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  1. Bluesy jazz ?

    Berkshire Blues--Randy Weston Tokyo Blues--Horace Silver Calcutta Blues--Dave Blues Outlaws--Bill Frisell
  2. Are we not getting exceptionally desperate?
  3. Happy 80th Birthday Ron Carter.

    So many good sessions...where do you even start? I think I first became aware through Miles and the VSOP records, but he's done much--a lot of Blue Note classics, a lot of meetings with Tyner, The Great Jazz Trio, Bill Frisell, Joey Baron, etc etc etc. I'd particularly recommend Etudes, which is under his name--and features Art Farmer. Bill Evans (sax), and Tony Williams.
  4. Happy 80th Birthday Ron Carter.

    Happy birthday, Mr. Bow Tie.
  5. NBA playoffs thread

    The Cavs have had more than their share of weird and disappointing moments, but also some phenomenal and record-breaking moments--witness that last game, which had everything.
  6. What's next for Lovano?

    I was going to insert this into a thread i started on the Lovano/Liebman record (Compassion), but it makes sense to start this up new. Liebman does indeed seem busy, though always on small labels. Lovano appears to have ended his long Blue Note run. I can't seem to find much Lovano news, and his recent records have been live performances--usually quite a few years back. I'm wondering where he is going in terms of distribution (his own label perhaps?), and what projects are upcoming.
  7. Lovano and Liebman play Coltrane

    It's somewhat odd to me that this was recorded 10 years ago. There is also the recent live Lovano and Hank Jones, which was (for obvious reasons) also recorded some time ago. Is Lovano running low on ideas? Is he lacking a major label? I heard he's no longer with Blue Note after such a long run.
  8. Lovano and Liebman play Coltrane

    Anyone with news on this title, or something like it? I saw an ad somewhere, and I'm kind of intrigued. Not that playing Trane is unusual for Lovano or Liebman, but still this will surely to be worth a spin.
  9. NBA playoffs thread

    If we can more games like this from Kevin Love, I'll feel more confident.
  10. I have to confess I have never heard of this guy, although I am rather knowledgeable about Bob Dylan. On what Dylan discs does he appear?
  11. NBA playoffs thread

    I'm not feeling too confident about the Cavs, and I'm from the Cleveland area.
  12. I will admit the video was kind of interesting, and the guy might have made a longer one to preserve an artifact that is all but lost to history (not that's it a great loss).
  13. My view has always been that the 8-track was the worst music format ever invented.
  14. Happy 77th Birthday, Herbie Hancock

    Happy Birthday, Herbie. Hope to see some more releases from you.
  15. Happy 91 Randy Weston

    Happy birthday to this great musician, composer, leader, and man.