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    Looks lovely on paper. Will have to check this out!
  2. Unauthorized YouTube postings of my titles

    Amen. I fully respect anyone’s right to have uploads like this taken down. That said, MANY an album have I sought out a physical copy of, only after having found at least one or two full-length songs, more often than not from YouTube.
  3. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    My two all-time favorite Mobely titles are his two slightly larger bands/recordings from the mid-1960’s — BOTH with Lee Morgan too!! — namely Slice of the Top, and Third Season. Great tunes, and playing, and arranging especially too.
  4. Mal Waldron "Free At Last" ECM Extended Anniversary Edition

    I would be glad to pay a somewhat premium price for this expanded reissue on CD. $15 easily, maybe even closer to $20. I already have it on CD, but I’d love the additional material. Not willing to play Premium LP prices, though, as I rarely buy anything on LP unless it’s out of print and never been on CD before (or maybe if the CD edition is sky-high, price wise).
  5. Mal Waldron "Free At Last" ECM Extended Anniversary Edition

    I’d gladly pay $15 for this on CD, maybe a bit more even.
  6. Brach's Halloween Candy and perhaps most significantly...
  7. Board member Uli (Reist) has passed

    Very sad news, and as someone else said, 70 is very young in this day and age. RIP.
  8. Geez Louise, that’s cheap, and basically exactly the sort of thing I’m most interested in from most uber-deluxe box sets, i.e. all the audio/CD content (and the DVD/Blu-ray/5.1 content is rarely of any interest to me at all). If only EVERY super-deluxe set came out this way (eventually), I’d buy a ton of them.
  9. Ginger Baker (1939 - 2019)

    Was that a thought back when it was possible?
  10. I’m sure she could have continued with the performance if she wanted to, but if the transgressor with the phone was literally in her direct and close line of site, I could see where that might be distracting or unnerving enough that any performer in that kind of venue might well choose to interrupt the performance to stop the distraction. This isn’t some rock concert, or coffee house performance. I’m willing to give Mutter the benefit of the doubt here. She’s the one immediately in the spotlight, and if she’d rather not see some unflatteringly shot recording of her performance becoming something uploaded to YouTube and available on view for years to come, then she’s well within her right to take action. I would certainly find something like that distracting, and given the Expected social contract, norms, and stated rules/regs of the performance venue and backing band, I’m not at all surprised that she stopped the show as she did. Perhaps stopping between movements might have been less impactful on the audience, but if I had been there, I would have immediately sided with the performer.
  11. UPDATE: My wife and I got our new iPhone 11’s (128GB), and the transition was petty seamless. Upgraded to unlimited data, and our bill actually went down slightly. Got $5 each trade-ins on our ancient iPhone 5’s (probably more than they’re worth). The sales rep actually got us quite a deal, by putting us on a family plan with 3 lines (we have no use at all for the 3rd line), but it saves us $40 a month. Then after 30 months, we can drop the 3rd line and save another $25 more/month. Phones are an amazing improvement too.
  12. extensive baby face article

    Damn! Just time enough for a cursory glance now. Clearly I'm going to have to spend an hour digging into this sometime. What a treasure trove of info!
  13. Box Sets For Sale

    Not to take anything away from Joe Henderson's Blue Note output, but that Milestone box just keeps giving and giving -- year after year (since I got mine at full-price, back 20+ years ago).
  14. Larry Willis, RIP

    Far as I know, I only heard Larry once — of all places, playing Sunday morning in church here in DC (Larry was from Baltimore, iirc) -- as a special guest-musician that morning. This was shortly after I moved to DC in 2011, and I chatted him up between services too. Seemed like an incredibly nice guy. I think he said the BN date with Jackie was his first ever studio recording, iirc. I rattled off 6-7 recordings that I knew his was on, that were favorites of mine (and this was before I had a smartphone to look all that up in an instant). He seemed to appreciate that his body of work was still known, and appreciated. RIP.
  15. Duke Pearson - when did he leave Blue Note?

    I’ve got (and actually found ) 8 out of the 9 DB issues Bertrand is looking for. But I seem to be missing 11/26/70, if anyone else has that one specifically. I can scan all the rest this week sometime, I hope.