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  1. Two new Tim Berne albums

  2. Tim Berne Residency

    Couldn't get any uk dates infortunately...bummer
  3. Tim Berne Residency

    Not sure about release date but hopefully before states tour april/may. T
  4. Tim Berne Residency

    Well...just to dispell some misguided observations. Acoustic version of snakeoil is hopefully not dead as we have about 40 gigs between february and may. Electric snake is next ecm album...and in case you were wondering i chose the material and takes on both ecm records with zero interference. If you don't like the music it was my fault just like on the other 40 or so records i've done. I like ecm because i know that the music will remain in print forever something i can't say about most of my recordings for other labels. They also use my photos on the covers although i do miss working with Byram needless to say. And by the way screwgun is up and running can get out of print jmt's now as mp3's for example. If i could manage to run a label and still compose and perform i would but it's pretty tough financially and time wise so I'm happy to have someone willing to document the music. Thanks and good night/tim
  5. Tim Berne - Snakeoil

    Hi Paul, I was actually referring to myself and my experience....just don't feel comfortable with others presuming to know what I was thinking or intending with this recording. Making big money isn't what I was implying....more like getting paid like anyone else who has a job. I just feel like there has been a lot of discussion about me making an ECM record as if the only way I can remain valid is to subsidize my own recordings and apparently not make any more studio recordings which would be the result. Selfishly speaking that would be a bummer. I love working on my own productions but in this day and age it's pretty tough to do unfortunately. Screwgun is basically dormant because very few people want to pay for music anymore. Anyway,this is just my very small 2 cents for what it's worth. Tim
  6. Tim Berne - Snakeoil

    Nice Never played there...t
  7. Tim Berne - Snakeoil

    I'm sure it's a bad idea to respond to this thread but I'm annoyed that some people think I'm lying when I suggest that I have had an incredibly positive experience working with ECM/Eicher on David Torn's record, 2 Michael Formanek discs and now my own. I've been aquainted with Eicher for some time and some of the first records I listened to were ECM records which incidentally is an independent label.To be on a label that recorded Paul Bley,Keith Jarrett ,Paul Motian etc. Is a big deal to me. To imply that I would put out a recording that I don't stand behind is ludicrous. As on my screwgun productions I chose the material, I was at the mix and I chose the takes. The fact that Matt Mitchell was allowed to choose the piano at Steinway and to be able to record in a great studio with James Farber engineering seems to indicate that the label has a lot of respect for what we are doing and I see this a positive thing I guess. Getting paid to record is also a sign of respect and I would assume that Leeway also enjoys being paid for his work. Working with a man who has produced over a 1000 jazz and classical records...also good. Being on a label that is passionate about the music we make and helps us that too. Asked for my input on a cover image...not bad as well. I could go on here but I just wanted to speak for myself and state for the record that I LOVE this record and how it sounds and I love this band. Tim Berne