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  1. Chicago Jazz Fest 2017

    Really fantastic to meet you, John! It was a total thrill to hear guys like Kidd and Douglas Ewart 'in the flesh', let alone to get to play a little with them. Thanks so much for picking that up, Larry - I hope you enjoy it! I completely take your point about Roscoe. Obviously over here, we get precious few opportunities to hear him (relatively speaking), so I suppose for my part I'd be cloth-eared not to take it all in/lap it up!
  2. Chicago Jazz Fest 2017

    Larry - so sorry not to get the opportunity to say hello! I agree with you on Josh's set - I thought it was completely fantastic. Of course each of the four sounded brilliant individually, but they had a *band* sound too. And I really liked the compositions. For my part, I adored the Roscoe set - though by the time we'd finished ours, we only caught a little over half, I think..!
  3. Alexander Hawkins Unit[e]

    Thanks! Am really proud of this quartet music - excited to get it out there!
  4. Who are you just discovering?

    Yeah, there's some really nice stuff on the 'Next Stop Soweto' compilations!
  5. Alexander Hawkins Unit[e]

    I believe the release date is around Nov 16 or Nov 17...mid November, at any rate
  6. Who are you just discovering?

    Maloya is such great stuff...have really fond memories of a gig with Mulatu Astatke (also some great stuff on Strut!) out on Reunion a number of years back, and we all went to a tiny bar out in the countryside one evening, and heard and jammed with some fantastic maloya guys...
  7. Alexander Hawkins Unit[e]

    Thanks for this!
  8. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Ha - I don't have it to hand just at the moment...but there was actually one tune where I was hearing a definite Mary Lou Williams vibe...something from the Zodiac Suite...could that be it?!?
  9. Alexander Hawkins Unit[e]

    Thank you! Also just in, this very nice review.
  10. Alexander Hawkins Unit[e]

    Nice review in the Guardian this morning!
  11. Alexander Hawkins Unit[e]

    Another small write up here! Thanks everyone for checking this out.
  12. Alexander Hawkins Unit[e]

    Just wanted to bump this up with a couple of early reviews...this from Richard Williams, and this from Karl Ackermann at All About Jazz. Digital available here (also for streaming, for those who'd like to try it out!)
  13. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    I'm with you on the Schubert - fantastic... Must check out those Bach arrangements...don't know them at all, but look intriguing!
  14. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    I saw him play opp. 11 & 19 back in March! Just back on the Vienna concert you saw in the 70s: I wish I could see him play the Nocturnes...the DG recording is totally astonishing to me. Interestingly on the 'steely' comment above - I guess this is an element of why I love his playing so much...I totally get that it could turn some off his Chopin etc; but by the same token, is why I think things like the Petrushka/Prokoviev 7 album are so wonderful...
  15. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Wow - would have loved to have heard that! Do you recall what else was in the programme, out of curiosity? The Beethoven is also a favourite...