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  1. Not Two but Twenty Orchestra

    Agree on "Intensegrity", it's excellent indeed @steve reynolds (proper @ function dysfunctional on dumbphone?) ... and trust me I keep overspending on music, buying from musicians, but also small stores via discogs etc, and often paying a bit more than minimum when using bandcamp
  2. Not Two but Twenty Orchestra

    ... well, a 3D printer oughta do the trick, I suppose? That 8 minute piece with all of them playing seems a bit weird ... so these were various small group sets of a like-minded bunch of musicians, and at the end they just did a short jam and now they're calling it an orchestra? Either way, I bet much of the music is great, but honeslty I'm not spending too much time with all the fantastic Barry Guy-centred boxes NotTwo has produced ... too much music, and to me mostly live music, to be experienced in what we used to call "concerts" in earlier times--that is if anyone remembers them days.
  3. Nina Simone - Fodder on My Wings

    That's Sylvin Marc (often written Sylvain) of Gilson/Malagasy fame on bass? Interesting, will definitely get this!
  4. Splatter? Like in "previously eaten" ... and then, uhm, splattered? Those vinyl fans are a weird bunch
  5. Just did so, with that line of reasoning ... it's a nicely made set, and Laurie has written her usual entertaining new liner notes (i.e. how Ron Carter would read the newspaper while Pepper was recording his extended solo intro to a tune, guess that's respect NYC style )
  6. Thanks @Late, that's great to hear! I can get these at their distributor's (within walking distance, so if they've not totally shut down I can even ramble there safely in these weird days - but they can use some business). The photo is on discogs by now, small alas:
  7. Paul Gonsalves - HUMMINGBIRD

    Ah, ok - I missed that Tracey is on piano on some cuts (too few, to be honest, not that big on Branscombe I'm afraid) and you had me confused! So that Benny Goodman dude is for real, good to know, I have been wondering whenever/wherever I'd stumbled over his name if it wasn't a nom-de-plume.
  8. Paul Gonsalves - HUMMINGBIRD

    So you're saying that "Benny Goodman" is Stan Tracey really @sidewinder?
  9. John Coltrane - Blue World

    ...that is because Trane is on the mono edition only - got replaced by clinking glasses on the stereo.
  10. Randy Weston question

    This site actually hosts an archive/database of Montreux concerts, but it says that dbase is "currently under construction": I think I've watched that recording you're referring to after Weston died, it's fantastic
  11. New - Grant Green - Sunday Mornin’ LP reissue

    Correct as in editing out cigs? Retro replica nostalgia fake times we live in ... this thread should be in politics, really
  12. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Pretty good I'd say, after one first spin ... rec 1996, thought to be lost (for technical reasons, the masters were unusable, the safety okay, but no one checked them at the time) ... can be found at DMG only, it seems. It is a Monk tribute of sorts, a rather free one mostly, but tunes get played – or referenced. There's even some ballad playing, Murray on brushes ... Details:
  13. Hm, I was thinking of skipping the Nucleus box ... Tubbs has been on it's way for a while, hope to get it before the year ends ...
  14. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    Got the Herman fairly early (and just played the first half of it, up to/including the Carnegie Hall concert – mighty fine!), but no news whatsoever on the Mobley, while a friend who ordered much later than me got a shipping notification two weeks ago ... guess I'll send a mail soon. On the other hand, shipping the Herman took them (aka Scott himself and alone?) about 3 months it seems ...
  15. Miles on Columbia

    Not in Zurich in the 90s And then I went with the boxes (and happily so).