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  1. Hello: I got my Hammond SKX and love it. Here's a link to a stream that highlights me playing it in a setting with drums, piano, guitar spoken word: hope you enjoy it!
  2. I'm pretty much new to the organ. I've had some synths and even a single-manual Hammond XB-2 15 years ago. I have decided to immerse myself in the organ, and I have a new Hammond SKX that should arrive any day now. My question is this. Have people noticed their piano playing suffering once they started playing organ? And vice versa. I think I can go back and forth no problem. But the thing is, I can't haul my 9 foot baldwin to a BBQ joint or an open mike. And recently I've got some rodent leaving nut shells inside the baldwin. In that octave right above middle C. Some notes sticking. whatever. So rather than evict the critter I'm getting a Hammond.
  3. Transporting Leslie

    hello guys... I'm a newbie. I just ordered a Hammond SKX from Kraft Music (it's being shipped) and on the verge of getting the Leslie 3300 too from a store called Chuck Levins. I heard somewhere that you should transport it in an upright position. I came home and measured my car, which is a Subaru Forrester, and it's not going to fit upright. It's close, but still no. So I checked the Hammond User Guide and there is nothing in it that mentions you can't slide it in your car on it's side. I see people here on this list that bought one years ago and are tipping it to transport. Any problems with transporting it tipped over? I plan on being VERY CAREFUL with the new 125 pound baby. thanks, -rob
  4. Hammond SK2

    Hello Jim: I like the track! Sounds great! Do you ever play in the Washington DC area? -rob Jim: also meant to ask, what keyboard stand works with that double manual Hammond?