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  1. I like the Indians in this series--for that matter, in any series. What happened to Pujols? He had a a 10-year run of hitting over .300 (sometimes way over), but he's nothing like that the last several seasons. He has a .242 average this year and pretty low in home runs too--by his standards, at least.
  2. Walter Becker of Steely Dan dies at 67

    I have to say Aja sounds as jazzy as anything that is classified as Rock music.
  3. And the winning streak may still be going.
  4. Tribe has officially tied A's for longest winning streak in American League history! Kluber is the greatest pitcher I have ever seen in an Indians uniform.
  5. Obviously a great time to be a Tribe fan. Hell, it's plain MLB history at this point. Most nights they make it look effortless. Witness the 11-0 destruction of the Tigers tonight. I'm figuring on Win #20 with Corey Kluber taking the mound.
  6. R.I.P. John Abercrombie

    Listening to John's last ECM record, Up and Coming. The opening track is oddly melancholy for having the title "Joy."
  7. Walter Becker of Steely Dan dies at 67

    Good group, though I never collected much. I did have the first album on vinyl, and I taped Aja off the radio. I've also heard Two Against Nature, their comeback album. You have to like a group with that much interest in jazz and who hired the likes of Wayne Shorter and Chris Potter.
  8. R.I.P. John Abercrombie

    Yes, quite true, I gave this only a few seconds' thought. But consider all the major ones among us, though many have not been with ECM for years/decades--Ralph Towner, Chick Corea, Jack DeJohnette, Pat Metheny, Keith Jarrett, Dave Holland, Gary Burton, Jan Garbarek, Charles Lloyd, Chris Potter, Eberhard Weber. And that's just sticking mostly to American musicians.
  9. R.I.P. John Abercrombie

    Not sure about that, but they have released some many, many years after they were recorded: Sleeper by Jarrett's European quartet, Hamburg '72 by Jarrett trio (Haden had recently passed), and Carta de Amor by Magico. For that matter, how many big-name ECM artists are deceased? The only ones that come to my mind now (besides Abercrombie) are Lester Bowie and Charlie Haden.
  10. R.I.P. John Abercrombie

    One wonders what may be in the vaults at ECM. Abercrombie did spend 4+ decades with the label. Maybe some live recordings. I was able to find a few live Abercrombie and Towner tracks on the Internet, and they sound even more sublime and wonderful than the studio recordings.
  11. R.I.P. John Abercrombie

    John Abercrombie and Keith Jarrett must be the two Americans with the longest and most impressive runs on ECM. I did read on the website that Jack DeJohnette is the most recorded musician on the label. I suppose so, but it's helped by his many appearances with Abercrombie and Jarrett.
  12. R.I.P. John Abercrombie

    The first Gateway is a classic. But just as good, I think, is Homecoming from the mid-1990s.
  13. R.I.P. John Abercrombie

    Sad news...something I did not expect, though I had heard he was not well. Just sad. He leaves behind an amazingly diverse and large body of work on ECM, most of which is in my collection. Great work as a sideman with Tyner, Lloyd, DeJohnette, Palmer, Copland, Dr. Lonnie Smith.
  14. Jerry Lewis films

    Few people seem interested in the fact that Jerry Lewis died two days ago. Everyone ought to see The Nutty Professor, The King of Comedy, and at least one Martin/Lewis film.
  15. Eric Dolphy on flute

    Let me check that out. Yes, indeed, and it's a fantastic performance! But it is a very lengthy track--about 20 minutes.