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  1. Fresh Sound & Lone Hill Reissues Discussion

    The Nocturne box doesn't count as it was legit to begin with ... and of course you have a point, even official release sometimes are produced by cheats
  2. Way Out West deluxe edition.

    and one more that looks good:
  3. Recommendations for South Africa?

    I could hook you up with someone who speaks little english (perfect French though, but I doubt that helps ... he travles to ZA regularly and knows lots of folks, including some musicians) but should be able to provide some information ... drop me a private message, best with an email so we can continue in private (you can still post findings here later on, of course, but I won't disclose private stuff here, so ...)
  4. Also listed here (in 1961):
  5. Jazz Musicians' Pseudonyms

    Rev B. (Rev'rand B.) - real person? He wrote lyrics to some songs performed by Les McCann (I'm currently playing "Second Movement" and there's "Carry on Brother", a partial follow-up to "Compared to What" that morphs into a funky thing with choir and gets boring ... it was written by Harris and "Rev'rand B." according to the info provided). There's a Discogs site that calls him a songwriter (and thus suggests real person I'd tend to assume) but that may just be the result of the credits culled together?
  6. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Some piano ... first rather minimal, but gorgeously played (Henck on ECM prob. remains favourite though), then some crazily virtuoso stuff à la Cziffra or Horowitz (transcriptions/adaptations of various kinds, including a couple that Volodos put together himself) - guess that'll do as far as Volodos goes, but there's definitely nothing wrong about either disc. Then: My parents got my season ticket (and bought an additional seat) in October, with Trevor Pinnock conducting - they were enthusiastic (and my dad doesn't even like the violin much, in general) ... I got her recent encores disc (I think it's pretty good indeed) and added a few concerto discs. Can't say I'm fully convinced by this, but I could do with a Nielsen more recent than the Telmanyi recording ... will have to revisit soon. Now: Nice!
  7. Jamie Saft w/ Iggy Pop, Swallow, Previte

    I think I'd love it much better if Iggy were on all tracks! Seriously! It's nice but last year was such a great year, it ranked towards the bottom of my very long list ...
  8. Julian Lage Trio - Moods, Zurich - 11 Jan 2018 Julian Lage (g), Jorge Roeder (b), Eric Doob (d) Heard Julian Lage with his trio last night - terrific show! How they melt together all kinds of americana (lots of jazz, some blues, folk, country, and some glossy pop and bits of loungy stuff, too, and then they throw in some old-timey tunes) into a very coherent mix that is quite amazing. The main show is Lage on guitar, spinning endless lines with a flow of ideas that often is miraculous indeed (and a few times actually had me think of Sonny Rollins) ... the way they deal with dynamics, being able to change from cathartic, powerful fff to the most glowingly intense pianissimo is fantastic. You don't get too many jazz musicians paying attention to dynamics, alas ... Roeder and Doob proved excellent sidemen, the three form a tightly-knit unit, and the two sidemen also had their solo spots and made excellent use of them, too. Lage plays his telecaster (Springsteen's favoured guitar for ages) with no twitchings of the sound at all, but he gets quite some stuff out of it, making good use of its twang and playing his very clear, singing lines (Jim Hall was the master, right?) with a sound that is totally his own and creates a wonderful contrast to the stuff he actually plays - sometimes you'd rather expect a woosh à la Bill Frisell or a real country twang often - but he gives you neither, instead offering his own stuff, which, after all, is just what jazz is about. Crappy smartphone pics (despite the club being full and the queue long, we got lovely front row seats)
  9. LF: Abdullah Ibrahim: Ekaya on CD

    I went for the LP eventually ... if you like the band (I do!) it's a wonderful album! Never digitized it or got a copy of that CD that has most of it (wasn't even aware of that) so I'm afraid I can't help.
  10. Lionel Hampton - Decca Sessions

    Not to my knowledge ... some informative previous thread (first one I remembered, second one is linked there) on Hamp:
  11. Peter Scharli

    Can't say I'm familiar ... but his website is available in english, too, it contains a bio and a list of his recordings (I know very few sideman appearances only, I think): Guess I should change that and try to catch him live and listen to some of his CDs ...
  12. Jamie Branch

    I like the album quite some. It's "Jaimie" btw, and usually all in small caps - maybe the thread title could be fixed?
  13. Henry Threadgill

    Great news! Still miss the previous one on which he's not playing.
  14. Melton Mustafa (1947-2017)

    Not really familiar with his music ... but the solo he plays on "The Chicken" on Jaco's "Birthday Concert" was one of my earliest WHOAH-moments in jazz!
  15. New server and increased cost...

    Me too ... I kinda like the idea of that list and would volunteer to be on it as well. If it helps to make things plannable, it's a good idea - if it just creates extra work, dropping reminders and all, it's not, though.