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  1. New record by Freddie Redd!!!

    Thanks for the alert I've got so much lined up for BC Friday, I'll have to delay some to March and April, I guess!
  2. Mine has finally shipped (along with several other backordered items from CDJapan ... I'm crazy for that Black & Blue Series ), looking foward a lot!
  3. British jazz reissues

    Afro-Jazz is up for takers at Honestjon's (15£) I'm tempted, though it will a while until I'll have a working record player again ...
  4. Covid vaccination: poll

    Would love for option 3 to be true, but Switzerland's handling of Covid is a disgrace. So far, they're slowly starting to vaccinate +75. I'm not expecting to be in line before May or June, and that only will happen if the vaccination campaigns* gain a lot of speed. As it is: I will get a shot (or two or four or whatever it takes until my turn comes), but I have no clue how it will work, where I can get it done, when I'll be able to get it done, if I'll be informed about any of this or will have to trawl again and again websites that look like we still have the 1990's ... -- *) plural is right, it's organized regionally, which has been a huge part of the entire problem of the response since last June.
  5. EMI France 3-CD box sets

    Weissenberg, Chopin Londeix, French music Ferras, Beethoven Violin Sonatas Don't have any of them myself. EMI did lots of series and repackaging (i.e. Ferras/Tortelier Beethoven Violin/Cello Sonatas 5CD)
  6. Junior Mance RIP

    Yes, great photo anyway! Been revising the bunch of early trio albums of his I have for my remote working day today. Most enjoyable.
  7. Old Testament Basie: filling gaps

    I'm far from complete on all the 30s live/aircheck material, but yes, there's great stuff there! Chatterbox is the pre-Freddie Green ones, with Claude "Fiddler" Williams (who does actually play some violin, though it sounds atrocious due to the bad quality of the recordings). Another outstanding one is the Famous Door, which is a reason to get the "America's #1 Band" 4-CD-set, as it's included on the fourth disc (along with other live recordings, incl. the one with Billie Holiday). The box also contains the entire output of the 1950/51 small group, which Basie led after he had to dissolve his big band. And it has good liner notes/comments and is nicely presented. Nonetheless I still resent Sony for not doing a full Basie restrospective in 2004 (or let Mosaic do that*), when his double jubilee (1904-1984). *) on the other hand, the Basie/Young 4-Disc set really is perfect, it's almost excluviely cream of the crop (though not the full cream I'd say, the "#1 Band" set has a few of the finest post-Pres tracks, but still not enough for me)
  8. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    Well, Collectables did lots of Atlantic and some Columbia material that wasn't that well-served by the labels' own outlets (Eddie Harris on both, for one, I also have a bunch of Ray Bryant discs on the label). At least later ones (prob. from around 2000 on?) were properly licensed (or at least stated so on the booklets), they also used original liner notes most of the time, but were always a bit shoddy on info). I'm not sure if there's really all that much of a mystery to uncover there - maybe in the early days there is, but somehow this never bothered me, to me, from when I got involved (mid/late 90s) they always seemed to be a somewhat cheapo/weird but official outlet, at least with respect to the stuff I was interested in ... this also includes Slide Hampton and Art Farmer's Atlantic albums, plenty of Mose Allison (Atlantic and Warner, I think), the Atlantics by Hank Crawford, Ellingtons two "All Star Road Bands" (great stuff!), at least some of Bill Evans on Warner ...
  9. Old Testament Basie: filling gaps

