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  1. Black & Blue Records - CD Offer

    should be here in two weeks. It was bad timing to get an order from Europe. They have holiday for the entire month of August.
  2. These will be available and on hand mid September. For sure! $35.00 with US shipping included $40.00 with Non-USA shipping included LP Price is $50.00 (shipping included US only) International ask first email me at tommysjazz@gmail.com if you want to reserve a copy or if you have any questions. Thanks..
  3. I will have the set for sale. If interested send me a message for the price. Check back a few days before the street date.
  4. Quick offer - Order going in on Monday 7/29 please let me know soon. $80.00 (free shipping in the US) add 5.00 for Canada, add 8.00 for overseas Dexter Gordon - Complete Trio/Quartet Studio Recordings 8 cd set https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00008Y163/ref=tmm_acd_new_olp_sr?ie=UTF8&condition=new&qid=1564084495&sr=1-1 Plus these two new releases. $12.45 Each (shipping is free if you you buy a set above otherwise add 3.00) SCCD 31873 Steven Herring “Introducing” SCCD 31875 Andy Fusco “Vortex”
  5. Steeplechase Vinyl Offer

    will make sure you get a invoice by the weekend, thought It was sent already. sorry
  6. Steeplechase Vinyl Offer

    Any interest in these please email me at tommysjazz@gmail.com or send me a message here. Deadline is 7/30 If you order more than 10 mixed I can drop it to 16.00 per item Shipping is 4.00 for first and .50 for each additional. International orders ask first Steeplechase New vinyl $17.00 1014 Ken McIntyre Hindsight 1021 Tete Montoliu Music for Perla 1023 Jackie Mclean New York Calling 1028 Jackie McLean/Michael Carvin Antiquity 1051 Claude Williams Call for the Fiddler 1053 Duke Jordan Misty Thursday 1058 Eddie Lockjaw Davis Swingin Till the Girl Come Home 1062 Monnette Sudler Time for a Change 1071 Clifford Jordan On Stage Vol. 1 1072 Lee Konitz Jazz a Juan 1089 Walt Dickerson/Richard Davis Divine Gemini 1091 Sadik Hakim Witches, Goblins Etc 1101 Mike Richmond/Andy LaVerne For Us 1103 Duke Jordan Duke's Artistry 1105 Doug Raney Cuttin' Loose 1107 Albert Dailey That Old Feeling 1114 Ken McIntyre Chasing the Sun 1115 Pierre Dorge/Walt Dickerson Landscape with Open Door 1118 Doug & Jimmy Raney Stolen Moments 1119 Lee Konitz Yes, Yes Nonet 1120 Boulou Ferré Pour Django 1121 Louis Smith Prancin' 1123 Buck Hill Scope 1133 John McNeil The Glass Room 1135 Duke Jordan Change a Pace 1138 David Friesen Paths Beyond Tracing 1140 Boulou Ferré Gypsy Dreams 1146 Walt Dickerson I Hear You John 1147 Teddy Edwards Out of this World 1148 Tete Montoliu Catalonian Nights Vol. 1 1154 John McNeil Clean Sweep 1155 Chuck Marohnic Permutations 1159 Michal Urbaniak My One and Only Love 1160 Buck Hill Easy to Love 1170 Frank Foster The House that Love Built 1172 Jack Walrath In Europe 1173 Buck Hill Impressions 1176 Joe Bonner/Johnny Dyani Suburban Fantasies 1177 Bernt Rosengren Surprise Party 1182 Joe Bonner Devotion 1183 John McNeil I've Got the World on a String 1191 Doug Raney Blue & White 1195 Michal Urbaniak Take Good Care of My Heart 1198 Clifford Jordan Half Note 1199 Tete Montoliu That's All 1200 Doug Raney Lazy Bird 1201 Khan Jamal/Johnny Dyani/Pierre Dorge Three 1202 Idrees Suileman Bird's Grass 1205 Paul Bley Questions 1210 Boulou Ferré Relax and Enjoy 1211 Duke Jordan Wait and See 1212 Doug Raney Guitar-Guitar-Guitar 1213 Walt Dickerson/Richard Davis Tenderness 1215 Joe Bonner Suite for Chocolate 1216 Tete Montoliu Lush Life 1217 Khan Jamal The Traveller 1218 Idrees Suileman Groovin' 1219 Bob Rockwell No Rush 1222 Boulou Ferré Nuages 1223 Paul Bley/Jesper Lundgaard Live 1225 Ernie Wilkins On the Roll 1227 Joe Bonner The Lost Melody 1228 Pierre Dorge Johnny Lives 1229 Bob Rockwell On the Natch 1230 Paul Bley/Jesper Lundgaard Live Again 1231 John McNeil Things We Did Last Summer 1232 Duke Jordan Time on My Hands 1233 Red Rodney Red Giant 1235 Doug Raney Something's Up 1236 Paul Bley Solo Piano 1237 Mike Richmond On the Edge 1238 Red Rodney One for Bird 1239 Joe Bonner New Life 1241 Tete Montoliu Catalonian Nights Vol. 2 1242 Bob Rockwell The Bob Rockwell Trio 1243 Boulou Ferré Confirmation 1244 Andy LaVerne Frozen Music 1247 Duke Jordan As Time Goes By 1248 Gary Bartz Reflections of Monk 1249 Doug Raney Doug Raney Quintet 1252 Red Rodney Red Snapper 1254 Bill Hardman What's Up 1255 Walter Davis Scorpio Rising 1256 Jim McNeely Winds of Change 1257 Joe Locke Present Tense 1259 Paul Bley Bebop 6016 Brew Moore If I Had You 6019 Brew Moore I Should Care 6022 Dexter Gordon It's You Or No One 6028 Dexter Gordon Billie's Bounce 9003 Erwin Helfer Live at the Piano Man 9004 Sons of Blues Where's My Money? 9005 Johnny "Big Moose" Walker Blue Love 9006 Buddy Charles Jive's Alive 9007 Sunnyland Slim Blues Band Chicago Jump 1152/53 Tete Montoliu Boston Concert (2LP set $33.00) Steeplechase 180 Gram Vinyl also $17.00 G1008 Ben Webster My Man - 180 grams G1011 Duke Jordan Trio Flight to Denmark - 180 grams G1029 Tete Montoliu Tete! - 180 grams G1033 Clifford Jordan Firm Roots - 180 grams G1050 Dexter Gordon Swiss Nights, Vol. 1 - 180 grams G1055 Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen Double Bass - 180 grams G1059 Nat Adderley Don't Look Back - 180 grams G1073 Stan Getz Live At Montmartre - 180 grams (2LP Set $33.00) G1079 Archie Shepp Goin' Home - 180 grams G1080 Dexter Gordon Biting the Apple - 180 grams G1083 Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen Trio 1 - 180 grams G1085 Cedar Walton First Set - 180 grams G1087 Monnette Sudler Brighter Days For You - 180 grams G1090 Dexter Gordon Swiss Nights, Vol. 2 - 180 grams G1097 Sam Jones Visitation - 180 grams G1110 Dexter Gordon Swiss Nights, Vol. 3 - 180 grams G1111 Shirley Horn A Lazy Afternoon - 180 grams G1113 Cedar Walton Second Set - 180 grams G1122 Chet Baker The Touch Of Your Lips - 180 grams G1125 Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen Dancing On The Tables - 180 grams G1131 Chet Baker No Problem - 180 grams G1139 Archie Shepp Trouble In Mind - 180 grams G1140 Boulou Ferré Gypsy Dreams - 180 grams G1142 Chet Baker Daybreak - 180 grams G1149 Archie Shepp Looking At Bird - 180 grams G1163 Johnny Dyani Mbizo - 180 grams G1164 Shirley Horn Violets For Your Furs - 180 grams G1168 Chet Baker This Is Always - 180 grams G1169 Archie Shepp Mama Rose - 180 grams G1179 Cedar Walton Third Set - 180 grams G1180 Chet Baker Someday My Prince Will Come - 180 grams G1186 Johnny Dyani Afrika - 180 grams G1207 Chet Baker & Paul Bley Diane - 180 grams
  7. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    they are here finally. You should all have invoices by Monday. All orders are in and will work on invoicing them in the next few days. Please take note, I have ordered extra stock to put away in storage and sell in the future. As these are all selling out. Once gone, they will not be re-pressing them. So if you want anything else or you previously missed out. Now is the time to order. Once they are in storage I'm not taking them out. See list in thread above. Sold out items are. Adams, Haden, Pullen, Threadgil, and there might be more since my offer. email me at tommysjazz@gmail.com single cd listing for Black Saint/ Soul Note coming soon.
  8. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    still waiting on my shipment. Hopefully some time next week.. It is in route. I did everything right, got the order in fast and paid fast. Customs is having a field day on these 7 boxes. Beyond my control.
  9. Black & Blue Records - CD Offer

