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  1. There is "a" (as in "one") possible radio broadcast in the contract. And I guess that was the rule (from what I understand at least, but I have nothing I could quote about this, just talks with people in the know, such as W. Uehlinger from hat, who released the radio tapes by Jimmy Giuffre that have in the meantime turned up on Emanem again). Either way, these are documents of immense (cultural) value and it would indeed be silly, from a fan's perspective, to disagree with their release by labels associated with radio stations (NJA, SWR ...) or ones that clearly have access to the radio's sources and thus contracts with the stations or national libraries or whomever stores those tapes (TCB ... not sure into which of the two categories WDR/Jazzline and NDR/Moosicus would fall, Jazzline seems to be the Laserlight people, which alas shows in the rather lacklustre presentation of their releases). Also, these labels do offer good value in face of all the pirate/PD/bootleg releases by RLR and such.
  2. Eddie Harris Corner

    It goes as far as swiss vendors only shipping to Germany and not within Switzerland ... not sure why that is, I bet it's some amazon rule or default setting (i.e. you have to actively switch on international shipping or amazon then takes a larger chunk of your money or whatever). Not fun. I hate to see how the few good platforms have been corporationalized and gone rogue in the last years. But I guess that's market and I have thus to agree with it, right?
  3. Eddie Harris Corner

    Thanks @mikeweil - snatched it up for 16€ (plus 6 for shipping - luckily one of the two vendors would ship to Switzerland, which alas is becoming the exception with both and marketplace vendors). Prime EH, then I need to have it!
  4. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Just because of Coltrane ... you're not making sense
  5. Absolutely, yes. If my post above sounded somewhat less secure that is because I've heard things about these radio deals (i.e. they had a contract that allwed one broadcast, or maybe multiple broadcasts ... they may own the tapes holding the music, but they don't actually own that music in a way that releasing it is covered in that agreement). Not sure about any of this, and frankly I don't care, as I'm fully with you on that second part I'm quoting. And yes, these would be state/national radio channels indeed. There is, btw, also a cool series out on the label run by Polish radio ... they've done some 30 discs, mostly Polish stuff (Komeda, Namyslowski, Wróblewski, Trzaskowski ...), but also some great Johnny Griffin, some Don Ellis, Stan Getz etc. I think I've started a thread about this a while ago, the series is growing fast, I miss the most recent bunch of discs (it's farily easy to find your way through that site (with google translate, if in doubt):
  6. Music shops in Italy

    Was offline for most of the week, finally someone came by to fix the connection today ... In case Bologna is planned, too (don't miss the "sette chiese"!), I checked out three stores there, none really great, but I found some discs in two of them (one wasn't really worth the visit but I'm not sure which one that was): - Discorama (Via Dè Monari, 1 - - Disco d'oro (Via Galliera, 23 - - SEMM Store (Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 24 - I think the third one was the one I felt afterwards like I could have, should have skipped (I think it has more of today's hipster vinyl stuff) ... even more so as to me, in Italy, music shopping really takes a back-seat with me ... in Milan, there is an amazing classical store that I would return to, but there is so much to see everywhere, spending time in music shops is really (almost) a waste of time! -- and as for Florence, that should read "Brancacci" of course - it's a marvel! I bought a ticket in advance (did the same for a few other places - won't help you with the Duomo alas, as there entrance is free and everybody has to queue) and had to be there at a certain time, thus ... but it's definitely worth visiting: Some pics here: Official site (official tickets, too):
  7. Young Guns - Gene Ludwig, Pat Martino, Randy Gelispie

    Had totally missed out on this, stumbled over it looking for any Gene Ludwig a few days back ... first spin today, fantastic! Worth bumping this thread for sure!
  8. Finally got this ... nice enough for sure, but not earth-shattering.
  9. I guess it's legit in Europe, similar to TCB's Swiss Radio Days Jazz Series. Sound ist usually good. Found the Adderley somewhat muddy in that respect. These are all professionally done radio recordings I think (and there's Chet with Twardzik, too). The listing on jazzmessengers is nearly complete I think (items out of stock will disappear from searches).
  10. Music shops in Italy

    If you happen to be in Florence, there's the Twisted Jazz Shop in the Oltrarno part (other side of the Arno - Borgo S. Frediano, 21R) - not cheap at all, but excellent selection! It's right next to Santa Maria del Carmine (with the Bancacci Chapel), which is one of the must-see places anyway ... and you can then go for "trippa" (chitlins kinda stuff - if you're into this type of food, it's amazing!) at Il Magazzino, just a couple of hundred meters from there (I also tried the fantastic lampredotto at Il Nerbone in Mercato Centrale - took me a while in there to find the stand, but it was more than worth it ... check out this site if you're into it:
  11. Yup - the one on top is the nicest of these, comes with a full booklet with lots of comments (statements by musicians, press clippings) on the controversy ... the middle ones (single discs) usually have no liner notes/booklet at all, just a basic digipack with a flap to cover the disc, the ones at the bottom are cheap but very much okay - they come as two regular jewel cases inside a cardboard box and with generic short notes (one folded page with large-print notes inside). Of the middle ones, I guess there would be two more volumes for the October set, and same for the bottom version. Those are also sometimes sold separately ... So, @Rooster_Ties, if you have a chance, aim for the top version. The lastest edition is this one here: This will have some okay notes, but not as extensive as the top version from the early/mid-nineties. And just in case, here's the Amsterdam release: Probably easiest to buy at jazzmessengers - plenty of other goodies in the series:
  12. Zurich is on TCB (and was on Storyville's shady sub Jazz Unlimited and is now on Storyville itself ... but the TCB is sonically far superior imo). Dragon has (had?) the Stockholm, and as with the Paris (which is on Frémeaux now) also offers the October set with Sonny Stitt (a whole other band with strong MD and Wynton to boot). The Dutch Jazz Archive has a similar set with the Amsterdam concerts (where the April set is kinda mellow/tired). Beats me why Scheveningen (afternoon/early evening gig on same day as Amsterdam - the amazing version of "So What" was included on the Anniversary edition of KoB). Surely will buy, but just as surely will keep the two previous four disc sets from Paris and Stockholm ...
  13. On my way to the post office to fetch mine!
  14. New Live in Paris Series

    Just in case, the 1959 Paris set by Horace Silver is out on CD now: (replace "com" with "de", "fr", "it" ... it's pricey over here though - just about to give in an order....)
  15. The Nessa Juggernaut rolls on

    Why, it's only July I want that shirt, too, but merikin sizing beats me.