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  1. Reissues from Sony Japan

    Cool. Thanks!
  2. Holiday music on non-holiday albums

    Ramsey Lewis playing Greensleeves on the album Down to Earth
  3. Jeremy Steig - Flute Fever

    This reissue now has a release date. Thought I would share it: http://www.amazon.com/Flute-Fever-Jeremy-Steig/dp/B00EYCMOTA/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1385425890&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=jeremy+setig
  4. Resequencing The Complete Jack Johnson

    Yeah, that's what I meant, not remixing.
  5. One of the hardest things for me about the Complete Jack Johnson box set is the repetition of tracks on each disc. I don't know what the rationale for sequencing the set that way was, but I feel it takes away from the listener's enjoyment by having to hear the same track played over and over again on the same disc, So my question is this: Have you had any luck resequencing the tracks and, if so, would you be so kind as to share your revisionism of this box set with us? I'm not the best when it comes to making mix tapes (tapes, heh), but I would appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks in advance.
  6. Jazz records without bass or drums. Or piano.

    Somebody already mentioned Jimmy Giuffre/Jim Hall/Bob Brookmeyer's Western Suite, so I'll add to that Travlin' Light.
  7. Complete live sessions

    Jarrett's Complete Live at the Blue Note has made me happy for years. On Green Dolphin Street!!
  8. Albums it took you a while to start enjoying

    Wow, I really appreciate the candid responses, and it's interesting to find that I'm not alone in my struggles. I too had trouble with Dolphy in the beginning but now can't love the guy enough, especially in his live stuff with Mingus (what a distinctive sound!); really struggled with Coltrane's Ascension (and have been afraid to revisit it ever since... which, I suppose, is something I should rethink); and lastly finally warmed up to Ornette through a zen-like approach of listening by not listening (not sure if that counts, but I can say that I dig him now). I'm sure there are a few more on my list... but I'll need some time to think it over. In the meantime, thanks for the responses!
  9. This is a little embarrassing to admit, but for some reason it took me a long time to start enjoying Miles Davis' Bitches Brew. This is especially strange for me because I'm a long time fan of Jack Johnson, In a Silent Way, and the Live Evil/Cellar Door stuff that came along in its wake. Perhaps something inside of me just refused to hear what was going on in that album, because it took me more than a decade to really start enjoying it, but it also got me thinking about music that takes a while to fully absorb or appreciate. So I'm curious, what albums did it take a while for you to start enjoying? Were you able to identify some hurdle in yourself along the way that prevented you from enjoying it from the get go? If so, how did you finally overcome it? I'm pretty curious to hear your stories on this one.
  10. Like many out there I started listening to Oliver Nelson by picking up a copy of Blues and the Abstract Truth. But surely there's more than that. What can you recommend that might refire my interest in Oliver? All suggestions appreciated in advance.
  11. Favorite long jazz tracks

    Cool thread. Off the top of my head I'll say Idle Moments by Grant Green and the two long tracks on disc 5 of the Miles Davis On the Corner box set (He loved Him Madly is one). Absolutely love those. Morgan's Search for the New Land is awesome, too. Keith Jarrett has too many to mention, but the Cure is pretty good, as is On Green Dolphin Street from Live at the Blue Note.
  12. 1 album - 1 artist

    Thanks, Bright Moments!
  13. Most meditative Charles Lloyd album?

    Thanks for the advice, folks. Rest assured I'll be taking in all these choices soon enough.
  14. 1 album - 1 artist