    Please remember that the deadline for this offer is Monday July 1st. My order wont go in until 10 am Tuesday morning. So you have an extra day if needed.
  10. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    Coming sometime next month. I will be offering 300 plus, single cds and vinyl from Black Saint / Soul Note. If you need extra time weeding out what you need. I could send the list sooner.
  11. Black & Blue Records - CD Offer

    thanks for the order. I will reply and confirm tomorrow.
  12. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    yeah, they offered the last remaining stock left. The sets are due in here on July 5th. I will invoice them out that weekend. I ordered over 300 sets this time, had to nearly second mortgage my house to prepay for them.
  13. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    they are in, working on the slowly. will send an invoice today
  14. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    This last order is taking longer than the last one. But I assure you it is going through. should be in next week sometime.
  15. just throwing this out there.... ferndalejazz is a pretty good amazon seller too. All Jazz stuff with a little Blues. https://www.amazon.com/s?me=AWGVUBQZ9J0TW&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER New stuff added every day. (1200 titles listed with 7 thousand more in storage) See something you want. Tell me here or in an email (tommysjazz@gmail.com) and I will take 10% off and ship for free. List what you want and make payment by check or paypal. I cannot offer you the same deal if you order through amazon. International orders contact me first for discounted shipping. https://www.amazon.com/s?me=AWGVUBQZ9J0TW&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER Don't want to hijack anyone's thread, so please delete if need be.