9. Miles Davis Bootleg Series - crazy ideas for future volumes?

    Right that. But as you mention, interestingly (oddly?) the whole rest of the band seems practically identical in their approach, be it with Trane or Stitt. But clearly (at least to me), Miles is really noticeably 'hotter'. And then the band is practically the same (again, sigh) with the Blackhawk material the next year too. I've *never* been able to get all that excited about all those Blackhawk sides with Hank, and though I've never really blamed Hank specifically (I've always just chalked it up to Miles and Hank just operating on slightly different planes, or something like that), maybe it's just as much or more that the rest of the band just seems so workaday - uniformly good (I guess arguably), but uniformly the same or so similar in their approach over 2-3 years. And I'm not recalling Miles being anything like incendiary (like with Stitt), though it's been eons since I've heard any of the Blackhawk material. So maybe it's the rhythm section at the Black hawk (albeit 'just as good' as they were early on), was kind of as much to blame, as the lack of Trane. (Or Miles inability to get them to play with more intensity, not to put all the blame too simply on them).
  10. Been eons since I've heard it, but I don't recall Joe Henderson's take on Porgy & Bess for Verve being any sort of great thing (one of his very last recordings, and maybe his last leader-date - ?). Others might suggest something weird from his Milestone years, but I love all that stuff - every bit.
  11. Perhaps embarrassing (so to speak)

    I could easily see wearing some nice black suspenders, specifically with/over a nice black button-down dress shirt (which I wear about once a week as it is). But other than that, anything that they didn't blend in with (visually), I think l I'd feel WAY too conspicuous wearing suspenders. I used to be quite the schlub for a good decade there (circa 2001-2011), but once I got to D.C., I got back to wearing ties every day to work -- only square-bottom ties (mostly Rooster, but a few other brands too, Ernst was a nice one, out of San Francisco). But yeah, black on black, I could probably work that.
  12. Woody Herman Philips Select

    Well, Sal on those Bee Hive sides were SERIOUSLY eye-opening. I was driving at the time, my first time hearing any of the dates with him, and I could not wait for the next rest stop so I could figure out who the heck was playing like THAT - ! About dropped me teeth, to employ another cliche, to be perfectly honest. Wish he'd recorded more, and I need to find more, that I know.
  13. Woody Herman Philips Select

    This morning I just scored a seemingly brand new (still sealed!) copy of the OOP Herman Select on eBay -- for only $45.00 (including postage) -- almost can't believe it. Seller wanted almost $55 for it (with a buy-it-now price of that), but left open the option of "Best Offer". So I thought I'd try to get it for $50, so I counter-offered $45 to start with (so $50 was my meet-in-the-middle price), but then he accepted my first lowball offer of $45! Seems to be a seller of a great many things, so he's obviously more considered about volume than price-per-item. Any ANY case, this is actually my first Woody Herman purchase (if you can believe it). And part of what finally drove me to it was how DAMN much I love those 2-3 albums that Sal Nistico is on, on the Bee Hive set (and he seems terribly under-recorded). The first real time I got to spend with the Bee Hive set was in the car, on a road-trip with my father (and my wife) for about 10 days -- for my dad's 90th birthday. (I'd just gotten the set in the mail less than a week before.) So it made for good road-trip music. And those sides with Sal Nistico absolutely demanded my attention, and I remember spinning them twice -- maybe the single biggest surprise out of the entire Bee Hive set, come to think of it. So I'm seeing Sal was part of this band, and seems to have been on most of these specific Herd albums for Phillips. I snoozed on the Woody Herman Select, about which I only had second thoughts too late. Well, seems I may have lucked out in this case -- $45 shipped (still sealed) -- damn!
  14. Concord Acquires Savoy, 429 Records

    I'm holding out for... "Valdo Williams Plays (New Advanced Jazz) For Lovers"
  15. "First Fusion: Jazz-Rock Before Bitches Brew"

    I've had that book for years, and it's definitely worth getting.