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  1. Michael Brecker as sideman

    I recently discovered John Abercrombie's Night, which has Brecker (sounding might fine indeed) in a prominent role. The late Abercrombie is absolutely superb as player, composer, and alchemist. To my ears, this sounds like one of his best records, though it seems to be seriously underrated.
  2. "great little session" says Dusty Groove

    Read some reviews at
  3. "great little session" says Dusty Groove

    How about all those pieces that have "knotty" melodies or patterns.

    I don't know much about Kenny's later years. I think he didn't have any official releases as a leader after 1964--and not much as a sideman either. I know health was one issue, but I guess another was adapting to rapidly changing times. I am currently spinning Quiet Kenny.

    Yes, and now I feel I must play some KD.
  6. Perry Robinson (1938-2018)

    To me the biggest jazz passing, by far, was Randy Weston. Who else have we lost this year?
  7. 2017 NFL Season

    Didn't see that, but that's some serious football stupidity.
  8. 2017 NFL Season

    Not a Steelers fan, and I have to say their series of offsides (three straight) at the end of the game was the stupidest football I've seen this year.
  9. BFT 177 link and discussion thread

    Some pretty cool stuff. I'm more 50's and 60s oriented, though I was quite intrigued (and for that matter enjoyed) early fusion. You seem to be concentrating on lesser known stuff--in other words, not Mahavishnu, Return to Forever, Weather Report. Some stuff here also represents the more accessible side of avant garde. I don't think I've ever heard Cedar Walton play electric piano! Could #5 be Leroy Jenkins? I don't know his music at all, but would like to explore it. I like #6. It seems to be in the vein of David Murray, Arthur Blythe, Chico Freeman; but it's none of them. Could it be DeJohnette on drums? The Rascals....just love that group, and I have a growing awareness of how much they brought in a jazz influence (and jazz musicians). Well, I'm not able to guess much on what is still unidentified.
  10. BFT 176 The Reveal

    This is pretty obscure stuff as my listening tastes go. I guess I should have known Weston, but this one is not in my collection, and I have to say that it's about as non-Weston sounding as anything he did. I think I'm most intrigued by Sophie Alour.
  11. Anyone else enjoy Roland Hanna?

    I would recommend these: Kenny Burrell: On Stage at the Five Spot Cafe Ron Carter: All Blues Jimmy Heath: Little Man Big Band
  12. Miles Davis - Rubberband of Life

    I've had relatives who lived to 90-years-old. I'm a mere 58, but I'm almost willing to bet that when I'm 90 they'll still be digging up and remixing Miles Davis tracks.
  13. Frances Davis RIP

    Are we talking about Frances Davis, one time spouse of Miles Davis, or Francis Davis, the writer on jazz?
  14. Michael Brecker as sideman

    I'm sure Michael Brekcer had a very diverse record collection.
  15. Michael Brecker as sideman

    Hal Galper is not a musician I know at all, other than his work on some Phil Woods records.