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  1. Pepper Adams

    One of my favourite Pepper Adams dates is a Dizzy Gillespie jam session gig from the Village Vanguard, which featured Chick Corea, Garnett Brown, Richard Davis and Mel Lewis, with Ray Nance and Elvin Jones coming in for a few numbers. I enjoy Pepper's work with Mingus, especially Blues 'n' Roots. He's also on Monk's Town Hall Concert.
  2. Most Overrated 50's-60's Blue Notes

    When something is overrated, it’s got nothing to do with the music--it’s about critics building something up and then tearing it down. I look at this more as 'albums most people love, but I don’t.' Among the Blue Notes, Night Dreamer and a lot of Blakey’s Messenger dates don’t thrill me as much as their reputation. Nothing wrong with the music, just my taste. As for The Byrds, I love Clarence White’s playing on the live sides of Untitled.
  3. Ayler recommendations

    Copenhagen probably ranks in my top three. To avoid doubling with Holy Ghost, I picked up the three extra tracks off of emusic. So to clarify, if I get the Holy Ghost box, will I acquire the most significant Copenhagen material? Guy Yes. You will get the Ayler quartet playing six tracks at the Club Montmatre. Fantastic stuff. The Ayler Records release has three extras from a radio studio.
  4. Ayler recommendations

    Copenhagen probably ranks in my top three. To avoid doubling with Holy Ghost, I picked up the three extra tracks off of emusic.
  5. Ayler recommendations

    The real ESP was talking about issuing a box as they jealously watched Holy Ghost being issued, but haven't heard anything about it in a while.
  6. why did albert ayler abandon his unique band to make RnB records for i

    Henry Kaiser and company have recorded a date of Ayler's and Mary Parks' Impulse era songs. For more info, scroll down at: http://www.ayler.org/albert/html/what_s_new.html
  7. why did albert ayler abandon his unique band to make RnB records for i

    New Grass would have been much better if they kept Bert DeCoteaux away from it and all the overdubs. Something weird happend to Bill Folwell's bass playing on this session. Very robotic compared to the demos. The label must have got to him. The later stuff is better.
  8. Ayler recommendations

    Get Spiritual Unity on ESP. (Beware of versions licensed by other companies.) Next up, The Greenwich Village concerts on Impulse.
  9. Roland Kirk has transformed many a pop horror into listenable jazz. He does wonders with Bread's "Make it With You" on the Brotherman in the Fatherland disc.
  10. 2007 CFL Hot Stove League

    It appears Pierce is making $200,000 a year, according to several media sources. He got a $100,000 signing bonus. It's three years, though it may be two years and an option. According to not always reliable CKNW radio, Pierce's deal includes a renegotiation clause that allows him to significantly boost his $200,000-a-year salary if he replaces Dave Dickenson as the team's No. 1 quarterback in '08. Toronto has asked the Lions for permission to talk to Printers. Hamilton is also looking at Jacques Chapdelaine for coach.
  11. 2007 CFL Hot Stove League

    Casey Printer’s best case scenario in the NFL right now is holding a clipboard. If he wants to hold a football in the next two years, the Argos are his best bet. They have coveted him for a while. As for Buck Pierce, he is the Lions quarterback of the future. Pierce and Dave Dickenson get along very well. With the way the Lions now run their offence, Pierce is guaranteed some playing time. With the way Dickenson plays and gets hurt, Pierce is guaranteed a lot of starts. Printers was actually at B.C. Place for the Western final. Dickenson wasn’t pleased. Also, Jacques Chapdelaine and Printers apparently don’t see eye to eye. Printers won’t be back. Hate to reopen old wounds, but that was a dumb move in not playing Printers, the CFL player of the year, in the 2004 Grey Cup final. But some football minds think Pierce is more likely to see NFL action in the future rather than Printers.
  12. They'll try to patent shit next.
  13. Iro Haarla - Northbound

    There’s a nice article, Q & A and recordings overview here” http://www.pointofdeparture.org/PoD8/PoD8Northbound.html Also a photo here: http://www.pointofdeparture.org I’ve been meaning to give Northbound a full listen. Vesala was the only ECM artist I would buy without hesitation. Most newer ECM releases get a frosty reception from me. Not a fan of the “sound.”
  14. why did albert ayler abandon his unique band to make RnB records for i

