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  1. Anthony Braxton

    I have listened to the first 23 tracks now, and think this would be a good purchase for me. I'll pick this up at the end of the month. Hopefully Jazz Messengers will have stock by then. I never bought the 2CD set on Hathut Records, by the way. And as a Dutch national, I have almost no Misha Mengelberg in my collection.
  2. Anthony Braxton

    Dear Friendly Experiencers, We are happy to announce that our new website and our new Bandcamp pageare now live. Our first new offering, released today, is the long-awaited Sextet (Parker) 1993 - an epic 11-CD deluxe box set documenting Braxton's legendary European tour performing music composed by and associated with Charlie Parker, featuring Misha Mengelberg, Paul Smoker, Ari Brown, Joe Fonda and Pheeroan akLaff (drummer Han Bennink substitutes for akLaff on one disc). This reissue greatly expands upon the original two-disc set released in 1995 by Hathut Records under the title "Anthony Braxton's Charlie Parker Project 1993." It captures every note played by these musicians, live and in studio, during the week of October 18-24, 1993, traveling between Cologne, Amsterdam, Zurich, and Antwerp. However the music is not presented simply in a documentary fashion gig to gig - Braxton himself sequenced the recordings, album by album, to create one massive artistic statement. The box set, with a 26-page booklet including Stuart Broomer's insightful essay, will be solely available in a limited-edition run of 500 copies. (The music will also be available for streaming or digital download via Bandcamp.) Glenn Ito, who accompanied the band, has kindly shared with us rare photos from the tour. Now we share them with you. All photos in this newsletter were taken by Glenn M. Ito. Enjoy, then visit our Bandcamp page and listen to a few tracks from the album. Best regards, Tri-Centric Team You can listen to the whole thing on Bandcamp:
  3. Post a pic

  4. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    No. No HR Cutting statement either. The EU CD was on sale in the Netherlands this November and December. I bought a copy, was impressed, gave it to my parents for Christmas, and ordered the SHM-CD for myself. Why? Because I hate the flimsy digipaks DG uses in Europe these days, and because the album was recorded in Japan. I want the CD to look the same as it did today in 30 years time. Booklets are the same except the interview is now in Japanese only. Same photos. Same mastering credits. I have no reason to suspect this sounds different given the great control Zimerman exercised over the recording and mastering process (see interview in booklet). The disc I gave to my parents will now be in heavy rotation for a while, so no way of comparing one against the other.
  5. Way Out West deluxe edition.

    Again Scott's tired old tirade against high def. releases. The reason to buy these audiophile Hybrid SACD reissues, whether one listens to the CD or SACD layer, is the superior mastering by people like Kevin Gray. Something he wouldn't have any knowledge of because he never invested in such releases. Kevin Gray's 1998 mastering of Thelonious Monk's Monk's Music (mono) on CD for Analogue Productions, for example, is so much better than the later 20bit K2 release of the mono recording it is impossible not to notice. It all comes down to whether you are willing to pay premium for a reissue that makes classic albums sound as good as they possibly can. Craft Recordings is of course not an audiophile reissue label like MFSL, ORG, etc. so at $70+ this Way Out West is indeed a major rip off. And there are only two new alternate takes here.
  6. Way Out West deluxe edition.

    There are only two new alternate takes compared to the OJC 24bit remaster from a couple of years back. Like Mike Weil, I's prefer a release on Hybrid SACD. Just the original album in pristine sound is often enough for me.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Funkadelic Maggot Brain (CDSEWM 002) The old UK CD with the bass intact.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Billie Holiday - Lady Day: The Master Takes and Singles Disc 4 from this 4 CD set mastered by Vic Anesini.
  9. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Pre-order low on Amazon UK including VAT and shipping to the Netherlands is £16.97 thus far. True, but the single disc reissue from 2002 or so can be bought for a couple of dollars and probably contains all the available outtakes. So between that reissue, the restored Blackhawk sets, and At Carnegie Hall, is there anything else with Mobley that has failed to see the light of day? A great extra to those three items is the early 90s MFSL CD of Someday My Prince Will Come which contains the original Teo Macero mix and sounds superb.