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  1. Nice story! For anyone even remotely interested, I'd strongly recommend this biography of Mitropoulos, who was clearly a very special person as well as musician.
  2. Anthony Braxton Quartet Standards 2020

    One bit of trivia which none of us realised at the time, but which I discovered a couple of days after this gig...and beautifully fitting considering Anthony's love of Brubeck etc: I believe it's Eugene Wright and Joe Morello on the studio recording of the tune with Simon & Garfunkel!
  3. Anthony Braxton Quartet Standards 2020

    Perhaps because of my age, and because I'm not aware the Carol Burnett show was 'exported' over here, I was completely unaware of this tune, and it totally knocked me out...absolutely beautiful. Similarly with 'Where the Blue of the Night (Meets the Gold of the Day)' from elsewhere in the set - a total gem of a song which I have to confess I just didn't know...
  4. LF "Ethiopian Jazz" Recs

    I *think* there are two separate things, here. With the Heliocentrics, he was a guest soloist (although playing his own tunes) with that band. Primavera in the mid teens was Mulatu leading his own band (I played the Barcelona gig, but not the Glastonbury one, for instance). [Unless Mulatu also played Primavera with the Heliocentrics? Possible, I guess, although I'd imagine that the bookers might space out his appearances a little more...] Actually - the setlist of the two bands at one point were pretty similar (I subbed on a couple of the Heliocentrics shows), but the sounds of the bands were pretty different - the Helios were/are the more 'electric' of the two (e.g. Mulatu's band uses 'cello instead of electric guitar).
  5. LF "Ethiopian Jazz" Recs

    No particular reason to, but if you had to listen to just one of Mulatu's albums, I'd say this is probably 'the' classic: He rerecorded a number of his classics with a band called the Heliocentrics a few years back on a record called 'Inspiration Information'. It's an absolutely amazingly produced record: - great sound, great playing. I've actually played in Mulatu's touring band for the last 11-12 years or so. The thing with Ellington was a State Department tour in the early 70s. I can't remember what they played together (he did tell me the story), but if the Covid travel regulations stay as they are at the moment, we have some gigs next month, so I'll ask. Interestingly, there is some thought that the concert was recorded for the radio, but the tapes are missing - I seem to remember someone saying that they were looking for them (unsurprisingly). [ I've only played on one of his records, but it does include this really great song featuring the totally incredible Fatoumata Diawara:] A couple of Mulatu-related tributaries: the Jim Jarmusch film 'Broken Flowers' features his music very heavily. And also, for hip hop fans, this is a Mulatu sample (the tune is 'Yegelle Tezeta'): Agree with lots of the other recommendations here. Getatchew Merkurya - unbelievable tenor playing. He's also done some really interesting collaborations, including with The Ex. For singers, I agree - two of the iconic figures are Tilahoun Gessesse and Mahmoud Ahmed. And vol. 21 of Ethiopiques for sure - Emahoy's piano playing is absolutely stunning. And like others - I really like Hailu Mergia!
  6. Anthony Braxton Quartet Standards 2020

    That's a nice piece! I sometimes also point friends towards this compilation (available as a 'name your price' download), which offers a number of great 'ways in', depending on your starting preferences.
  7. Anthony Braxton

    I believe it was Compositions 418/419/420 at Oto those nights!
  8. Anthony Braxton

    Were you at those Cafe Oto gigs? I thought they were completely mind-blowing!
  9. Jeanne Lee - Conspiracy reissue, at last

    Amazing record!
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Just stumbled across this looking for something else - but yes! He's really an incredible clarinettist/bass clarinettist...for the latter, he also plays on this one: (the same sextet as on Unit[e])!
  11. John Coltrane: Technician

    No problem! I'm pretty sure I've heard Threadgill cite Johnson too...
  12. John Coltrane: Technician

    Vernard Johnson! (
  13. British Big Bands and Large Ensembles

    Hmmm...could that have been JS's birthday celebration? If so, I think I played with him in a quartet the night after they did 'Tales of the Algonquin'...I've sadly never played that material, which is a shame, since it's amazing, I quite agree! On the subject of John Surman, he sounds absolutely incredible as the featured soloist on Mike Westbrook's 'Love and Understanding' with the Swedish Radio Jazz Group...
  14. Togetherness Music

    Oh great! But no - just a very happy coincidence that those dates all lined up!
  15. Togetherness Music

    Thanks! And yes...I know that feeling!