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  1. None left that I'd frequent at this place ... I love to browse, but that's restricted to vacation and - locally as well - book stores.
  2. He he ... I might go for it again sooner or later, guess it'll be around for a while (the CD version at least).
  3. Ellington Treasury Shows

    I stopped buying "new" CDs of older releases from such vendors alltogether, because of that (stuff like OJCCDs - will be CDRs most likely). I just wish labels selling CDRs for lack of means to re-press CDs would openly communicate that. In one case I even reached out to a label (a small one run by a classical music ensemble) and they flat-out denied that they're selling CDRs. That was about the weirdest thing. Others (Chiaroscuro, VAI) will openly discuss/admit/explain - but the usual vendors will still label their stuff as "audio CD", and obviously no one seems to care.
  4. Ellington Treasury Shows

    Well, I know about manufacturing and storage cots and all that ... what I don't agree with is that everybody (amazon, JPC, whomever) keeps selling these as "Audio CDs", which they are not. The only people caring about this is the one still buying a physical product, and it's those they're giving the finger with this practice. That's what bothers me. And of course initially they were all proper CDs - but the series started at a t ime when I had neither the budget nor any intention of buying so much Duke Ellington. That, luckily, has changed ... born too late, got smart too late, whatever, but I don't like being looked at as the stoopid consumer that will not notice the difference.
  5. Les Génies du Jazz box set

    Does the box include very stable geniuses only, or others as well ?
  6. Sounds good! What's your previous edition of this? I bought the Heritage Edition series (those also quite classy-looking French Universal digipacks from around 10-15 years ago) - took me a while to find it (and I wasn't quite sure the vendor would really sell that version, but he was ...) - not sure I want to buy it once more, but I am tempted! Lê Xuân was either involved with the "Jazz in Paris" series or with the compilations on SagaJazz that followed shortly after the initial run of 100-something JiPs in the original digipack design ended.
  7. Ellington Treasury Shows

    Ordering the missing ones now ... they will arrive within the next days/weeks. Vol. 6 got here today - CD-R. I still want the music and will make sure to back-up all the CD-R ones, just in case. Sucks bigtime that exactly those labels that would deserve support lie to those still willing to pay good money for their stuff and sell CD-Rs as CDs. I really hate it, but in this case I just want to have all the music, so in the end the will outweigh the I guess.
  8. Clean Feed Records

    I'd say the ratio very good, it's the masterpieces that are quite rare, but the pace of good stuff they're churning out is totally nuts ...
  9. I love it ... had less than half of it when it was announced and stopped buying more, but waited several years before actually buying it ...
  10. Clean Feed Records

    I have been perusing the annual spring sales for several years and have also started following their new releases to some extent, and occasionally stocking up on stuff that didn't yet make the sales (older items still get cheaper after a while). There's tons of fine stuff there, but I would say hardly a true masterpiece. Off the top of the mind, going by artist (and not looking up all the album titles, no time for that right now): Eve Risser, young French pianist whom I like a lot ... she has a solo album that is minimalist and beautiful, a large group that is prob. composed for large parts, includin some solos I'd assume ... or they're "set"), and then there's a piano duo with Kaja Draksler, too Kaja Draksler, another young pianist, from Slovenia ... her solo album is marvelous, her duo with Portuguese trumpet player Susana Santos Silva is beautiful, her octet with two singers is weird but pretty good (saw the group live as well - Ada Rave and Ab Baars on saxes - not too shabby!) Susana Santos Silva, trumpet player from Portugal, she has a recent (early 2018) solo album out that is quite stunning, the duo with Kaja Draksler is wonderful, there are several albums by the group LAMA, two with guest Joachim Badenhorst and one with guest Chris Speed ... she is also on several collaborative albums (one "Life and Other Transient Storms", I also heard live and found it quite amazing), and she guests on the stunning fourth Volume of the "Basement Sessions" Joachim Badenhorst does his stuff himself usually, but his large group, the Carate Urio Orchestra, is wonderful indeed (with Pascal Niggenkemper and Frantz Loriot, some other Clean Feed labelmates are part of the group, which again I heard live in an almost life-chaning concert). Speaking of pianists, there is plenty of Kris Davis on Clean Feed, including a solo album, collaborations with various other musicians, and a pair of mighty good trio albums led by bassist Eric Revis, who again has more on the label. There is also some fine stuff by pianist Angelica Sanchez (actually, having heard the Davis/Sanchez duo at Willisau last summer, there'd be another piano duo album in the making there, but so far we only got some bits on Davis' mighty good "Duopoly", not on Clean Feed). Then, there is Tony Malaby, w/Sanchez, with his band Tamarindo, including a live set w/Wadada Leo Smith, there is also a pretty wonderful duo album by Wadada/Angelica Sanchez ... and there is so much more ... Joe McPhee ("Ticonderoga" by Jamie Saft with McPhee, Morris, Downs may be one of the masterpieces), there's some Brötzmann, some Evan Parker (including a duo with Alexander Hawkins of course, who provided liner notes to the Risser/Draksler duo album, btw), there's a Steve Lacy disc, there's Dennis Gonzalez, there's Gerry Hemingway, there's some BassDrumBone, Ralph Alessi, Nate Wooley, Harris Eisenstad ("Guewel" is big fun) ... and I'm sure once I'll be checking at home, I'll find I forgot plenty of fine ones
  11. Left Bank releases upcoming

    Great news for sure ... and my threshold will be pretty low for this as well. In addition to the releases mentioned, there are: - two by Sonny Stitt/Gene Ammons (Fantasy) - Stan Getz ("My Foolish Heart", Label M or whatever Dorn's outlet was at that very moment) - Sonny Stitt - Just the Way It Was (Label M as well, mean stuff! )
  12. Martial Solal

    Vol. 1 is amazing ... gotta order Vol. 2 asap!
  13. Keith Jarrett recommendations

    Add Bud Powell to the list ... and Glenn Gould if classically inclined. Also what about JMac's "whines" when he ends a phrase of his solo? A.T.'s squealing drum chair? Oh, and all those 'bone players humming while playing?
  14. Mosaic Sale ???

    Good call! The Armstrong is one of the few I've skipped (for about 20 years I've bought almost all ... and 15-20 years ago that included lots of back catalogue items!) ... but I'm collecting tje Fremeaux series there ... did buy the booklet separately though (they made an exception, but I paid quite some for it).