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  1. Charles Tolliver Music Inc - Compassion

    Hope it sees a reissue on CD too - not that I need one (I’ve got one of those Bellaphon CD issues from the early 90’s — the very first CD that I ever bought on eBay specifically from overseas, from the UK iirc). It’s a fantastic date, and a rare appearance by Nathen Page on guitar (and no piano) - and he did spell Nathen with an ‘e’ (though you often see it misspelled as “Nathan”. *IF* it were to see a reissue on CD with any bonus tracks, I’d order one in a heartbeat. It (Compassion) — and the first Music Inc big band -/ were the only two CD’s I had Charles autograph for me back in February, the one and only time I ever have seen Charles live (up in Baltimore, with Bertrand). Page is a fascinating player, who had an atypical nonstandard picking technique of some sort (a finger-pick on his thumb, iirc). It limited his dexterity a bit, and some might argue his technique is a bit clunky, or even homemade sounding. But I love Page’s unique (weird) sound, and wish he had recorded more. His sound is obviously night and day different, but I’ve always wondered if maybe a parallel player (in terms of weird sound) might be Neil Young’s soling technique on electric. Light years different, but somehow equally outside the norm. Anyone who doesn’t have this date, and if a more reasonably priced CD of it emerges, should definitely check it out.
  2. Coleman Family Legacy; Another Kind of Soul

    I’m not on Prime. What’s the gist of his private life? - in a sentence or three. Thanks!
  3. Updated massive Jazz list

    I can highly recommend this one, which I bought because Gary Thomas was in this band... • John McLaughlin ‎– The Heart Of Things: Live In Paris — Verve 314 539 153-2 $4 This is NOT the same as Gary’s studio album of a similar name (the studio one is simply “The Heart of Things”), from 3 years earlier. I found the production on the studio album to have rendered a pretty lifeless album (imho). Gary Thomas is on the studio album too, but listening to the whole thing online several times, I just couldn’t stand the slick production — so I took a pass on it (despite my Gary Thomas obsession). But this live album is much, MUCH better - and Gary Thomas shines throughout, as does McLaughlin too (of course).
  4. Eddie Van Halen dead at 65 from metastatic throat cancer

    True. But they were a significant influence on the related “glam metal” genre. Van Halen has been seen as highly influential on the movement, emerging in 1978 from the Los Angeles music scene on Sunset Strip, with a sound based around the lead guitar skills of Eddie Van Halen. He popularized a playing technique of two-handed hammer-ons and pull-offs called tapping, showcased on the song "Eruption" from the album Van Halen.[4] This sound, and lead singer David Lee Roth's stage antics, would be highly influential on glam metal, although Van Halen would never fully adopt a glam aesthetic.[18]
  5. From a parallel universe...
  6. Mal Waldron

    If I might ask, where/how did you find a copy of Reminiscent Suite?? I've been trying to find a copy for eons, and I've never seen one go for anything less than ~$80, iirc. -- and more often than not, more than $100. If there was ONE Mal date I'd like to have on CD, it'd be that one!! -- Mal & Terumasa!!
  7. BFT Tracking - Originals vs Standards

    When I did my BFT here (eons ago), it was nearly all originals. I mostly highlighted artists and songs I loved, and the whole idea was to both introduce (some) people to some artists and/or tracks they’d never heard (more obscure stuff). And to try and stump the experts, in terms of ID-ing particular artists/leaders. The only standard I used was by Bill Evans, but it was from an entire disc of Bill Evans solo arrangements, performed by a classical pianist. The idea, was to see how people took to something like that, and if anyone though they performance was particularly ‘square’, or especially ‘lush’ to the point of somehow being odd or weird. I had not idea if anyone would take it that way, but I thought it was a different way to include something jazz-oriented that maybe some people might not consider legit. Otherwise, it was all originals.
  8. Eddie Van Halen dead at 65 from metastatic throat cancer

    Wasn’t a fan of the rubato stuff like “Eruption” — primarily because a LOT of a-tempto (rubato) stuff just doesn’t do it for me. But other than the possibility of too much of that, I would have loved to have heard more all-instrumental “band” type material with Eddie. Like if he’d done some Joe Satriani type stuff. I’m not enough of fan to have ever owned any Van Halen (or Satriani), but I’ve been around enough people (primarily in college) who liked that stuff, that I’ve heard a bit. And even now, I’m often game for some Satriani-type stuff when I’m on the treadmill in the gym. I never cared for Diamond Dave, but the Van Hagar version of the band was ok (meaning better). If I stumble on any Van Hagar on the radio, I usually won’t switch channels. Not high praise, I realize, but it’s just a commercial type of music that doesn’t draw me in repeatedly. That said, Eddie was clearly a monster player, but also not just a busy shredder either. He was ‘musical’ about it, and could make a guitar sing. I’m more into Gilmour, or Paul Kossoff (Free) — and Hendrix especially (Jimi was my very first musical love, in high school in the mid-80’s). And lately, Allan Holdsworth. But Eddie was about the best in his genre, not only technically, but musically too.
  9. Finally, a WOODY SHAW thread...

    Set up a few different automated eBay searches, one on “woody shaw beginning”, one on “woody shaw “cassandranite”, and another one on “woody shaw last line” - and be patient. Then use an auto-bid ‘snipe’ service like (which gives 3 free bids per month, iirc)... ... And inside of 6 months, you’ll have one for less than $25 I’m betting, maybe even closer to $20. Dusty Groove also has a similar auto-search function too.
  10. Finally, a WOODY SHAW thread...

    Also released individually as In The Beginning (aka Cassandranite). The season is also on disc one of this 32Jazz reissue (paired with Love Dance on disc two) NOTE: Most of these also include a 6th track (“Medina”) which isn’t from the 1965 session. “Medina” is from a 1971 Joe Chambers leader-date (Almoravid), that includes Woody — but that track is entirely unrelated to the 1965 session (which is only 5 tracks long), FYI.
  11. TCM website change

    Maybe a year ago(?) Comcast moved TCM up to some mega-sports package that’s an additional $15 or $20 per month more (and we’ve already got a fairly expansive package as it is) — and now we don’t get it any more. Annoying as shit. We didn’t watch tons of movies on TCM, but maybe 20-25 per year (so a fair amount). I’m also famous for DVR-ing lots of things just to sample them, but often watching things in their entirety, that I’d only intended to see a bit of, just for a few minutes of some particular actor/tress years before (or after) their best known years, or in some obscure role. But not any more, and I’m NOT ponying up $180 more per year just to see channel I’ve always had access too for almost 20 years prior, without paying through the nose for it.
  12. LF Lee Morgan Last Session

    ...OR did I just imagine(?) that there was a “saw-full” reissue on CD? - which would have surely been out of Japan? Now I’m totally second-guessing myself about the existence of such an animal. (I never had one, so I have no first-person sightings.)
  13. LF Lee Morgan Last Session

    Iirc, there’s one (just one) fairly recent Japanese CD reissue that has the saw solo. Might be the most recent one, not sure, but within the last 5-6 years at most.