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  1. Buck Hill RIP

    I think he was one of the many more obscure musicians I found out early on thanks to JE Berendt ... fine player, I have at least half a dozen of his Steeplechase, Muse and more recent albums and have enjoyed each and every one I've heard, including his appearances with Shirley Horn.
  2. yeah, the ancient Chinese farmer may prefer grindcore, after all ...
  3. Gérard Terronès RIP

    Sad news!
  4. Lew Wasserman and MCA ... the mob that ran Hollywoodland and that alternative president that struck the world in the eighties
  5. The Music of Kurt Well Returns to Germany

    I would also generally disagree with the notion that Weill and his music are unknown over here ... Brecht is still huge (and would be immense if not for his heirs that are extremely strict with allowing productions of his plays etc), and Weill is closely linked with some of his finest and most famous work. There was also a pretty nice movie made on Weill (including his US exile) in which plenty of German pop (in the widest sense) musicians appeared, as well as Willem Breuker (r.i.p.) and Milva and others. If there was need for unearthing, I guess that has been going on for at least two or three decades by now. Me being Swiss, we sang all those dreadfully lame Lennon/Macca arrangements in school, too, but no Weill, yet I guess most any high school kid with some interest in music and theatre would eventually stumble over Weill and/or Brecht-Weill.
  6. Outhere Music acquires HatHut Records

    Wouldn't fit ... and from what happens to labels "integrated" into Outhere, I'm not sure Hat will continue as a brand as we know it ... it might change its face and be merged with other jazz holdings of Outhere (i.e. the jazz productions done by Zig Zag Territoires, mainly a classical label that was acquired by Outhere not too long ago). But this is pure speculation of course. And all in all, these hatOLOGY cardboard sets may look nice when they're new, but discs get scratched, cardboard gets scoffed ... on the other hand, same happens to us, so that's alright in some ways
  7. Outhere Music acquires HatHut Records

    Heard about this a few weeks ago, at the Swiss distributor's of Outhere -- and now Hat. Outhere does some great classical releases ... guess it's as good news as was possible with WXU (I have some reason to assume that no one wo_man could quite live up to the expectations that were around). The alternative was probably for Hat to just fade away.
  8. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    The split made between the composer and the pianist is weird, too, coming from pianists all the more. They should know how difficult much of his music is to play ... or at least to play it in style. After all pretty much no pianist ever offered his own valid take on Monk, so why even try and pretend and bother about his compositions if they turn out way too neat if played by anyone other than the man himself?
  9. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    Either way, he quite certainly wasn't the only one with a relevantly off opinion o Monk, even at that time, I should assume?
  10. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    It took me a while, but I great to enjoy Peterson's playing from his first Verve recordings to the MPS years and in part also beyond (though from around 1970 on I don't know his discography nearly as well as for the two decades prior to that) ... however, that remark strikes me as pretty much on the money, nonetheless.
  11. Yeah, I found that somewhat disturbing actually, was going in there fairly positive, at least neutral ... and found it pretty drab. Pics from last night - was good, not great:
  12. I actually like some of his music alright (Kühn-Bekkas-Lopez for instance), and I respect Ornette ... but yeah, he overplayed, underplayed, forthepeopeplayed, milked motifs noteven existing, romanticised for hours no end in c major, and he was pretending to be oh so relaxed and savvy when he was just sloppy and careless and in reality as stiff as his extremely boring (though of course technically competent [musically impotent] ... for the people, dig?) rhythm section. Funny visual detail: accompanyists bald=impotent monk like chaste, boss with lion's mane=hippy happy hoppy huppy etc diddle do dum ... That
  13. True dat, Steve! I've had nowhere near the exposure to them that lucky you had and continues to have ... but last summer, the final concert at Willisau -- upside down the world seemed to be that day. Everybody there to hear a rather dreadful Joachim Kühn trio set, but no one seemed to know who those two weirdos were that happened to be there as uhm, supporting act. To me, the first set by Maneri/Peterson was pure bliss, a magic set really ... I should've known better and left right after ... the audience loved Kühn (and I got why - but that just adds to my contempt for crowds I'm afraid), which made it even more dreadful to me.
  14. Hank Mobley In Holland

    Thanks! Just put in my order (adding the new Cannonball and Byas discs)