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  1. Intakt Festival (London) 15-27 April 2017

    Cheers, nice meeting you indeed!! Got home alright, got up way too early, not knowing just how easy and quick things are handled at London City Airport ... boarding started like 5 minutes before take-off and the gate was communicated later than the time given for boarding on the boarding pass. Next time I know and will make good use of it (caught only about 4 hours of sleep as we went for food - and more drinks - after everything was done at the Vortex ... the young guy working for Intakt is an old friend of mine and we hung out together a few times after the concerts, also had some nice chats with many of the musicians ... I met a few of them over breakfast or went to eat with them - a few guys from Zurich, whom I didn't really know in person before though - on my own ... so it got late almost every night for me, glad I had a hotel just around the corner). Will try and write a few bits about nights 2-5 tomorrow. Btw, I guess it's okay to tell about it here: the London Jazz Composers Orchestra reunion (that was planned as the festival's opening event but would have busted the budget) will indeed take place ... on the first Sunday of the upcoming 2017 edition of Unerhört festival in Zurich (I think the date should be Sun 19th of November, but not 100% sure ... anyway, flights from CTY to ZRH can be found for around 100 per way, but with hotel, ticket for the evening and some money for food and drinks, it will easily amount to 450-500 in whatever sorta decent money you're calculating, so definitely not cheap, but maybe doable ... usually though it's the second weekend that I find most interesting at Unerhört, when from Thursday to Sunday they have nightly concerts with at least two bands per night, while the beginning of the week consists of scattered concerts ... so far, first Sunday was the opening night, but this time they'll include the first weekend, though not sure yet if that means just Sat/Sun, or even Fri as well ... Patrick Landolt was getting excited when I asked him about this year's line-up though and I hope that means something - I guess it's okay to say that my taste is often, but not always, in line with his, so ...)
  2. Happy birthday Aggie87!

    Happy Birthday Erik!
  3. True dat ... but hey, with less than five pints I'm still sleeping through Thanks all! And happy birthday to all the other mid/late April dudes and dudettes ... afraid I'm not here that often of late and miss such trivialities as birthdays (almost missed my own this year, being on vacation on London, on my own )
  4. Thanks ... and yes, agree about the packing of the pkace. Also find the system with reserved/allocated seats very weird ... I bought tickets the day the sale began and sat next to the door (some rowdy basterds couldn't shut up during the second half ... had Evan and then Maya on the chair next to me that wasn't even there in the first half, but while first I was disappointed to be so far away, in the end I was happy to have a seat at the side ... guess the big cowd came for Barry, Evan and Howard Riley (Parkinson's, I was told ... too bad really, as his playing was indeed mesmerising and fully absorbing). But let's wait and see ... will you be there again (one of) the next five nights? If so, why not say hi (we can arrange that via private message)?
  5. Intakt Records in London - Night 1 SUNDAY, APRIL 16, 2017, DOORS 7PM, PERFORMANCE 7.30–11PM Maya Homburger–Barry Guy Maya Homburger (v), Barry Guy (b) + Lucas Niggli (d) A lovely start, including Biber (the Announciation and tenth of the Mystery Sonatas), and pieces by Guy, some in variants: Niggli joined a solo violin piece, improvising ... the following suite for violin and bass was again joined by Niggli towards the end, and then there was a Guy/Niggli duo, ehile Homburger tuned down the E string to d for that Biber. Huge applause in thr packed place. Howard Riley Trio Howard Riley (p), Barry Guy (b), Lucas Niggli (d) Monk they did, in a very unique and oblique manner ... and I kinda hoped Schlipp (who's scheduled to do a Monk set later in the week) was there to listen how this can (and indeed should) be done. Amazing, though a bit on the short side, but Riley is in bad condition and I will cherish this moment I am sure! The way they mixed grooves and out stuff was really something, and Niggli proved a valuable successor to some mighty good drummers in this trio! Evan Parker–Barry Guy Evan Parker (ts), Barry Guy (b) Afterca break there wasn't really much more air in the place .... I was fried by now and warm ale didn't really help. Either way, this was another short but excellent set. They geared up a few times and it got highly energetic, and Parker's sound on tenor was a marvel, as usual. Jürg Wickihalder Trio Beyond Jürg Wickihalder (as, ss), Barry Guy (b), Lucas Niggli (d) The last set was no slouch either. Chatting with Wickihalder I found out that it had been Niggli who established the relation with Guy (when Trevor Watts failed to play some New Orchestra gigs ... that was discussed here at the time, Wickihalder was an excellent sub!). They played some Lacy, but with a more energetic spin, they played tricky but lotsa fun originals. Wickihalder started out on soprano, later switched to alto (before subbing with Guy he hadn't touched an alto!), then played both simultaneously before returning to soprano again. Another great mixture of broken grooves and free flowing energy. In short, a fabulous night indeed. We ended up in a Turkish place ("we" including Gzy and Homburger but they were at the other end of the table, Wickihalder and Niggli and an old and dear friend of mine working for Intakt) for some food ... "my name is Erdogan", the patron said. Go fegh 'em all!
  6. So after all i won't be the only organissim-ite there then ...
  7. That's very good to hear indeed! I hope I get another chance to hear Bradford in person!
  8. Would love to hear about that, as I wanted to catch the band but Bradford had to cancel the tour (due to a fall, as I heard). (Golia played a mighty fine trio set luckily - other concerts were cancelled ... and I had a nice chat with Golia afterward, too.)
  9. Intakt Festival (London) 15-27 April 2017

    'nother last bunp ... no one planning to attend any nights there?
  10. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    Thank YOU, Jim! I think you got (or will get) some orders, too. The setlist, in case anyone wonders: Organissimo – Within You Without You (2017) Organissimo – Meet Me @ 11 (2003) Organissimo – Blake's Shake (2003) Organissimo – Peaches En Regalia (2005) Organissimo – While My Guitar Gently Weeps (2017) Jim Alfredson's Dirty Fingers – String Bean (2013) Jim Alfredson's Dirty Fingers – Good Juice (2013) Organissimo – Goovadelphia (2008) Organissimo – Stomp Yo' Feets (2009) Organissimo – Taxman (2017) Organissimo – Come Together (2017) Organissimo – Doctor Funk (2013) Organissimo – Pumpkin Pie (2009) The community there is small, but those that listened did enjoy!
  11. All Swiss Radio Days Series releases are single discs so far - and there were several cases where they released two separate volumes from the same concert (Basie, Hampton and Roach come to mind, but there were more). No need to pay 30$, though 20 years ago that was what I would pay for any full price disc in local stores ... either way, it's a worthwhile listen for sure (plus I'm a fan of the entire series anyways).
  12. Just in case: it's a single disc.
  13. Sets you wish Mosaic would do

    Yes, that's my understanding, too (in jazz at least - EMI Classical went with Warner). I love the idea of a 1947-50 Ellington Columbia set, of course. I'd also love to get all the other non-LP material from Columbia (there was this LP series covering 1956-62, never checked how much of it I have on all the discs around).
  14. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    Wanted to properly and in good time announce this, but it went under ... in half an hour, there'll be my 90 minute portrait of Organissimo, including selections from all albums, as well as from the great Big John Patton tribute Jim made. Go here and click the play button on the left: Announcements are in German (that's yours truly speaking). Info posted as we go on over here:
  15. Intakt Festival (London) 15-27 April 2017

    Bump! If anyone wants to meet for a coffee or a (quick) lunch between April 17 and 21 (or join the concerts between April 16 and 21), I'd be delighted! Drop me private message in that case!