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  1. Gabor Szabo

    I would say RTF was popular in some sense, such as simply having a decent-sized audience. Chick returned to touring and live records with the band about a decade ago.
  2. Gabor Szabo

    Yeah, a lot of talk of Benson and now Corea. Just goes to show the winding nature of a thread. Whatever else you wish to say about Corea, the man is eclectic. I've enjoyed various trios (especially with Vitous and Haynes), the duo with Burton, Origin, the latin stuff, some of the electric stuff--and that's just scratching the surface.
  3. Gabor Szabo

    For all his criticism of Benson, I'm curious as to why SGCIM even read his autobiography. Then again, a few posts back he had a paragraph expressing real admiration of George Benson. So is it the presumed Parker comparison that makes you so upset?
  4. Gabor Szabo

    Since Benson has jammed in the Village, why haven't there been any releases of this material? Some artists do a pretty good job of balancing (in performances and on records) a lighter or smoother type of music with legitimate jazz music. It seems to me that Herbie Hancock did this for quite awhile.
  5. Gabor Szabo

    Benson is hardly the first huge egoist in jazz, nor will he be the last. I'm sure most people on the board would agree that, despite his skills, Benson is little more than a footnote in jazz history.
  6. 2020 MLB Season Poll

    Yep, it's all pure speculation.
  7. Gabor Szabo

    Ten years ago. Is that a long time for a man who is now 77-years-old?
  8. Gabor Szabo

    Benson from Guitar Player: "When Charlie Parker played, you could always hear that melody. The song never left you. When he played Just Friends — one of the greatest solos if not the greatest improvisational thing of all time — you could still hear the song through all of that wonderful, stunning playing."
  9. MLB Season 2020

    One has to think it was some pinhead (or group of pinheads) who came up with the runner on 2nd concept.
  10. Ahmad Jamal

    I never noticed his stuff in the record stores, but then too I wasn't looking. I have observed that his CDs on Amazon tend to be quite expensive.
  11. Ahmad Jamal

    Who is Ahmad Jamal? He has been a fairly mysterious musician to me. I may have heard one record, and I don't recall it at all. It's been said by some that he was a minor musician who briefly became a major influence on one of jazz's greatest musicians: Miles Davis. I've known Jamal mainly through the song "Ahmad's Blues," played by Miles' rhythm section. But there are others who claim that Jamal is a major figure in jazz. I think he is worth exploring. I've listened to some piece from the "Essence" records in the 1990's. They are intriguing in part because of the presence of guests like George Coleman and Donald Byrd, as well as the drumming of Idris Muhammad. I guess I know little about Jamal because he was never a sideman and he's recorded for small labels (except Impulse, quite briefly) all his life.
  12. BFT195 Link & Discussion

    Yes, it's odd to have the creator of the BFT not making any responses.
  13. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    Most of know Monk could be sweet, harsh, caustic, mysterious, and funny--sometimes all at once.
  14. Jazz on Turner Classics

    Anyone checking out the spotlight on jazz on TCM? I have looked in just a bit. Some of the films I've seen before, such as Young Man with a Horn starring Kirk Douglas. I think it says something about old Hollywood that they chose the likes of Gene Krupa, Red Nichols, Bix Beiderbecke, and Glenn Miller as subjects.