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  1. The Leaders

    If the group was a "novelty" and "designed to attract attention," did they actually attract much attention?
  2. The Leaders

    Why weren't The Leaders bigger? This was the group with Lester Bowie, Arthur Blythe, Chico Freeman, and an impressive rhythm section. They were leaders indeed and should have been a high-caliber collective force. But their albums were on several different and very small labels. Their records have been quite hard to find. Are they still around, with largely different players? Did anyone see the band live in its prime? I have just two albums. One is Mudfoot--recently acquired and it sounds quite good. The other is Slipping and Sliding, which is notable (to my ears) for two ballad-like pieces: "Everything Changed" and "High Summer." But otherwise it just seems average. Was it a group with great potential that wasn't quite achieved?
  3. Oliver Lake corner

    Most jazz musicians don't retire until they're dead or physically can't play a solo longer than 20 seconds.
  4. Now reading...

    Great writers usually piss off the people who are their raw material.
  5. Now reading...

    I was pleasantly surprised by Agent Running in the Field--a rather fine work for so late in his career. I heard that Silverview was written a few years back and Le Carre felt it wasn't good enough to be published. Yet here it is.
  6. For those who have no problem with Yoko Ono

    Having Ornette's quartet back you (on one track) perhaps counts for something. But actually I do find myself enjoying some of her songs on Double Fantasy. Here they are considerably less avant garde than what she usually did.
  7. Favorite ECM Records of the 21st Century

    You have to be in a certain mood to listen to Stanko, or at least I have to be. He very much typifies the "ECM sound."
  8. Favorite ECM Records of the 21st Century

    Mostly Coltrane--Steve Kuhn, with Lovano prominently featured.
  9. 1980s fusion that doesn't focus on guitar

    I think there were six albums by Weather Report in the 1980s, although most seem to prefer their earlier work.
  10. Grachan Moncur III Has Died - RIP

    R.I.P., Grachan. I very much agree that he was greatly underrated. In a fair world, he would have made 8 or 9 records as a leader for Blue Note (rather than two) and about 50 albums overall (rather than 10).
  11. Frank Morgan on Bosch

    From what I can tell Connelly has a Frank Morgan obsession. Nothing wrong with writers inserting their jazz obsessions. Peter Straub seems to be a jazz fanatic.
  12. BFT #219

    #10 is "Midwestern Nights Dream" composed by Metheny. This version appears to be from a bootleg (official?) Gary Burton album. Two names that come to mind on #11 are George Adams and David Murray. Would #12 be Paul Bley? I'm saying it mostly because you mentioned Bley was on the BFT.
  13. Alto Saxophone/Guitar Duos

    Steve Slagle (alto) and Dave Stryker (guitar) have played together countless times, although I can't think of any performances where is it just the two of them. The record Free with Lee features Lee Konitz with two guitarists.
  14. David Murray - Seriana Promethea

    This sounds good. I had a period when I was pretty big on Murray, but I couldn't tell you the last release I picked up.
  15. Peter Bernstein

    A good player...not earth-shaking, but he offers plenty of enjoyment.