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  1. Yes, thanks. I can't believe I almost missed out on it. It was the high price that was keeping me from taking a chance. I listened to online samples over the years and the music never completely clicked with me. There were the high ratings for the later albums in the Penguin Guides, but the instrumentation seemed strange (accordion). Turns out Threadgill's music is actually quite addictive.
  2. World Saxophone Quartet

    It's been almost eleven years since the last post, but what a story about Julius Hemphill being forced out of the WSQ. And after all that they had the gall to record a tribute album.
  3. The Threadgill arrived from Barcelona! Next day delivery with TNT.
  4. Thelonious Monk interview.

    It's from Mosaic's Jazz Icons DVD Live in France 1969.
  5. Time reissues on Solid Japan

    So you mods consider Romualdo's little accident an impromptu competency test?
  6. Time reissues on Solid Japan

    Copy paste the following in the Google search bar for the deleted thread: cache: My previous post on the Time SHM-CDs: A selection of 10 albums from the Time catalogue was reissued on SHM-CD in 2008 by Victor Japan. These discs were remastered by Bernie Grundman (there's a photo of Grundman on the OBI and in the booklet). I have the Sonny Clark Trio and it contains 14 tracks, one more previously unreleased track than the Hoffman mastered SACD, namely an extra alternate take of Nica. Sound is also best on the Grundman. The albums with bonus tracks are highlighted in red. I don't know how many more of these were previously unreleased at the time. VICJ-61541 Booker Little - Booker Little VICJ-61542 Sonny Clark Trio - Sonny Clark Trio (14 tracks total) VICJ-61543 Max Roach - Award-Winning Drummer (11 tracks total) VICJ-61544 Terry Gibbs with Alice Coltrane - My Way VICJ-61545 Kenny Dorham - Jazz Contemporary (11 tracks total) VICJ-61546 Kenny Dorham - Showboat VICJ-61547 Bennie Green - Bennie Green VICJ-61548 Stanley Turrentine - Stan "The Man" Turrentine VICJ-61549 Tommy Turrentine - Tommy Turrentine VICJ-61550 Jackie Paris - Jackie Paris Sings The Lyrics Of Ira Gershwin (21 tracks total) And: I think Solid's Bethlehem discs were loud, borderline tolerable. However, their later Timeless reissues were not (significantly) louder than the original Dutch CDs, but no sonic upgrades either. Just equally good given the quality of the recordings. (I was able to download the Adams/Pullen discs in FLAC and compare them to the original CDs in my collection.)
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Miles Davis - On The Corner (MFSL, hybrid SACD)
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Miles Davis - Jack Johnson (MFSL, hybrid SACD) Finally a version that does not sound loud like the Sony metal spine set. Excellent sound. Same goes for On The Corner MFSL. The On The Corner metal spine set was ridiculously loud imo.