    Chico Hamilton - Man from two worlds Dave Brubeck and Gerry Mulligan - Live at the Berlin Philharmonie Shelly Manne - Live at the Manne Hole vols 1 + 2 (Would have picked Complete Blackhawk but for the no box set rules) Art Ensemble of Chicago - People in Sorrow Paul Desmond - Bossa Antigua (Or anything with Jim Hall, really) Bill Harris - Bill Harris and Friends Thelonious Monk - Monk's Dream (Tough to pick only one) Coltrane - Afro Blue Impressions Miles - Workin with the MDQ (Would have picked Complete Plugged Nickel or Kind of Blue or Complete Silent Way, but the first track is the theme song I share with my wife) James Moody with Kenny Barron - Fly me to the moon ( a twofer from 62 and 63)(or Moody plays Mancini) Art Farmer - With Love from Sweden (Modern Art a close second) Mingus - Live at Cornell, 1964 Fred Katz - Zen Jimmy Smith - Prayer Meeting Lee Morgan - Search for the New Land Bud Powell - Time Waits (Tough to pick only one) Chet Baker - Sings (Pacific Jazz best of series)(That or best of Chet Baker plays, pacific jazz)(or maybe Blues for a Reason) Art Blakey - The Witch Doctor (or perhaps Roots and Herbs) Vince Guaraldi - A Charlie Brown Christmas Sonny Clark - Cool Struttin' Ella - Complete songbooks (Porter discs) Sinatra - Live with sextet in Paris '62 Jeremy Steig - What's New (with Bill Evans) Grant Green - Street of Dreams (This or Complete Quartets with Sonny Clark) Bobby Hutcherson - Stick up! (Very very hard to pick just one) Dexter Gordon - Gettin' Around Jackie McClean - Destination out! (This or One Step Beyond) Gerry Mulligan - Jeru (That or the Gerry Mulligan Round Midnight compilation) Gerry Mulligan Quartet with Chet Baker - Best of the Gerry Mulligan Quartet with Chet Baker (Pacific Jazz) Harold Land - In the Land of Jazz (that or Live in the Cellar) Curtis Amy / Dupree Bolton - Katanga Jimmy Guiffre - 1961 (Also a big fan of Western Suite) Billie Holiday - Early Decca stuff (compilation?) Herbie Mann - At the Village Gate Oliver Nelson - Blues and the Abstract Truth Lorez Alexandria - with Ramsey Lewis Trio (I forget the album title) Ahmad Jamal - Live at the Spotlight club (or Alhambra) Serge Chaloff - Blue Serge (this or Boston Blow-up) JJ Johnson - First Place (Absolutely LOVE this one!!)(Blue Trombone would be a close second) Jai and Kai - The Great Jai and Kai... (impulse)(or maybe that 10" they released with In Wee Small Hours on it) The Jazztet - Big City Sounds (or Now and Then) Sarah Vaughn - After Hours Oscar Peterson - Night Train (that or Plays Porgy and Bess, the trio version, not the one with Joe Pass [although that one is quite good, too]) Stan Getz - Getz a go go (or But Not For Me) Cannonball Adderly - With Bill Evans (or At the Lighthouse) Bill Evans - Sunday at the Village Vanguard (Riverside edition) Keith Jarret - Complete Live at the Blue Note (vol. 5 if I had to pick one) Charles Lloyd - Lift Every Voice Jelly Roll Morton -JSP box set (vol. 1, 1926 stuff) Benny Goodman - Complete Small Groups with Kupra, Wilson, and the vibes guy, I'm forgetting his name ATM) Joe Lovano - From the Soul John Scofield - Meant to Be (hard to pick just one) George Russell - Jazz in the Space Age (That or Ezzthetics) Herbie Hancock - Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel double album (not his as a leader, but I'll use up his slot with it) Louis Armstrong - Hot fives and Sevens, vol. 1 (JSP) Django Reinhart - JSP box set (vol. 1) Segovia - Bach Transcriptions, Segovia box set (vol. 4) (Deustche Gramaphone) Eric Dolphy - Out to Lunch (this or his live stuff with Trane in Europe in 61) Sonny Rollins - LIve at the Village Vanguard (double cd) (that or Saxophone Colossus, or Way out West) Wes Montgomery with Wynton Kelley - Smokin at the Half Note (reissued complete show). Horace Silver - Live in 58' (That or Jody Grind, or Song for my Father) Simon and Garfunkel - Live in 69 Wynton Kelley - Kelley Blue Kenny Drew - Undercurrent Duke Ellington - Afro-Eurasian Eclipse (that or Far-East Suite) Joe Henderson - LIve at the Village Vanguard Andrew Hill - Passing Ships Pete La Roca - Turkish Women at the Bath (or Basra) Ramsey Lewis - Down to Earth Basie - The Atomic Basie Freddie Hubbard - Ready for Freddie Wayne Shorter - Speak No Evil (again, hard to pick only one) John Patton - Got a good thing going! Tony Scott - Music for Zen Meditation Teddy Wilson - My Way Grachan Moncur - Evolution (or Some Other Stuff) Carl Fontana - The Great Fontana Jim Hall - Folk Jazz Jimmy McGriff - Electric Funk Tony Williams - Lifetime Hank Mobley - Dippin' Ray Charles - Yes, Indeed! Stevie Wonder- Talking Book (That or Songs in the Key of Life) Tommy Flanagan - Overseas Wycliffe Gordon - Dig This! Wynton Marsalis - Citi Movement Larry Young - Lawrence of Arabia (That or Unity) McCoy Tyner - Real McCoy Charlie Parker - Jazz at Massey hall (That or his early Savoy stuff) Coleman Hawkins - The Hawk Flies High
  15. I admit that I'm coming late to Charles Lloyd, having listened to only a little bit of him through the Chico Hamilton stuff he did in the early sixties. I'm most impressed by his recordings that seem to lend themselves to long bouts of meditation, but I have no idea which of his albums work the most strongly in that vein. Any suggestions? Appreciated in advance.