    I believe New Grass grew out of Ayler’s wish to record songs with Mary Parks’ lyrics and to reach a wider audience, plus Impulse was trying to tone down the fire and brimstone. If you listen to the demos on Holy Ghost, the original sessions had a rawer R & B feel. It’s a long way from Spiritual Unity, but I actually quite enjoy them. Once Impluse got its paws on them, the songs got butchered with robotic bass lines and an overdubbed horn section. The later stuff shouldn’t be lumped in with New Grass.
  15. Is JIMMY GUIUFFRE this biggest traditor(sic) to WEST COAST JAZZ?

    Giuffre was already innovative in the 1950s. His Capitol albums provided a different role for the drummer, and then he got rid of the drummer altogether in his trio and even dropped the bass for a bit. Certainly people like John Lewis, Ornette Coleman and Monk were influences by the time Giuffre hit Verve. Giuffre was there when Coleman and Don Cherry were at the Lenox School of Music.
  16. Who Have You Outlived?

    I've outlived Abu Musab al-Zarqawi! One of my co-workers has outlived: 27 10157 -713 Jimi Hendrix 27 10120 -750 Janis Joplin 27 10069 -801 Jim Morrison
  17. 2007 CFL Hot Stove League

    I feel bad for Danny Barrett, who is a class act. But the Riders needed a change. Former QB Kent Austin’s name has also been dropped. He’s buddies with Eric “Suitcase” Tillman.
  18. Sun Ra quote

    - Space Is the Place, p. 352 As a listener, NEVER be too hip. Guy I love that quote and sometimes use it when music elitists are getting too pretentious.
  19. A further issue is they are not very good. Chick Corea looks like Mick Jagger. Any guesses as to who is holding Ornette's alto?
  20. World Saxophone Quartet

    Hemphill’s Dogon A.D. is a classic. Not a big fan of Julius Hemphill Big Band on Elektra. I’m not too familiar with the WSQ recordings, but Bluett’s Clarinet Family is a huge favourite. Prior to the World Saxophone Quartet, Hemphill, Lake and Bluiett joined Anthony Braxton for a sax quartet composition on the latter’s New York, Fall 1974 LP.
  21. Robert Altman R.I.P.

    She has those sexy eyes that remind me of Steve Buscemi. Sad to see Altman go. I won't mention Quintet.
  22. Ayler Box set track info needed

    There's an Ayler discography here: http://www.ayler.org/albert/html/discography.html http://www.ayler.org/albert/html/holyghost.html Also, there was a titling mixup on of the tracks on Holy Ghost, though can't remember which one. And what was called "Change Has Come" on In Greenwich Village gets called “Free Spiritual Music part IV" in the box set for some reason.
  23. CONTEST: 2006 Grey Cup

    I saw the Lions arrive with the Grey Cup earlier this afternoon. The trophy appears to be back in one piece. I thought that was one of the duller Grey Cup games I have seen. Montreal could have made it interesting, but fumbled. Not sure why the Montreal coach didn't challenge the call; the RB may have been down when the ball popped lose.
  24. CONTEST: 2006 Grey Cup

    I pick B.C. 60 points.
  25. Was flipping through the latest edition today. The index has returned, the type is shrinking and some old reviews have become capsule reviews. Sadly it's still error ridden, including a review of fictitious Braxton quartet CD, and poorly edited. There are some bewildering judgements: Hill's Andrew!!! is in the "Core Collection" instead of Black Fire or Judgment, Thornton's The Panther and the Lash and the Cellar Door Sessions get three stars, etc. etc. They've also delved into the nebulous world of the Lonehill catalogue, reviewing an edition of Ayler's Slugs Saloon which omits a track when there's far superior alternatives available and falling for Lonehill's claim that Lalo Schifrin is the pianist on a Dolphy date. A couple of editions ago, they reviewed the latter in a different edition with the correct personnel. Wouldn't they have clued in? Earlier editions in this series were a great resource and helped introduce me to the likes of George Russell, Ganelin Trio and others. But now it's evolved into an unreliable mess. It's almost as if they don't listen to half the CDs, instead regurgitating the liner notes. One and a half stars.....