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  1. Previously unreleased Sam Rivers live recordings

    "Emanation" is excellent … I've put in my pre-order for the second in the series … not the trio but still Holland/Altschul - looks mighty good to me!
  2. I found Rosenthal's book - a Long-form essay in many respects - very interesting and in some respects pretty thought-provoking, too (the "inclusive" Approach, mostly, which makes a lot of sense to me, and Rosenthal has a way of concisely putting things into just the right amount of words). Mathieson seems to have rather less appeal from what I gather here - or rather, as Big Beat Steve puts it, has to be taken for what it is ...
  3. Thanks! Ordered mine now ... this is going to be quite a ride, it seems!
  4. I am thinking of doing so ... got this on three old Black Lion/DA Music Discs.
  5. Seems this is making a reappearance, was completely unaware of it until a few minutes ago...
  6. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    In part, I guess ... but the Dylan series has gone far beyond the copyright threshold (music from the 70s and 80s). Similar, but not as clearly, with the MD series.
  7. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    The same estate that gets glorified in the liner notes to the new "Rubberband" disc ... actually I'd be curious to hear how those tapes sounded before the workover (which included, so the notes say, even note-for-note/tone-for-tone re-enactments on some tracks), that is beyond the couple of tracks that were included on the French Warner box ... but much more I'd have been interested in half a dozen or more further volumes of the MD bootleg series.
  8. Duke Ellington - Uppsala 1971

    Storyville seems to have failed to provide a line-up ... they list one on the website, and I guess there's no question marks generally: Cootie Williams, Harold “Money” Johnson, Eddie Preston, Mercer Ellington, John Coles (tp), Chuck Connors, Malcolm Taylor, Booty Wood (tb), Russell Procope (as, cl), Harold “Geezil” Minerve (as, f, pi), Norris Turney (as, ts, cl, f), Harold Ashby (ts, cl), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Harry Carney (bars, cl, bcl), Duke Ellington (p), Joe Benjamin (b), Rufus Jones (dr), Lena Junoff, Nell Brookshire, Tony Watkins (vcl) That is, generally ... but regarding the singers, there is. Reviews mention Nell Brookshire and Tony Watkins doing a rollicking or embarassing (depending on point of view) version of "One More Time (for the People)" a.k.a. "One More Once", but one of the Swedish reviews published via fails to list both Lena Junoff and Nell Brookshire, instead providing Bobbi Gordon, while the other again mentions Brookshire/Watkins: review and links found here: Not that it matters all that much, but why can't Storyville list the personnel in their booklet?
  9. Album Covers with Elephants

    O SI BI SA Fourth is a back cover, fifth one of several single sleeves fitting the bill.
  10. Duke Ellington - Uppsala 1971

    Not on the first one either, the contents of which can be checked here:
  11. Brussels

    Yup, but no Need to go to Brussels for doing that
  12. Brussels

    Well, if there's nothing going on there, you can still have a beer (or three or seven) at La Mort Subite ...
  13. Sidney Bechet

    Thanks - I guess it's quite easy to tell by comparing their playing styles anyway (and then it's Page indeed, Foster is one of the final BN Bechet sessions and does his old school two beat and slap bass thing, which is very different from Page's style), but I was wondering where that inaccuracy might come from.
  14. ambrose akinmusire

    I guess that's why I think the live double album by his working quartet is the one you really ought to hear I loved that band in Zurich, and despite a different bassist and drummer in Antwerp, they were still supertight and yet loose in a way that nothing really seemed predictable ... -- Also apologies for not having read Evans' name above ... I'll keep following what these guys and gals will do, I guess, but I have my reservations (which somehow seem to apply to plenty of the "white" jazz that's going on, no matter what skin colour and roots some of these folks actually have ... and I know "white" is not a sound label, but I guess it delivers the point), but with Akinmusire, there's none of that so far, at least in live context.
  15. Brussels

    There's The Music Village, right in the Center ... redbeans and myself heard Rhoda Scott on two successive nights there, a few years back. The current programme doesn't look that great, but maybe you're lucky one day/night?