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  1. McCoy Tyner- lets hope hes ok

    It's been a long time since he's put out a record. I would like to see that happen. A mellow sounding McCoy Tyner is still worth hearing.
  2. Best CTI records

    Some interesting covers on Jim Hall records, especially when he was with Telarc. Why not Matisse paintings? When music or musicians were presented, they were abstract. And how about the spooky eyeball gazing over geometric shapes on Farrell's Moon Germs?
  3. Best CTI records

    I have since acquired Joe Farrell's Moon Germs. Farrell is a highly under-valued saxophonist, and I mainly know him from work with Corea and Elvin. It looks like he did some pretty impressive work on CTI, and you certainly can't fault the guys in his bands--in this this case, Hancock, Clarke, and DeJohnette. Bottom line, superb playing and composing by Joe.
  4. Best CTI records

    I always found it interesting that Billy Cobham showed up on a lot of CTI sessions, not that I've heard a lot. I always wanted to view him as one of the great drummers, but did not hear much of his work outside of Mahavishnu.
  5. Best CTI records

    I guess there several related labels. I believe Kudu is where Grover Washington appeared. I'd think he would get some votes.
  6. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    Regarding Plan 9, it has a certain entertainment factor; and I have seen many movies that were worse. As to jazz, maybe we need a thread on guilty pleasures--stuff we're a little ashamed to admit that we enjoy. A thread I started on CTI Records is perhaps sort of in this vein.
  7. Least Favorite Classical Music Instrument

    If you name any instrument, you either don't like Classical music at all or your interest is exceptionally slight.
  8. Best CTI records

    Maybe this has been done before, but I'm curious to see what people regard as the best works on the CTI label, which clearly has a notorious reputation for many of us on the forums. But I did just read how Felser is a rather big fan. There is very little from CTI in my collection, but there are some records I would call classics, or at least near-classics. Red Clay--Freddie Hubbard Blue Moses--Randy Weston Beyond the Blue Horizon--George Benson
  9. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    Felser, are these are all records you truly enjoy? The Jackie McLean is pretty bad, and nearly always identified as such. And I had just been listening to lots of good/great McLean--and I don't care what anyone says, he is great. As they say, everyone makes a bad choice from time to time.
  10. ***** Randy Weston - The African Rhythms Space *****

    Randy Weston has an astonishing mind and memory.
  11. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    A "compilation" album is still an album in my book. That's how I first heard Louis, Duke, Bird, Lester, etc.
  12. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    Subjective for sure, and I'm personally more about the great jazz artists. The greatest ones often record one fine album after another. The list indicates that most selections come from 1955-1970. That makes sense to my ears. So many of the all-time great (as innovators, players, band leaders, etc.) were at their peaks in these years. To be sure, you need to know the earlier figures like Louis, Lester, Hawk, Duke, etc. Has there been great jazz music since 1970? Sure, a great deal. But among the absolutely greatest? That's a hard argument to make. There are central figures in jazz music that people will generally agree upon. You can't diminish Monk, Miles, Duke, Trane--no more than you can diminish Bach, Mozart, and Schubert in Classical.
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    The Tyner album is a pretty impressive effort.
  14. BFT 173 access and discussion

    That's some tough stuff. On #2 it sounds like Turrentine on tenor, but I'm not saying that with a high level of confidence. I would agree that #10 sounds like Ellington; I hear Hodges in there, or someone doing quite an imitation. I've heard tons of Duke, but I've never heard this. #12 could be Coleman Hawkins or Ben Webster, but probably not. Too much of a rhythm and blues approach. I'm thinking people will be guessing wildly on your selections.
  15. Need September, 2018, Blindfold Test Presenter

    I'm interested. I have no idea how to set it up, so I will need all the guidance I can get.