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  1. Any News? August came and went, and another August is coming up pretty soon ...
  2. Is Mosaic planning a "Complete Fresh Sound PD Reissue Releases" box (what would that be, a 250 CD set? They could follow up with "Complete Fresh Sound Productions" and "Complete Fresh Sound New Talent Recordings"), or what is this discussion about?
  3. Charles Tolliver All-Stars vinyl and CD reissue

    Thought so too, but there's a regular way to find it: use the "True Blue Music" header in the horizontal top menu and it will get you to the relevant listing ... they are not treating it as their own reissue (which I guess it isnt?) My parcel (two copies) is finally on the way, it took three orders, the first two were cancelled and my card temporarily blocked by the bank -- no idea what triggered that, maybe "All Stars" is code for terrorist group nowadays?
  4. ... and sometimes they just add a second OBI on top (I think there was only one shrinkwrap in the one case I've seen/bought, so really just two OBIs on top of eacht other)
  5. Billy Harper

    The Ampex is the one that was reissued as "Blues in Orbit" on Enja later, right? "Black Saint" and "In Europe" are still avalable in their most recent Japanese incarnations (which I bought a while ago):
  6. Totally. This has just landed on my pile of yet-to-be-read books: I've made my escape from that part of the working world into administration and (not sure merikins can believe that) I'm very happy about this change ... also landed in semi-academia, so to speak, and on top of it all, I even get better pay. Just think about the potential savings that could be made in corporate communism (it's the US after all that has made communism work, ain't it funny? ) if all of those big-shots got fired and the actual skills of people and their ability to organise would be relied on?
  7. my copy has shipped a few days ago, but I'll be on vacation from tomorrow, so I'll have to wait ...
  8. Roscoe Mitchell - Littlefield Concert Hall

    Thanks for the alert @Chuck Nessa - will certainly be buying this!
  9. Happy birthday king ubu!

    Thanks again, everyone!
  10. Happy birthday king ubu!

    Thanks everyone! @brownieDevastating images from Notre Dame! I was fascinated by this (panoramic pictures taken from the roof, pre-fire of course), just shared elsewhere:
  11. Happy birthday king ubu!

    Thanks Dan! I'm not around here often enough to catch b-days myself these days, so you have me blushing
  12. Ever thought that these 17 hours need be reviewed and boiled down to the 7 or 8 discs of usable material?
  13. How Big Was 'Trane, Really?

    Either way, Trane may have had a sweet tooth, but was he big? Tall, maybe ...
  14. June 19 BN Japanese Reissues - uncommon titles

    just pre-ordered, and could throw in the Sheila Jordan, I guess it ought to be some kind of upgrade over the late 80s US reissue
  15. Mosaics you’re still on the hunt for

    That way of programming is not something I appreciate a lot, but with CDs if you want it's pretty easy to skip ... are the takes in session order, or did BN by that time still not properly assign take numbers and nobody quite knows the correct sequence?
  16. June 19 BN Japanese Reissues - uncommon titles

    The Young is most welcome ... I guess I'll get the JOS and Poppa Lou as well (missed the Mosaic and it wasn't important enough to hunt down after it had pulled its disappearing act)
  17. Mosaics you’re still on the hunt for

    I stroke lucky with the Basie Roulette Studio, but it cost a bit ... One I'd love to get is the Quebec/Hardee, CD Version (LP version would be easier to find)
  18. Those would be sets more on the scale of the big Herbie Hancock box -- not what Mosaic does (but they did crazy things like the three Commodores, the almost complete MD, the Nat Cole ... and re: crazy, where's that Babs Gonzales set?)
  19. I think you're correct ... but it would be fun. Maybe they could do the "Complete Cannonball Adderley Capitol Studio & Live Recordings" as a warm-up (I bet there's plenty of bonus material from the live dates?), and then proceed with Eddie
  20. I'd be in for a Lateef box before you can blink your eye, that's for sure! Keepnews stopped halfway with his "Late Savoy Sessions" 2 CD set -- I think another 2 CD set would have completed the Savoy material though ("Stable Mates" is a various artists album). The Verve album was reissued in the Verve Elite Edition many moons ago, I'm very fond of it. The Argo may be the rarest of the bunch? Anyway, Fresh Sound did a complete 1957 recordings box, which overlaps with the Verve and the two early Savoys (Jazz for the Thinker, Jazz Moods), and maybe that's too much already for Mosaic to even seriously consider (beyond combining Savoy material - who's holding that? - with Universal-owned material). Again, alas I doubt there's a big market for this. Thinking big, let's just imagine all the wonders (and goofy dreadfulness) a complete Atlantic Eddie who set would offer
  21. Discogs Collection option

    There's a bar on the left side (as when you browse artist/label/etc. listings) that can be used to narrow down what's displayed -- but you have to rely on data being good there (I guess "Genres" is of rather little use for instance, and obviously, as it's all release-centred, the "Decades" - as well as the "Year" in the header of the main part of the list) apply to release years.
  22. Discogs Collection option

    Here's the beginning of my current list, sorted by artist - no clue why "Bennet*" is before Agusti, so yeah, sorting options are definitely not ideal. You can sort (in both directions) by all the blue keywords in the title area -- a/z on first click, z/a on second ... but empty values (i.e. items never sold or without year) will be on top if you have the bottom/up sorting in place. There is an option to add custom fields, but I just tried adding a "sorting name" field -- you cannot use that for filtering (it's displayed in black type). You can use it, I guess, when you request an export (comeas a csv, so that's alright) ... but I'm not trying that, and of course you'd have to edit that field manually and type in names ... EDIT: Just triggered an export ... the csv is okay, but it's not Volapük compatible (i.e. Frédéric, as in Chopin, reads Frédéric). Can ben handled, but that's all part of the drag.
  23. They could combine a few sets along the Kelly/Chambers(/Strozier) and Morgan/Shorter Vee Jay sets, for sure ... Hank Jones/Kenny Clarke, or Clarke/Adderleys, 'teef/Fuller ... Booker Ervin/BIll Barron Not sure they would sell though, to be honest. Savoy seems to have a pretty low profile outside circles like this one here, which has been immersed into jazz for a long time. Or is there any hipster crap label doing Savoy reissues? The out-ish 60s stuff may actually have more appeal, also because it would offer more rarities and oddities: Bill Dixon, Valdo Williams, Cleve Pozar ...
  24. Discogs Collection option

    I think I only learnt that beastly word I because of said shit happening ...