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  1. Who are you just discovering?

    As for Kenny Barron, I would point folks to Wanton Spirit and especially the track "Loss of a Moment."
  2. Who are you just discovering?

    Joe Farrell. I've basically known him for work with Chick Corea. I do have some of his solo stuff, but not much. I like what I hear.
  3. Jerry Lewis films

    The clip from The Ladies Man is pretty fascinating. I never saw that before. Thanks for uploading.
  4. isn't there a book called this? Anyway, the choices sure could fill a volume, and everyone's volume would be a little different. I'll just offer one track for now: "The Man I Love" by Miles Davis, mostly for Miles' extremely affecting work, but also for the fascinating stuff contributed by Monk and Milt Jackson.
  5. Chuck Berry R.I.P.

    Few things are certain, but this much is actually certain--rock 'n roll would have developed much, much differently without Chuck Berry. RIP, Chuck, your name is up in lights.
  6. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    Yeah, I'm just questioning some notion of consensus. If anything has been proven, it is that there is NO consensus--witness all those who are defending OP. I am one of those (like almost everyone, I suspect) who just does not "get" certain artists, even "major" ones. I'm happy to read people on the forums praising these same artists; it just may help me to "get" them. I saw Archie Shepp receive a negative comment. I can't say I ever had an appreciation of Shepp, but then I recently got the Goin' Home record with Horace Parlan--and I find myself enjoying that.
  7. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    Really...Keith Jarrett CANNOT be praised on this forum? Isn't he another case of love him or hate him?
  8. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    I haven't seen too much debate on those no-talents.
  9. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    Who would be the third-most controversial "popular" jazz musician, following OP and Wynton? We never seem to get into such debates on more low-profile players.
  10. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    Just to show there is an exception to every rule. However, Shaq will always be infamous for that.
  11. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    Maybe we should do another thread on pianists (or anyone, for that matter) who are masters of space. I'm sure Monk would be #1 in most books. I think just about everyone who is great has that quality to some extent--make that to a significant extent. I don't think one can be a great jazz musician while being lousy at playing ballads.
  12. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    Yeah, it's just mind-boggling to think of the musicians that OP played with, in all periods of his career--Stan Getz, Dizzy, Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins, Roy Eldridge, Benny Carter, Joe Pass, Clark Terry, Herb Ellis, Count Basie, Freddie Hubbard, and that's just for starters.
  13. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    I'm listening to "Georgia on My Mind from" Night Train right now. No space???
  14. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    For some it's all about virtuosity. You can find it just about anywhere. In jazz it can be a big thing. Classical too. Or blistering speed in a rock guitarist. Or a blazing bluegrass picker. Most people, even those not well-educated in music, can hear the "chops." Determining "art," on the other hand, is another matter altogether.
  15. Any comments on these, both Lewis' own films and the Martin/Lewis movies? I used to like those Martin and Lewis films, and I'm surprised by two things--1) how many there were in such a such time span, 2) that the last one came out in 1956 (well before I was born). Even TCM doesn't seem to do much with these films. I recall The Nutty Professor being pretty good, and I really like Jerry in an altogether different kind of role in The King of Comedy.