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  1. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Luckily, I had the chance to catch both Leimgruber and Koch in various settings over the years, both of them in very intimate settings, too (including small rooms without stages, just instruments set up in a corner and any number between 10 and 30 people sitting around). They're certainly two of the most extraordinary improvising musicians Switzerland has produced (and in my book at least Leimgruber certainly ranks with the best in general). Re Corsano and McPhee, just got my shipment from Oto(roku) today, including the new McPhee/Corsano/Coxhill/Parker (and the Gayle/Edwards/Sanders), but I have to confess I totally don't get Corsano - saw him live at the festival in Mulhouse and I just found him boring, non-swinging in a bad/rock manner, tough and virtuosic, but lacking any kind of feeling I like, way too controlled somehow.
  2. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Don't think I did ... but that was a nice trip to Willisau, hearing both Hans Koch and then Urs Leimgruber (and Barre Phillips, never heard him before or since and don't expect to hear him again, he's a rather rare sight over here it seems).
  3. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I was there! Still have to buy it though. Scroll down a bit for a few modest snapshots:
  4. Still trying to make my order work ... a few minutes after sending it, my bank phoned me, thinking of fraud (why would I order a book in the US? well, some people still buy books, suckers!) ... then the credit card didn't go through, and now it seems my second attempt to order failed as well ... maybe I'll just have to go through evil A, but for books I usually don't (for music it seems sometimes we don't have much of a choice, alas).
  5. João Gilberto RIP

    That would be Tom Jobim, right? My go-to album of Gilberto's so far has been this: It's from the early seventies and holds about 50 minutes of wonderfully subdued Music.
  6. Eddie Johnson - RIP

    Missed that thread when Johnson died ... had no clue who he was until buying Chuck's reissue of the very fine "Indian Summer". Just put in an order for both Delmarks, thanks everyone
  7. I like that idea--but I guess on the nuttiness-scale it ranks along with the Complete Babs Gonzalez Sessions set?
  8. Birth of the Cool ... AGAIN

    It did ... the CD with the live material is the 1998 one, not the 2001 -- guess I'll stick with my combo (same as post #1) I used to have the Cicala LP, quite horrible ... but it was my first chance to hear the live half of the music, which definitely should be heard. Anyone has a link to that article by Mike Zwerin? I remember reading it but recently tried to find it again, ending up empty though. One thing I wonder though, will they get this right, this time around? The first two tunes from the nonet ("The Theme" and "Move") are about a half-tone flat on Capitol CDP 94550 and Definitive. from here:
  9. Miles Davis’ lost album “Rubberband” set for release

    I'm with @JSngry all down the line here ... love "Amandla", love "Star Time", quite enjoy "Decoy", love "Tutu" beyond Side 1 (never owned it on LP though, too young for that), never got why I should be interested in "You're Under Arrest" ... and yeah, "Aura", too. Also I remain pretty fond of "We Want Miles", which (same goes for "Amandla") was one of the recordings that were important to me when discovering jazz (heck: music) in my early teens.
  10. Kenny Burrell in 1948

    Pre-ordered as well, though I have no clue how horrendous the international shipping costs will be, no info on the UMich site.
  11. Schubert 960

    I see, thanks! I have that box and have wondered about that ... not sure they give that reason in the booklet, I think I searched in vain for why some sonatas are included twice.
  12. Schubert 960

    btw, this here stands out among the recent recordings (Zimerman's D 959 is gorgeous, a bit less sure about his D 960 ... Khatia Buniatishvili is interesting, but I've yet to really sit down and listen to her latest disc with the necessary concentration):
  13. Schubert 960

    I was supposed to hear Radu Lupu play D 960 and Kreisleriana tonight ... alas he cancelled his concerts. The replacement ain't bad at all (Maria João Pires with K 332, the Pathétique and half a dozen Nocturnes and a couple of Waltzes by Chopin), but still a let down. Anyway, this is the Rubinstein I love: -- @soulpope What's that Regis disc by Richter? I think Regis is only a licensing label putting out stuff others produced? Is that a version that's neither on Universal (Decca, Phillips, DG whatever) and Melodiya (Brilliant)? Regarding Paul Badura-Skoda, by re-recorded you mean that there are two recordings of some Sonatas found on RCA (now in that Sony box) @Chuck Nessa? And that recording you display @mikeweil is different from the well-known/easy-to-obtain cycles (RCA/Sony, Arcana), right? Seems not exactly easy to find. How do his Genuin discs fit in? Yet another cycle?
  14. It's indeed excellent! Got mine in time for the Weekend and gave it a first spin. Strong stufff! Between this and the reissue on Soul Jazz, I'd love to see some more Tapscott becoming available again ... I missed out on ordering from Nimbus West while that was still an Option.
  15. Thanks for sharing your first impressions @mjazzg Excited about this! Hope I get it in time to give it a first spin before my vacation (starting the day after ascension).