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  1. Spiritual Jazz series: V. 9 on the way

    Yes, perhaps "Vision" or "Song of Happiness" from Expansions.
  2. Spiritual Jazz series: V. 9 on the way

    I've got maybe half of these. Most of these, including "Verse" and "Footprints," I don't think of as spiritual. They could be; I guess it depends on the story behind the piece. No Grant Green from Feelin' The Spirit? How about Mobley's "A Baptist Beat"?
  3. BFT 179 Link and Discussion

    Looks (sounds) like a rather tough Blindfold Test.
  4. BFT 179 Link and Discussion

    I would guess Kamasi Washington on #9 as well, though so far I have not collected his music.
  5. BFT 179 Link and Discussion

    Track #3 is not bad, with some fusion and latin feeling. I'm sensing a lot of electric piano on the BFT overall. The tenor, sounding pretty intense in the second half, reminds me of George Adams--but mostly likely is not. The number has something of a commercial feel--maybe a CTI release. Track #4--more electric piano and this also sounding 70s--or at least influence by the music of that time. Pretty catchy. But I really can't guess. Track #5 has a fine piano opening. Whoever is playing has a beautiful touch. Otherwise this goes into a pure post-bop mode. It has a Blue Note feel, or at least the feel of those trying to capture 60's Blue Note vibe. Good stuff, but not all that distinctive. No guesses. On #6 the players love Coltrane and Elvin, especially in the opening two minutes. Billy Harper? Pharoah Sanders? Track #7 has some grooving electric piano (and I'm not good at identifying those players), plus some bass clarinet and relaxed trumpet. Nice stuff, but no idea.
  6. BFT 179 Link and Discussion

    Going to say a few words about the first 2 tracks. Track #1 has an early fusion feel--early 1970s? Electric piano, funky bass. I thought maybe Donald Byrd, who was doing something like this around that time (though his work in this period is not well-represented in my collection). Good soprano and tenor solos. It could be anyone's date, and I'd be guessing wildly on the players. Track #2 is bit odd, with a gentle guitar opening, followed by some brawny (though not frantic) tenor work--seems a bit Rollins inspired. The piece is "Stranger in Paradise," the kind of song Sonny would do--though I'm about 100% sure it is not Sonny.
  7. Happy 90th Birthday, Benny Golson!

    Happy birthday, Mr. Golson. You are a great jazz figure and a class act.
  8. I may not get solutions, but I'm wondering if anyone has had a computer with a partitioning like this. On my new computer, C is the smaller part at about 100 GB. D is huge at 900 GB. Data files are supposed to go into D--pics, Word files, music files. The problem is everything seems to default to C. I made many attempts and managed to get music into D (which is a big chunk), as well as some pictures. But I'm having trouble getting anything else in there. I have Word files going into C and/or D. The whole thing is nonsensical to me. I know there is supposed to be a way to remove the partition, but I don't know if have the confidence to do that. Anyone here ever face this problem?
  9. I Cant Find My MLK Jazz LPs

    Bagpipes??? I'm pretty sure I don't have a single jazz record that features bagpipes.
  10. HP computer CD burner

    Not an Apple. Anyway, I do find the CD/DVD drive when I go into This PC (formerly My Computer) and look under "devices and "drivers." I
  11. HP computer CD burner

    Something is wrong, because the F drive (for CD and DVD) does not show up in the file directory. I have C (Windows), D (data, such as music, Word Files, photos), E (recovery), and G (external hard drive).
  12. HP computer CD burner

    On your old vinyl turntables and CD players you would put in the disc flat. With many computers, the loading slot is a 90 degree turn--thus loaded sideways.
  13. So there are actually people who would be totally annoyed and aggravated by the sound of Jane Ira Bloom's soprano sax?
  14. I have a new computer, which seems good overall; but I'm not happy with the burner. It is positioned sideways, which seems to be common anymore (my last computer had this too). But I think it's stupid, and it's a pain to get the CD in. Then the CD either takes forever to appear in the media player of file directory, or never appears. I'm waiting right now for 10 minutes. Plus the whole thing seems so chintzy that a bit too pressure of a figure will wreck it. Can anyone relate to this?
  15. slow revival of computer

    It turns out that the thing died. I could never get it back on, and then I did have a computer guy look at it--and he figured motherboard and at least $350. I now have a new computer, and I may put up some concerns on a new thread.