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  1. ECM Press Releases for New Items

    Those reissues are the continuation of the "Touchstones" series - basic two-fold cardboard sleeves with not liners or booklets, just the dicc inside the right half and a cover "flap" (fold out-like). Nice at the price (around or a somewhat less than 10€ a pop usually). Several in the run that I'm interested in! The Lovano, btw, must rank among the top 3 ugliest ECM covers ever ... looks like your usual us mainstream design of the 90s, noughties or 10s (db covers look about the same - don't get much uglier) and nothing like ECM at all.
  2. Ambrose Akinmusire Quartet tonight - quite excited, as good jazz concerts (i.e. not shows in classical halls that you can't really afford) by musicians from beyond the local scene seem to become more and more rare in Zurich these days ...
  3. Classical CD Box Set Wish List

    I'd buy that Francescatti in a whim! Regarding Rabin, what's wrong with this: Don't think EMI (Warner) can better it ... there was an Icon before that ... and Testament has added a set of prev. unpublished recordings: Not sure what else there is ... but the Masterworks Heritage box by Sony contains an "early recordings" disc by Rabin/Ossy Renardy (and two mighty good discs of Francescatti): -- One thing I'd really love to see - that came up when the Dial Mosaic box was announced ... a set of Dial's classcial recordings - take a look at catalognue numbers 1-20 here:
  4. I figured that out in the meantime -- and yes, it seems Blake has a hand in this indeed, also came to that conclusion. Got to get this!
  5. Great news for sure! Hope it'll be distributed over here (still no luck with Kimbrough's Monk set, Sunnyside is us only it seems, and I guess it's getting worse ...)
  6. Joseph Jarman - RIP

    Very sorry to hear this. -- @Guy Berger try the Delmarks if you don't know them yet.
  7. just in case: the complete Dreyfus box has just been reissued in a slightly expanded edition as well (and it costs a 40€ from my copy arrived yesterday, sturdy box in the same build as the Vogue boxes, but glossy ... covers are designed LP-like, no liners or booklet, but most (for one album I didn't see any recording date, but I assume that corresponds with the initial info) of the relevant info is printed on the back covers And Petrucciani's five OWL albums were reissued (over a year ago already) as part of another, really cheap box (filmsy stuff, but you get what you pay for, right?): (edit: "five of" seems to be correct, there are more Owl albums?)
  8. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    I have these two:
  9. New releases on No Business

    No, alas not. And never heard of Jones Jones, but I'll take a mental note for whenever I next order from Not Two.
  10. Boy Raaijmakers (1944-2018)

    Thanks, good to know! (Cuypers is the way his name is usually spelt though - but I guess that's the same as with Raaymakers then) And sorry about misspelling Noordijk's name - I should know!
  11. Boy Raaijmakers (1944-2018)

    Oh, I understand - weird, don't think I ever noticed the proper spelling (and I'm all for ignunts learning foreign names and not dumbing it down too much ... we're not talking Chinese names or anything)! So is it Leo Cuijpers, too? Does the "y" not exist in dutch names at all or are both variants possibley, what about Martin Van Duynhoven? (And for Piet Nordijk it's clear, never saw that with a "y")
  12. Boy Raaijmakers (1944-2018)

    Sad to hear this ... got that Breuker retrospective last year and am enjoying it a lot, including Raaymakers' contributions. (Usual spelling seems to be Raaymakers, not sure there are variants in dutch, but don't think so.)
  13. New releases on No Business

    waiting the Smith, Riley, Bradford and Brown/Burrell ...
  14. I know he did the royal (whot?) wedding and stuff, Sheku Kanneh-Mason seems to be a talent to watch ... saw him in recital in December (with big sis Isata on pianer), they did a Boccherini virtuoso thingie to kick off the concert, then the Poulenc sonata, and after the break the Debussy, and one of fhe Brahms sonatas, and then the above Holst piece as an encore ... while it was not a polished presentation by far, and while I think he needs to work on projecting his sound a bit more, it became quite clear that he's really into it, not a wunderkind or anything like that, but a gifted you artist that hopefully will stick with it and develop into a truly outstanding musician.
  15. 21 CD box of Art Ensemble of Chicago on ECM

    any comments on the booklet (quality/length of essays etc)? btw, "label-side down" can end up much worse, as there's no thick protective layer of plastic on that side, a deep scratch on the label side may not just impact readability but actually destroy the disc