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  1. Bitter Funeral Beer Band - Frankfurt 1982

    No idea ... but teh backcover on discogs gives listings of soloists and Cherry is mentioned on all but the final piece:
  2. Mars Williams Ayler Christmas Part 2

    Certainly the A'dam gig with the ICP guys would be great fun ... no gig near enough to me to make it, alas.
  3. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    so you did make that move?
  4. No, they don't (but a related label did the "Peace Treaty" CD by Davis, I think ... and not sure if the "Barney Wilen Quintet" reissue doesn't come from that corner - but CDs are not running under "Sam Records"). Recently, they did the Monk "Liaisons" on vinyl, right? CD was available from a different label ... would be great if the Davis did turn up on CD as well, but I'm still tempted by the vinyl, although with custom taxes added it will end up quite expensive indeed (some 75-80 € I guess).
  5. two ... speaking of both albums (ICP 025 and ICP 026), not sure which is the oh-so-horrible-sounding one
  6. They ought to re-do the great Nichols/Monk stuff - one of them, at least half an album (LP-side I guess) is almost unlistenable in the box, alas.
  7. Robert Shy - RIP

    r.i.p. found this on the tube:
  8. Wailin' Daddy - Best of Maxwell Davis

    Got this set last year as well, based on this thread
  9. Art Pepper - Toronto (3 CDs from 1977)

    Unreleased Art Pepper Vol. 10: Toronto by Art Pepper Physical album goes on sale at CD Baby on November 2 Digital Album Streaming + Download Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. PDF of 32 Page full color booklet with Tons of Background Info, Band Info, Song Info, GOSSIP, and flights of fancy. Buy Digital Album $18 USD or more 1. A Song for Richard 16:52 2. Long Ago and Far Away 13:22 3. Here's that Rainy Day 10:17 4. Blues for Heard 04:16 5. What is this Thing Called Love 15:37 6. All the Things You Are 16:59 7. Band Intro 02:20 8. The Summer Knows 16:50 9. I'll Remember April 14:30 10. Samba Mom Mom 17:40 11. Star Eyes 12:25 12. Art Pepper Interview 30:15 about THE BOX SET (3 DISCS) PLUS BOOKLET WILL BE AVAILABLE to purchase FROM CD BABY on November 22nd. credits releases November 2, 2018 Art Pepper with Bernie Senensky, David Piltch, Gene Perla, Terry Clarke at Bourbon Street in Toronto, June 16 1977 I'll wait for the CD ... some teasers up here:
  10. Musical Hoaxes

    Joye Hatto, of course ...
  11. Michael Gibbs with Gary Burton Live 1969

    Yeah ... but this is about Barry Gi ... uhm, Michael Gibbs here Has anyone heard the release by now? How is sound quality on the first two discs? I quite like this one (what's the state of the Dutton Vocalion jazz reissue programme - still breathing?): And I guess I could do with some more, so maybe this new release would be just that?
  12. Michael Gibbs with Gary Burton Live 1969

    Oh, I wasn't aware of that. There's that one Kenny Wheeler album from the seventies with him ... and I've got at least one disc of his own, this one here:
  13. Today's tenor players

    Yes on Grimal, and Kullhammar, too! Not sure where Grimal is heading, never had a chance to catch her live, but on record it seems she's straying further and further from jazz. I love the double disc with Giovanni di Domenico on Ayler, I have no idea what to label that music, but I don't think I'd call it jazz. And we discussed trumpet player Susana Santos Silva in another thread recently ... she's the guest on the most recent, fourth volume of the "Basement Session" series (subtitled "The Bali Session" and indeed with gamelan's and some wonderfully mesmerizing grooves to go along) by the Aalberg/Kullhammar/Zetterberg trio.
  14. Michael Gibbs with Gary Burton Live 1969

    Art Ellefson, too, speaking of tenor saxophonists as in the other thread ...
  15. 21 CD box of Art Ensemble of Chicago on ECM

    Hm yeah, if I found such a great price locally (if I order online, it will get 25-30€ more expensive due to taxes and fees). I don't think I can justify the acquisition ...