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  1. Hadley Caliman

    It has been pulled because it combines half of the album with half of the next one ... bit of a goof. So go for the Japanese reissue if you want to get it.
  2. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    No rush from my side ... there was a date going with the announcement of "coming on CD as well now", I may still be ahead of schedule but as I don't remember where I saw that date I just wanted to check quickly.
  3. John Tchicai

    Maybe not quite THE ONE for me, but agree on all accounts, it's wonderful!
  4. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    @Jim Alfredson any updates on the CD-version of the SpeakEZ tracks? I put in an order on Sep 7 (adding another CD), nothing here yet ...
  5. vinnie golia quartet

    Haven't listened to the samples, but ordered mine already - great to see Bertrand continue his work!
  6. Sound Prints--Lovano and Douglas are obscure?

    ... which is the case pretty often. Their database is a real mess.
  7. Sound Prints--Lovano and Douglas are obscure?

    Wot? Look here:
  8. Forrrest/Goodman - Perfidia Alternate Take ... 20 or so $ - with 15 added for shipping not cheap but very much okay. I know about yurpeen second hand prices, had been checking every once in a while for several years. Not sure, but it's not on the "complete" set released by Collector's Choice (which btw fails to give line-ups/session info - I hate that).
  9. Niels Viggo Bentzon (Rare Danish Jazz LP reissue)

    Brought it up to 98% funded ... thanks for the alert (went for the package including the Levin, hadn't been aware of that).
  10. "Ella At Zardi's" finally being released

    Any of those so fed up with the masses of Ella releases has a Verve edition of "Live at Mister Kelly's" to let go?
  11. Vijay Iyer Sextet, FAR FROM OVER

    I think Sorey is the dep, not quite sure though ... when I heard Lehman at Berlin Jazzfest last year, Gilmore was with Wadada's "Great Lakes Quartet" and was effin' awesome! Sorey was with Myra Melford's "Snowy Egret", and Lehman had a terrific sub (for Sorey) in Cody Brown, whose name I'd not noticed before. Plenty great drummers around these days!
  12. Vijay Iyer Sextet, FAR FROM OVER

    One other thought that crossed my mind: I would like to get an alternate version of the entire album with Marcus Gilmore's hip shit drumming, which is fiercer, lighter, and punchier than Sorey's more horizontal, expansive playing.
  13. Vijay Iyer Sextet, FAR FROM OVER

    Outstanding disc, in my opinion. There's lots in there - I have to think of Andrew Hill often when I hear these guys (Steve Lehman live can really channel Jackie McLean, btw) ... Marh Shim has an amazing solo towards the end, and it's great to hear Graham Haynes again ... Crump is very much alright, though not a guy whose presence would lead me to buy discs, it's usually the others he's with (Iyer, Lehman, Halvorson, Laubrock/Smythe), Tyshawn Sorey may suffer just a bit from ECM's sound, but in general this is a very good production (listening to the CD, heard the LP wasn't so good, but the friend reporting that isn't sure if his copy was bad - so bad it seems to sound, maybe it's indeed his copy, who knows). Anyway, other than that BN vibe, there's of course the spectral stuff (which doesn't need a vibraphone as in Lehman's octet), there's Coleman and that M-Base vibe, and there's lots of hip hop, too - "Break Stuff" was going in that direction even more so, and was brilliant already, I found. The entire mixture here is really something of its own. Way to go, Mr. Iyer!
  14. Norman Simmons' "Midnight Creeper"

    Endorsing both yours and the @soulpope recommendations ... found both last year, together with a third disc (also on Milijac) with Frank Wess, Jimmy Owens and others. Guess they come recommended all three, but "I'm the Blues" may so far be my favourite of the bunch