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  1. British Big Bands and Large Ensembles

    Hmmm...could that have been JS's birthday celebration? If so, I think I played with him in a quartet the night after they did 'Tales of the Algonquin'...I've sadly never played that material, which is a shame, since it's amazing, I quite agree! On the subject of John Surman, he sounds absolutely incredible as the featured soloist on Mike Westbrook's 'Love and Understanding' with the Swedish Radio Jazz Group...
  2. Togetherness Music

    Oh great! But no - just a very happy coincidence that those dates all lined up!
  3. Togetherness Music

    Thanks! And yes...I know that feeling!
  4. Togetherness Music

    Wow - thank you! That's really interesting - the Convergence Quartet album? I hadn't thought of that...I need to relisten...fascinating!!!
  5. Togetherness Music

    Thanks so much for listening, Adrian! The Resonances and Rhapsodies session was really of my last trips abroad to play before the lockdown! (And in fact, we recorded the Dolphy concert only the week after R&R, if I remember correctly...)
  6. Togetherness Music

    I'll take it! I don't have the heart to look at the competition, which could even put me in the relegation zone.
  7. Togetherness Music

    That's really kind of you - thanks so much for listening!
  8. Togetherness Music

    If anyone is interested, I have a new album out next week - although available now to preorder, and there are some copies out there already. It's called 'Togetherness Music', and is an extended composition for 16 musicians, featuring (among others) Evan Parker and the Riot Ensemble - an amazing UK-based contemporary music ensemble, who commissioned the work in its original form. There is a full personnel on the Intakt website, and it's available to buy there, or via the Intakt Bandcamp page (it comes in their great new cardboard sleeve). Liner notes by James Fei. Miraculously, there was a window here in the UK last summer where it was safe and legal for us to get together in the studio to work on this music, and I'm thrilled with the results, so please do consider checking it out if you're curious!
  9. BBC4

    To be fair, I spend so much time listening in awe to Louis on those gigs that I sometimes forget *I* was there!
  10. BBC4

    I really enjoyed the programme too...some amazing playing from everyone. Sons of Kemet in particular I loved - live, they're really something. (Yes - Shabaka, Tom Skinner, and I are the same generation - although maybe Tom and I are a couple of years older? - so we've played on each others things, and indeed - Shabaka and I have also played together in Louis Moholo-Moholo's group)... I also saw that stream from Church of Sound, and agree - Nathaniel sounded phenomenal. Great gig!
  11. Anything Good To Say About Andre Vida???

    I don't know Andre too well at all, but did work with him in a large Braxton ensemble in Berlin last Autumn, and he seems like a fascinating guy...and a hell of a player. I really enjoy his work on the Braxton Tristano-school stuff...he also has some very extreme explorations of the saxophone. I feel like I've heard some amazing solo stuff, but can't quite place where/when just now! But anyway, as I say: IMHO he's fantastic throughout this:
  12. Bandcamp waiving fees on Friday

    Wow, thank you so much. I hope you enjoy them! I'm definitely working on some new things, one of which is indeed a sextet...hopefully some news soon!
  13. Bandcamp waiving fees on Friday

    Thanks so much for checking them out!
  14. I love those you mention too. My personal favourite would be Pollini (n.b. to the curious - there are, as of a couple of months ago - new Pollini recordings of 109/110/111). Richter I'm intrigued by in this one...his second movement is SO slow it's very odd; so I couldn't say it was a favourite, but I like it because it's challenging in some way... Solomon and Annie Fischer I also love.
  15. Vexations Live (RIGHT NOW!)

    I'm curious now - I can't wind back that far. According to the list I was sent, those repetitions should be Wayne Marshall!