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  1. John Coltrane - Blue World

    ...that is because Trane is on the mono edition only - got replaced by clinking glasses on the stereo.
  2. Randy Weston question

    This site actually hosts an archive/database of Montreux concerts, but it says that dbase is "currently under construction": I think I've watched that recording you're referring to after Weston died, it's fantastic
  3. New - Grant Green - Sunday Mornin’ LP reissue

    Correct as in editing out cigs? Retro replica nostalgia fake times we live in ... this thread should be in politics, really
  4. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Pretty good I'd say, after one first spin ... rec 1996, thought to be lost (for technical reasons, the masters were unusable, the safety okay, but no one checked them at the time) ... can be found at DMG only, it seems. It is a Monk tribute of sorts, a rather free one mostly, but tunes get played – or referenced. There's even some ballad playing, Murray on brushes ... Details:
  5. Hm, I was thinking of skipping the Nucleus box ... Tubbs has been on it's way for a while, hope to get it before the year ends ...
  6. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    Got the Herman fairly early (and just played the first half of it, up to/including the Carnegie Hall concert – mighty fine!), but no news whatsoever on the Mobley, while a friend who ordered much later than me got a shipping notification two weeks ago ... guess I'll send a mail soon. On the other hand, shipping the Herman took them (aka Scott himself and alone?) about 3 months it seems ...
  7. Miles on Columbia

    Not in Zurich in the 90s And then I went with the boxes (and happily so).
  8. Miles on Columbia

    True, but to this CD generation collector, that was never easily obtainable ...
  9. Miles on Columbia

    Well, that's one opinion ... another one (i.e. mine ) is that the session sequence allows to follow chronologically a most fascinating journey, starting with "Filles" and morphing through various stages until the full stop after "Agartha" and "Pangaea" ... Albums I kept are just a few, "Someday My Prince Will Come" (not covered in any box), "Live-Evil", and also I did get the CD editions of "Big Fun" and "Get Up with It" -- why? Since I never knew those configurations before buying them boxes. I did get the mono albums box later and am quite happy about it though, a fine addition (but also a remembrance that if you stick to LP configurations, you're missing out on the best track from the 1958 session with Trane and Evans "Love for Sale").
  10. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Well, my best guess is he kept the right to the name (and the website ... but left Outhere in the dark about keeping it in use). From what I heard they were apalled to hear about his new label. Guess he's some sort of pirate imat core.
  11. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Wouldn't attribute too much to that, Outhere keeps imprints alive after takeover, or starts integrating them slowly (i.e. the alpha collection now includes Zig Zag discs, but for the larger and still alive Arcana, they seem to devise a separate nice price series, while for the also very much alive Ricercar they already did so). Outhere has only very few jazz releases in it's catalogue so far, while Hat Hut is a strong brand, so keeping the brand alive is probably part of the strategy (that still seems pretty non-existent so far). What I got to hear (ne hear-say, mind me!) is that he got paid a sum per master tape that amounts to a pretty nice starting budget for his current enterprise ... but that indeed with the sale he passed it all on (except for the url, but I'm not sure that was what Outhere expected ... it IS weird to use the old website to advertise the new label, but then I guess still has plenty of traffic). On ezz-thetics (with an a at the end, my bad!) I agree, hope Uehlinger keeps up the pace.
  12. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    From what I know, Mr. U cashed in and ran ... no distribution but sold, gone, ties cut.
  13. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    ezz-thetic - but listed … that *is* confusing. And I guess I'll go for it, too! Got several others besides the fantastic Giuffre in the meantime. The Lossing, Shipp and Koglman are all pretty good, need more time/spins with the Studer, which to me on first Impression wasn't that easy to get into, but I may have picked the wrong day to give it a spin. Also just got Vol. 1. of Trane in Graz, but had no time yet to listen, same with Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin with George Lewis. Somehow, while Uehlinger still has weird ideas (the botched Marion Brown, re-programming the sequence of Trane in Graz …), it almost seems like he's back on track (and still the old stubborn self, pissing off the new owner of the Hat catalogue … after all, the Chinese logo on the ezz-thetic Releases seems to stand for … yup, right, "Hat Hut" of Course ) I guess I'll consider Outhere on track with Hat once they put out the missing part of Braxton in Willisau ... Anyone knows if there are any plans regarding the Joe McPhee Recordings? Will he bring them back with CvsD or Not Two? I certainly hope to see some more of it being reissued. Btw, the new Rivers on NoBusiness is terrific!
  14. Perfectly legal in Trumpistan, I guess?
  15. Well, funnily, Amazon just sent me a note apologising for the delay: the set shall be delivered between Dec 28 and 30, when it was to be delivered Jan 23 to 25 upon ordering. That's a funny conception of "delay"