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  1. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I just ordered the new Wadada from Barcelona ... Was wondering: has anyone started exploring the most recent Barry Guy box of goodies?
  2. Sonny Stitt - The Champ

    Hm, I enjoy all of Stitt's Cobblestone and Muse albums ... but the one with Newman has so far never been among the top favourites. I have the edition above ... luvly 32Jazz design There's one with Ricky Ford and one with Jimmy Heath - that later I really like: Got it as part of an ugly Camden 4-on-2-disc set (compiling two in quartet w/Barry Harris, the one with Ford and the one with Heath): I love that double disc set - it was my first encounter with Sonny Stitt, and the first time I heard "Red Top" (included on "My Buddy", his Gene Ammons tribute)
  3. PD labels

    That was my assumption as well, but I guess we'll never really know ... Thanks @EKE BBB for the background info on FSR etc.
  4. BLUE NOTE - The 80 Works Japanese Reissue Series

    Oh, that's too bad then (and typical album fetish silliness) - thanks for the warning!
  5. Cosi Fan Tutte

    One of my favourite operas ... too bad the Karajan doesn't work, as that was probably the best Mozart opera ensemble ever (but give me Lisa Della Casa instead of Schwarzkopf please!) ... to me the Karajan sounds rushed, almost as if it were part of a race, a contest. Some I enjoy a lot (Böhm, I know, but ...) - of the first Böhm, there are other editions, it's the 1955 recording, superior to the later one I find ... the 1974 live one is possibly the finest though. My favorite, possibly, is the Gardiner, Roocrof/Mannion are splendid, and somehow I like Gardiner's Mozart better than Jacobs': it also exists as DVD but I've not watched it yet (not sure it's identitacal):
  6. BLUE NOTE - The 80 Works Japanese Reissue Series

    Have had the Wynton Kelly on pre-order for a while ... but I think it's the only one I'll be buying.
  7. Brandenburg Concerti

    I've bought my first Zefiro disc last year and enjoyed it a lot, so I might go for their recording ... Will hear the concertos live on Thursday, with La Scintilla (Zurich opera's HIP ensemble) led by Riccardo Minasi (the first of a series of concerts, I think he'll stick around for a while as a guest conductor/leader, this season four concerts are scheduled and I plan to go to the third and fourth, too, skipping Vivaldi's four seasons).
  8. Got mine (and one more for a friend) today ... going to the opera but will start listening tomorrow!
  9. Finally got a shipping noitice ... looking foward a lot to exploring the set!
  10. Very sorry to hear this. Me too, I learned an awful lot from him ... and both the "Swing to Bop" and this bosk are favourites:
  11. New Monk

    It's outstanding I think! Some really good Charlie Rouse ... one of the finest late Monk (Columbia period) live recordings.
  12. Gil Melle - Gil's Guests

    ... they succeeded none less than Tal Farlow in his band, I think. I'm not playing Mellé's sides very often, but I enjoy them whenever I do. I know his Blue Note material better than the two Prestige albums (plus CD bonus material with disputed personnel - link to previous discussion below) so far. --
  13. Betty Carter - The Music Never Stops

    NY Times review of the concert:
  14. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    A shock yes, but not sure a good one ... will this sell? Will other such sets (Morgan, McLean) sell? We've entered the world of amafeghbukspotiapplestreaming-cheapsakity, so who is going to shelve out substantial money for this? I actually may, but more to have it all in one place and hopefully have some large photos and a good new text, but the actual value is pretty low (so would I be more sane in my own consumerist behaviour, I'd definitely skip). Also: what about the 1960 sessions, why exclude them? Because they'd push this over the threshold for good (11 CD Hank Mobley set, no one would be buying it?) I bet it would sell as a vinyl set, but then again for that might even be too large as it's planned now ...
  15. Alexander Hawkins - Iron Into Wind

    First spin last night (it arrived from Intakt yesterday ... took them a bit long to cater to a subscriber in their own town I think). My first impression is that it is indeed pretty different from your first solo album (which I enjoyed a lot), but in a good way: it's more thoughtful, and the web of references you open up with your comments in the liner notes (from Mal Waldron to Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli and Maurizio Pollini) indeed makes for an interesting frame. I'm looking forward a lot to a first through listen, hopefully towards the end of this week