    Complete (I assume!) on Columbia: Vols 1-10, 1936-1941: Vols 11-20, 1941-1951: "Spartan" is accurate, there's a paper sheet of four pages included (twice 12x12 inch) with a few photos, line-ups, tracklists (incl. master nos.) and info on original issues (I guess, there's either just one issue mentioned or there's the remark "Okeh/Columbia unissued master". Arrangers and vocalists are listed by track (though arranger info is incomplete - not sure all track without it are head arrangements, possibly so). I guess this is not the best way to listen to the music (I've got the Chronos for that, but I miss one or two, I think, and never got around to buying all the Neatwork discs with the alternate takes), for instance Vol. XVIII Side B has six takes of "Wild Bill's Boogie" (arr. Buster Harding) and then "Fla-Ga-La-Pa", a vocal by Ann Moore. And yes, as the dates 1936 and 1951 indicate, these boxes included the small group stuff (Jones-Smith Inc. from 1936; octet from 1950, as well as the first 1951 date by kind of a pre-NT band - the Octet is complete - not sure about alternates? - in the "America's No. 1 Band" set, and the 1951 big band date is included, too - again not sure if all four masters are present, the LP box includes just master takes for this final session). Vol. 11 btw. opens with "Feedin' the Bean" from April 10, 1941, a session covered in the first box, but "recently turned up"). -- For RCA, I'm also sticking to the Definitive set I bought some 20 years ago ... there was a superior Japanese edition though:
  10. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    Much simpler - it's really just straight "Indiana", played by the trumpet with plenty of embellishments. Plain and simple. Sometimes these things need more than one attempt It really does bug me that we have no clue who the trumpet player might be ... and the drummer sounds pretty characteristic, too. Well yes, I guess that's like the Mosaic sets manufactured by Sony and other labels of origin ... no idea how those deals worked, but they are (were) fairly common, it seems.
  11. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    Some comments: #1 - labelled "Cecil's Back Home" (Payne) starts with a tiny bit of noodling, then a boppish line w/trumpet lead that sounds vaguely familiar (prob. based on a well-known/then-popular song) #2 - labelled "Outta My Head for You" (Payne/Kelly) is a ballad feature for Payne, no trumpet, incomplete (segues right into #3 on disc) #3 - "Confirmation", the Parker tune (info is correct), almost complete, again programmed to segue into the next track (guess that's what the odd remark on the backcover hints at: "Continuous: Time as whole rather than selections." - and I guess the "compiled" in "Compiled by Aubrey Mayhew" is meant in a quite literal sense). #4 - "A Night in Tunisia", the Gillespie tune - wrongly labelled as "Kelly's Rhythm" (Kelly), incomplete again #5 - labelled "Sounds of the Soul" (Kelly/Payne) is just a short segment (35 seconds) of an exalted lady talking to an off-mic dude. #6 - labelled wrongly "52nd Street Theme" (Monk), but this is a ballad feature for the brassy trumpet player that I am familiar with but can't quite pin down right now. Payne plays some backings that sound almost tenor-like, but he goes deep a couple of times ... and someone sitting close to the taper is kinda singing a long for parts of this. Rough cut and some tape warble at the end, but this is complete. #7 - "Keys of Kelly" (Kelly) this is not, it's another familiar tune, a bebop one I think, but alas I got so bad with recognizing tunes in the last years (too much classical plus no practicing myself for 10+ years now), at around 4:40 the speed starts lagging for close to 20 seconds, around 4:58 it picks up speed again but I'm not quite sure it's stable or picking up even more speed as it goes on. The same happens again during the piano solo #8 - "Layin' Down" (Payne) starts with a few piano notes that seem unrelated (Monk?), five seconds in it cuts to "our" tape again. After Payne we get a bass solo, no trumpet here, incomplete again, and there's an extremely rough edit around 4:53, and then we get "52nd Street Blues" for a moment, but at 6:10 there's another very rough edit ... shining trumpet playing the final bits of "Body and Soul" (I think) with Payne in the background. So this final one inc + two theme song + three short bit track pretty much sums up how messy the entire disc is ... I guess there's enough trumpet on the recording that some folks could venture a guess - I can't alas. Too bad this doesn't turn up on @Michael Fitzgerald's Cecil Payne leader discography. Pretty weird that no one ever tackled this mystery recording (or so it seems)! Yep! Yep on #4 and #6 ... I thought the same for a moment of #2 but can't tell for sure. I think you're right on #8, too - so this is "Body and Soul", the opening head missing, but changes seem to match, indeed! Except that we get a bit of "52nd Street Theme", before we cut back to "Body and Soul". Cutting almost on par with that Dick Bock sometimes did Can you confirm #1 and #7? I don't think I know these tunes but didn't yet check with discographies/my collection/youtube. Sounds right for the changes, but the head is not "Donna Lee" (it's present on the disc ... and damn, it does sound familiar but I can't pin it down - maybe it's just the "Indiana" changes that make it sound so familiar?)
  12. Sonny Rollins Recommendations?

    Ooops, thanks! Weird liners they still are, I skipped through them and found no mention of Thomas or Haynes, just of the rhythm section on the trio half. Will have to take the disc out again and re-read Schoenberg's notes thoroughly. Btw, not smoking anything, liquids only
  13. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    At this day I'm not so confident if the US still has any sense of legality (or common sense) left ,or if just the business side remains. Either way, I'm happily listening to this boot at this time, having just picked gotten it out of the mail box. There's a trumpet player present, too (and bass/drums, obviously). -- Regarding the Davis sextet, Losin has an entry now: