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  1. Ginger Baker (1939 - 2019)

    RIP, Mr. Baker. I'm not that deeply into rock drumming (much more into jazz drumming), but he was a major figure. And it's cool that he had a major interest in jazz. I quite enjoy his two records with jazz heavyweights Bill Frisell and Charlie Haden.
  2. Blindfold Test 187 - link and discussion

    Well, Lou Donaldson was in the Messengers back when Blakey and Silver were together. A little borrowing from Horace?
  3. Richard Wyands, RIP

    That's a serious collaboration!
  4. Richard Wyands, RIP

    I have heard some nice work by Mr. Wyands on several Kenny Burrell albums.
  5. Blindfold Test 187 - link and discussion

    Mjzee: "Once you recognize the tune, you will kick yourself." Yes, I'm quite sure I will. I know that I know this piece.
  6. Blindfold Test 187 - link and discussion

    Wow, I was more certain of the Silver part. Guess I need to listen again.
  7. Blindfold Test 187 - link and discussion

    Count me as among those really enjoying track #8, although I have no guesses. I had never heard (or heard of) Rufus Harley. I've since read that he is the ONLY jazz bagpipe player. Track #12 would someone from the British Invasion doing up this easy listening piece--and all the better for it. Track #15 is a Horace Silver tune. Herbie Mann? Track #16 is "Summertime." Weirdly reverberating solo guitar. No idea. Track #17...anyone not recognizing Elvin should be banned from this website.
  8. Blindfold Test 186 - The reveal!

    Mostly quite obscure stuff to me, although the My Friend Louis album is in my collection.
  9. Joe Lovano - General discussion

    I haven't been quite as much into Lovano since Cross Culture, the last of the Us Five records. There is some nice stuff on the second Sound Prints album, with Dave Douglas. But with his new home at ECM, I didn't much care for Trio Tapestry (by far the most low-key Lovano I have ever heard). There's a new record coming with Enrico Rava, or maybe it's already out.
  10. I would say rock, pop, rap, etc. from about 1990 to the present is generally plain bad, no matter how you slice it. Hardly anything sticks out to me other than some of the work of very grizzled veterans such as Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and John Fogerty.
  11. Blindfold Test 186 - link and discussion

    Count me among those enjoying #14. I like the groove and the soloists. It doesn't seem that far "out," and I would even say it is a bit in the vein of the Dave Holland groups--though if it were that, it would most likely be vibes in place of the pounding piano. Getting deeper in now,and the tenor is going pretty wild--more into David Murray territory. I'm not proposing any names for identification.
  12. Willie may very well be a titan, though it took me a long time to realize it.
  13. I like that original list a lot. I see that our interests cross a good deal. I favor most of these musicians (if not always the particular choice of record), the majority being veterans and some no longer with us. I would certainly add something by Frisell: Beautiful Dreamers or the Frisell-Carter-Motian disc. And Abercrombie, probably Class Trip.
  14. Andrew Luck Retirement

    Obviously Tom Brady never gave this a thought.